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12 Commonly Asked BAT Interview Questions and Answers

The whole idea of a job interview can be overwhelming. That’s quite normal. What acts as a stress-buster in such a situation is good preparation for the interview. To crack any interview, one needs to have a clear idea of the concepts related to their field. The following article gives out a few BAT interview questions and answers which might be helpful for the one preparing for an interview. Take a deep breath, and while sipping a hot cuppa, jot down the key points on a sheet of paper.


BAT interview questions and answers




BAT expands to Business accounting and taxation. People coming from the field of commerce usually take up a job in this field. Being a technical field, you need to have a clear idea of the tools that are used as well as the current economic and financial conditions. The finance department forms the core of every company, and so the people who are in such a department hold a very critical responsibility.


Clarity is one of the key factors involved here. This field tests your analytical and evaluative ability. While no company would expect you to know everything, it is always better to do your bit of research before appearing for an interview.


The interview questions of any company are mostly a fusion of two kinds of questions:


– Generic BAT Interview Questions and Answers

– Technical/ Work-based BAT Interview Questions and Answers


We have listed out some of the most common BAT interview questions and answers that you can use for cracking your interview and coming out with flying colors.


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Let’s start with the interview questions now.


Generic BAT interview questions and answers


The following questions are some of the most common and general questions that are asked to any candidate during their interview.


Q1. Tell us about yourself


This is almost always the first question that an interviewer would ask you. Through this question, the interviewer attempts to test your confidence in yourself and also get an overview of your background- academic, social, and personal.


Whenever this question is put up, always try to be brief in your answers. Focus on your academic qualifications as well as any certification course that you might have done. Tell the interviewer about an internship that you might have done. When telling them about your family, be short and simple. Nobody wants to get a piece of detailed knowledge about your personal life. 


The key point you need to keep in mind while introducing yourself is to answer it confidently. 


Q2. Why have you shown interest in our company?


This is a tricky question yet a common one. The interviewer wants to know how much you know about their company. 


Before you go for the interview, make sure to read about the company. When it was established, the motto of the company, areas the company deals with, etc. Through this question, the recruiter also wants to know your reason to join their company.


You have to give a short but justified answer to this. Along with details about the company that you know, tell them why you think that this company is perfect for you. Do not exaggerate or overdo it.


Any recruiter can easily see through the facade. Always be real in your approach.


Q3. What do you think are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?


The recruiter asks this question to evaluate your self-analyzing capability. As a newbie, this might be a challenging question. You can know your strengths and your weaknesses only when you know yourself completely.


You might tell them that some of your strengths are team management, a calm mind, time management, meeting deadlines, creating good bonding, etc. Consider adding your strengths according to your personality.


Do not list your weaknesses outrightly. Give a diplomatic answer by telling them that your weakness is that you are new to this industry so you do not know a lot of ongoing technical issues. But you are sure to transform that weakness into strength by working under the guidance of the esteemed company.


Don’t make it sound dramatic. Just be truthful about what you list as your strengths.


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Technical/ Work-based BAT Interview questions and answers


Under this category, the recruiter will ask you questions related to Business Accounting and Taxation. You will be asked to give answers to technical answers related to the various aspects of BAT.


Q4. Do you know how many types of accounting are there? Can you name them?


Possible Answer:


There are 9 types of accounting. They are:


  • Cost Accounting
  • Tax Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Governmental Accounting
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Public Accounting
  • Accounting information systems


One can choose their field of specialization in accounting based on the industry they are willing to join. 


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Q5. What is the difference between cost accounting, financial accounting, and auditing?


This is an important question in the list of the most common BAT Interview Questions and Answers. Make sure you are clear on your basics.


Possible Answer:


A financial accountant is responsible for collecting and compiling data related to finance. Financial accounting involves the task of compiling financial data for external records. A financial accountant does not work in isolation but as a team with fellow accountants whose work is to find ways to increase the profit of their company. They deal with the revenues and the losses of the company. Compiling and recording form their key responsibility.


Cost accounting refers to a branch of accounting that deals with the cost incurred in the production of various units of the following company. A cost accountant’s key job is to document and thereby review the manufacturing cost. They have to analyze whether the output produced justifies the cost of producing that product. While a cost accountant deals with the cost of producing output, a financial accountant is responsible for recording data to analyze the profits made by the company.


