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Top 11 Data Analytics Courses In Zambia With Practical Training

There is data everywhere. More of it is created every day, and we utilize it at home, at work, and when shopping online. Data Scientists are therefore the most-paid employees in any analytics company. Data scientist is ranked number two among the 50 Best Jobs for 2021 by Glassdoor. It is an excellent idea to enroll in a data analytics course in Zambia because there is a shortage of data analysts.  In this article, we will discuss the top 11 Data Analytics courses in Zambia.

Top Data Analytics Courses In Zambia

An expert data analyst is aware of the requirements and limitations of business problems, gathers the appropriate data and prepares it for use in designing the appropriate analytical strategies, and employs the most precise algorithms and techniques currently available to produce recommendations for decision-making that are informed by data. Companies are looking for highly educated data specialists that can use statistical methods and the newest technologies to extract insightful data and use it to inform every area of their strategy and operations in our data-driven economy.


Must check out these best:

So a lot of institutions are offering Data Analytics courses to adhere to this growing demand for Data Analytics professionals.


IIM SKILLS is globally the most recommend ed-tech company for the best skill development courses. They offer wide range of courses and all their courses are certified courses & government approved.

Modules Covered in Data Analytics Master Course:

Module NameImportant Topic
Module 1: Basic and Advance Excel
Introduction to Data Handling
Data Manipulation Using Functions
Data Analysis and Reporting
Data Visualization in Excel
Overview of Dashboards
Module 2: Visual Basic Application
Introducing VBA
How VBA Works with Excel
Key Components of Programming Language
Programming Constructs in VBA
Functions & Procedures in VBA
Objects & Memory Management in VBA
Error Handling
Controlling Accessibility of Your Code
Communicating with Your Users
Module 3: SQL
Basics RDBMS Concepts
Utilizing the Object Explorer
Data Based Objects Creation (DDL Commands)
Data Manipulation (DML Commands)
Accessing Data from Multiple Tables Using SELECT
Optimizing Your Work
Module 3.1: SQL Server Reporting Services
Basics of SSRS
Creating Parameters
Understanding Visualization
Creating Visualization Using SSRS
Module 3.2: SQL Server Integration Services
Understanding Basics of SSIS
Understanding Packages
Creating Packages to Integrate
Creating Project Using SSIS
Module 4: Power BI
Data Preparation and Modeling
Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
Reports Development (Visuals in Power BI)
Module 5: Data Analytics Using Python
Introduction to Basic Statistics
Introduction to Mathematical Foundations
Introduction to Analytics & Data Science
Python Essentials (Core)
Operations with NumPy (Numerical Python)
Overview of Pandas
Cleansing Data with Python
Data Analysis Using Python
Data Visualization with Python
Statistical Methods & Hypothesis Testing
Module 6: Tableau
Getting Started
Data Handling & Summaries
Reports Development (Visuals in Tableau)
Module 7: R For Data Science
Data Importing/Exporting
Data Manipulation
Data Analysis
Using R with Databases
Data Visualization with R
Introduction to Statistics
Linear Regression: Solving Regression Problems
Module 8: Alteryx
Overview of the Alteryx Course and Fundamental Concepts
Using the Select Tool to Rename Fields, Change the Data Type
Understanding the User Environment and Alteryx Settings
Filtering Data/Data Processing
Blending/Joining Data from Different Sources
Data Cleansing
Impute Values
Random Sample

Data Analytics Course

6 Mths + 2 Mths unpaid internship

11488.80 Zambia Kwacha + Taxes

Tools Covered:

  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Excel
  • Python
  • SQL
  • Altreyx
  • R

What Makes IIM SKILLS The Best:

  • Rank on the top
  • Highly expert & experienced trainers
  • Free demo session
  • Their online training offers flexible learning opportunities.
  • 24*7 support for the career guidance
  • Lifetime access to their learning tools
  • Recordings are shared after every live training sessions.
  • 100% internship
  • Practical oriented training
  • Master certification provided

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS


For Further Details Contact:

+919580740740, [email protected]

Dig in here and find the advanced courses:

2. Data Analysis and Interpretation – Mulungushi University

Skills in data analysis are frequently in short supply among researchers and students. Most people typically hire statisticians to undertake data analysis while being unaware of its principles. But for researchers and statisticians—especially those whose work involves ongoing data analysis—data analysis and interpretation are valuable abilities. For the researcher or statistician to use and present data in a meaningful way, this course is aimed to give the student skills in data analysis and interpretation. The purpose of this code is to equip learners with the knowledge and abilities necessary to code, clean, analyze, and interpret data using STATA, SPSS, or GraphPad Prism. It is one of the best Data Analytics courses in Zambia.

