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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Kushma with Job Assistance

From one article by McKinsey, it is clear that the E-commerce business in Southeast Asia has grown immensely in recent years. It is referred to in that article that the growth rate of the e-commerce business will be more than 20%. To be very specific, the total merchandise value of the e-commerce business will be more than 226 billion USD within 2026. Nepal is a developing country in Southeast Asia. There, the citizens heavily rely on online shopping at the time of the pandemic. Therefore, digital marketing courses in Kushma are needed at this time.

Digital Marketing Courses in Kushma

This blog article is written for curious learners in Nepal who want to know the institute names for digital marketing courses in Kushma. Still, I have also included some other information like eligibility and features in this article so that you can get maximum information within a minimum time. 


IIMSKIllS is also here to provide a Digital Marketing Course in Kushma. To take this course, you know you need to visit any coaching courses because the class is online. The duration of the training is three months. You will get two-month internships online.

Cost: 47688 Nepalese Rupee


  •  38+ digital marketing modules for theoretical training
  • Paid internships
  • 10+ live projects
  • 8+ case studies
  • Indian Government recognized certificate
  • Easy installment payment model
  • Dedicated job portal for applying for new jobs
  • Free tools worth 80K INR
  • Global certification from Google, Facebook, and Hubspot preparation
  • Separate SEO modules
  • AI-based marketing training

What you will learn in this course?

You will learn the integrated approach of marketing. What is it? Let me explain it briefly. Try to recall when was the last time you purchased an item or service? Did you wait for a particular commercial to pop up on TV? 

If you face a problem at work and need to learn social media or digital marketing, do you call up a friend to ask which workshop they would recommend for you to attend? In this modern revolutionary marketing process, when customers search online they will see the websites that are the most optimized for search also known as SEO friendly websites.

So imagine, you have made your business website SEO friendly and you run weekly social media ads that drive your website’s lotsof traffic on your website you give away a free ebook guide or content that pops up before user exits your website.

When the user enters their email in, they receive the e-book automatically in their emails. Now imagine you have an SEO strategy in a monthly social media advertising budget, but did not have any freebies or giveaways via a pop-up that is literally driving your customers to your website.

You are letting your customers slip right through you as you did not manage to capture your customer email leads that would allow you to follow up and remarket it with email marketing. This is what we mean by an integrated digital marketing strategy. The example above involves integrating digital marketing components SEO marketing strategy, social media advertising, content marketing, and email marketing. If you would you like more leads and sales for your business start with an integrated digital marketing strategy.

Course Content Table Codes

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]

2. Broadway Infosys

Broadway Infosys is a reputed organization in Nepal that has been offering digital marketing courses in Kushma for years. The institutes offer short and long courses at the same time. The courses are offline-based.

Feature of the Courses:

  • Tool based learning
  • Comprehensive course for SEO, SEM, and SMM
  • Website creation opportunity
  • Job prospects regarding various industries like Finance, supply chain, education, and hospitals

Course Curriculum:

 360° Marketing Course:

  • SEO: In this course, you will learn how to make SEO strategies for on-page, off-page, local, and technical. The course says first what you have for ranking. Does it make any difference in the market? Then, it goes with the target audience for the product or service. Finally, it tells about the conversion of the sale time for the coming lead. The student will learn various industry-based case studies for SEO implementation.
  • Content Marketing: The course will teach you how you can make famous content marketing strategies. For example, you can make a website for the food habits of the pets. Think for one moment how many people in Nepal have cats and dogs as pets. You post a blog, ‘Best ten foods for your Dog in monsoon.’ Animal lovers always search for these terms.  
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media is an ever-changing marketing domain that worked in the last month; it won’t work today. In the past, you may have been working with hashtag strategies, loopholes in algorithms, or posting at a suitable time, but this thing never worked for a long time. For example, You can post interesting stories every day in your Instagram feeds. You can tell people How you spent an interesting monsoon evening with your mother last week, or you can tell them about your hobbies in life. How do you spend your spare time? Your followers want to know these things. The course will teach you how to automate email-sending tasks to clients listed.
  • Web Analytics: In this module, you will learn various tools for understanding web analytics easily so that you can supercharge your WordPress site and Skyrocket your Revenue. For example, Google Analytics is the top Contender. It’s our go-to recommendation because it’s constantly evolving. It’s free, and it’s loaded with resources to help you make the most of it. You’ll find a massive Community backing it up, too. The only drawback is it’s a big Corporation, so personalized support isn’t strong.
  • The concluding module is about the monetization of digital marketing like AdSense and affiliation marketing.

