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Top 10 Online Technical Writing Courses With Placements

Technical Writing has turned out to be part and parcel of not only the IT industry but almost every other industry such as healthcare, aeronautical, electrical, biotechnology, finance, so forth, and so on. The laser-sharp rise in demand for technical writers is down to the massive unfurling of technology. With that being said, if you are searching for online technical writing courses, then this article is a precise fit for you.


List of the top online technical writing courses


Before swimming straight across online technical writing courses, let’s brief you about some of the ongoings of technical writing.


What is Technical Writing?


Technical writing is the art and science of documenting processes and complex information such as user manuals, how-to guides, executive summary statements, press releases, email writing, to name a few. The idea behind technical writing is to break down intricate concepts into understandable layman language.


What is imperative for technical writing is to fully be aware of the nitty-gritty of the technological software and process (that you are working for). Besides, one must be able to express it in a short, sharp, and precise manner.


How to Become a Technical Writer? 


On the way to embark on your journey as a technical writer, the first step would be to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in any field of your choice. The next step would be to enroll yourself in a Technical writing course that not only provides you a technical writing certification to highlight in your resume, but also impart the necessary skills and education essential to work in the technical writing industry. As a technical writer, one must be proficient in skills, most likely, written communication, research, analysis, design, and formatting.


Once you are thorough with the treasure trove of technical writing knowledge, ensure to create a portfolio of your most remarkable works so as to pitch yourself in the interviews and as a freelancer. To further the motif, fraternize in technical writing communities and attend workshops to expand your network area.


Being a part of this whopping industry demands one to be resilient and up-to-date with industry knowledge. The technological advancements run at a break-neck speed down to new things coming up every other day. As a result, climbing the curve of knowledge becomes beyond essential.


The technical Writer role is a tough one. Wondered why? That is because one has to be adroitly competent with complex software and its proceedings so as to write conceivable content for their target audience. Ergo, staying current on the latest advances and scientific research about your elected niche is inherent to planning and writing serviceable content.


Now, that you are well aware of what’s in the offing for you, it’s time to unveil the most desirable online technical writing courses in India.


Here, you may be intrigued to know about the Technical Writer Salary: Different Roles and Salaries


Top 10 Online Technical Writing Courses 




IIM SKILLS is a pre-eminent institute with stellar success as an online course provider. One of the many institutes that were quick to realize the unsurmountable potential of the digital era, IIM SKILLS imparts only online premium courses.


After their Content writing course became a world-class course, they stepped up their game with their online Technical writing course. The mission is clear-sighted to expose aspiring technical writers to the true-to-life experience of the technical writing industry. In that regard, let us scrutinize why this course tops the chart for the best online technical writing courses.


Download IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Brochure


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Exemplary Highlights


  • Expert and experienced faculty: The sessions are taken by the industry connoisseurs who are well-covered with the prevalent aspects of technical writing. Excellent faculty not only means a repertoire of knowledge but is also efficient with the conducive teaching methodologies.
  • Practical practice and Skill Development: The competent faculty provides ample opportunities to gain hands-on experience and develop your portfolio. Another distinguishing feature is the central focus on skill development rather than filling you like a vessel.
  • Well-researched Curriculum: The curriculum is extensively defined after a fathomed research about the latest trends and learning of the market needs and requirements. Here is a quick overview:


  1. Introduction
  2. Writing manner
  3. Content conception
  4. White papers and journals
  5. DDLC
  6. Discourse writing
  7. Proofreading and publishing
  8. API documentation
  9. Datasheets and user guides
  10. Case study


  • Tools Covered: When talking about Technical writing, one can’t skip tools that make the process simpler, workable, and effective. Keeping this in mind, IIM SKILLS empowers you to use tools such as MS Visio, MS Project, Git, and Scribus, to name a few.
  • LMS Support: With LMS support, you can view the lectures anytime your want throughout your life. A step further, you can even watch out for the latest updates- all through the Learning Management System.
  • Doubt-Resolution: The interactive classroom sessions make it plausible to have on-the-spot doubt-clearance. That means to shoot your doubts as and when they generate and receive instant answers.
  • International Certification: Once you are thorough with the course and proficient enough to conquer the industry, you undergo an examination to acquire international certification. Add that to your resume to give weightage to your knowledge and skills.
  • Global Placement Assistance: Fostering tie-ups with some topmost brands (Amazon, KPMG, IBM, Dell, etc.), IIM SKILLS propels placement assistance.

Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS

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IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


  1. Udemy


Another on the cards of online technical writing courses is Udemy, a platform for extensive learning and skill development across the globe. From general to most specific topics, Udemy has covered all the bases to help people change the trajectory of their career life.


Being a ubiquitous platform, Udemy has beginner, intermediate, and advanced level courses from the industry stalwarts to cater to the unique needs of the learners. Knowing the fact that technical writing is an industry-specific sort, where some sought-after API documentation, while others want to dive into business writing, Udemy has everything in its bulky repertoire. So, what you want- you name it, Udemy serves it!


The best part about Udemy is that the courses are minimum priced or almost free. If you are tight on budget, this is the best bet for you. Moreover, Udemy has a tendency to put heavy discounts on its programs, so always wait for the prices to drop down to a minimum and make the best out of it.


One thing here to notice is that Udemy does charge a few extra pounds for certifications.


Among the ocean of courses, let us traverse the highest-rated and most popular options:


  • Learn API Technical Writing: JSON and XML for Writers
  • Business Writing and Technical Writing Immersion
  • Learn API Technical Writing 2: REST for Writers
  • Coding for Writers: Basic Programming
  • Technical Writing: Master Your Writing Career


With the short pre-recorded sessions, you can move up the ladder of your career. However, if you are someone who needs external reinforcement and classroom ambiance, then you can shift your preferences to other choices.


  1. Coursera


Another repository of online courses is staged by Coursera, a global platform for learning and growing. Envisioning an empowered world with the power of knowledge, Coursera has partnered with 200+ universities to deliver flexible, job-oriented, and affordable online learning to every nook and corner of the world. Ergo, they offer the best online technical writing courses in the industry.


While Coursera has a pool of programs offered, shout out to the exhaustive and comprehensive technical writing program. The prime university Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology offers the program. Read onto to know why you should sign up for this one:


Exemplary Highlights


  • The course amplifies the technical writing skills required to intersect technical experimental or research work into understandable content.
  •  Learn how to write technicalized reports such as laboratory reports, research reports, progress reports, feasibility reports, consulting reports, etc.
  • The 19-hour course is 100% online with flexible deadlines.
  • Available in multiple languages Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.
  • Followed by a one-hour introduction, the course divulges into 4 modules with one Capstone project in the fifth module.


Below-mentioned is the content covered across the 4 module structures:


  • Measures of Excellence in Technical Documents
  • The Content Approach
  • Acquiring the Three Types of Knowledge
  • Understanding Audience and Purpose
  • Collaborative Writing
  • Writing for Multiple Audiences
  • Using graphical tools
  • Technical definitions
  • Technical report writing
  • Academic and workplace research
  • Technical documentation
  • Laboratory research
  • Web of science
  • Information search examples
  • Graded quizzes with peer feedback and other assignments are other perks of the course.
  • Receive a shareable certificate on LinkedIn


  1. Society for Technical Communication


The Society of Technical Communication (STC) is ergonomically one of the world’s largest and oldest professional associations dedicated and devoted to the advancement and progress of technical communication and provides one of the best online technical writing courses.  Pursuing the ever-evolving and growing technological domain headways, STC disseminates requisite knowledge and skills to the inquisitive tech-savvy wannabes.


STC pride itself on its award-winning publications Intercom and Technical communication- voraciously read by its practitioners. Apart from that, STC holds an STC Annual Conference attended by masses in the technical communication field.


Coming down to the program part, STC offers the Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC) program, which is a three-tier expert specialization program.