Course Duration: 2 weeks

Course Fees: K3000

Course Modules:

  1. Introduction to types of Data
  2. Descriptive statistics
  3. Normality tests
  4. Hypothesis testing
  5. Parametric tests
  6. Non-parametric tests
  7. Diagnostic tests
  8. Post hoc tests
  9. Other analysis
  10. Overview of statistical package software

Course Objectives:

  • Get the raw data ready for analysis.
  • Recognize various data and design kinds
  • Put descriptive statistics to use.
  • Understand how to conduct and interpret statistical analyses such as the Chi-square test, student’s t-test, Wilcoxon rank-sum test, correlation, and regression analysis, multiple comparisons, and analysis of variance, among others.
  • Performing receiver operator curves and post-hoc analysis
  • Use either GraphPad prism, SPSS, or STATA, 

Contact Details:

Ph: +(260) 215 228 004

Email ID:  [email protected]

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3. Data Science with R Programming Certification – iCert Global

For data analysts or aspiring professionals who want to work in the fields of data analytics or data science, this course is appropriate. These certification holders have enormous potential. To master data science and analytics, enroll in this course. To properly do predictive analytics and make well-informed business decisions, you will be able to study and visualize data. They provide hands-on R Cloudlab training in a variety of industries, including retail, healthcare, insurance, and entertainment. You will learn about data exploration and data visualization while gaining proficiency in a variety of data analytics with R language approaches like predictive analytics and descriptive analytics.

Course Duration: 32 hrs

Course Fees: $299

Course Content:

  1. An understanding of business analytics at its core
  2. Install R, configure R-studio and your workspace, and become familiar with the various R packages.
  3. Learn R programming, including how to import/export data, apply functions, and use DPLYP functions.
  4. Different graphics for data visualization in R
  5. Different statistical ideas
  6. Utilizing hypothesis testing to guide business decisions
  7. Recognize classification methods and linear, non-linear regression models.
  8. K-means, DBSCAN, and hierarchical clustering are a few different association rules and Apriori algorithm clustering techniques.

Course Features:

  • 32 hours of classroom instruction
  • 24 hours of self-paced video with 8 real-world projects from the airline, retail, insurance, and financial industries
  • statistical ideas like cluster analysis and regression
  • R CloudLab practice exercises with [Business Analytics with Excel] course Money-Back Promise
  • Certificate of Completion of the Course Interactive Training by a Professional Trainer
  • With chapter-ending tests and 24/7 customer support, accredited course materials
  • 30 days of Exam preparation with an online exam simulator
  • You will receive a certificate from iCertGlobal after the training, provided that the project is evaluated favorably and you pass the online test

Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Ph: +1 (713)-287-1319

Find out here the advanced courses for faster learning:

4.  R Programming Training – Codec Networks

The most popular statistical programming tool is R. It is the top option for thousands of data analysts who work in both the private and public sectors. You can quickly master the fundamentals of R with the aid of this course, which is the first step toward becoming a proficient R data scientist. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of R to join the course because it is designed for complete novices. The most crucial R programming abilities, however, will be yours once you have completed this course, and you will be able to further hone them through practice using the knowledge you have gained. The R programming language and its packages provide a wide range of statistical and graphical techniques, including time-series analysis, clustering, classification, linear and nonlinear modeling, and traditional statistical tests. These approaches are increasingly being used for data science.

Course Duration: 5 days

Course Fees: Not Specified

Course Modules:

  1. Introduction to Programming with R.
  2. Vectors
  3. Data Analysis Process
  4. Metrics
  5. Factors
  6. List
  7. DataFrames
  8. Basic Graphics in R
  9. Data Transformation with dplyr
  10. Workflow Scripts
  11. Exploratory Data Analysis
  12. Data Import with the reader
  13. ModelBasic with modelr
  14. Data Visualization
  15. R Markdown
  16. Graphics for communication with ggplot2
  17. Visualization Case Study
  18. Project

Course Features:

  • Weekly Assignments, Study Materials, and Reference Codes in PDF format
  • Module-wise Studies/Projects in Case
  • Career Support and Guidance
  • Completing a few chosen homework and case studies
  • Certificate of training from CODEC Networks
  • Extensive classroom training Live project work
  • Internship opportunity with specialists and R & D team
  • One of the finest Data Analytics courses in Zambia.