The duration of the course is three months. If you want to know the course fees contact them:

Address: Shriganesh Marg, Subidhanagar, Tinkune, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

Phone:+977-1-4111849 / 4117578 / 4111583 / 5912405


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3. IT Training Nepal (ITN)

ITN is a well-known institute that provides digital marketing courses in Kushma. They are providing batch-based classes to the students. They have given training to the entrepreneurs also.  They provide lifetime technical support after the training.

Course Duration: Two Months

The Objective of the Training:

  • Comprehension of digital marketing to the industry-specific
  • How to formulate marketing strategies after keyword research
  • Setting up influential media channels in the social network channels
  • How to use customer relations for projecting a brand in a specific demography.


  • Introductory principals of digital marketing
  • Web Marketing: Internet bandwidth speed is increasing day by day. Every year, mobile users are also increasing; therefore, web marketing is a tool for business entities so that they can expand their business with the help of email. It doesn’t mean the abolition of the traditional business unit. The business uses digital infrastructure like computers for promoting their business, such as e-commerce businesses. Web marketing is integral to a website when a functional website is integrated with many website pages. The website provides details like the date of the manufacturing of the product, availability, features, and price. 
  • SEO: Let’s understand SEO with an example: Suppose Tanmay, a 23-year-old boy, opened a coffee shop in Kushma. He has twenty types of coffee in the shop. He wanted to deliver coffee to the houses of Kushum; therefore, he made a website online and posted a blog every week. However, despite his rigorous efforts, he could not manage to get a substantial amount of buyers at the cafe. Then, He searched on the internet and came to know a technique called SEO through which he could improve his brand visibility locally and get high quantity customers at the same time.
  • Pay per click: The marketer can target the customized audience they want. PPC help marketer target the customer when the marketer wants. It is an auction-based system when bids are crucial for the targeted audience. Suppose you are working on a Facebook project where the ad goal is working on a PPC model. Now, you did a little experiment. You have seen few audiences never like your page, but you observed in the past they interacted with your paid ads. Therefore, you make other new special ads for this customer base.
  • In this course, you will learn about the use of social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. You will do business profiles in the social channels.
  • Microblogging: Microblogging is a specific mode of blogging if you are a dedicated writer on this topic. Suppose you have opened a website for blogging on Apple’s iPhone; therefore, apple is a microblogging niche for you.

If you want to know the course fees, then you have to contact them:

Address: Putalisadak, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

Phone:9818255337, 9851105974

4. SEO Training Nepal

SEO Training Nepal are providing two digital marketing courses in Kushma. They are specialized courses in SEO Training and digital marketing.

Course Duration: The course duration for the SEO course is only twenty-five days, but the digital marketing course is for forty-five days.

Cost: The course fee for the SEO course is Rs. 10000, and for digital marketing, Rs. 20000.


  • In the SEO course, you will learn how to make an SEO audit for a functional website. Then, you can optimize keywords for on-page analytics. The off-page analytics come later. Then comes a technical SEO audit of the website. You will know how to make backlinks for a website.
  • For the digital marketing course, you will learn how to use business listing on Google for a business. Then, you will learn how you can make a website in WordPress with advanced website design concepts. Then, The SEO concept will come for a newly made website. You will understand how to use Google Analytics to measure new website traffic.

Address: Bagbazar (near to old bus park), KTM Nepal

Phone:977 – 01- 5343968,5346249,9851029233

5. Trilogy Digital Media (TDM)

TDM is also here with its training modules for Digital marketing courses in Kushma. The duration of the course is two months only. The classes happen to be offline. The course is meant for developing robust concepts in digital marketing.

Cost: The cost of the course is volatile but the course fee comes between Rs.20000 to 25000 only.

