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Top 8 Business Accounting and Taxation Course In Jaipur

Accounting is often referred to as the language of business as it perfectly communicates the revenue and financial positions of an organization. Taxation is significant as the backbone of civilization that helps generate revenue for developmental activities. Both Accounting and Taxation are fields offering promising careers to knowledgeable and skilled candidates. A Business Accounting and Taxation(BAT) course trains one in topics inherent to the Finance sector TDS, GST, payrolls, Tally,  stock markets, and shares. The following article discusses all you want to know about a Business Accounting and Taxation course in Jaipur.

Business Accounting and Taxation Course in Jaipur

What is a Business Accounting and Taxation Course?

A business accounting and taxation course in Jaipur is a certified learning program, which a few excellent institutes in India offer.    The course program provides students with a basic understanding of accounting concepts, payroll policies, taxation, and economics. 

The BAT course equips you with the essential skills and knowledge for managing an organization with various departments like accounting, taxation, and sales.   It is imperative to explore the ideas of Business Accounting and Taxation to get a clear understanding of what the course program is.  So let us begin by taking a look at these fundamental concepts.   

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What is Business Accounting?

The method by which businesses monitor their financial information is called business accounting. The form of accounting involves recording, examining, and interpreting the financial details of an enterprise to keep track of finances and form better business decisions.

Businesses perform business accounting with the help of one person, a team, or an accounting firm. It is the responsibility of the business accountant to analyze the financial health of a business and inform the organization of its compliance obligations. 

Accounting is called the language of business as business accounting helps people comprehend the happenings inside the enterprise. The particulars conveyed through business accounting can guide financial advisors or business owners to make effective decisions in the organization.

What is Taxation?

Taxation means the act by which a government or taxing authority imposes or levies a monetary obligation on its residents or citizens. Tax payments to the governments or authorized officials have been the backbone of civilizations since old times. 

Taxation as a term applies to every involuntary levy from capital gains to income. Though the word can be a verb or noun, its usual interpretation is as the action of charging a monetary obligation, and the resulting income is usually called tax.

The tax system in India:

The two taxation divisions in India are Central government taxes and State government taxes. You can further divide these taxes into two types: Direct tax and indirect tax. In India, you pay Direct taxes on earnings and indirect taxes on expenses. 

When it comes to direct tax, it is the responsibility of the earning party to deposit the direct tax obligation. These earning parties could include individuals, companies, or HUFs. The corporates or businesses collect indirect taxes on their products and services and deposit them later.

Direct tax: 

About 50% of the Indian Government’s revenue comes from direct taxes. Direct taxes are those taxes that corporate entities and individuals pay directly. These taxes are non-transferable. The following are the types of direct taxes charged in India:

  • Income tax
  • Capital gain tax 
  • Corporate tax

Indirect tax:

Indirect taxes are the most consistent and the largest source of revenue for the Government of India. Indian taxation has had several types of indirect taxes, of which some are still functional:

  • Service Tax
  • Indian Excise Duty
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Customs Duty
  • Securities Transaction Tax (STT)
  • Stamp Duty
  • Entertainment Tax

Some indirect taxes like value-added tax, service tax, and excise duty have been done away with for many goods and services. Today a single Goods and Service Tax replaces these taxes. 

Other taxes:

There are fewer taxes in India, which are not major income generators for the Government.    Though they are not revenue generators, these taxes help the government to allow funds for several initiatives for the development of basic infrastructure and for enhancing public wellbeing.

The taxes that come under this category are usually called cess. The Finance Minister allocates the revenue generated through these cess taxes for particular purposes as per the discretion of the Finance Minister. Some of these cess taxes are:

  • Professional Tax
  • Property Tax – Municipal Tax
  • Entertainment Tax
  • Stamp Duty, Registration Fees, Transfer Tax
  • Education Cess/Surcharge
  • Gift Tax
  • Wealth Tax
  • Toll Tax & Road Tax
  • Swachh Bharat Cess
  • Krishi Kalyan Cess
  • Infrastructure Cess
  • Entry Tax

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BAT course scope:

A Business Accounting and Taxation course program is beneficial to you if you have the plan to pursue a career in Finance, Accounting, or Taxation. BAT course intends to give you awareness of three core concepts of Commerce – Business, Taxation, and Accounting. Some of the benefits of a BAT course program are:

  • BAT course is one of the best short-term courses for graduates from both commerce and non-commerce backgrounds. 
  • BAT course program teaches students the technical methods of Accounting like System Application Product (SAP), which intends to make them knowledgeable on par with certified CAs and MBAs. 
  • The course program intends to meet the increased requirement for accountants in India. So it mentors commerce graduates to enter the fields of Accounting and Taxation. 
  • The recruiters of BAT course graduates are usually large organizations based in India or MNCs.
  • BAT course opens many career pathways in Commerce and other fields to the students by discussing financial reporting and auditing. 
  • BAT course covers critical aspects like ERP software, SAP, MIS reporting, Quickbooks, payrolls, auditing, Goods and Service Tax, etc. 
  • The average salary of a BAT course graduate ranges anywhere between two lakhs to eight lakhs per annum.

A joined course program in Business, Accounting, and Taxation opens plenty of job opportunities to the students. They can choose job profiles from both the public and private sectors. As the course program also imparts knowledge of Finance, the students acquire a versatile skill set for jobs. Some of the jobs suitable after a BAT course program are:

  • Tax Accountant
  • Accounting Assistant
  • Accounting Supervisor
  • Accounting Manager
  • Senior Accountant
  • Junior Accountant
  • Auditing Assistant
  • Accounting Administrator
  • Tax Assistant
  • Tax Manager etc.

Business Accounting and Taxation Course in Jaipur:

Now that you are familiar with the basic idea of a BAT course, and the core components, let’s move on to some of the top institutes providing a Business Accounting and Taxation Course in Jaipur.


IIM SKILLS is a leading e-learning institute globally that offers professional certification programs to contribute to the global workforce requirement. Industry leaders have validated the course programs here, and a student will always have access to updated course content. 

At IIM SKILLS, industry experts guide you throughout the course programs as you learn through the real-time implementation of skills. The Master Certification by IIM Skills is a globally accredited certificate. The certificate and the post-training services make you job-ready for jobs worldwide. 

IIM SKILLS offers upskilling and reskilling programs spanning four to twelve weeks for diverse groups like students, professionals, job seekers, freelancers, and homemakers. Among other job-oriented programs, the institute offers an exemplary Business Accounting and Taxation Course in Jaipur, whose course details are as follows: 

Course Name: Business Accounting & Taxation Course

Recognized by: Govt. of India

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Admission Criteria: Pursuing Graduation, Graduation or Equivalent

Program Fee: 34,900 + 18% Taxes

Placement Support: 100% Placements & 1 Month Assured Internship

Mode of Delivery: Live Online Zoom Classroom

Next Batch:

Weekday Batch - 28th May 2024

Every Tue, Wed & Thur - 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM (IST)


Accounting and Accounting in Tally
  • Business Accounting
  • Advance Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime
  • Advanced Accounting in Tally
GST and GST in Tally
  • Basics of GST
  • GST in Tally
  • GST Filing
TDS and TDS in Tally
  • Basics of TDS
  • TDS in Tally
  • TDS filing
Payroll and Payroll with Tally
  • Basics Payroll
  • Payroll with Tally
Income Tax with Tally
  • Basics of Income Tax with Tally
  • Income Tax E-Filing
Advanced Excel and MIS Reporting
  • Advance Excel
  • MIS Reporting and Financials

Key features of the Master BAT Course in Jaipur by IIM Skills are:

  • 120 hours of self-study lectures for detailed study
  • A well-research teaching approach that gives equal importance to theory and practice
  • Curriculum that includes latest developments in Taxation and Accounting domains
  • Practical assignments for hands-on learning
  • Modules comprising byte-sized actionable tips for conceptual clarity
  • Weekly assessments of skills 
  • Quick doubt clarification through discussion forums
  • Interactive online live sessions to mold students as team players
  • Freelance opportunities 
  • Dedicated placement cell

  • Free e-books and tools
  • Globally accredited Master certification
  • Lifetime access to an LMS with periodically updated content
  • Empirical learning through live projects and case studies
  • Round-the-clock learning and technical support
  • Free demo class to acquaint you with the learning style
  • Post-training services like interview grooming and resume preparation
  • Course completion certificate

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

To know more about this excellent Business Accounting and Taxation training in Jaipur, you may contact IIM Skills on:  

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

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2. Edupristine: 

EduPristine is a premier Finance training provider worldwide that manages five business verticals like Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Analytics, and Health Care. The institute now has a vast network of classrooms and a powerful online platform across India to facilitate self-paced, online, and classroom learning. 