Auditing forms a vital part of any business organization. An auditor’s work is to see that the financial department of a company is working properly. The auditor has to keep a check on the financial reports produced by the company and see to the fact that the data in those reports match with the actual revenue and investments of the company. 


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Q6. Have you done any courses on BAT?


Possible Answer


If yes, tell them about the BAT course you have done. Inform the recruiters about the institute from which you have completed the course. Elucidate on what all you have learned and how you can apply them to your workplace. If the institute provided you with an internship opportunity, do inform them. Carry the certificate/certificates you have received upon the completion of the course


If not, tell them about how they’re not enough courses which you could find in this field. But also don’t forget to add how you took an effort to go through numerous articles regarding BAT. Tell them about online videos that you followed to get a clear idea of what is involved in this field of work.


While a job-oriented BAT certification course would be beneficial and make you a better candidate, not having done a course should also not go against you. Your answer must be molded in such a manner that gives the recruiter the picture that despite having not done a course you have strived hard to get knowledge from the articles and video tutorials. 


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Q7. Can you list some of the most common accounting errors that can take place?


Accounting is the language of business, which makes it one of the inevitable questions for BAT Interview Questions and Answers. You can list the errors enumerated below or add some more from your end.


Possible Answer


  • Wrong data entry: This is one of the most common mistakes that take place. Even when you have the best technologies in your place, the ultimate work of entering the data is done by a human. Many a time it is found that certain payments are not recorded despite the payment. Sometimes even the purchase made is not found in the records. This is not intentional. It is human error. 
  • Duplication error: This type of error occurs when the same data is recorded twice in the document. This type of error takes place mostly because of overlooking or not paying enough attention to certain data.
  • Inefficient Organising: One of the most important aspects of accounting is the proper organization of data. Organizing the data refers to the time-to-time update of data, not displacing records and making the entry of every transaction that took place. When any particular data goes missing, it can be the cause of distress for the entire business.
  • Fail to back-up data: It is always necessary to back up whatever you have stored in a particular system. After all that you are using is the technology that can be manipulated at times. If the system breaks down or supposes the system gets hacked, what are you going to do if there is no backup? There must always be means to retrieve lost data. 


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Q8. What do you know about Tally accounting and Tally prime?


Possible answer


Tally accounting refers to software that is used commonly for financial accounting purposes. It is one of the standard business accounting software. As the name suggests, tally refers to the act of keeping records. So by using this software, those in the accounting department keep a track of all kinds of transactions, revenues, losses, purchases, etc. 


Tally Prime refers to the enhanced and newer version of Tally. Though the primary functions remain the same, tally prime offers a lot of help in managing taxation, accounting, payroll, etc. This is a great help as now a person can particularly focus on the business growth. Tally prime helps in increasing productivity.


Q9. What does payroll mean? Could you list its components?


Possible answer


Payroll refers to the process through which an employer makes the payment to the employees. Payroll is calculated by the number of hours that an employee puts into the work, work efficiency, etc. The process of payroll accounting involves the tracking and recording of the compensation that the employer has to pay to their employees.


Some of the primary components of payroll include Employee details, basic salary, allowances, deductions, gross salary, net salary, tax deducted at source, and Ad-Hoc pay.


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Q10. Can you differentiate between TDS and TCS?


Possible answer


TDS means tax deducted at source. Whenever an employee is supposed to receive an income that is over the average rate, a certain amount of it gets deducted from the source. Depending upon the income of an individual, the rate of tax also differs. The higher the income of an individual, the higher would be the rate of interest. Individuals with an income up to 2,50,000 INR per annum, do not have to pay anything. If your income is over the above-mentioned amount, then there would be a tax levied on it. The higher your income, the higher would be the rate of tax.


TCS means tax collected at source. This tax is paid by the seller of a commodity. But this tax is collected from the buyer. The constitution of India has a list of product that comes under this category where the tax is collected from the buyer. A car is an example of a commodity listed under this section of the constitution. 


Q11. What are the three subcategories of GST?


Possible answer


GST refers to the Goods and Service tax that was introduced by the Government of India in 2017.  GST can be classified into IGST, SGST, and CGST.


SGST means State Goods and Service Tax. This tax collected from the public is transferred to the state government office. This money is solely used by the state for the development and welfare of the people of that state.


CGST means Central Goods and Service Tax. This tax is collected by the central government of India from all the Indians purchasing the goods and services. This money is used by the center for the various welfare schemes meant for the public like government schools, hospitals, sanitary facilities, etc.


