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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Calgary With Placement Assistance

Calgary, Alberta, is one of North America’s Finest cities. Although its nickname of Cowtown may lead you to believe otherwise, Calgary is a very modern city considered one of the cleanest in the world. Now, in a city like this, if you guessed it right, the potential of digital marketing will be exceptional. An online portal madeinca has claimed that in 2022, on average, a Canadian spent more than five hours on digital media users in Canada, more than 92% of the country.  Digital marketing courses in Calgary are the hidden gems.

Top Digital Marketing Courses in Calgary

In this article, I will tell you about the institutes for learning digital marketing courses in Calgary so that you can give a tremendous push to your career and earning potential. Let’s scroll down the article smoothly.


IIMSKILLS is a highly revered training institute providing training for a comprehensive Digital Marketing Course in Calgary. The whole class lasts for three months. You will do two two-month paid internships after the training has been completed. The course is online, so there is no need to go here and there for class.

  • Course Fee – CAD – 488 + Taxes
  • Duration – 3 Months + 2 Months of Internship With Fixed Stipend


  • 10+ live project participation
  • 7+ case studies lessons
  • 10+ free tools
  • Virtual internships

Modules Covered

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation


  • Digital marketing introduction: assignments and exams
  • Designing a WordPress website
  • Search engine Optimization
  • Google ads
  • Email marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social media
  • Integrated strategies
  • Google Analytics
  • Brand reputation
  • E-commerce marketing
  • Quora writing
  • Graphic creation
  • Advanced content writing
  • Paid media buying
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Automation tools
  • Resume creation

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Media Coverage

Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]

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2. DMI-Digital Marketing Institute & Training Centre

DMI is the first option for today, which offers digital marketing courses in Calgary. The course is made through online mode only. The course lasts for thirty hours.



  • Competitive Analysis in Digital Marketing:

Let’s understand it with an example. Suppose you have a website for marketing purposes. After getting the website, it is required to read the About Us section, which will tell us about the company’s vision for the coming years. From that section, you will get three to four keywords. Now, if you want to find the competitor of this website, then you can take eight to ten keywords for lead generation. Then, you must go to any Excel spreadsheet to paste these keywords. After that, you have to find the target location of the website. Whether it is Calgary or the whole of Canada or it is targeted worldwide.

You have to do a Google search for the keyword and record the results. At the same time, recording the results, you have to exclude unrelated websites like Quora or Wikipedia because they are not competitors. Record only similar domains of business.

For that, you must paste the top 10 results below every keyword. Now, you have to sort out the common five companies ranked in the top ten results. You have to scan them very well. It is a taking process. Next, you have to add new pages for every keyword but don’t compete with many pages containing a website. Not only that, you have to track the competitor’s performance on social networks, like what type of ads they are creating. You have to count the domain edge for the website, like how old are they? The more senior site you choose, the more tough it will be for you.

  • Local SEO:

Local SEO is not limited to Googe, my business. It means the website should rank on local keywords. Suppose someone types homestay in me, then I would wish my homestay come on the first page of Google, showing me as a listed business entity. Google understands all the queries made to it. It searches its index for local keywords to pull the targeted website in the organic search result. You can find local SEO in the ‘near me’ search tag.

Other Modules Taught

  • Google Tag manager
  • Social networks for marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Print media creation

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NAIT also offers professional digital marketing courses in Calgary. The mode of giving lectures is online. The duration of the course is 72 hours.


  • 30 hours of self-paced learning video
  • 42 hours of live lecture instruction
  • Live quizzes after completing every chapter

Cost: 2650 USD inclusive of all taxes


  • Website Visibility:

The first thing is just really a mind-shift change, and what this is is that most people, including yourself, think when they think of ranking on Google that it’s going to be very complicated, right? There are all these different ranking factors, and there are all these other things that you’re probably going to have to do. There’s these tools that you’re going to have to get. Google looks at besides the robots.txt file, which is basically whether or not they can crawl the website and what they’re allowed to do, but the first thing that they look at after that is the title tag, and so when I, when Google goes and determines where a website should rank the first thing they see, is okay well what does the title of the actual page say and that most of SEO just starts with a title. What google look is going to identify what your page is about.

