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Skill Development in India: An Overview

Ever tried achieving a goal and received underwhelming results? On the other hand, your peers seem to excel in achieving their goals. It’s the relevant skills a person develops that boost his chances of achieving his desired results. Skill development is a practice of identifying your skillset and nourishing them by learning more about them and working on them. 

Skill development in India

Skill development is necessary as it determines your ability to utilize them and reach your goals. For example, a child about to do his homework would require the related reading materials and a sharpened pencil for neat and legible writing. A blunt pencil would result in faded writing. Thus, the child might not receive the appreciation he anticipates from his teacher.


Consider the sharpened pencil as your developed skills and the homework as your goal. Just as a sharpened pencil is required to create neat and legible writing, Learning a skill is necessary to take you towards your success. Without the related skills, obtaining success would be a long and tedious process. Achieving any goal requires hard work, dedication, and patience. But lack of skill development will lead you through unnecessary struggles and delays which could prove detrimental.


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Why do people discredit skill development?

We often witness the success of many around us and become overconfident while trying to excel on the same path. When many fail to receive the anticipated results, they realize there is more to the process than simply putting what we know to work. Many people begin to give up on their dreams at this point and move on with what they know. But you don’t have to be one of them. 


You might have missed the mark once, further developing your skills in the field of your interest can help you earn the dream job or achieve your goal. Here’s what developing your skills can do for you.


Benefits of Skill development.

Developing your skills provides opportunities and space to showcase and develop your talent. Job vacancies today expect applicants to possess modern skills to be eligible for recruitment. There exists a gap between the skills we already know and the skills required in a work environment. Developing your skill helps bridge this gap and allows you to gain expertise in the field of your interest. 

  • Developing your skills in a particular field increases job challenges as well as job opportunities for you. By learning the necessary skills, you become qualified for numerous employment opportunities from your area of interest.
  •  Employers look for advanced skills and knowledge in their employees while considering them for promotion. Developing your skills also increases your opportunity of getting promoted in your line of career.
  • Developing your skills improves your understanding of money, time management, and communication skills. Learning new skills ensures an overall development in our personal lives. 
  • Learning more about your skills gives you a clearer insight into your field of choice. Having a better understanding of your area of interest can help you while pursuing your goals or seeking a job.


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Best skills to learn this year

Over the years, there are frequent technological revolutions and advancements. One needs to learn new skills to stay updated with contemporary times. Here are some of the skills you can develop this year to widen the scope of employment opportunities. 


Writing skills:

From writing an E-Mail to your manager to sending a text to your friend, learning to transfer your thoughts into a written format becomes necessary for everyday activities. You need not be a graduate in English literature or learn Business communications to achieve this feat. 


Gain access to professional writing guides or specific E-Mail writing format from ‘Collageinfogeek.’ You can also make use of ‘Grammarly’ to ensure error-free writing. 


Web development:

Web development is a useful skill one can learn to create and sell their projects online. One can also earn by freelancing or doing a job in the field of web development. With frequent advancements and innovations always anticipated, there is something new and exciting to learn every day. Learning web development opens doors for getting acquainted with complex programming languages and technical stuff. 


Learning how to cook:

Learning to cook may seem like a difficult task. But those who know to cook will tell you otherwise. Besides, it’s impressive to be able to cook your favourite dish. Cooking your meals will make you an independent person and, you will hold a special place in your loved one’s heart with your cooking skills in hand.



Although not a professional designer, having basic knowledge about designing can prove helpful in the long run. From making good presentations to creating attractive Instagram posts, Designing skills could benefit you in multiple ways. 


Producing Digital Media:

Digital Media Production is not only restricted to highly sponsored movies or songs. With advancements in technology, one can create digital media with just a phone’s click. With your phones capable of capturing HD videos, images and recording audios, you can develop your skills with ease.


How to perform in an interview:

Everyone will have to attend an interview sometime in their lives. Getting acquitted with the necessary skills could make this moment a positive experience. There are many guides and question-answer solutions available on the internet you can go through before attending your next interview.


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Let us further look at the list of online platforms from where you can pursue skill development.


Udemy helps students achieve their goals by providing certified and connecting them with efficient teachers around the world. Courses offered range from various categories such as Development, Business, Finance and Accounting, IT and Software, Personal Development, and many more. 


Visitors can join and learn special courses in Photography, Website Building, Microsoft SQL, Stock trading, Photoshop, and other programming languages starting from Rupees 525.


Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that aims at offering educational opportunities to learners across the world. There are special sections on their website for learners and educators. They offer courses based on schools and colleges’ curriculum to assist students in their learning. Subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Arts and Humanities, and Economics are extensively covered. 



Learn for the sake of your passion or to get a degree. edX can help you achieve your learning goals under a single roof. edX is a non-profit educational platform founded by MIT and Harvard to extend learning opportunities to everyone through online resources. Whether you want to seek employment or change your field of study, edX offers a range of courses such as Computer Science, Literature, Business Management, Humanities, Language, and many more for you to choose and learn. 


edX conducts bachelorette to master’s degree programs at affordable rates for students to accomplish their graduate courses online. 