Contact Details:

Mobile: +91 9971676124 | +91 8800331124

Email: [email protected]

5. Data Analyst course – Practicum

5000 IT specialists in the US, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East were raised via practicum. They are aware of the demands of the tech industry and employ our expertise to educate the following group of programmers. You will deal with standard data analyst jobs from several business domains throughout the course. They will be resolved, and the finest ones will be added to your portfolio. Some of them might even be initiatives of actual businesses. They constantly monitor the market and modify our program to meet the needs of the finest job openings throughout the world. Around you will be other students, recent graduates, and business experts from many countries who are eager to share their knowledge and open positions.

Course Duration: 9 months

Course Fees: ZMW 2072

Course Modules:

  1. Basic Python
  2. Data Preprocessing
  3. Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
  4. Statistical Data Analysis
  5. Integrated Project 1
  6. Data Collection and Storage
  7. Business Analytics
  8. Data-based Business Decisions
  9. Telling a story using Data
  10. Integrated Project – 2
  11. Automation
  12. Predictions and Forecasts
  13. Final Project
  14. Career Prep Course

Course Features:

  • Create a machine-learning model to forecast the exodus of patrons from a gym or language school.
  • Perform market research on restaurants, bars, and cafes in Lusaka using open data.
  • 24/7 technical support specialists are available to assist with any problems.
  • The mentors’ goal is to educate you on how to solve any problem on your own rather than providing you with ready answers because they have more than 3 years of experience at well-known software businesses.

Contact Details: Check out the website

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6. Data Scientist Course – Simplilearn 

Take advantage of the exclusive Data Scientist course being offered in Zambia in partnership with IBM to advance your career in data science. Learn the most in-demand Data Science and Machine Learning skills from an industry leader while receiving world-class training. They will learn all they need to become experts in data and artificial intelligence through this course, which is being given by Simplilearn in partnership with IBM. Students who take the Data Science course in Lusaka are prepared for a rewarding future in the domains of data science and artificial intelligence. Once you have completed the online Master’s program in Data Scientist, you will obtain credentials from IBM and Simplilearn for the corresponding courses.

Course Duration: 6-12 months

Course Fees: $1069

Course Modules:

  1. Python for Data Science
  2. Applied Data Science with Python
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Tableau Training
  5. Data Science Capstone

Course Features:

  • Get a thorough understanding of how to manipulate and organize data.
  • Knowing how to use classification algorithms.
  • Acquire a working understanding of clustering as well as various methods like dimensionality reduction, pipeline, K-NN, and linear and logistic regression.
  • Learn how to use Scikit-Learn and NumPy
  • knowledge of the various Hadoop ecosystem components
  • Learn how to work with HBase and become familiar with its architecture and data storage features.
  • You will gain knowledge of MapReduce and its features, as well as how to use important tools like Sqoop and Flume for data ingest.
  • Learn the tricks to time series modeling and running a recommendation engine. Additionally, you receive instruction in the most efficient algorithms, common applications, and essential ML ideas.
  • You will learn to analyze data using Tableau and how to develop interactive dashboards.

Contact Details:

Simplilearn Americas, Inc.

201 Spear Street, Suite 1100, 

San Francisco, CA 94105 

United States

Ph: +1-844-532-7688

Must Check here the top-ranked:

7. Data Analysis for Management – LSE

This data Analytics course, offered by the London School of Economics and Political Science, is approved by the United Kingdom CPD Certification Service and may be used by anyone who belongs to or is connected to professional organizations situated in the UK. A rough estimate of the course’s learning hours is 70. With flexible learning methodologies, and weekly modules available – this course is crisp and compact. It is one of the best Data Analytics courses in Zambia.

