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5 Best Online SEO Courses With 100% Practical Training

A website with a better ranking and good traffic is all any website owners wish for.  For any website to rank better and to be indexed in the top position, there are some strategies. And the cheapest and the best one could do among those strategies is Search Engine Optimization. SEO practices increase the organic traffic to your website and increase the conversion rate. One needs to know the rules of the game before they play the game to be the best among the players. And anyone can master SEO even by learning it from home through Online SEO courses.


List of the best online SEO courses


SEO is a need for any website owner to master or to hire someone who is an expert in SEO. One needs to know what SEO is, and the importance of SEO for any organization or website before learning SEO.


What Is SEO?


Search Engine Optimization is a process that improves your website performance both qualitatively and quantitatively in terms of traffic. SEO diverts the organic or unpaid traffic to your site rather than paid traffic.


It increases the chance of visibility of your site to the audience when they search for products and services related to your business or blog in the search engine results. Increased visibility of your site in the search results will improve your online business by bringing traffic to your site with the audience who are interested in your services or products.


SEO is a digital marketing strategy that considers the working of search engines, algorithms that dictate the working of the search engine results, the process of indexing, criteria for ranking in the search engine results pages, keywords that are preferred by the audience.


SEO is the process where you optimize your website both on-page and off-page. This helps in ranking your website in the search engine results. Search engine optimization(SEO) is the best strategy from a small blog to a multi-billionaire business. The conversion rate of visitors to customers is high in this digital marketing strategy.


SEO As A Career


There are nearly 2 billion websites on the web today, and to say they all need to be optimized to rank better or even to rank first in the search engine results shows the importance of SEO for any business.


Forbes results cited that the SEO industry increased its value to more than $80 billion by the end of 2020. Pandemic and the lockdown had forced most businesses to go online to survive in the business world, and also increased the dependency of the people on the internet.


Despite being the most growing field, SEO is very tactful and one needs to be good at adaptability and communication skills. You need a deep passion to learn how search engines work and always be ready to learn the new trends in the industry.


Growing professionally demands you to learn digital marketing, data analytics, keyword research, SEO tools, and trends. There is much online SEO training to help you master these courses. SEO’s are making nearly $50,000 in the US working full time.


SEO careers


Learning SEO and related technology would not only make you an expert in the field of SEO but also gives you the liberty to choose your career. SEO is one of the fastest-growing disciplines in the technical world, and specialization in SEO would be really useful for the career.


You can pick one of the following roles based on your skills and interests :


  1. SEO specialist


As an SEO expert, you will make the websites more SEO friendly and improve their visibility on the search results page.

You are expected to work closely with the web development team to make sure every page, post, and site is optimized in every possible way. However, your core work includes keyword research, content optimization, website optimization, link building, and data research.


  1. SEO Analyst


As you gain experience in different SEO strategies and analytics, you can pick to become an SEO analyst. Your main focus would be on digital marketing strategy formulation and conversion optimization.



  1. Content Marketing Manager


If you feel that too much tech stuff is not your cup of tea, you can choose to be a content marketing manager. As a content marketing manager, you are expected to write optimized content and design content strategy working with SEOs and the marketing team.


  1. PPC manager


PPC (paid per click) also known as paid search, is a paid advertising campaign. As a PPC manager, you need to organize and optimize ad campaigns by researching keywords, target audiences.


  1. SEM specialist


As you broaden your experience and skills in the SEO industry, you can work as an SEM ( search engine marketing) specialist. SEM includes PPC, SEO, and customer relationship management. SEM specialists need to have broad skills related to digital marketing and others in the industry.


The 5 Best online SEO courses


SEO is very difficult if you don’t know the correct guidelines to do SEO. You need to be trained professionally to avoid illegal SEO techniques which result in the penalizing of your site. Learning SEO from a trained professional is very important to keep you on track in the SEO world. Many outdated SEO techniques on the internet may guide you on the wrong path.


So learning from a professional trainer keeps you updated according to the recent and latest updates in the search engine ranking guidelines. The best and easy way one can learn SEO is through online SEO training. We will guide you through the best online SEO courses to teach yourself SEO for free.


1.      IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the best online SEO courses in India. IIM skills will help you to stand among the best and top players in the industry of SEO. They have well-trained professional staff who will guide you through the process of learning SEO and using it in the real world.


IIM skills are notably known for training more than 14300+ people to become the top experts in different fields. IIM Skills also provides training in various related sectors like Digital marketing, Content writing course, GST certification course, technical writing course, and more.


Trainers at IIM skills will help you to understand the basics of SEO as a beginner, and if you are already in the field it will help you become an expert in your field by teaching you advanced SEO strategies and tactics.


Best features of this online SEO course


  • Interactive training sessions
  • Flexible schedule timings
  • Best trainers of the industry
  • Updated and wholistic resources
  • Post trainer support for any guidance in future
  • Schedule compatible for working professionals as well as students
  • Building your resumes and adding essential skills to your portfolio.
  • Placement assistance
  • Updated SEO strategies and current SEO techniques
  • Recordings of the missed sessions
  • Lifetime access to LMS


It is a 1-month course followed by a two-month paid internship. This is an interactive training program that includes peer interaction and also with trainers. The trainers will guide and are ready to help you throughout the day 24/7.


