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Top 10 Business Accounting and Taxation Course Online

The advent of eCommerce today has led to the growth of many businesses, both big and small. Where larger organizations can boast of specially managed finance departments, smaller ones often look to their proprietors for financial management. Whether you are a business owner or someone looking to join a finance team in an organization, it is crucial to know business accounting and taxation. You can gain the requisite knowledge by joining a good business accounting and taxation course online. This article has all you need to know about business accounting and taxation course online.


Business Accounting and Taxation Course Online


Introduction to Business Accounting and Taxation


Business accounting is a process by which companies and organizations record, measure, process, and communicate financial and non-financial data. Organizations use this data to assess existing operations and analyze opportunities and risks. It also aids in efficient and beneficial decision-making.


Business Accounting Includes:


All organizations must record all data in relevant categories to ensure better reporting. Lenders and investors use this information when deciding whether or not to invest in your company. Government bodies use this information to determine the extent of taxes payable by the organization. Taxation is the process that helps determine the amount payable to the government for services that the government provides to organizations and individuals.


Taxation includes the assessment of various taxes, including

  • Corporate Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • Capital Tax
  • Income Tax,
  • Property Tax etc.


Finance managers or business owners must have an in-depth understanding of these subjects to enable better performance of their business or company. So, if you are looking for the perfect business accounting and taxation course online, read on as here we discuss the different course options online, the benefits of choosing this career, and tips on identifying the best one that suits your needs. Whether you want to change your career or upgrade your skills, you have come to the right place.


A Career in Business Accounting and Taxation


Investing in a good business accounting and taxation course online is essential for a secure future. These courses provide you with a comprehensive understanding of accounting principles, auditing, taxation principles, financial analysis, etc. Business accounting and taxation courses help you find job opportunities in many employment sectors including,


  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Service-oriented businesses
  • eCommerce businesses
  • Insurance etc.


Given the intensive nature of this course, the job profile ranges from a mere accountant to a financial consultant or specialist. Opting for courses that combine business accounting and taxation allows you to apply for taxation jobs where you can specialize in direct or indirect taxes or become a taxation expert. These courses also allow you the freedom to set up your venture as a financial consultant.

Here Are Some of the Job Options You Can Pursue After Completing the Business Accounting and Taxation Course Online. 


  • Accounts Executive – All organizations need accounts executives to record and manage their accounts. It is a base-level entry profile where you maintain records and make them available to auditors.


  • Accounting Managers – Accounting managers maintain an accurate and transparent record of the company’s finances. They also ensure that the company has enough revenue to pay all liabilities.


  • Senior Accountant – Senior accountants create and make available all financial reports of the company.


  • Budget Analyst – Budget Analysts are very integral to the functioning of any business or organization. They analyze and interpret the financial statements of the company. Based on their analysis, they prepare current year budgets to meet the organization’s requirements.


  • Tax Manager – A tax manager is the most crucial to the organization. Tax managers prepare reports and financial statements of the company with the finance department and determine the tax payable by the company for any given year. They maintain transparent records and ensure that the company complies with all tax laws prevalent in that country or State.


  • Income Tax Officer – After completing the business accounting and taxation course online, you can also become an income tax officer. As an income tax officer, you must understand the laws that govern income tax and make sure that people comply with these laws.


  • Auditing Assistant – Auditing assistants ensure that the company’s financial statements are accurate and that there is no overspending. They supervise other auditors in preparing and collating financial reports and analyzing them to ensure that there has been no malpractice of any sort.


  • Finance Manager – Financial managers oversee the budget allocation and implementation. They ensure that there is no overspending and that the financial statements prepared by accountants are complete and transparent.


Your job profile will depend on which type of course you choose, the duration, the comprehensive nature, and your successful completion. Your career options also depend on whether you are someone with experience in the relevant field or a fresher.


It is imperative to note that business accounting and taxation course online are available at beginner and advanced levels. Freshers can learn new skills, while those with experience can upgrade theirs to suit the needs of their organization.


Here are other most opted online courses for rewarding career


Eligibility, Fees, and Duration of Business Accounting and Taxation Course


Business accounting and taxation courses are professional courses that allow the students to get a job right away. To join any business accounting and taxation course online or offline, it is preferable to be a Commerce graduate. Some courses allow graduates from other streams to join their business accounting and taxation course but not all.


It is because Commerce graduates understand accounting principles and will readily understand and pick up the deeper elements of the course. It is possible to do this course with your post-graduation in Commerce or MBA degree as it complements the subjects taught there.