IGST means Integrated Goods and Service Tax. This type of tax is imposed upon those goods and services which are transported from one state to another. The tax collected from such a good is shared by the central government and the state government. The division of shared tax is decided by the authorities. If a good is transported from Maharashtra to Rajasthan, then IGST would be levied upon that particular good.


Q12. Why do you think MS Excel plays an important role in the field of accounting and finance?


Possible answer


One of the most important and useful tools used in the field of accounting and finance is MS Excel. The reason is the excel spreadsheets which enable one to do a proper qualitative analysis needed in such a field. The ease with which one can do their data recording and analysis through excel makes it one of the most efficient tools. You can load the spreadsheet with ‘n’ number of data and still be able to evaluate it without losing out records.


Excel is usually used for balance sheets, expenses, receipts, etc. The spreadsheets help one to do the calculations there itself. Without the use of MS Excel, the world of accounting and finance will crash.


Few tips to keep in mind when preparing for BAT interview questions and answers:


1. Be Punctual


 When going for an interview, always be on time. Reach the interview site 15- 20 minutes before the call time. Reaching late on the day of the interview creates a very bad image of you in front of the recruiter. Many companies refuse to meet the latecomers. 


2. Formal Dresscode


To get the job you are striving for, you need to follow certain etiquette. An interview is a formal occasion where the recruiter expects you to be dressed up in formal clothes. Do not land up in the interview wearing jeans and t-shirts. Don’t wear the casual slippers that you usually wear when going out. Avoid wearing fancy sneakers when going for the interview. If you are a woman going for the interview, do not overdo your makeup like the eyes or lips.


While you are free to wear anything outside the formal setup, when appearing for an interview, always remember to wear ironed, formal dress. Your attire plays an important part in your interview round.


3. Be confident


Confidence is one of the key factors necessary to crack an interview. The first and foremost thing that an interviewer looks into you would be your confidence. Do not stammer or repeat the same things again and again while answering your recruiters. If you do not know the answer to a particular question, just admit that you do not know about it. When you are confident from within, it will show in your style of answering the questions and your overall appearance.


4. Carry your documents


Always carry all your documents in a proper file. Carry your updated resume or portfolio. If you have done a BAT certification course, carry the certificates you received upon completing the course. Carry your academic or educational documents in a proper compiled manner. Do not land up in the interview lacking the necessary documents that the recruiter wants you to produce at the time of the interview. It is better to prepare all the documents and keep them ready the night before the interview.


5. Brush up on your skills


Even when you have done a course, it still needs revision. When you have an interview lined up always remember to revise what you have learned. The tools used in business accounting and taxation, the meaning of MIS, the process of auditing, etc. Make sure to also brush up on your written skill as many recruiters today take a written test before going for the interview round. Get your facts right. Practice your oratory skills in front of your closed ones or in front of the mirror. Do it 2-3 times before finally landing up for the interview.


Frequently asked questions related to BAT interview questions and answers


Q1) What are the skills that a recruiter would be looking for in a person appearing for BAT interview?


A) Being a field rooted in finance and accounting, the recruiter would be looking for a candidate with a good analyzing ability for the job. The candidate must also possess the quality of working in a team as very rarely do we find accountants working in isolation. You must have knowledge about the field you are about to enter. You must have a primary idea of the tools used in the process of accounting. The candidate must also know how to use word, excel, and PowerPoint.


Q2) Is it necessary to do a BAT course?


A) No. These kinds of job-oriented courses would enhance your skill and improve your prospect of getting hired. But that does not mean that without this course you will not be an eligible candidate. Therefore, it is not a necessity but a choice that you can make if you want.


Q3) What should I do if I do not know the answer to the interviewer’s question?


A) It is absolutely normal for you to not know the answers to all the questions that the interviewer asks. Even the interviewer doesn’t expect you to know all the answers.

When you don’t know a particular answer just admit it. Giving a truthful answer is always better than beating around the bush. What the interviewer is testing is your ability to admit the fact that you do not know the answer to that question. 


Concluding Thoughts on BAT Interview Questions and Answers


In the current times, competition is one of the key reasons for the rising level of stress among people. To give your best, it is absolutely necessary to keep yourself calm and relaxed. If your interview is lined up in a few days, prepare yourself to give your best.


The following article regarding BAT interview questions and answers was an attempt to relieve you of all the stress. I hope you found this article helpful in your preparation.


All the Best! 

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