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Top 5 Data Analytics Courses In Limerick With Live Training

Limerick covers the spectacular countryside, and it will mesmerize you. It gives a sense of a warm welcome whenever you visit. Several universities and institutes in Limerick offer online and offline courses for you to learn and gain enhanced skillsets. The spectacular countryside also grabs the attention of students. You can take up diverse professional courses and training programs in data analytics in Limerick. Hence, this article will give you a comprehensive report on the top data analytics courses in Limerick. You can connect with the institutes if you want to build a thriving career in Data Analytics.

Top Data Analytics Courses In Limerick

Let’s Dive into The Definition of Data Analytics

Data analytics helps a company to analyze current reports and/or past data. You must be thinking why do companies even need to check that? Companies analyze the data to understand their future possibilities. Not only that, they even collect old data and analyze their mistakes. That way, a company can improve its mistakes in the current scenario.

To gain clarity on which data to choose to maximize their potential, companies need experts to sift important data from the huge amounts of data collected. Here your role comes as a data analyst. You will need to learn programming skills, communication skills, and SQL skills.  No need to worry, you will learn and become adept at every skill when you join data analytics courses in Limerick. Another thing is, you need to focus on learning everything. Only then you will be able to perform all the required needs of the future company you will work for.

Must check out these best:

Required Skills for A Data Analyst

There are a few skills that one needs to become a data analyst. Everything will depend on the company, role, and skills that you will adopt.

Statistical Knowledge

You have to work with data-related elements. There you need to get statistics and probability skills. It might be helpful if you learn statistics. You can ensure that your analysis will always give valid results that way. Moreover, always try to avoid common errors. You have to think about the company’s point of view too. That particular role needs much more analytical skills to get almost exact data. You will understand and analyze what the company’s conditions are through meticulous data analysis. It is always going to be reliable in the probabilistic analysis for future growth.

Dashboards and Reports

You have to create dashboards to understand all the key decisions you have made in the past. You even put in place new dashboards to get the current report. After that, you will be able to focus on understanding. You even can remove the technical barriers. Here you might need to create a chart and table, current rate to create filters. There you need Power BI tools to build a good dashboard. Creating dashboards and reports going to be the main part of your job description. You can learn them after enrolling in data analytics courses in Limerick. It might help you get a good job in the future.

Domain Knowledge

When you are joining a company, you have to understand the industry and its needs. Only then you will be able to help the company and cover all related data. Sometimes it happens companies do not share details about the data. You have to understand the types of data they require. Companies always need sales-related or financial-related data. It will be helpful to generate effective results from the gathered data. You have to identify what types of data will need to analyze in the future. You have to prepare for the future.

Data Visualization

Data visualization skill is a must for you. When you are thinking of taking data analytics courses in Limerick, you have to develop graphs and charts to improve. Whenever you get data, first you need to develop a chart to interpret the future trends. It can be in the form of anything like a pie chart for example. Your chosen institutions will cover these data visualization techniques. Not all companies can put in place data visualization. There they need a data analyst like you. Be prepared for risk analysis through data visualization or related things.


This skill is a must if you are willing to take any data analytics courses in the future. Sometimes it happens companies might tell you to put in place the results of a predicted problem. That might happen in the future. There you will be using all the tools- related to solving problems. When you run a data file you might face problems like bugs and caches. There you need to learn to analyze strong data within the given time. You can handle everything as per the company’s requirements. You have to build up this skill set.

Dig in here and find the advanced courses:

Communication and Writing

Communication is a must in every industry. That way, you will be able to collaborate with the managers and other co-workers to put in place results. You can meet with business stakeholders if required. There you might need to listen to their requirements. Then, you can communicate with them about their requirements. You might need both technical and non-technical teams to complete the projects. Based on implementing a new analysis, you can submit written documentation to the stakeholders. You can set a meeting with them for further discussion. You have to focus on soft skills.

Data Cleaning and Preparation

In the research work data preparation and data, cleaning was also done. This skill is the most important for a data analyst. After getting a degree in data analytics courses in Limerick, you will prepare for categorical analysis. The numerical analysis will solve every missing data. You will learn the basics of the data analytics course. You have to prepare to resolve all the issues related to data analysis when you join an organization.