  • Website Optimization:

Humans today have extremely short attention spans thanks to the nearly unlimited number of ways to get instant gratification and pleasure, and because of that, web developers need to be obsessed with initial page load performance. If your website is slow, it will lose money because people won’t get their instant gratification and then bounce, but achieving Optimal Performance is things like cumulative layout shift, largest contentful paint, and first input delay. Simply put, this metric is most important for measuring loading performance when a website loads; it needs to fetch a bunch of assets from the internet somewhere, like your CSS, HTML, JavaScript images, and videos initially, and you’ll get the first contentful paint then gradually the web page will load all the photos and videos which will be your largest contentful paint to achieve good performance Google says you need to get to LCP within 2.5 seconds anything beyond 4 seconds is terrible and will likely have an impact on things like search engine optimization.

More Modules

  • Pay-per-click
  • Display of video ads
  • Capturing leads for mobile marketing
  • Social Medias
  • Display of marketing strategies

4. University of Calgary

UCalgary is here to offer digital marketing courses in Calgary. It is a certificate course of 100 hours.

Cost: 2120 USD inclusive of all the taxes.


  • The first module of the course teaches how to avoid shortcuts in digital marketing. On the internet, there are many videos on how to make 100 USD per hour through digital marketing. These videos are fun to watch, but they never solve your purpose of digital marketing. Yet, The course says the basic fundamental principles of digital marketing.
  • The second module talks about building a WordPress website with a theme. You have to understand how the domain and hosting work. A simple pre-build theme should tell about you with your business and identities. At this point, there is a module for basic HTML tags so that in the future, when you work with Google tags, you will understand the value of HTML.
  • The next modules start with a specialization in the course, like Google ads, SEO, Facebook ads, etc. Because digital marketing is a vast space, you need to be very specific in your approach unless you lose the motivation to learn the lesson. In this course, you will learn to make interesting campaigns for several businesses.
  • This module talks about designing a landing page for the client. Suppose you are running a campaign for an imaginative auto-maker; therefore, you need to redirect the clients to the website as lead. At present, you need to have some basic design principles so that you can design basic pamphlets.
  • The final module is about detailed courses about Google Analytics. The course is 10 hours for describing how Google’s analytics work.

5. Bow Valley College(BVC)

If you are looking for a hybrid course structure, then Bow Valley College is for you. Their course is a post-graduation diploma. The duration of the course is one year for the two terms. The mode of training of this course is very interesting. The course is offered on campus, online, and a mixture of offline and online classes.


  • 7355 CAD for domestic students
  • 19120 CAD for international students


  • Marketing Analytics:

Well, marketing analytics are a combination of whatever business activity that we engage in, and in this case, we’re focusing on marketing activities, so it could have to do with our promotional practices, it could have to do with a price change that we’ve decided to try with our product, anything that we do as marketers make up what we call business activity. From that activity, we will generate data, and what we do in today’s world as marketers is collect all that data. A key part of business in today’s world is tracking data as much as we can, and within marketing, there’s a lot of data available.

Whether it’s sales, records, or loyalty program information that we track on our customers, data is being created all the time. And then the other key element or the last key element to our marketing analytics is we want to take a look at that data, analyze it, and figure out we are doing well and, more importantly, where are we doing well and where are we not, and by that I mean not just geographically but in what elements of our business activities are we succeeding and on which ones are we falling behind. Lastly, we want to understand why things are going well or why they are not so that we can make changes going forward. That’s the key to marketing analytics.

Other Topics

  • UI/UE design for website
  • Website Development
  • Digital communications
  • Design analytics
  • Projects submission

6. Mount Royal University

If you are looking for a long-term marketing course, Mount Royal University is here with digital marketing courses in Calgary. The course is eight months, which can be extended up to three years. The course is offered as part of online education and also in classroom mode.