  • Foundation
  • Practitioner
  • Expert


Exemplary Highlights


A) CPTC Foundation


This particular foundation program assesses the knowledge and understanding of the Technical communication today text. The appraisal is based on nine core areas which are: Project Planning, Project Analysis, Content Development, Organizational Design, Written Communication, Visual Communication, Reviewing and Editing, Content Management, and Production Delivery.


Before taking the exam, you have the self-study option using the STC Foundation Study Guide and Sample Questions.


Post-exam-clearance, you receive an issued certificate, and also your name appears on the current list on STC and AMPG websites.


  • Pricing: STC members- $260
  • nonmembers: $515


B) CPTC Practitioner


The idea behind CPTC practitioners is to test the practical understanding of how to apply and analyze technical communication in realistic situations. If you can process and apply the concepts, guidelines, offer pertinent insights, have adept discretion; you come under the count as a successful candidate.


Again, you have the options for self-enlightenment and preparation using the STC Practitioner Guide and sample test available on the APMG site.


Post-exam-clearance, you receive an issued certificate, and also your name appears on the current list on STC and AMPG websites.


  • Pricing: STC members-  $410
  • Non-members- $615


C) CPTC Expert- Yet to be announced!


  1. V Skills


VSkills is yet another name battling the top spot in the steadfast list of the best online technical writing courses. Managed by Cubezoid Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Vskills professes as the largest certification body of India. That said, it conducts tests and assessments to escalate employability by corroborating the knowledge and skills of the learners. For the fact, examinations rely on honest and secure mannerisms resulting in a merit-based rendition of certificates.


Vskills Certifications are well-recognized in the industry for their authenticity and credibility. Although Vskills houses many certifications, our matter of concern here is Certified Technical Writer accreditation.


Vskills Technical writer certification analyses the candidate on the real-time needs as per the industry standards. Documentation of scientific and technical events, products, and services are a few points of consideration. Next comes the writing purposes such as various sentences, paragraphs, sections, lists, graphics, proposals, lab reports, research proposals, emails, typography, and punctuation.


Let us explore the study and preparation details before squatting for the exam:


Table of Content 


  • Planning to Write
  • Target Audience
  • Documenting Plans
  • General Principles of Writing
  • Sentences, Paragraphs, Sections
  • Lists, Tables
  • Graphics
  • Professional Secrets
  • Writing Specific Kinds of Documents
  • Websites and Proposals
  • LabReports, PPTs, Emails
  • Editing and Producing Documents
  • Fonts, Typography, Punctuations


How It Works

  • Sign up and register for certification
  • Get LMS and hard-copy study material
  • Sit for online exam Anytime, Anywhere
  • Receive certification and validate employability


Exemplary Highlights


  • Upon victorious result, get tagged as Vskills certified on Monsterindia and Shine, two of the most prominent job portals
  • It is a Government Certification, which holds more market value.
  • LMS support and hard-copy study material for easy learning.
  • Certification comes with Lifetime validity.
  • Pocket-friendly pricing


  1. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning


Another notable name among the best online technical writing courses is Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL). The Institute is well-known as the largest self-governing distance learning institute in India.


Since its inception in 2001, SCDL has progressed with brisk strides by providing quality education to the masses, thus, making it one of the most sought-after distance education institutes.


It offers post-graduate diploma, diploma, and certificate programs in disciplinary domains such as Business Management, International Business, Information Technology, Banking and Finance, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Insurance Management, etc.


Among the varied disciplines, our focussed attention is on the Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing in Business Management (PGTWBM) Dig in the details to know why it can be a good fit for you.