It is not advisable to join this course after your 12th standard but wait until you finish your graduation. However, some learning institutes allow you to pursue the business accounting and taxation course with your B. Com degree. Fees for the business accounting and taxation course are wide-ranging and depend on many factors.


Some factors include the name of the institute, the type of course, its duration, the intricacies it delves into, and whether it is offline or online. Fees range anywhere between 30,000 and 50,000 based on the abovementioned factors. Before looking into the fee structure of these courses, you must assess your needs and what you are seeking from doing a business accounting and taxation course.


The duration of these courses is also different for different institutes and can range from two months to six months and sometimes even a year. A full-year program will delve deep into the subject and could be perfect for someone wanting to learn and master the subject. A two-month course is for those wanting to upskill themselves in the subject matter. Choosing the duration involves identifying your mastery and experience in the subject matter.


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Certification and Salary


Business accounting and taxation courses can be certificate courses or PG diploma courses. In other words, you will receive either a certificate or a post-graduate diploma on successful completion of the course. Typically, short-term courses offer certificates on completion of their course, whereas long-term courses offer post-graduate diplomas.


Choosing the right certification depends on what you want to achieve at the end of the course. A business accounting and taxation professional can earn between 10,000 rupees a month to a few lakhs per month. Salaries also depend on which post you are applying for.


An accountant’s pay is less while a finance manager or general manager will earn more. Salaries depend on your qualification, experience, and what you bring to the table in the form of strengths.


Top 10 Institutes Offering Business Accounting and Taxation Course Online


The advent of online education has made it possible for us to gain knowledge, upgrade our skills, and get good jobs with relative ease. In the world of business accounting and taxation, several institutes compete with one another to provide the best possible opportunity to learn, grow and succeed. Here are some of the top ten institutes offering business accounting and taxation course online.




IIM SKILLS is renowned worldwide for its online skill development courses. Having trained over fifteen thousand students from thirty-five countries, IIM Skills offers lessons online, which you can pursue at your own pace. They also offer internships to help train you better to enter the professional world.


Their placement units are one of the best in the industry that will you find the right job. Moreover, their certification is valid in several countries in abroad and in India. IIM Skills business accounting and taxation course is called Master BAT Course and is for 3 months.


BAT Course Syllabus Includes

  • Basics of Accounting
  • Basics of GST and TDS
  • Basics of Payroll
  • Intricacies of understanding the above in Tally Software
  • Advanced Excel and MIS reporting



BAT course offered by IIM Skills is interactive and allows for clearing your doubts. It is taught by industry-led experts, offers practical examples to help you understand complex concepts, and offers a certificate at the end of the course. It makes you ready to face the professional world.

Other Courses




2. EduPristine


If you are looking to master Finance, Accounting, Analytics, Marketing, and more, look no further than EduPristine, one of the leading names in Finance training today. The advantage of EduPristine is that it offers classes online and offline. Its post-graduate diploma in business accounting and taxation is one of its most sought-after courses.


With the help of self-paced learning, practical training, dedicated computer labs, discussion forums, and more, this institute offers students a well-designed course that makes them ready for the real world. The course also offers business communication as a module to help students communicate better in their professional domain.


Their Syllabus Includes the Following Subjects,

  • Basics of Accounting, GST, and Income Tax
  • Using Tally as a tool
  • Excel for MIS and Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Financial Statements
  • Soft skills
  • SAP


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3. National Institute of Financial Markets – NIFM


If you are looking to be trained in the stock market or financial market or the taxation sector, NIFM offers the perfect course to suit your needs. Under the course name Certified GST Professional, the institute offers short-term and long-term job-oriented courses that help you master the various markets.


With the course being only two-month long courses, it helps you learn quickly and find your niche in the financial world. The subjects taught in this course include:


  • Introduction of GST
  • Structure and Invoicing in GST
  • GST return filing
  • Tax credit and payment in GST
  • Registration under GST and much more.


The Salient Features of This Course Include,

  • Professionally Certified course
  • Practical training
  • Lifetime support
  • Experienced and industry-led experts as professors
  • Personal attention and guaranteed job placement.


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4. Keerti Institute


Called the K-FAT course, Keerti Institute offers it to trade understudies and prepares them for the practical world in the realm of Manufacturing, Trading, and Service industries. The course takes about 200 hours to complete and can be easily completed from the comfort of your home.


The courses train you to understand the industry’s needs and expectations and become an expert in that area. It also helps hone your soft skills, which is extremely important when appearing for interviews.


