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Top 11 Data Science Courses In Gujarat With Placements

The demand for data science practices and learning is creating the required buzz and demand amongst learners and industry experts who are keen on hiring data experts, data scientists, and engineers who can manage such data models and in data evaluation and scientific research analysis of data. So, in this article, we will be aiding learners as well as professionals to get detailed insights into the data science courses in Gujarat and learn & comprehend its efficacy and how to apply its practices in real-world problems. We will be furnishing you with the required and detailed curriculum and course features in the top data science institutes in Gujarat and how you can land a career in the data science domain.

List of best data science courses in Gujarat

Big data analytics and data science practices have brought about high transformation and full-speed digitalization of products and customer-oriented services catering to easy accessibility and high performance of such marketing products.

Businesses, organizations, and technological companies are harnessing data science technologies and their methodologies to deal with large data sets and structures and molding them to increase their prominence and market visibility.

Data Science: Conceptual Analysis & Its History

Data science derives its usage and its presence since its mention in 1974 in Peter Naur’s research paper which termed ‘data science’ as an alternative name to the domain of Computer Science.

Since then the definition of data science has undergone remarkable changes and transformation. In 2014, the American Statistical Association reflected on the importance and Significance of Data Science in its Section on Statistical learning and data mining techniques vouching on data science as a distinct and emerging discipline of learning.

Data Science has evolved to be a multi-disciplinary academic and research learning domain involving complex and iterative processes of data analysis, its collection techniques, its evaluation, cleansing, and building up efficient and reliable data structures and data-driven business and digital products.

It incorporates the basics and advanced processes and knowledge of statistical learning, mathematical computation & techniques, feature engineering, machine learning techniques and algorithms, computer science curriculum along information & communication technology.

In data science, data collections through varied sources are subjected to extensive research analysis and deriving scientific outcomes working with both structured & unstructured data.

Important Business-related Applications of Data Science Practices

Data science and its technologies find various applications and usage in the domain of businesses and related fields which keenly rely on the prospects and practices of data science and analytics to upgrade and digitalize their products & services.

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Let’s look into some of the major fields or areas where data science has forayed into and transformed it through its dynamic practices:

Firstly, one of the most significant processes of data science technologies is its method of predictive modeling that operates on predicting and assumption-based approaches in devising machine learning algorithms in data modeling based on the needs and requirements of customers and analyzing customer experience in the process.

Thus it aids in building reliable and flexible data models that can improve decision-making of businesses and organizations and introduce formulaic approaches.

Secondly, Data Science technologies are increasingly harnessed in the business analytics domain to increase data security and maintain data privacy ensuring rightful encryption of sensitive information and removal of erroneous and data irregularities. They also aid in detecting financial fraud and deploy the algorithms in machine learning to code high-end data structures and improve data quality.

Thirdly, data science has aided in the automation of data management techniques and processes and has led to reduced manual industrial labor replacing it with algorithms that automate various data-related tasks improving the efficiency of data-driven models and structures.

Fourthly, Data Science has enabled businesses to predict future patterns and trends and draw research-based conclusions along with tracking performance metrics of products & services. Thus, it aids in the rise of consciousness of brands to market their services & products as per market demand & stay updated on market metrics.

Here’s a List of the Top 11 Data Science Institutes in Gujarat


IIM SKILLS is considered to be one of the renowned world’s fastest-growing educational companies and learning institutes with its presence in Asia including Dubai, and Singapore offering top-rated courses and program modules in domains of data analytics, Financial modeling, digital learning, and more.

It is also offering a significant data science master’s course expanding for 11 months of learning duration designed to build a career as a data scientist and is an MBA program led by top instructors in this field.

The master certification encompasses comprehensive learning with 160+ hours of lecture sessions along with 16+ live projects and tools-driven learning technology making it one of the most sought-after data science courses in Gujarat.

The course is structured to cater to both beginners and professionals aligned with industry demands and best practices for building a career in data science.

The course has the following analytical modules:

  • Statistical learning in data science
  • Data science with Machine learning and Artificial intelligence technologies
  • Data science with SQL learning
  • Data science with Power BI methods of learning
  • R programming in data science structure
  • Tableau learning in data science
  • Alteryx in data science

Course Fees: Rs 99900 + 18% GST

Call Inquiry: +91 9580740740

Here are the best:

2. Gandhinagar University:

Gandhinagar University is also one of the top and highly acclaimed private universities in Gujarat established under the Gujarat Universities Act of 2009 with excellent pedagogy and varied study and academic courses in its modules.

It is also offering a bachelor’s program in data science serving as a remarkable opportunity for candidates who are willing to build a career in data science and analytics with its unique curriculum making it one of the best data science institutes in Gujarat.

The course is of 3 years duration dealing with functionality and comprehension of information technology incorporating data science skills and practices like data collection, data wrangling, data mining, and data visualization.

The course also promises a distinguished team of mentors or faculty members with high-technology lab facilities along with internship opportunities during the program.

Therefore, it exposes its students to practical learning during the program module only offering opportunities to pursue a career as a network analyst, data analyst, data scientist, system administrator, etc making it one of the best data science courses in Gujarat.