Data Exploration and Data Analysis

Data analysis requires a specific skill to put together a concrete analysis. Every business has loads of questions that are unknown to the company. With data analysis, the company can learn about them. Their data exploration always provides everything about the latest trends in the market. You can use that skills to provide information about it. There are various types of patterns you might notice. You have to find opportunities to create a future structure for growth. Now you have to focus on developing these skills. While understanding all techniques and their implementation process. You can go through data analytics courses in Limerick. Once you will invest your time and money then you have to create good prospects.

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Difference Between Data Analytics and Business Analytics

In the technologically advanced world, both data analytics and business analytics will be needed for the company. Some decisions might be taken to use all the techniques. That way you might need to upskill and learn about blockchain, explainable AI and Augmented AI, memory severs, Augmented data management, and data fabric to build a good career in data analysis. 

  • If you are choosing a career in business analytics, then you might implement business cases. 
  • You can implement quality testing and validate solutions. 
  • That might be useful as per the business requirement. You will understand it after analyzing business cases. 
  • Performing quality tests is always needed to gather information. 
  • You have to develop a change in the technologies to know the insight view. 
  • If you are choosing a career in data analytics, you have to develop reports for both clients and the company. 
  • Slowly it becomes a part of your job. Therefore, you will be able to gather data as per the company’s requirements. That might be helpful for the company to know its current situation in the market. 

If you get a business analyst role in a company, you have to gather a few skills.

  • You have to have proven skills in SAP and SQL knowledge. 
  • You have to focus on the mathematical mindset and understand the critical data to complete the investigation process. 
  • Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word skills are also required to analyze and present data. 

Suppose you get a Data analyst role in a company. There you have to gather a few things to complete tasks. 

  • You will be creating a data frame using the software.
  • You have to gather knowledge about agile methods to emerging technologies.
  • You will be good at Python, SQL, and R software. 

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Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Limerick


If you are looking for the best Data Analytics Course in Limerick, then IIM SKILLS rank at the top of the list of the best ed-tech company. They also offer a wide range of skill development courses that are highly recommended. Their data analytics course covers the latest tools and the curriculum is timely upgraded with the latest trends. They have a team of excellent mentors who have years of experience in their respective domains.

Check the Curriculum For The Data Analytic With IIM SKILLS:

Module NameImportant Topic
Module 1: Basic and Advance Excel
Introduction to Data Handling
Data Manipulation Using Functions
Data Analysis and Reporting
Data Visualization in Excel
Overview of Dashboards
Module 2: Visual Basic Application
Introducing VBA
How VBA Works with Excel
Key Components of Programming Language
Programming Constructs in VBA
Functions & Procedures in VBA
Objects & Memory Management in VBA
Error Handling
Controlling Accessibility of Your Code
Communicating with Your Users
Module 3: SQL
Basics RDBMS Concepts
Utilizing the Object Explorer
Data Based Objects Creation (DDL Commands)
Data Manipulation (DML Commands)
Accessing Data from Multiple Tables Using SELECT
Optimizing Your Work
Module 3.1: SQL Server Reporting Services
Basics of SSRS
Creating Parameters
Understanding Visualization
Creating Visualization Using SSRS
Module 3.2: SQL Server Integration Services
Understanding Basics of SSIS
Understanding Packages
Creating Packages to Integrate
Creating Project Using SSIS
Module 4: Power BI
Data Preparation and Modeling
Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
Reports Development (Visuals in Power BI)
Module 5: Data Analytics Using Python
Introduction to Basic Statistics
Introduction to Mathematical Foundations
Introduction to Analytics & Data Science
Python Essentials (Core)
Operations with NumPy (Numerical Python)
Overview of Pandas
Cleansing Data with Python
Data Analysis Using Python
Data Visualization with Python
Statistical Methods & Hypothesis Testing
Module 6: Tableau
Getting Started
Data Handling & Summaries
Reports Development (Visuals in Tableau)
Module 7: R For Data Science
Data Importing/Exporting
Data Manipulation
Data Analysis
Using R with Databases
Data Visualization with R
Introduction to Statistics
Linear Regression: Solving Regression Problems
Module 8: Alteryx
Overview of the Alteryx Course and Fundamental Concepts
Using the Select Tool to Rename Fields, Change the Data Type
Understanding the User Environment and Alteryx Settings
Filtering Data/Data Processing
Blending/Joining Data from Different Sources
Data Cleansing
Impute Values
Random Sample

Also, Check These Latest Listed Tools that Are Covered in Data Analytics:

  • Excel
  • SQL
  • Tableau
  • Python
  • R
  • Power BI
  • Alteryx


  • Top-ranked
  • Best syllabus with the latest & updated curriculum
  • Exceptionally efficient and trained mentors
  • Free & lifetime access to their learning material
  • Live recordings from every session is shared
  • Flexible learning opportunity
  • Assured tool-oriented learning
  • Assured certification
  • Internship opportunity
  • Job placement

You Must Also Check These List Of Highly Recommended Courses With IIM SKILLS:

For More Course Related Information Or Career Guidance Contact Them On The Details Below:

+919580740740, [email protected]

Find out here the advanced courses for faster learning:

2. University of Limerick

This university offers a work professional diploma in data analytics online course. If you are working and willing to update with the latest trends. It will skills up your data analysis-related skills. This course can help you with that. With the help of these part-time post-graduate skills.  You can visualize, predict and interrogate every analysis. It might be in your company.

After completion, the course will help you to improve your ability to make decisions. It will improve your ability to predict future trends for the company.  Even you can understand from the real-life evidence. It might help you to visualize, analyze and focus on the risks to get the dataset report. You can learn all types of methods when you will be enrolling in data analytics courses in Limerick. 


Course Structure 

Semester 1

  • Introduction to predictive analytics (Credit score 6)
  • Data analytics with R (Credit score 6)
  • Future-focused professional portfolio 1 (Credit score 3)


Semester 2

  • Statistical learning with applications (Credit score 6)
  • Advanced predictive analytics (Credit score 6)
  • Future-focused professional portfolio 1 (Credit score 3)


Course Outcome 

  • You will be able to get a clear vision and a role in data analytics and statistics in any industry.
  • It might be helpful for you to understand the key concepts required in data analytics. After building the skills can be used to forecast the data and check according to the results.
  • After knowing all the skills, you will use them to solve real-world problems. The university will be showing you the ways to use tools if any problems arise.
  • You can investigate situations that the company can face. Then you can use all the effective skills to solve the problems.


For Application 

  • You require an English language completion certificate. 
  • You have to scan all the original copies of all years. It will be helpful to scan and verify everything related to your background. 
  • If you are interested and more details, you will get them only from their website.   


Course Fees

For EU Students 

€ 3500



€ 250


For Non-Eu Students 

€ 4750



€ 600


Contact Details

+353-(0) 61-202700

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3. Technological University of The Shannon: Midland Midwest

This university offers an MSc in data analytics for 12 months. It is under the business and financial service department. Throughout the course will cover the different varies to show big data. You will be able to understand complex competitive commercial analysis and artificial intelligence. It might help you to get real-time data to use. When you will join the data analytics courses in Limerick.

You will be able to solve three primary problems. You can handle every data using big data. You will be able to use techniques and patterns to build up good analytics relationships. The university programs will cover all the data-related context. It might be helpful to utilize all appropriate tools to put in place the data. 


Course structure 

Semester 1

  • Data analytics (Credit score 5)
  • Interpretation of Data (Credit score 5)
  • Programming for data analytics (Credit score 10)
  • Rational databases (Credit score 5)
  • Statistics for data analytics (Credit score 5)


Semester 2

  • Advanced analytics (Credit score 5)
  • Advanced databases (Credit score 10)
  • Data visualization (Credit score 10)
  • Research methods (Credit score 5)


Semester 3

  • Applied research project (Credit score 30)



After completing the graduate program, you may apply for a Ph.D.-level program. You can learn more about data analytics. 


Course Fee

It is not available on their site. To know more keep in touch with the admission department.


Contact Details 





[email protected]

Must Check here the top-ranked:

4. DCM The Learning Experts 

The institution provides opportunities to use data analytics skills in an actionable way. There are loads of case studies available in the program. It might be helpful for you to improve your current skill set. It only will be possible if you are willing to learn their data analytics courses in Limerick.

They provide training over 12 years from now. They even give you 360-degree support. When you are struggling their support team will help you through the mail. You will be provided with a national as well as an international certificate. The certificate might be helpful for you in the future.


Course Benefits

  • You can try their one live virtual class. It will be free to understand the course curriculum.
  • They will give you full support. After joining them, they will help you to achieve the results as per your needs.
  • Not only do they offer you the course you want. You even can take any free biz courses like public speaking and others.
  • They have 1000+ free courses. Among them, you can get 30 free courses that can do in a day. All skills will be helpful in the future.
  • You can get their brochure after reaching their site.