Exemplary Highlights


  • Duration: 2 years
  • PGTWBM equips learners with both theoretical and practical aspects of technical writing.
  • The program aims at fostering creativity, keenness for details, and process discipline.
  • Under the purview of four semesters, the program covers topics like technical communication, information development, technical writing style and editing, software tools, project management, intricacies of business communication, advanced documentation types & processes, and research methodology.
  • The fee structure varies for distinctive categories (general, defense, NRI, SAARC) and installments. Check the website to know further about it.
  • AICTE approved


  1. Tech-Writer Certification


Next in line to earn an accreditated University certificate in technical writing is Tech-writer certification. Emnated by Dr. John Reid and Dr. Kenneth Rainey as online technical writing courses to cultivate technical writers, the Tech-writer institute has a wayward goal to necessitate the marketplace demand for varied roles under the purview of Technical Communication.


That said, they have comprehensive programs to cater to the specializations of technical writers. These are as follows:


  • Basic certificate in Technical writing
  • Certificate in writing for Current technical writers, editors, and designers
  • Comprehensive career builder certificate in Technical writing
  • Certificate in Professional technical communication
  • Certificate course in Structuredwriting for technical documentation
  • Writers at work certificate program


Other than that, they have popular programs such as Workplace experience, TWC for Project Managers, Learn Madcap Flare.


Exemplary Highlights


Though you can research and choose programs as per your necessities, we here have a rundown on the Comprehensive career builder certificate in Technical writing.


  • Duration: 150 hours over a span of 3 months (6-8 hours per week)
  • Customized comprehensive content with the one-on-one instructor from start to finish.


  • The succinct program is a blend of three finesse courses, which are:

1. Technical Communication: The Profession, Writing Style, and Format

2. Technical Reports for Industry, Government, and Business

3. User Documentation for Technology Products


  • Self-paced independent learning program
  • Mentor guidance and feedback
  • Accredited University Certificate


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


  1. K Buffer


Like all other online technical writing courses, K buffer technical writing courses strive hard to streamline your technical writing career to greater heights. Over the years, K buffer has conditioned itself as a reputed and remarkable name in technical writing and e-learning domains.


K Buffer or Knowledge buffer holds an exemplary experience of more than 2 decades. Echoes of experience and youthful team prove its efficacy as an e-learning platform. For the most part, K buffer offers a slew of programs in technical writing, from which you can choose as per your requirements.


  • Certificate Course in Technical Writing

Level: Beginner

Duration: 30 days

Eligibility: Everyone

Description: Professional documentation


  • Foundation Course in Technical Writing

Level: Beginner

Duration: 15 days

Eligibility: Beginner

Description: Professional documentation


  • Diploma in Technical Writing

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Duration: 60 days

Eligibility: Graduates, MT professionals, Technicalillustrators, copy editors, technical authors, aerospace, aviation, engineering professionals

Description: Professional course in technical documentation


  • Post Graduate in Technical Writing

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Duration: 90 days

Eligibility: Graduates, MT professionals, Technicalillustrators, copy editors, XML editors, technical authors, aerospace, aviation, engineering professionals,

Description: Professional course in technical documentation


Apart from that, they have strong suit courses for most of the technical software and tools such as Adobe, Canva, Camtasia, to name a few. If you are someone heading for a specialty in a particular core area, then this can prove out to be a good fit for you.


So, these were the top 8 online technical writing courses with brilliant features, faculty, reviews, and other high points. But wait here, initially, I had promised for top 10 courses, right? Yes! this was just an intermittent break.


Taking into consideration people who may be tight on budget but have the willingness and zeal to amplify your knowledge spectrum, below are two free courses. They may be free but they don’t fall short on quality. So, don’t think twice to hop on!


  1. Information Developers Foundation


The founder of Information Developers Foundation- Rahul Karn, having 15+ experience in the field, aims to transform the lives of 10000 professionals into technical writers. Boasting about InfoDev, he claims to expose learners to the state-of-the-art formula to a posied life and thriving career.


This career-changing free Technical Writing Course is an all-embracing avenue for people wanting to put their first step into the technical writing industry. Delivered by the well-renowned faculty, the program equips you with the necessary knowledge and skills to administer high-quality technical content for any organization.