The post-graduate program on BAT by EduPristine is a practical and experiential learning course. The course program intends to make students industry-ready accounting professionals. Industry experts have curated, structured, and designed the modules of this Business Accounting and Taxation course in Jaipur, whose course details are as follows: 

Course Name: Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation

Duration: Not available 

Fee: Not available 


  1. Basics of Accounting & Accounting in Tally
  2. Basics of GST & GST in Tally
  3. Basics of Income Tax,  Income Tax in Tally
  4. Payroll and its components
  5. Excel for Accounting & MIS
  6. Finalization of Financial Statements
  7. BUSY Practicals
  8. SAP
  9. Soft Skills

Key features of the PGP BAT course in Jaipur by EduPristine are: 

  • Dedicated computer lab
  • Industry-relevant content
  • Case-studies based learning
  • Project-based practical training
  • Training by industry experts
  • Work on SAP, Tally, MS Excel, and Busy software
  • Prepare for 4 top accounting certifications
  • Dedicated discussion forums
  • Unique hybrid teaching methodology
  • Effective business communication
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Email and virtual communication
  • Presentation boot camp
  • Interview preparation workshop
  • Frequent job updates
  • Customized career guidance
  • Resume preparation assistance
  • Career services and placement assistance

To know more about the PostGraduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation by EduPristine, you may contact them at:

Phone no: 18002005835

Email Id:  [email protected]

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3. Tax Professional Academy: 

Tax Professional Academy is a leading account and taxation educational institute in Jaipur. Chartered Accountants with practical experience and vast knowledge in the corporate field teach the courses at the institute. Their expert trainers offer practical and project-based coaching, and the placement cell helps students find the best jobs to use their new skill-set.

Practicing Chartered Accountants designed the Accounting, Taxation, and GST Training in Jaipur by Tax Professional Academy to meet the requirements of Accounting and taxation professionals. The course follows practical training to enable the students to fulfill client requirements in an authentic work environment. The following are the course details of this Business Accounting and Taxation course in Jaipur:

Course name: Advanced Professional Course

Duration: 3 months 

Fee: Not available 


  1. Basic Tally Course
  2. How to make a PAN card
  3. GST Law basic Understanding
  4. How to file returns in GST
  5. How to make an E-Way bill
  6. Firm Registration.
  7. Profit and Loss account preparation
  8. Closing of Books of Accounts
  9. How to file Income Tax returns
  10. How to file TDS Return.
  11. How to apply for GST Registration
  12. Income Tax Basic Understanding
  13. Making a Partnership Deed
  14. MSME Registration
  15. Balance sheet preparation
  16. Adjustments

To know more about the BAT course in Jaipur by Tax Professional Academy, you may contact them at:

Phone no: +91-8696238748

Email Id: [email protected]

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4. National Institute of Financial Markets:

NIFM offers systematically designed training programs in Accounting and Business Taxation through its fifteen centers across India. This Business Accounting and Taxation course in Jaipur follows a learning methodology with hands-on training to inculcate in students the competency for the global job market. The following are the course details: 

Course name: Diploma in Financial Accounting, Auditing & Taxation

Duration: 6 months 

Fee: ₹ 45000 + GST for one time payment (or) ₹ 55000 + GST in four installments


  1. Accountancy
  2. Goods & Services Tax (GST)
  3. TDS / TCS
  4. Tally ERP 9 with GST
  5. Income Tax
  6. Auditing

The key features of the BAT course in Jaipur by NIFM are: 

  • Industry experts led training 
  • Reputed certification by the institute
  • Full Placement Assistance.
  • Help to pitch clients for freelancing
  • if required
  • Get help to start your accounting & income tax company  if required
  • Flexibility in schedule and batch days 
  • Future assistance for the updates in the industry
  • Mainly practical training
  • Blend of practical and theoretical learning

To know more about the Diploma in Financial Accounting, Auditing & Taxation by NIFM, you may contact the institute on: 

Phone no: 9910300590

Email Id: [email protected]

5. National Institute of Management & Business Studies: 

The Business Accounting and Taxation BAT course by NIMB covers Taxation and Finance Accounting extensively. It teaches students more about the structure of  Finance Accounting and analyzes the financial situation of a corporation or company. The course also discusses the Tax regime in India comprehensively.