Course Modules: 8 weeks

Course Fees: Not specified

Course Modules:

  1. Decision-making under uncertainty
  2. Data visualization and descriptive statistics
  3. Quantifying risk through probability
  4. Data integrity and statistical inference
  5. Evidence-based decisions
  6. Understanding the causes of things
  7. Time series forecasting
  8. Delivering insights through storytelling

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding how to use data-driven models to predict future trends and how they might help you make better decisions in a fast-paced, uncertain world.
  • Tableau data reporting and visualization abilities to effectively explain your results and business requirements.
  • Your capacity to evaluate, encapsulate, illustrate, and report on insights gleaned from a dataset is demonstrated via your capstone project
  • A diploma from the London School of Economics and Political Science attesting to your proficiency in data analysis.

Contact Details:

Website: [email protected] 

Ph:  +44 2038 568 850

8. Data Science Analytics – The knowledge Academy

You can improve your abilities to become a successful data analyst with the help of this training. By taking this course, you will learn how to properly analyze various types of data and use them as trustworthy sources of information. You will also be able to pick up a variety of concepts, including digital, technological, and analytical approaches. It is one of the top 11 Data Analytics courses in Zambia.

Course Duration: 1 day

Course Fees: $1095

Course Modules:

  1. Introduction to Data Science
  2. Understanding Data Wrangling
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Data Mining
  5. Understanding Data Visualisation
  6. Data Manipulation
  7. Working with Large amounts of Data

Course Features:

  • Recognize data visualization.
  • Study the fundamentals of data science.
  • Recognize Data Wrangling.
  • Resources are provided for a thorough educational experience.

Contact Details:

Email ID: [email protected]

Ph: +441344203999

9. Data Analytics MSc. – Queen Mary University of London

You will learn the fundamental mathematical concepts of data analysis as well as how to use them in practical situations through the Data Analytics MSc. program. You will learn the principles of data analytics, machine learning, and data analysis statistics in the first semester, along with some of the pertinent technology. The next step is for you to select a module that examines financial, business, and scientific applications. Examples include trading and risk systems, business process optimization, and linkages among complex systems. You will work on a research project throughout the summer that will enable you to strengthen your applied data science research skills. you do not need to be an expert programmer to pursue this course. You will investigate a range of industry-standard tools, allowing you to select the technology in which you want to specialize.

Course Duration: 1 year (Full time )

                                      2 years ( part-time)

Course Fees: Home: £12,250

                            Overseas: £28,950

Course Modules:


  1. Manipulating, Storing, and Visualizing Data
  2. Machine Learning with Python
  3. Statistics and Probability for Data Analytics
  4. Project Dissertation


  1. Topics in Scientific Computing
  2. Financial Data Analytics
  3. Advanced Machine Learning
  4. Deep Learnings and Neural Networks
  5. Programming in Python
  6. Networks and Graphs
  7. Optimization for Business Processes
  8. SAS for Business Intelligence
  9. Time Series
  10. Computational Statistics with R
  11. Bayesian Statistics

Course Features:

  • Be taught by highly qualified academics, including professionals from the industry, many of whom are Fellows of the Alan Turing Institute.
  • Attend lectures and seminars presented by the respected Queen Mary Institute of Applied Data Science members.
  • This program will have industry links and a strong application component to assist you in applying what you learn to problems in the real world.
  • Ideal if you enjoy solving problems and have some knowledge of statistics or probability
  • suitable for those who have completed degrees in mathematics or numerate disciplines, such as engineering, computer science, physics, and math
  • It is one of the finest, online data analytics courses in Zambia.

Contact Details:

Queen Mary University of London

Mile End Road

London E1 4NS

Ph: +44 (0) 20 7882 5555

10. Data Analytics Certificate Program – eCornell

This certificate is made to offer functional literacy in crucial business analytics, whether you are collecting data or using it to analyze it and make recommendations. The courses are designed to help analysts who work directly with raw data, but they are also accessible to students with a basic understanding of statistics. Through practical exercises and video tutorials from Cornell University faculty member Chris Anderson, you’ll master statistical and scientific approaches for data analysis, empowering you to make smart, fact-based decisions that boost corporate performance in any function. Students who are comfortable with Excel and statistics will do well in this program.