Feature of the Course:

  • Personalized training
  • Learners from around the globe
  • Lower sale cost for the course fees
  • Tools guided strategies
  • No theory practical, only
  • Lead generation technique


  • Content Writing: They give training for content writing because in digital marketing, text is the key to ranking, but as a content writer, you need to build a portfolio of articles. But how many articles are necessary to build a portfolio? This question is valid. The simple answer is you need at least 50 articles for a portfolio. But that article should be from various nieces like health, technology, blogging, fashion, and lifestyle. These are the five key sectors for a content writer. You don’t know in which sector you will write next. Therefore, you need to be comfortable with all types of writing. As a content writer, you need to establish your brand if you want a very good payment job, or else you get marginal value from your cost. To make a great customer base, you need a blog.  For blogging professionally, you have to create a website, which will cost you investment. But if you want to start it for free, medium.com and wordpress.com are the good options. The LinkedIn blog is also a good option. Another vital area of content writing is how to write copyright-free content for your post. When you are doing online research, you will take some lines from here and there, but as a digital marketer, you have to be set per cent original with your writing. Rewriting is your lifesaver. Think for a moment: how did you copy someone’s homework in school? You need to rewrite the content in your voice because the teacher will catch you.
  • Social Media network optimization
  • Advanced SEO training
  • Ad campaign writing

6. The Knowledge Academy (TKA)

TKA is another name for providing digital marketing courses in Kushma. The institute has a 4.6 review on the trust pilot. There are only two modes of training available as of now. The first one is online instructor-led, and the second one is online self-paced learning.

Cost: 995 USD for both the courses


  • The course starts with basic digital marketing fundamental knowledge and concepts. It is an introductory class.
  • Online integrated campaign for multi-channel strategies
  • The next course starts with user experience models for a website, such as creating sitemaps of entire websites and designing a responsive UX for a theme.
  • This module is entirely about mobile marketing, such as the advantages and challenges in the formulation of mobile marketing strategies.
  • SEO-based content developing process with mainly text and video content
  • Social media training for various post
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay per click 
  • SEO modules
  • Campaign writing for real-world problems

Address: Kathmandu, Trade Tower

Ground Floor, Trade Tower Building, Thapathali, Kathmandu

7. Digital Terai

Digital Terai is one of the prominent institutes offering digital marketing courses in Kushma. The institute is highly recognized in Nepal because it also provides professional services in SEO, digital marketing, graphic designing, web designing, social media, and branding.


  • Content Creation: The main part of content creation is the content pillar. A content pillar is just like a category or a bucket of content that supports your overall brand message strategy and themes. What you do, and you know what you are the sort of expert or what you want to be known for the content pillars.
  • Brand Building by Social Media: The first step of brand building is to know that you choose a specific social media platform. You can’t go to any and every social media platform and post the content because not all platforms are as effective as others. You have to judge the clients based on engagement and SEO optimization. For example, YouTube, Google, and blogs work based on search engine optimization, and Facebook and Instagram all work based on the engagement of people. The more engagement happens to your post, the more viral it becomes. Suppose your product or service has a promotional base; then you need to choose an SEO platform, but if the product or service has a visual base, then you choose Facebook and Instagram.
  •  Influencer Marketing: Influencers are someone who influences their Community. They don’t have to have millions of followers for them to have influence or for them to make money for your brand. Don’t underestimate the power that smaller influencers can have, especially when they are super tapped into their community. So, how can you get started working with influencers as a brand? You can ask an influencer to make an Instagram or a be real or TikTok post and have them include your product. You can even ask them to include you in a blog post. Something that is sometimes overlooked is you can work with influencers on events and activations, product collaborations, or even create an entire brand together.
  • Different types of SEO optimization
  • Google ads and campaign
  • SMS Marketing and Emails
  • Data analytical SEO tools
  • Soft skills development such as CV writing and portfolio lesions

Phone:+ 977 – 9863992047 Address: Mahadevsthan, Koteshwor

8. Elance Academy

If you want an offline exclusive class for digital marketing courses in Kushma, then you need to look at Elance Academy. The course is four months in duration.  Monday to Friday you have a class for two hours.