Course Name: Business Accounting and Taxation Course

Duration: 6 months 

Fee: Not available 

To know more about the business accounting and taxation course in Jaipur by NIMB, you may contact them on:

Phone no: +91-8384048346

Email Id: [email protected]

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6. Finprov: 

Finprov is a leading platform for education and upskilling in Finance and Accounting domains. Their Business Accounting and Taxation certification offer equipment of elementary skills for finance and accounting professionals. The following are the course details of the business accounting and taxation course by Finprov:

Course Name: Certification in Business Accounting & Taxation (CBAT)

Duration: 6 months 

Fee: ₹40,000/-


  1. Practical Accounting
  2. Tally Prime – Basics & Advanced
  3. GST Theory
  4. GST Practical
  5. Income Tax Basics (Theory & Practical)
  6. QuickBooks
  7. MS Excel (Basics & Advanced)
  8. Corporate Law
  9. ESI & PF Calculations
  10. Language & Professional Skills

To know more about this BAT course in Jaipur by Finprov, you may contact them on:

Phone no: +91 8943644444

Email Id: [email protected]

7. Synergy School of Business Skills: 

Synergy School of Business Skills is a management training institute with India’s largest learning network for project management, corporate/life skills, people skills, and operational excellence. The following are the course details of this business accounting and taxation course in Jaipur:

Course Name: Business Accounting and Taxation Basics course

Duration: 120 Hrs 

Fee: Not available



  1. Practical Accounting
  2. Advanced Excel
  3. Payroll
  4. Goods & Service Tax
  5. Income Tax

To know more about this business accounting and taxation course in Jaipur, you may contact Synergy School of Business Skills at: 

Phone no: (91 44) 4596 6100

Email Id: [email protected]

8. Henry Harvin:

A global edtech company, Henry Harvin has a learning network spanning more than ninety-seven countries. The business verticals of the institute include assessments, consulting services, public programs, college programs, books, corporate programs, and skill development programs.

The Business Accounting and Taxation certification course includes significant Accounting instruments like GST, TDS, and Income Tax. These instruments help you understand the methods of Financial business affairs in India. The institute has reserved its Business Accounting and Taxation Course for professionals enthusiastic about building a promising career in Accounting and Taxation. The following are the course details: 

Course Name: Certified Business Accounting and Taxation Course (CATP)

Duration: 172 Hours 

Fee: ₹ 34500/- 


  1. GST Practitioner Course
  2. Income Tax Course
  3. Financial Statement Analysis
  4. Advanced Tally ERP 9
  5. Advanced Tally ERP 9
  6. HR Payroll Management
  7. Soft Skills Development
  8. Resume Writing

Key features of the BAT Course in Jaipur by Henry Harvin are: 

  • Ranked at the prime position by The Tribune
  • Equips the students with detailed knowledge of Taxation and Accounting
  • Practical  training with live projects
  • Industry-graded projects for hands-on training
  • One year-long gold membership at Henry Harvin Finance Academy
  • Projects in Advanced Excel, GST, HR Payroll, and more
  • Free access to competitions and hackathons
  • Regular boot camps for revising the skills and knowledge
  • Internship assistance for practical learning
  • Complementary modules for soft skills development and preparation of resume

To learn more about Henry Harvin’s Business Accounting and Taxation course in Jaipur, you may contact them at:

Phone no: +91-9891953953

Email Id: [email protected]

FAQs Related to BAT Course in Jaipur

  1. What are the best courses for taxation in Jaipur?

There are different taxation courses in Jaipur that offer the best platform to acquire knowledge and begin a  career in the taxation field. You can also choose a business accounting and taxation course in Jaipur. Some examples are:

  • Master BAT course by IIM Skills
  • Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation by EduPristine
  • Advanced Professional Course by Tax Professional Academy etc
  1. What is a business and taxation course in Jaipur?

A Business Accounting and Taxation course in Jaipur is a job-oriented short-term program for graduates who want to shine in Business, Accounting, and Taxation. The course program prepares you for various roles and responsibilities of a Business Accounting and Taxation professional.