Cost: The total cost of the course is 3603 USD


  • Social Media Marketing:

Almost every social media platform has some form of paid advertising, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, and many, many more. When planning social media ads and where to place them, it’s crucial to consider what social media platforms your audience uses, what kind of campaign you want to do, what you want for the results, and how to optimize your budget.

  • Seach Engine Marketing(SEM):

Search engine marketing refers to the paid results on the search engine results pages so for a keyword like Coastal area rugs if I Target that with my Google ads campaign and then I have my advertisement showing for Coastal area rugs that would be an example of search engine marketing Now search engine optimization you can see I am targeting this keyword with my website xyz.com this refers to search engine optimization so you’ll see Coastal area rugs here so very very competitive keyword but this would refer to search engine optimization so if you’re looking at rugs direct this would be a SEM listing and this would be an SEO listing because this is the first result for the organic search results this is the first result for the search advertising and then you have shopping ads up here as well which we would be an example of search engine marketing so to get started the very first basic of search engine marketing and you’ll see this as soon as you create your first campaign is what is your campaign objective so your first one is choose your objective you’ll see right here.

More Topics

  • Measurement for Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Mouth Marketing
  • Online Branding

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ACTE provides virtual digital marketing courses in Calgary. The institute is very well known to the online community. The duration of the course is four months only. The course is offered in batch mode training and one-to-one training.

Cost: 12000 USD


  • Lectures are oriented for beginners’ compatibility.
  • Interview Lesson preparation
  • Student portal with digital study material
  • Tools Learning session
  • Free demo class


  • Inbound Marketing:

Its main purpose is to attract your ideal customer, also known as your Buyer Persona, to your brand. Your inbound marketing strategy will be based on relevant content, providing value, and demonstrating the expertise of your company’s owned media, such as the blog, social media channels, and your powerful database that stores your qualified leads. In this first stage of Inbound Marketing, look for people to reach your digital media channels, whether it’s your blog, website, or social networks. You should aim to increase your web traffic through the interest generated by your content.

The tools you can use to attract visitors are the following:

  • SEO.
  • Digital Marketing Introduction
  • Website development
  • Google Trends
  • Market research with keywords
  • SEO Techniques
  • Optimization of social media profile
  • Reputation building
  • Content marketing
  • Blog creation
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Business Listing

8. ABM College

If you live in Calgary and want to do classes inside a college campus for digital marketing courses in Calgary, then ABM College is a good option for you. The course is offered online also. It is also available if you want to combine online training. The duration of the course is forty-six weeks. It is a diploma course. The course is available for domestic as well as international students.

Cost: The course fee is not available without the admission procedure as it involves numerous factors. Therefore, contact the college for the fee structure: [email protected]


  • CRM system:

CRM systems play a vital role in managing customer data. These software platforms enable businesses to capture, store, and analyze customer information in a structured manner. CRM systems often include features such as contact management, sales pipeline tracking, customer segmentation, and performance analytics; they provide a single source of Truth, ensuring that all employees have access to consistent and up-to-date.

Systems streamline customer support processes enabling agents to access customer history track interactions and resolve problems more efficiently. This leads to enhanced customer satisfaction increased loyalty and reduce churn rates.

CRM also plays a pivotal role in Sales Management by leveraging CRM systems organizations can track and manage the sales pipelines more effectively. The sales teams can monitor leads, opportunities, and customer interactions ensuring that no potential opportunity slips through the Crux.

CRM systems provide insights into customer buying patterns enabling sales teams to identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities. this is done by nurturing leads and maintaining strong customer relationships businesses can increase their sales effectiveness.

Revenue marketing departments benefit from CRM by gaining insights into customer behavior and preferences by analyzing customer. Higher engagement, improved conversion rates, and increased Customer Loyalty CRM is not limited to large corporations.

It is equally beneficial for small and medium-sized Enterprises CRM systems provide SMEs with the tools and capabilities to compete with larger competitors by understanding their customers needs and preferences. SMEs can deliver exceptional customer experiences fostering loyalty and differentiation.