The K-FAT Syllabus Includes

  • Business Accounting
  • Banking and Financial services
  • Insurance
  • Basics of Tally
  • Office and other tools


The course is practical-oriented and can be easily completed within the said duration.


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5. APG Learning


APG Learning offers a practical experience to its students in the subjects of taxation and business accounting. The institute prides itself on making its students ready for the job market. The course runs for three months and is available in a hybrid structure – both online and offline.


Eligibility for The Course

  • Should possess a degree in B. Com or M. Com or MBA in Finance
  • Students who are pursuing CA/CS/ICWA and similar courses can apply for this course
  • Students with no background in Commerce should have at least one year of experience


Syllabus Includes

  • Industrial Accounting
  • Direct Taxation
  • GST
  • Payroll
  • Tally
  • Excel and MIS
  • And BCA


All students get a certificate in Tally and know the practicalities of business accounting and taxation. Fees for this course are around 35,000 rupees and the course duration is 3 months.


6. Jain Institute via Jainx Academy


The business accounting and taxation course offered by Jain Institute via Jainx Academy is a 250-hour industry expert-led self-learning course meant for professionals working in the accounting, marketing, and taxation fields. The course enables students to have a comprehensive understanding of accounting basics, GST, taxation, creating balance sheets in Excel and Tally, auditing, direct and indirect taxation, and much more.


Professionals who enroll come away with a thorough understanding of all complex concepts while also being industry-ready. This three-month course costs over 40,000/- rupees and provides students with a certificate from Jain University, Bangalore.




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7. Udemy


Udemy offers a wide range of courses that are inexpensive and cater to specialized aspects of business accounting and taxation. Whether you are a fresher in the industry or have experience, you can always find courses that suit your requirements and help you grow intellectually in the chosen field.


Udemy’s courses are simple to access and understand. You have to buy the course that you want to pursue, and the institute sends you the complete course with all the modules. Being a self-learning module, it is up to you how much time you take to learn each course.


There are practical examples and other tools to help you master the subject at hand. Developed by experts from the industry, these are beautifully tailor-made short courses that help upgrade your skills.


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8. Coursera


Coursera is an online platform that offers free courses on almost all subjects available today. They have a number of business accounting and taxation courses for you to choose from. Created by industry experts, these courses help you master all subjects from scratch, provided you put the effort to study and learn.


Coursera collaborates with various Indian and foreign colleges as well as companies to design the perfect course. On completion of each course, the student is awarded a certificate that is valid.


9. SLA 


Last but certainly not least, SLA Consultants India provides a plethora of courses in a variety of subjects. Each course is curated with the help of industry experts and prominent figures in the relevant field.


They Offer Courses in the Fields of:

  • Accounts and Taxation
  • Business Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • SAP
  • Software Testing and much more


Each course teaches you practical skills that are required in the field. Job placement is decided based on the skills you possess, which adds to its advantage. Labs, workshops, placement assistance, and much more are available if you were to do a business accounting and taxation course online from SLA.


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10. Henry Harvin


Ranked among the top institutes providing business accounting and taxation course online, Henry Harvin offers a wide range of facilities for its students. The live session course runs for over 170+ hours and provides practical knowledge to their students through internships, boot camps, live projects in various subjects including GST, Advanced Excel, and Payroll, etc.


The institute provides active placement support for up to one year after completing the course. Students have the option of buying their Gold membership which provides them access to a lot of information and practical support.


The fee structure is different for online live sessions and self-paced learning options. Henry Harvin allows you the freedom to choose from either module and provides excellent support for both. Students successfully completing their business accounting and taxation course can seek jobs in multinational companies.




1. What are the benefits of pursuing a business accounting and taxation course?

  • A business accounting and taxation course online provide an in-depth understanding of business accounting principles, taxation laws, and much more, which is not covered in any B. Com or BBA course.
  • These courses open up the job market for you as they teach you to become experts in a wide variety of topics. You can either become a generalist or a specialist depending on your interest and skill.
  • These courses provide hands-on experience to all students which makes it possible for them to face real-life situations with ease.
  • Most courses are for a really short time and can be easily completed while on the job. This is truly advantageous for those who want to upgrade their skills but can’t afford to stop earning.
  • Most courses offer training in basic computer skills and soft communication skills, which makes it a win-win situation for the students.


2. What salary should a fresher pursuing this course expect?

A fresher applying for a business accounting and taxation course should ideally expect anywhere between one to two lakhs per annum. While this is the starting salary, most students grow in their positions and often earn eight lakhs per annum in the initial stages.