Course Duration: 9 weeks

Course Fees: Not Specified

Course Modules:

  1. Understanding and Visualizing Data
  2. Implementing Scientific Decision Making
  3. Using Predictive Data Analysis

Course Features:

  • Create and analyze statistical summaries and data visualizations to aid comprehension and inform decisions.
  • Create a dashboard with data and key performance indicators to help you better understand difficult business circumstances.
  • Create a business question that can be tested using statistical techniques as a scientific hypothesis.
  • Make and test regression models that can be used to ascertain how qualities affect decisions and forecast expected outcomes.
  • Utilize data to characterize situations and lessen decision-making confusion.

Contact Details:

Ph: 866-326-7635


Email: [email protected]

11. MSc Management with Data Analytics – BPP

Future leaders who can bring data expertise and insights to their field are developed through the MSc. Management with Data Analytics program. It provides graduates with a strong understanding of how to interpret data and convey insights using visualization tools, preparing them for the management-level positions we anticipate they will hold. This course was created to teach you the fundamentals of contemporary management ideas and how to apply them to real-world management tasks. A combined academic and professional education experience will be advantageous to you. You will be able to critically analyze complex circumstances utilizing a variety of data analytics tools and data visualization techniques thanks to practical learning. You can influence and direct the company’s decision-making process with the aid of these crucial talents.

Course Duration: 1 year

Course Fees: £12,500

Course Modules:

  1. Personal Effectiveness
  2. Leading through Digital Disruption
  3. Sustainability and Global Strategy
  4. Customer Experience Strategy
  5. Data-Driven Decisions for Business
  6. Emerging Technology
  7. Programming for Data Analysts
  8. Cloud and Big Data
  9. Applied Modeling and Visualization
  10. Business Project

Course Features:

  • Experience conducting actual data and analytical tasks that provide value to any business using a variety of data tools, methodologies, and theories
  • As technology develops, keep learning to help you question current structures and procedures.
  • Emphasizes the application of knowledge and skills
  • Improves chances and employability in a variety of fields like management consulting, business analysis, statistics, marketing, and operations
  • Consists of the Professional and Academic Skills for Success (PASS) element, a non-credit module that will aid in the development of a solid academic foundation.
  • Informed by professionals in the field and business
  • Your success in obtaining employment and post-study work visa prospects may be aided by our 18-month Professional Development Planning program.

Contact Details:

Ph: 03300 603 100


1. Who is eligible to apply for one of these top Data Analytics courses in Zambia?

These top Data Analytics courses in Zambia course has no prerequisites. If you want to learn more about data analytics or work in the field, This may be the best place to start if you are new to data analytics. This certification course’s main market is mostly –

  • IT specialists with a passion for data science and analytics
  • IT professionals that wish to work in data science and analytics
  • Professionals in business analytics
  • New graduates seeking to advance their careers in the analytics industry Senior professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge of data analytics

2. What is the average salary of various professionals completing Data Analytics courses in Zambia?

A Junior Data Analyst earns approximately ZMW 7960, right after completing one of these Data Analytics courses in Zambia. A mid-level Data Analyst earns around ZMW 10,960. While. A senior-level Data Analyst earns ZMW 15,300.

3. List the jobs available after completing one of these Data Analytics courses in Zambia.

After completing one of the Data Analytics courses in Zambia you become eligible for the following positions: 

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Manager or Lead – Analytics
  • ML (Machine Learning) Engineer
  • Statistical Programming Specialist



The U.S. labor market is predicted to grow by 21% over the next ten years, which is more than four times faster than the average. The sectors of data science, data analytics, and statistics are expected to grow by up to 34%. The curriculum of Data Analytics courses in Zambia offers a thorough solution to this issue. Finding acceptable employment opportunities won’t be difficult for a guy who focuses his career in this field.

Market research and demand data indicate that this business will expand. Candidates with experience in this area can choose from a variety of work opportunities both in Edmonton and throughout Canada. If you want to start your own business, or want to be a successful Data Analytics professional, these Data Analytics courses in Zambia provide the best option for you.

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  • I am Moonga. I am a Web Publisher. I maintain quite a few websites. It is essential to know how to use data to make important business decisions and succeed in today’s corporate world. The new secret to making wise decisions is data. Data analysis can be used to learn more about the clients, spot potential threats, and get knowledge to enhance the strategy for the business. Today’s data is incredibly powerful in its precision insights, giving businesses the knowledge they need to take the next step. Hence, wanting to take up an online data analytics course in Zambia that also offers practical training and certification after completion. This article has been helpful, thanks so much

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