Course Structure 

Data Mining and Warehousing 

  • Scope of business intelligence. 
  • Introduction to data mining. 
  • Understanding data warehousing. 
  • Structured and unstructured data. 


Describing Information Needs 

  • Information requirements. 
  • Application of analytics. 
  • Building systems of the required information. 


Data Exploration Concept

  • Tools to extract information. 
  • Represent data in tables and graphs. 
  • Validity and relevance of sample information. 


Course Fee 

You have to join their membership program to enter the classes. 


Contact Details 



021 2429691

01 5241338

5. National College of Ireland

This institute offers one-year data analytics courses in Limerick. The total level is 9 and after completing everything you will get an MSc degree in data analytics. The course structure always gives wide learning methods. There you can install new types of interests to gain good exposure in the market.

 This data analytics course in Limerick will help you develop creative thinking and improve communication. Critical thinking is always needed to understand future trends. The course will provide everything, and you have to focus on the practice. Every skill you will learn in the university might be needed in the future.  


Course Structure 

  • Statistics for data analytics. 
  • Database and analytics program.
  • Data mining and machine learning I. 
  • Data mining and machine learning II. 
  • Modelling, optimization, and simulation. 
  • Research in computing. 
  • Ethics and data governance. 
  • Research projects. 


There you have to complete two semesters. You can choose two elective subjects in both semesters. 


Elective Subjects (Semester 1)

  • Data-intensive architectures.
  • Business intelligence and business analytics. 


Elective Subjects (Semester 2)

  • Scalable system program.
  • Predictive analytics for domain applications. 


Course Required 

  • You have to attend everyday class from 9 am to 6 pm. Monday to Friday and time can vary based on the daily conditions. The exams will be scheduled in the afternoons and mornings. You can choose any slot.
  • You have to use your laptop which will have 8 GB of RAM, but 16 GB is recommended. 
  • You even can take a loan to complete the course. 
  • You can learn the course live and some other classes will be steaming on campus. 


Course Fees 

For Ireland and European Students

€ 6800

You can apply for a direct plan. Everything is available on their website. You can check the breakdown of the debit plan. 


For International Students 

€ 15000


Contact Details 


For Reception

01 4498500


For Course Information 

1800 221 721



For Reception

[email protected]


For Course Information 

[email protected]



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q 1. What is the salary comparison between data analysts and business analysts?

The salary of a data analyst will be € 50000 per year. For a business analyst, the salary will be 59188. Both positions earn nearly the same amount a year. After gathering some experience, you can earn a lot more. For a starting career, any role can be suitable for you. 


Q 2. What will happen if I switch roles from data analyst and business analyst?

You will have no problems if you switch careers. After a certain point in time, you can change from a data analyst to a business analyst. Almost everything is the same in both roles. It will help to explore the logical analysis process while starting as a data analyst. You can develop your skill set for both careers. When you will enrol in data analytics courses in Limerick. You can start evolving the skillset while understanding all the details related to real-business case studies.


Q 3. Will I get relevant job opportunities after pursuing data analytics courses in Limerick?

Yes, like every country Limerick, Ireland has requirements for 20000+ highly skilled data analysts. The companies are looking for you. The most important thing is you have to do the market survey to know the actual demand for the role. There is a lot of information on the job roles and expectations of data analysts available on the internet. You can easily understand the company requires that particular field.


Q 4. Can I join any MSc data analytics program? 

If you are fresher, then you can join a graduation or master’s program. If you have already completed a master’s in computer science or another technical field, then you can apply for the MSc data analytics program.


Final Thoughts on Data Analytics Courses In Limerick

Any kind of technical skill is in demand in every country. If you have those skills nothing can stop you from getting your dream job in a dream company. You have to believe it from now onwards. Completing any data analytics courses in Limerick can change your life for the better and give you a positive direction in your life.


You will get a good job and grow your skillsets after getting involved with a company. Why not take risks to develop a better future? You have to think positively, then everything will be easy for you. Data analyst job responsibilities can be difficult for you at first. Slowly you will handle the pressures just fine. All you need to do is practice and you will get the hang of it. 


  • Hello I am Eliza. Have completed mygraduation in Statistics and further want to become Statistics analyst. This is possible by educating and training myself in a data analytics course in Limerick. The article has been successful enough in providing all necessary information about data analytics and courses available. Thanks

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