Skillshare highlights the importance of creating, which further leads to growth and change within a person. Any curious and creative mind can come and learn desired skills at Skillshare and take a step towards efficiency and expertise.


Skillshare is an online skill development platform that hosts courses based on creativity, business, technology, and lifestyles, such as Photography, Creative Writing, Designing, Freelancing, and much more. 



Lynda is one of the leading online learning platforms which promotes business, technology, and creative skills among people to help them identify their full potential. Subscribe to one of the four, course packages to gain access to detailed video lectures recorded by experts in the industry. 


Lynda has assisted students, teachers, employees, and project managers to develop their creative and business skills for the past 20 years. Now as a subsidiary of LinkedIn, they offer a variety of courses on Animation, Music, Photography, Video, Business, and Education. 



Coursera works alongside universities and companies to deliver job-relevant courses to students and employees alike. Their nature of courses ranges from hands-on assignments to certified degree programs. Here are some of the most sought-after courses offered by Coursera:

  1. Identifying the meaning and purpose of life.
  2. Science and well-being.
  3. Introduction to psychology.
  4. Tracking contacts for COVID-19.
  5. Practising mindfulness.
  6. Artificial Intelligence for beginners. 
  7. Basics of Finance.


Code Academy:

As the name suggests, Code Academy is an online skill development platform for learning programming languages like Java, C, C++, Python, SQL, and other computer-based technologies. Code Academy is highly influenced by technological advancements and tries to create a modern educational experience for students. Courses offered and their method of teaching is expected to meet the requirements of the contemporary work environment. 



Cybrary is an online platform that specializes in cybersecurity and IT. It’s a community comprising of people, technology, companies, and content that come together to deliver cybersecurity and IT courses to people across the world. 


Cybrary aims at educating IT and cybersecurity professionals regarding the upcoming threats or technical advancements in the industry. It successfully provides learning opportunities for beginners and professionals through video lectures and hands-on projects. 



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At Udacity, learn the course of your choice today to be ready for the jobs of the future. Udacity collaborates with leading technology companies to stay up to date on technical advancements and design courses accordingly to teach students and employees the relevant skills required in a workforce. They have a flexible learning schedule that equips busy and willing minds with ideal technical skills in demand. 

Udacity provides courses under the following fields of technology:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Autonomous Systems
  3. Programming and Development
  4. Business
  5. Data Science



Pluralsight is one of the renowned online learning and skill development platforms that promote technological literacy to develop the skills required for tomorrow. Their study materials and courses are designed by experts in the industry. They help businesses and individuals alike in becoming well-versed in their field of study. 


Learn software development courses such as Python, Javascript, web development, and mobile development from Pluralsight. There are also assessment programs available to test your knowledge. 


Data Camp:

Data Camp specializes in courses based on software development and Data Science. Both individuals and businesses today need data to accomplish their tasks and reach their goals. However, understanding and taking decisions based on the data collected requires related skills. Here’s where Data science comes into the picture. 

Data Camp offers the following courses:

  1. Introduction to Data Science
  2. Introduction to Data Engineering
  3. Introduction to Python (Python for Data Engineering).
  4. Introduction to SQL



Unacademy is one of the leading online learning platforms in India. It aims at simplifying educational concepts by delivering video content and study materials to students all around the world. Unacademy began as a YouTube channel in 2010 and became a global online learning platform in 2015. 



CreativeLive is an online learning platform that specializes in teaching photography, design, audio, craft, and business. They are influenced by the creativity our human race has shown in solving problems and apply the same in their coaching solutions. 


Following are the online courses on skill development offered by CreativeLive:

  1. Photography
  2. Communication skills
  3. Writing skills
  4. Graphic designing
  5. Audio Engineering



Babbel is a language learning online platform which helps you start conversations in a foreign language as immediately as possible. It coaches you on language development with the help of advanced technology. They have native speakers of 14 different languages in their team who use modern language learning methods to train you. 


Babbel works on your language development by considering your learning pattern such as Reading, Writing, Listening or Speaking. Babbel has something for everyone across their nativity and learning style. 



Duolingo is a free language-learning platform that utilizes points earning system to make learning new languages a fun experience. Their courses and exercises are designed for skill development based on your style of learning. Earn points and unlock new levels as you make progress in learning your desired language. Learn from 30+ language options made available with courses designed in your native language. 


Daily Burn:

Burn some calories with Daily Burn’s online fitness platform. By paying for a monthly subscription, gain access to training videos of different forms of exercises based on your preferences such as Basics of Yoga, Muscle Building, Full-Body workout, High-intensity workout, etc. As a member, you can also participate in their live workout sessions hosted every morning. 