Download IIM SKILLS Advanced SEO Course Brochure


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It is a certified course that provides you with an Internationally accepted SEO-trained certificate.


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


2.      Semrush SEO course


Semrush surely is a big name in the SEO industry and one of the best online SEO training. If you want to know the position of the keyword or any other information on the SEO of a website, Semrush is one of the best in the industry. So, it is no wonder it entitles one of the top SEO online courses.


Semrush Academy offers many industrial expert-taught SEO courses online. They offer nearly 20 different course options with easily understandable content. It is video-based content that illustrates real-life examples of SEO in action.


The best course of Semrush Academy is known to be the best in the SEO Learning Path, by Greff Gifford, one of the best in the industry. It is an 8-hour video course comprising five lessons:

  • Fundamentals of SEO
  • Backlink management
  • Keyword research
  • Mobile SEO
  • Local SEO


Technical SEO learning path by Semrush academy experts is notably one of the best online SEO courses of this academy. This course is taught by the Semrush academy experts who are trained and one of the bests in the industry. This course includes:


  • Semrush site audit
  • Technical SEO course by Batin Grimm


One of the best things about this course is that you can test your understanding at the end of each topic. And the cherry on the top is that you will be certified at the end of each course which is recognized worldwide.


This course is suitable for those who want to learn the fundamentals of SEO as a beginner or to learn advanced SEO as an expert. This is one of the free online SEO courses with certification for everyone.


3.      SEO Fundamentals


This listicle of best online SEO courses is incomplete without the inclusion of SEO fundamentals by the University of California, Davis which is powered by Coursera. It is a beginner-level specialization course that has a series of courses, suitable for anyone with at least 2 years of experience in the industry.


It is a free specialization course with 4 modules that may take 5 months to complete dedicating 6 hours/week. This is a video-based course with a flexible schedule.


This online SEO training will make you specialize in:


  • Optimizing website content for search engine ranking
  • Understanding of search engine algorithms
  • Local and International SEO strategies
  • On-page and off-page SEO
  • Search engine based website audits


This course will guide you in the process of becoming an SEO expert by mastering search engine optimization tools and strategies. This course includes the following 5 key lessons:


  • Introduction to Google SEO
  • Google SEO fundamental
  • Optimizing a website for Google search
  • Advanced content and social tactics to optimize SEO
  • Google SEO capstone project


It is a self-paced learning program, with practice quizzes that are graded with feedback. It also includes assignments that are graded with peer feedback. Upon completion, you will be awarded a sharable certificate for your resume and profile.


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


4.      Yoast SEO Academy


Yoast is known for its best SEO plugins in the industry. Yoast plugin is one of the most used SEO plugins for a WordPress website especially if you own a blog. Yoast SEO academy is well known for its excellent training, especially for bloggers, is one of the best in online SEO courses.


Yoast SEO academy includes different courses that include:

  • All-round SEO practical training
  • International SEO training course
  • Local SEO training
  • Training in keyword research
  • SEO for beginners
  • SEO copywriting training


The best features of Yoast SEO academy that made it one of the best online SEO courses is:

  • World-class experts made sources
  • Access to ready to use templates for SEO strategies
  • Assignments and quizzes to test yourself
  • Automatic access to new courses
  • Webinars and conferences from the best in the business
  • Comprehensive and easy to follow resources
  • Real-life best examples for easy understanding


Although the Yoast SEO academy is free for anyone, Yoast SEO premium is highly recommended for learning a deeper level of advanced SEO strategies.


5.      Simplilearn Online SEO Training


Simplilearn has been one of the best online SEO courses for a long time. It is often used by corporates to train their employees. The course covers skills like Search Engine Optimization, content marketing, web analytics, keyword management and research, URL management, and website management and optimization.


Simplilearn has 3 training options like:

  • Self-paced learning
  • Online boot camp
  • Corporate training


Simplilearn online SEO training will help you to master technical SEO, keyword research, on-page and off-page SEO, analytics and link building, and more. Simplilearn training offers diverse and in-depth analyzed resources for the course, that can be easily understandable for both beginners as well as experts.


It is a self-paced video program, which certifies the candidate upon completion of the course, that is widely recognized around the world. However, the cost of this course is making people hesitate, but the course is worth the money and is surely one of the best online SEO courses.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How can I learn SEO online for free?

You can learn SEO for free online. There are many courses out there to teach you the basics of SEO. However, to learn more advanced SEO techniques you need to get a paid course. You need to master on-page SEO, off-page SEO, keyword research, optimizing content and website.


  1. Is SEO hard to learn?

Yes, SEO is hard if you are starting from scratch and don’t know anything about search engine optimization. Initially, it would be overwhelming to learn everything as you need to learn the basics of digital marketing and search engine-related concepts.