Cost: Rs.35000

Feature of the Course:

  • 10+ modules for learning
  • Experienced instructor
  • 9+ international certifications getting the opportunity  
  • Free domain and hosting for the course


The courses start with basic digital marketing principles, like the difference between traditional and online marketing and how AI can influence digital marketing. You will come to know about AI tools like Chatgpt Pebbly. Etc. Next, you will learn to make a niche-specific website with your name. The course teaches you how to write content for your website with proper keyword research. The course also includes topics like 

  • PPC ad terminologies
  • Client’s behaviour judgement in inbound marketing
  • Social media
  • How to make trending  viral videos
  • Handling of customer relationship software for communicational leads
  • Tools learning session

Address: Chabahil – 7, Kathmandu, Nepal Phone:+977 9843041668

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9. TechAxis

If you are looking for short-term digital marketing courses in Kushma, then TechAxis is an option for you. The duration of the course is two months only. However, their training module is very detailed.

Cost: Rs. 22000


  • The course starts with keyword analysis for the brand. But do you do keyword research? Research is done with Semrush tools and the chatbot program. With the Semrush tool, you have to identify the keyword research for an identified niche. After that, you have to go to the chatbot for a detailed analysis of the keyword domain. For example, suppose you are finding a keyword for cold cream, then the chatbot will also recommend that you incorporate cold cream with the skincare category.
  • You will learn about search engine crawling, indexing, and ranking. A search engine contains more than 100 billion website data. Every search engine has different page scanners for websites. Those scanners are called crawlers. They visit the website page and read the HTML code to understand the page content and structure of the website. After scanning, the search engine organized and sorted the website information according to the topics so that it could give us results in a few milliseconds. This is indexing. After indexing, the website is ranked on the search engine.
  • Link building with topic submission like video, PDFs, forms, etc.
  • Formulating templates for Google reviews
  • Creation of an ad campaign for Google ads
  • Twitter marketing
  • The course also has a special module for LinkedIn post optimization
  • Google Console
  • Project handling with international clients

Address:Kumaripati, Lalitpur Phone:01-5437592, 9802302087

10. School of Information Technology (SIT)

Our last institution of the day for digital marketing courses in Kushma is the School of Information Technology or SIT. SIT is a well-known computer training institute in Nepal. It gives training in web designing, graphical designing, and computer programming development. The duration of marketing courses is three to four months. The course is certified by the signature of authority like Counsel of technical and vocational training.

Cost: Rs. 24000 

Feature of this Course:

  • Placement and internship guarantee with this course module
  • Freelance project-based learning during the course
  • A special focus is given to website design for a strong brand impression in the client’s mind.


  • Introduction to digital marketing: The framework for doing social brand building and building businesses is what the brand stands for and the business objective. The next thing to do is to create 80 to 90 consumer segmentations like 25 to 28-year-old females living in South Korea who are into the Hotel industry, which is called PAC platforms and culture.
  • Basic steps to setting up HTML coding in the WordPress page-building process
  • SEO report generation for auditing a website
  • Blog writing process
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Ideas for social network posts
  • Affiliate marketing with Adsense 
  • YouTube marketing
  • Map optimization for location-specific service
  • Reputation Marketing

Address:Raja Janak Marg, Tinkune, Kathmandu, Nepal                     



Q. Are digital marketing courses in Kushma in demand?

Yes, Digital marketing courses in Kushma are in very high demand. And it is increasing year after year. A skilful professional is never out of the job.

Q. Where to learn digital marketing courses in Kushma for free of cost?

Google Garage and Hubspot are the two places where anyone can learn the basics of digital marketing. However, for in-depth learning and practical coursework, you have to join an institute.

Q. Who is a digital marketing executive?

A digital marketing executive is a person who performs digital marketing-related tasks for a business, like managing a social network profile, ranking websites on Google, and building a brand reputation for a company. These are of various kinds. Sometimes, a digital marketing executive manages ad-related issues.


All the institutes listed above, according to digital marketing courses in Kushma, are not ranked, comparing their performances. I listed down the institutes to give you many options to choose from.  You can visit Google to learn any particular information about any institute. Mention which institute you like the most in the comment section—I wish you a very happy learning! See you in the next blog.


I crave to know various things from different fields through my job. That’s why I have chosen content writing as my profession. Knowledge breaks my boredom. I have completed the Content Writing Master Course for IIM Skills (Govt. recognized) and also did the Advanced Content Writing course from ECT( Govt. recognized). I completed my pre-degree level at Visva-Bharati University with science as my major. I completed my graduation (Honours) in English literature from The University of Burdwan. I also earned a Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management from MAKAUT, Kolkata.

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