Exemplary Highlights


  • 90-minutes Workshop
  • Free of Cost
  • Adept professionals as mentors
  • Learn about 5 signs of why Technical writing is a precise fit for you.
  • Know how technical writing can be your pass to financial security plus an emancipated lifestyle.
  • Learn the best practices and tactics to attract prime employers.


  1. Google’s free technical writing courses


As we all know, Google takes care of the adequacies of its members and customers. With that, Google projects free online technical writing courses with expert mentorship to shape the career graphs of candidates.


The course branches out into two classes:

  • Technical Writing One comprising the critical basics of technical writing.
  • Technical Writing Two constituting intermediate topics in technical writing.


The courses aim to fulfill the inquisitions of the following job profiles:

  • professional software engineers
  • computer science students
  • engineering-adjacent roles


Both the courses are free of cost, fun-filled, and fantastic to illuminate your mind with the technical writing aspects. However, pre-requisites like basic English proficiency and fundamentals of codings make you a decent candidate for the course.


The courses intertwine with self-paced learning and virtual sessions. For virtual sessions, one has to gang up at a scheduled time via Google Meet.




Q1. What is technical writing online course?


The technical writing course equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver complex information in simplified layman language. Further, it teaches you to write technical reports, documentation, user manuals, guides, research papers, etc.


Q2. Is a technical writing certificate worth it?


Yes, definitely, a technical writing certificate is just the right thing to enable you to learn about tools, software, writing proficiency, and other guidelines to enter the technical writing industry.


Q3. Is technical writing a good career?


Today and for the years to come, technical writing is one of the most gratifying careers for monetary profits and job satisfaction. Anyone having a verve for specialization in technology and flair for writing will find the career most fulfilling.




Technical Communication is a proliferating field with profound and ingenious career avenues waiting next door; once you complete the course. Nevertheless, your diligence doesn’t just end with the course; perseverance and knowledge augmentation is a lifelong process.


Technological advancements haven’t seen a circumvention for a long time, and the future has quintessential scope for technical glory rapidly. Therefore, one has to be on the bandwagon perpetually to be acquainted with the latest technologies and software.


Now, that concludes our list of the top 10 online technical writing courses with the hope that you may find your perfect choice. Do thorough research before signing up for any course; you can seek advice from the How to Choose a Course Checklist to simplify your research process.


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  • I work in a supermarket as a head manager. Soon I wish to launch a business of my own dealing with various products imported by abroad and from local artisans in the country. I want to enrol an online TW courses to help me organise my thoughts and give my content structure so that it appears professional before I start my business . I’d also like to know if this article’s suggested courses are in Hindi or English. I read the course’s highlights and am wondering if there are any prerequisites to enrol in the course. I’m grateful for this write up. Thanks

  • I’m a freelance writer and I write for all genres but I feel I am not well compensated, so I’m seeking for a course to improve my skills. As the name implies, technical writing necessitates excellent writing, communication, and other skills. I’ve been looking for a course for a long, but the sheer amount of options available on the internet makes it difficult to choose one. This post on online TW courses, is really useful because it analyses the numerous courses available here and allows me to choose one that is both comprehensive and seems good. Thank you so much for this informative article .

  • hey Chetna, great article and wonderful list of the online technical writing course. though your article is very detailed and informative, I still have a question regarding the eligibility as I am still in school. am I still eligible to enroll in these online technical writing courses?

  • I have personally done online TW courses from IIM skills and I am happy to see their name listed here. It’s a great academy to learn from and they have well trained experts from the industry that give you live examples and help you build your profile which makes it easy to enter the field of content writing. They also have a demo class before the enrolment and you can have all your doubts cleared there. I am witness to all the job postings they do and I am really glad to have been certified by them . Thank you

  • hey, I have been looking for an online technical writing course to start my career as a technical writer and also to horn my skill and was confused about what course I should invest my time and money in, as there are thousands of courses available on the internet. this article answered all questions which came to my mind regarding technical writing and various course related to it. This article about the online technical writing course is definitely helping me in finding one suitable course for me.

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