Other topics in the curriculum

  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Strategy building process
  • Design an optimized webpage
  • E-commerce store making
  • Automation tools in marketing
  • Consumer behaviour for ads
  • Social media for mobile marketing
  • Content marketing with produced media
  • Methodical ethics
  • Thesis project

9. Knowledgehut(upgrade)

If you are looking for very short-term training in digital marketing courses in Calgary, then you have Knowledgehut in your basket. The course continues for seven days at a stretch. The classes are live through online mode. You will get a recording after every class.

Cost:1999 CAD


  • Brand Strategy:

It refers to how actively you promote a brand. Let’s understand it through an example Niamo is a YouTube travel vlogger. She makes travel vlogs with videos. She wants to buy a new laptop for her video editing. She has decided to buy a Macbook in the next month. But If I say what do you see when I am telling the Macbook? It is the apple’s logo… right? It is branding. We can say I want to buy a Macbook when I want to buy a laptop. Therefore, Laptops and MacBooks are interchangeable. But how the brand image is built. There are only two reasons: If your problem can solve a problem or it can add value to the customer.

The brand is built. Let’s understand it with another example. Think about some instant noodles that are so famous because there are lots of people who are away from their homes. They want to eat some easy food. In that case, instant noodles come into play.

You can make instant noodles within five minutes. You don’t require any spices or vegetables because all are already added to the ready-made noodles. If you are fond of cars, then you think about ‘Volvo.’ This Swedish car manufacturer is well known in the car market for the safety of the passengers. Yet, everybody knows if it is a Volvo car, it is safer than any other car.

Branding always comes with a design and idea so that the brand becomes easily understood by the common public. Branding can be done with perfect representation in the market with a value-added purpose for the future. In doing so, you need to take care of the target audience with their demographic status. Next, the company needs to focus on specific areas like the motivation of the company. Gradually, the company will evolve by changing the brand.

  • Data visualization with Excel
  • Budget Planning
  • Storytelling with presentation
  • Email marketing
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

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10. AGA Academy

AGA Academy has been operating to provide digital marketing courses in Calgary for a couple of years. This is an offline course with morning and evening class time sessions. You can take weekend classes also. This is an offline class. The duration of the course is one year and four months.

Cost: 22000USD


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social media networks
  • Product branding
  • Website design for marketing purposes
  • Consumer journey as a buying process

Address:#15-1305 33 Street NE, Calgary, Alberta T2A 5P1, Canada

Phone: (587) 391-2961


Q1. Where to learn digital marketing courses in Calgary for free?

Google’s Garage and Hubspot Academy are the two online domains where you can learn digital marketing courses in Calgary for free.

Q2. Can digital marketing courses in Calgary be done from home?

Yes, you can learn digital marketing courses in Calgary from home: Knowledgehut, IIMSKILLS, ABM College, ACTE, Mount Royal University,

DMI-Digital Marketing Institute & Training Centre provides online education facilities.

Q3. Can digital marketing make me a millionaire?

In a word, yes, it can make you a millionaire if you are among Calgary’s top 1% of marketers. You have to practice digital marketing for years to be a millionaire.


In this blog, I tried listing the best institutes in the market. But which course do you like and why? State your reason in the comment section below. There are also many other institutes offering digital marketing courses in Calgary. It has no end of listing for the future. The online course is good if you want to save your time. However, the offline course are also good for building personal connections. Choose wisely according to your needs. I will see you in the next article.


I crave to know various things from different fields through my job. That’s why I have chosen content writing as my profession. Knowledge breaks my boredom. I have completed the Content Writing Master Course for IIM Skills (Govt. recognized) and also did the Advanced Content Writing course from ECT( Govt. recognized). I completed my pre-degree level at Visva-Bharati University with science as my major. I completed my graduation (Honours) in English literature from The University of Burdwan. I also earned a Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management from MAKAUT, Kolkata.

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