Get 5-minute video lessons to your mailbox by subscribing to Highbrow and choosing your course of interest. Highbrow aims to bridge the gap between unawareness and knowledge through modern means of technology. Following are the categories under which courses are available in Highbrow:

  1. Writing
  2. Productivity
  3. Psychology
  4. Languages
  5. Philosophy
  6. Health and Fitness

and other traditional subjects such as Science, History, etc.


Insight Timer:

If you are keen on learning to meditate or want to practice meditation, Insight Timer could be the ideal site for you. There are a variety of secular courses that can take you through daily meditation. Common issues such as stress, sleeplessness, grief, and low-self esteem are the subjects of discussion over here. Some courses are free of charge and some require remuneration. 

Insight Timer features specialized courses for social anxiety, sleep deprivation, and obsessive thinking.


Open Sesame:

Open Sesame is an online platform to increase productivity in your line of business. You can choose from their exclusively designed courses such as Communication skills, Coaching Skills, and Leadership skills to grow your business. If you are unsure about your ideal course, you can seek help from their team to choose one for you based on your goals and other inputs. 



Thinkful follows a personalized format of coaching their students. Unlike a group learning experience, you will be subjected to a one-on-one learning method with your trainer. Begin your unique learning experience with Thinful by signing into one of the many professional courses featured here such as Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, Data Science, Product Management, etc. 

Some of the courses here guarantee a job and won’t charge you until you get one. 


General Assembly:

You can attend physical classes with General Assembly on one of their 30 campuses or learn online like the courses mentioned above. General Assembly comprises Full-time and Part-time courses in the fields of Digital Marketing, Software Engineering, Data Analytics, and other tech-oriented courses. 



Get access to an extensive set of tools, study materials, and video lectures to cater to your needs as a software or a tech developer. Passionate learners pay for a monthly subscription to gain access to web designing and web development books and guides authored by experts in the field. They are also introduced to finely illustrated lectures and tools to assist them with their learning. 



Skillcrush is an online platform to learn coding with each lesson leading you closer to your dream job. Skillcrush introduces you to an array of courses you can choose from and guarantees your excellence at coding within 3 months. They provide potential learners with additional methods for securing their first job or client. 



Learn designing, programming, and web development with Treehouse’s extensive list of coding courses. Treehouse’s learning program is ideal for both beginners and learners looking forward to updating their skills. Treehouse follows an immersive technique of coaching by assigning challenges and practicals to help the learners brush up their skills. Members also gain access to a rich set of tools and resources for assistance during their journey of coding.



Soundifly is an online skill development platform specifically designed to cater to the interests of curious and creative minds in the field of music. Soundifly introduces you to an archive of your favourite artists’ success stories and delivers courses to enhance your knowledge in the industry of music. You can also sign-up for a one-on-one session with an expert to work on your vocals. 


Learn about the nuances of production, songwriting, and the music industry with an extensive list of courses and resources available mostly for free of charge. 



Ableton’s resources are utilized by sound engineers, musicians, and artists all around the world. They innovate and create tools and Softwares to make and experiment with music in a complex and advanced manner. Ableton is well-known for its Push controller and Live audio workstation software to establish all kinds of desired music. 


Ableton and its resources serve both beginners and established musicians well in their path to new musical discoveries.



Fender, an Ameican based guitar manufacturing company stepped into the educational field with efficient teachers and the latest songs. Select the instrument you want to learn and choose the genre of music among Pop, Folk, Country, and Blues to continue your learning program with a 5 level course. 


Get ready for an immersive learning experience as you constantly track your progress during your learning and utilize the privilege of choosing your favourite songs. With every video lesson, you receive a sheet of chords, tabs, tools, and glossary terms for a better learning experience.  



LIFEVISE is here to assist you as you work on your skill development as well as personal development. Every skill you learn to ensure a job remains incomplete if you fail to work on yourself. That’s why LIFEVISE has devised personal and professional development courses for you. Learn a new skill with LIFEVISE with just 10 minutes to spare. everyday! You can find your ideal coach or mentor at LIFEVISE to enrich your learning experience based on your needs and requirements. 

Join their community of lifelong learners to achieve physical and emotional wellbeing.



Pick from a handful of creative courses to learn from such as Painting, Sewing, Drawing, Cooking, Sewing, etc at Craftsy. Every session lasts for 12 minutes with 6 sessions per class. Members gain access to curated project kits, stepwise guides and lessons to create, innovate and nourish their skills as an artist. Craftsy also provides courses that come in handy during your everyday activities and many come for free of charge. 


Shaw Academy:

Shaw Academy comprises a rich catalogue of courses in Photography, Health, Arts, Design, and Technology, which comes with a ‘4-week free trial’. Get globally recognized certification upon completion of their courses for a bright career. Practitioners develop their skills in their fields of interest by attending 2 classes per week, solving quizzes, and completing assignments provided to them.


Conclusion on Skill development

Skill development keeps you updated and parallel towards changing trends and dynamics in the professional world. With scores of online facilities out there, it’s easier than before to learn or develop a new skill. Many courses offer flexible timelines to help adjust them amidst your busy schedule. So master new trends and open new doors of opportunities. 

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