3. Can I apply for a business accounting and taxation course after I finish my 12th?

Most institutes expect students to have a basic graduation degree when pursuing a business accounting and taxation course online. It is believed that a degree in Commerce will help create a foundation on which students can build their specific niche expertise. That said, however, there are some institutes that offer their course to non-graduates. Searching the internet is a good way to identify these institutes and learn more about their eligibility criteria.




Business accounting and taxation is a huge subject that is extremely popular with professionals today. It is a profession-oriented course that helps create better accountants, taxation experts, and much more. Whether you are a business owner or someone working in a company, this course is important if you want to grow professionally and earn better. Choosing the perfect business accounting and taxation course online is important and this article has pointers that will help you choose the one that suits you best.


  • Thank you for writing such a wonderful post. I am impressed with this course and its module. I really enjoyed reading it. I have been searching for a similar course. As I am reading some other articles on this subject as well that you have I will be sure to join one of these business accounting and taxation course online. I want a course after which I will be able to get a role in the finance market and grow in this field. I would love to get a demo session to see how the classes work and know more about this course from the teachers and the faculties.

  • A very enlightening read. I’m a B.com graduate who then went on to earn a marketing diploma. I’m now employed at a company. Since I want to shift careers, I started looking at different courses that might help the financial industry grow smoothly. A business accounting and taxation course online will be ideal for me. After carefully reading the syllabus, I discovered that this course includes many of the most recent business trends and is great for someone wishing to advance their career in finance. I will undoubtedly sign up for this course but I am also interested in attending a demo class so that I can see the quality of training imparted .

  • Is the business accounting and taxation course online as effective as offline in classroom study? Does it deliver the course syllabus effectively for students to learn? I would think that the online mode maybe difficult to understand. I am a student myself and it is really difficult for us to understand what is being taught in the zoom classes. As it is not interactive and we just have to listen most of the time. If it is the same with this course as well it will not be possible to understand this course as we can’t ask questions to clear our doubts and it will become more difficult to understand.

  • Prasanna’s article is well-written, and I’m interested in learning more. My background is in economics, and I want to be a taxation analyst, therefore I wanted to know if this course would be beneficial to me. I’ve been working in a small firm’s accounting department, where I assist with taxation, including GST filing and bookkeeping. According to what I’ve seen, the contents of this course could be useful in calculating the company’s revenues and expenses. Personally, I believe there should be a separate section for tax professionals . Please also recommend a suitable business accounting and taxation course online for me . Your suggestion will be highly appreciated .

  • Is the business accounting and taxation course online a nice option for anyone looking for a job in finance? I myself am looking that is why I am confused. I am a MBA graduate and currently I am working. But would like to enrol in this course due to the increase in demand. I am working for 2 years now and heard that it is a nice option for a career enhancement so I thought I would ask you after I read this article since you guys would know. I want to register for a course that will help me in my job performance and also with my salary.

  • I completed my graduation last year and I am still looking for a job . Meanwhile I thought I would make good use of my time by joining a course . I browsed through various courses to enrol in and the am mostly interested in online training and not offline class. I read about BAT course on a website and this is the second time I am coming across it and it seems new and different . Can you guide me to a trusted academy that provides business accounting and taxation course online and also which helps in job placements after the course is completed.

  • I am from Ahmedabad and I am currently looking after the finances of my fathers business . I basically handle all the account work and taxation. I want to register for a course that will help me understand all about handling my work well . I looked through a lot of courses available online but was not very confidant if they will cater to my exact needs . So after researching I decided that I want to pursue a business accounting and taxation course online that is free . Can you tell me which of the institute in your article will provide the same ?

  • I m interested in this course. i would like to attend a demo class and also want to know about the placements that you offer. is it provided by you? what salary will be paid to a fresher? i decided to look for this course cause i don’t have expert knowledge in this field. is doing business accounting and taxation course online better or in classroom for better understanding? is the course expensive? i m currently doing an mba course and want to know more about this field and its opportunities. would you reply to me and clear my doubts.
    thank you

  • Hello I am Harpreet Randhawa . I am a business owner looking to expand my learning through a business accounting and taxation course online. Before I enrol I this course I have a doubts .
    – Which is the best institute that offers business accounting and taxation course online ?
    – What is the duration of the course ?
    – Is it an expensive course
    – How can I practically implement the learnings of this course for my business.
    I am also keen to know if this course is limited just for graduates or candidates from any field can apply for this course

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