But if you discipline yourself to a schedule to train yourself, learning SEO can be more exciting and fun and these online SEO courses would help you in the process.


  1. Does SEO have a future?

SEO can be still relevant down the lane years. However, there will be some changes in the algorithms and guidelines that an SEO is expected to be updated.SEO skills are needed for any small or big business to attract organic traffic and as long as there are websites and online businesses, SEO will be relevant.SEO skills should be added with some other relevant skills to increase your value in the market despite the trend of SEO at the moment.


  1. Does SEO need coding?

In short, no. You do not need coding to do SEO. You can handle most parts of the SEO without touching the coding part. However, in the long run, coding can be a worthy asset to your SEO skills. However, you need to learn coding to tune your websites according to the standards of the algorithms. Programming for SEO is not what you do as a software programmer. You need to analyze and optimize your web pages to verify them against the standards of search engines.


  1. What is the salary of an SEO?

The salary of an SEO depends on various factors like location, company, skills, experience, and more. As a fresher, you can expect a salary of 1.8 to 2.8 LPA. An SEO professional with 5-6 years of experience can earn 3.4-6.6 LPA. As an SEO director, you can earn a 7-18 LPA. Online SEO courses will help you land premium jobs with high pay.




Despite the best online SEO courses and their impeccable curriculums, mastering SEO completely depends on your will and passion. A course in the specialization of SEO will add worth to your resume and portfolio. Being one of the ever-growing disciplines, training for SEO specialization could be the best decision for your career. SEO is not only for someone who wants a career, SEO is for everyone who owns a website or blog on the web.


Every website owner needs to know how SEO works, and the importance of SEO for better management of their blog. The above online SEO courses would help you to learn SEO whether it is basics or advanced technical strategies.

  • There are several organisations that offer online SEO courses . Their business approach intrigues me, and this article does a terrific job of explaining why they are a fantastic choice for me. In addition to my regular employment, my brother and I run a small business. I have to work a job even though I don’t like it. With the use of SEO technologies, I can now advance the company by increasing its internet visibility. I am eager to enter the realm of digital marketing. I’m excited to begin this new path. Please suggest a good academy to enrol in this course . I would prefer something that is part time to fit my schedule . Thanks

  • Being in a digital marketing business is very demanding. I have been working for 3 years and have seen many of these types of courses that provide education but not practical knowledge. However practice is necessary to understand these types of seo related courses. For that reason this is a nice course as it delivers practical knowledge. These online seo courses will make you a better marketer. I have myself enrolled in one of these institutes to learn more about the recent developments in the trends related to digital marketing.

  • I’ve just started a home-made cake and sweet business, and I’m hoping it will be a success. My digital marketing friend recommended that I enrol in online SEO courses so that my work will rank top. So I conducted some more research on SEO and decided to enrol in a reputable academy that would teach me not only the theory but also how to apply it in practise. I’m also curious if all of the institutes you include in your article will cover the topics you mention in your course highlight summary. I’d also like to try out a demo class to see how good the training is.

  • I was looking for some online SEO courses to study that could add value to my resume and understand its importance in the digital marketing world today. I am confused by the variety of options that are presented as many of them seem quite interesting and look like they would be beneficial to me. I am a student and will be done with my studies by next year, till then I want to learn a few courses that would benefit me in the long run. As soon as I’m done with my studies I want to explore the market of digital content creation. I want to know about this course in detail.

  • I read your article and I am keen to know if the institutions mentioned provide placements in reputable companies? I’m asking because I started a job as a primary teacher but realised it wasn’t the best fit for me or my career. However, I am interested in blogging and have some experience with my own blog. I want to enrol for an online SEO course and work towards a better fit for my career. Because SEO will aid in the recognition of my blogs, as I’ve seen it work for a friend who is a content writer who writes for blogs and other publications and is doing very well for herself . Please guide me to the best.

  • With india slowly becoming a tech giant in the world I think it’s time for us to also move along with the new digital world. That is why I am taking this course to help me stand with other rising entrepreneurs. I like blogging and motorcycles so i joined the two and started with motorcycle blogging. Basically I blog about motorcycles both old and the new ones in the market along with the latest technologies in the industry. I am passionate about it and would like to take it to the level of success I would prefer with the help of online seo courses.

  • I have an event management company and a lot of our work is derived from the internet . We posts a lot of content and blogs related to our work . I wanted to know if this course will be valid for us . I reached out to a friend who told me about SEO and asked me to take a look at certain online SEO courses. I did a bit of research and I wanted to know if SEO is required for all types of business . Also is there any eligibility criteria regarding education background to sign up for this course as I have a degree in Arts.

  • Can I consider online SEO Courses without any background in Digital Marketing? I have worked as an online content creator but didn’t get results as I don’t understand online marketing. I appreciate this comprehensive list about SEO and its advantages. I now know more about SEO and the career paths I can take but please tell me if I should start directly with SEO or learn digital marketing first. I am confused between the two. Other than that I am convinced that this course can help with online content creation.

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