The students will come across the following topics of data science in its module:

  • Python language and C language programming
  • Basics of Internet of Things
  • Understanding cloud computing
  • Data mining and effective data visualization
  • Application and knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Business data analytics module.

3. Indrashil University:

Indrashil University is an accredited private university in Gujarat established under the Gujarat Private Universities Act 2017 catering to multiple high-quality and placement-based learning curricula with courses ranging from undergraduate to PhD curriculum.

It is also offering a comprehensive learning curriculum and in-detailed course in data science which is a post-graduate diploma in data science making it one of the best data science institutes in Gujarat.

It is 1-year duration learning program offering an understanding of core data science concepts and methodologies, imparting high-tech skills for data interpretation and visualization with knowledge of programming languages like R and Python languages.

It also conducts sessions on machine learning algorithms and learning with real-world problem-solving approaches and offers opportunities for internships and practical projects.

The course is divided into 3 semesters with total credit points of 24 having 9 compulsory modules with 16 credit points and last trimester project with 8 credits.

Eligibility: Any graduate candidates with a minimum 50 percentage marks are eligible to apply for the course module.

The course structure is divided into the following topics:

  • Introduction to Python
  • Data Analytics using R programming language
  • Foundations of Data science and data analytical learning
  • Introduction to Business Analytics
  • Predictive Analytical modeling of data structures
  • Data Visualization with data tools
  • Supply chain Analytics

Know more about these advanced:

4. Gujarat Vidyapith:

Gujarat Vidyapith, known as one of the best data science institutes in Gujarat, is a leading and top-ranked university founded in 1920 and accreditated with NAAC offering academic courses from undergraduate degrees to PhD fellowship programs in almost 8 faculties and streams.

It also offers a certification course in the data science domain with around 10 hours of project and practical assignment modules making it one of the best data science courses in Gujarat.

The course commits to aiding students in learning about data science practices and methods and dealing with scientific data structures and application of its methodologies like data formatting techniques, data cleaning, data analyzing, and data plotting offering industry-based learning opportunities.

The program module on data science techniques includes:

  • Introductory module on data science and analytics
  • Introduction to the basics of R programming language including loops, functions, and statements
  • Data structures and data manipulation techniques
  • Inferential statistics and regression methodologies

COURSE FEES: Rs 6000/-

SCHEDULE:  Saturday to Sunday (Weekends)


Shanti Business School is one of the eminent data science institutes in Gujarat established in 2010 with industry-aligned professional certification and academic courses ranging from finance, human resources, marketing, supply chain management, data science, and more.

It offers a data science certification program curriculum with hands-on experience and academic modules in data evaluation, computational analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence curriculum.

The course provides knowledge and understanding of machine learning theory and practices, data visualization with presentation and data workshops, and problem-solving with real-world problems in data science.

This postgraduate diploma course is one of the best and sought-after data science courses in Gujarat with an enriching learning curriculum.

The Postgraduate data science course has the following syllabus pattern:

  • Python programming modules in data science
  • Data mining techniques and practices
  • Deep learning with computer science vision
  • Artificial Intelligence and Natural language processing modules
  • Advanced data mining techniques
  • Advanced Excel and SQL with querying
  • Data engineering methods in data science
  • Data project management

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Indus University is a renowned private university situated in Ahmadabad, Gujarat which is UGC recognized and was established in 2006 having a wide range of courses and academic degree specializations ranging from undergraduate degree courses, and masters degree curriculum to postgraduate and certification courses.

It is offering a bachelor’s in science degree program in data science learning for a 3-year-long period integrating the core and conceptual understanding of data science computing techniques, statistics, algorithms, and data science technological learning.

The course is designed as per a real-world data-driven problem-solving approach making it one of the sought-after data science courses in Gujarat and the students will gain in-depth insights into database management systems, data mining and warehousing, cloud computing techniques, machine learning, and deep learning methodologies.

The course is conducted in 6 semesters including the following syllabus pattern:

  • Introduction to programming languages
  • Probability and statistical analysis methods
  • Introduction to data analysis with spreadsheet
  • Introduction to Python language in data analytics
  • Fundamentals of DBMS and data science
  • Computer networks and object-oriented programming
  • Big data analytics with Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Visualization using Tableau, Machine learning
  • Cloud computing methods


Cognixia is a renowned technical course and certification platform aiding in developing skill-based learning outcomes through its wide range of courses including cloud computing, DevOps data engineering, management, etc.

It offers a comprehensive course structure in data science with certification covering topics like data science and analytics lifecycle, and big data technologies along with an extensive curriculum in data science tools and software like Hadoop, MapR, etc.

The course prepares one to apply big data practices in analytical projects and assignments to form data frameworks in businesses, create statistical data modeling and visualization creating communicative insights.

It has around 36 long hours of online training by top experts and mentors along with query solving and support infrastructure available round the clock making it one of the best data science courses in Gujarat.

It has also other related courses like machine learning and deep learning, tableau training, robotic process automation, etc.

The syllabus of the program consists of:

  • Overview of the key concepts of data science
  • Descriptive and inferential statistical learning
  • R programming in data science fundamentals
  • Machine learning methodologies
  • Big data technology using Spark and Hadoop etc.

Find out the other advanced:


Coursera is a globally accreditated professional certification platform offering courses on multiple specializations conducting comprehensive knowledge curriculum and training offering credible badges on proper completion of courses.

It offers many data science courses with specialization modules including applied data science with Python programming fundamentals giving deep insights into the significance of Python in data modeling and data evaluation along with data visualization.

It is a 4-months duration program having an intermediate-level learning curriculum in collaboration with the University of Michigan conducting various analytical techniques like data visualization of high-end data structures, inferential statistics methods, and machine learning methods along with tools like Python and its libraries like knowledge of pandas, NumPy, Matpotlib, data text mining and data modeling with deep learning processes in data science.

It also includes certification provided by the University of Michigan making it one of the best data science courses in Gujarat.

The course has detailed topics related to data science modules structured as:

  • Introduction to data science along with an understanding of Python
  • Applied data plotting, and charting in Python programming techniques
  • Applied Machine learning in the Python language module
  • Applied text mining processes
  • Applied network analysis.

9. Udemy:

Udemy is a globally acclaimed learning platform with certification courses aiding in imparting exclusive data science skills as per market needs and demands.

It is an open-source learning platform offering high-rated courses accreditated by international universities with top and expert-led curricula and study programs conducted by renowned faculties and mentors.

It offers a comprehensive Data Science Analytics Boot Camp including scientific knowledge of subjects like mathematical computation methods, statistical analytics, Python programming, deep learning, and extensive practice modules.

The course provides knowledge of the data science languages, and techniques essential to becoming a data scientist and data expert with practical knowledge in Python programming and machine learning with algorithms using NumPy, sci-kit learn, and pandas to develop deep learning and data analysis processes.

It also enables one to learn about data clustering and machine learning with neural networking in the data science domain and deep analytical processes.

It is a 31-hour-long learning module in video format study along with articles in a self-paced learning method with coding exercises making it one of the best data science courses in Gujarat.


Upgrad is a leading technology company offering digital and e-learning courses with an extensive curriculum incorporating pedagogy offered by expert mentors with intensive learning and study structures.

It offers a post-graduate certificate diploma in data science and artificial intelligence collaborated by IIT- Bangalore with practical assignments to work with a flexible learning schedule for professionals and beginners.

It is an 8-month duration program in a blended format with 300+ hours of learning along with a Python programming module, case study projects, and other essential skillsets in data learning tools imparted by the course along with artificial intelligence for job placement opportunities.

It includes advanced data analytical tools like My SQL learning, Python, Tableau, and Machine learning making it one of the best data science courses in Gujarat.

The course curriculum is divided as:

  1. Introduction to Python language modules
  2. Programming in Python techniques
  3. Python for data science practices
  4. Data visualization through Python
  5. Exploratory Data Analysis in Data visualization
  6. EDA modules
  7. Inferential statistics processes
  8. Hypothesis testing methods
  9. Data analysis using SQL learning methods
  10. Advanced SQL and practices
  11. Machine learning with data tools.

11. Bosscoder Academy:

Bosscoder Academy is a technical and upskilling learning platform for technological engineers and aspirants offering structured curriculum and learning methodologies designed and taught by experts and renowned mentors.

It offers a comprehensive data science course covering core and interactive sessions imparting in-depth knowledge and experience in the data science learning field.

It is an 8-month full-time course providing in-demand skills through its real-life case studies and hands-on projects with large and organized data sets.

It has a personalized in-depth learning curriculum with live classes along with regular mentorship from top mentors having a dedicated recruitment cell for job placement as well. Therefore, it is one of the data science courses in Gujarat.

The learning program has the following curriculum:

  • Fundamentals of data analysis with tools like Excel, Python learning, etc.
  • Analytical learning with SQL learning and product analysis.
  • Foundations of machine learning methods and neural networking.
  • Specialization in machine learning techniques – supervised and unsupervised learning in data science.
  • Specialization in deep learning techniques including NLP modules etc.


1. Is a data science certification course a good option to become a data scientist?

Ans: Yes, data science certificate courses do provide an extensive learning curriculum in data science practices and learning aiding to become a data scientist upon completion.

2. What are the career opportunities after pursuing data science courses from the top data science institutes in Gujarat?

Ans: The data science courses in Gujarat pursued by the top data science institutes in Gujarat offer career opportunities as data scientists, artificial intelligence engineers, business analysts, machine learning engineers, data architects, and more.

3. Does data science require coding practices?

Ans: Yes, data science requires coding practices although prior knowledge is preferable.

4. Are data science courses meant for non-IT students?

Ans: Yes, data science courses are also meant for non-IT background candidates.


Thus, these data science courses are some of the top-ranked data science courses in Gujarat imparting extensive knowledge and understanding of the integral practices and techniques of the data science domain with practical and case study project assignments within the course.

Since the demand for data science and data analytics is skyrocketing with businesses and companies leveraging on its potential to gain optimal services and product transformation, it is expected that it will hire more candidates with requisite data science skills. Thus, get enrolled in the data science institutes in Gujarat to forge a career in data science.

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