  1. Is taxation a good career?

A job in taxation will prepare you to nail an attractive salary package. Though trainees wouldn’t earn much, a few years of experience enables you to draw in a high pay packet! Your earnings might also depend on your job profiles and your company.


Business Accounting And Taxation Courses or a BAT course is a job-oriented certification program by top-notch institutes in India to offer succinct knowledge to professionals and Finance students. A BAT course in Jaipur primarily imparts knowledge on practical accounting, like calculating tax liabilities and how it works in business organizations. 

The competition is ever-increasing, requiring candidates to be adept with the methodologies and essential tools in the accounting and taxation industries. Often conventional degrees have limitations in equipping students with the required skillset in these industries. 

A graduate who has completed a BAT course in Jaipur will have in-depth knowledge of accounting software and concepts. They can either commence as Accounting freelancers or take up full-time jobs in the field. For Accounting professionals, this course could be beneficial as it opens better job opportunities for them. 

BAT course prepares graduates to be well-equipped tax professionals capable of helping businesses in finance consulting and decision making. We hope the article helped you get a basic idea about BAT courses and how to choose the perfect Business Accounting and Taxation course in Jaipur for a bright future. Happy learning.

  • I like this article. I think it is very impressive how much it tells about this course and the modules of these different courses delivered by these different institutes. I Was looking for a similar article to help me understand the importance of this course. Since I have been reading a lot on this topic and wanted to know more, I searched and found this post. I want to join the course and want to know when I can join your institute. Does the business accounting and taxation course in Jaipur have a scope? Thanks a lot for writing this article.

  • This business accounting and taxation course in Jaipur interests me. I have a few doubts though . Will I have an advantage over my colleagues at the company if I do this course? Do you offer genuine certifications that demonstrate the skills we learned from this course? My interest in finance has always been strong. However, I can tell you that the majority of businesses require you to have a respectable credential as proof that you are knowledgeable about current business trends and procedures. So I want to be directed to a genuine academy and would look forward to attend a trial class to have my doubts answered .

  • Is the course available online? I am from jaipur but would like to take his course online from my home. I can tell you from experience that there are companies searching for candidates with this skill. That is why I am registering for this course to get ahead of the competition. The demand for accountants will never go away, it will only grow with time and I would encourage every one looking for a job in the finance sector advice to everyone is to enroll in this course as soon as possible.What is the course fee and the module of the course? Please send me the details.

  • I want to improve my talents in order to assist me find a career that suits me in the field of taxation. I work as an intern at a accounting firm and learned about the BAT programme from a friend who has done it. This appears to be intriguing. Financial Accounting is my area of specialisation. When I searched online for business accounting and taxes courses in Jaipur, I was unable to locate many, but this blog has proven to be really useful. I’ll go over each choice carefully in order to determine which is the best fit for me. This course gives me optimism, and I’m hoping it will help me advance my skills.

  • Hello, I am a business owner that has been running a financial firm that specialises in tax and account handling and analysis for the past 10 years. With each passing day, the competition intensifies, leaving only the best to thrive. After reading your article, I was impressed with what this course has to offer, and I’m hoping that the lessons learned may be put to good use in my business. I’d like to take this course while working at the same time. Could you help recommend business accounting and taxes course in Jaipur . Even after working in the finance industry for a long time, I believe this is a course worth taking. Thank you very much.

  • Do these courses cover each and every topic? I have no experience in this field but I want to learn and explore the various domains in accounting. I have read articles about business accounting and taxation course in jaipur. There are some courses that have less syllabus and some courses have more. I have been searching on the internet for the perfect course for me to get acquainted with the best information on business accounting and taxation. Your courses seem to cover the most topics. plz tell me if this course is ideal for beginners.
    Thank you

  • I used to work as a casher in a bank and had an experience of about 2 years . Thereafter I took a break to focus on my bakery start up but now I am looking to change careers and work towards the role of a financial planning and analysis department in a reputed firm . I wanted to have a certification and hence I read your article on business accounting and taxation course in Jaipur. The modules covered in this particular course look like it could be of use to me to understand the financial sector after my break . Would there be any other course I could look at in order to revive my career ?

  • Hello, I am . I am a housewife. I want to do the course which has high reach and I can do work from home because I have children to take care of. I want to do the business accounting and taxation course in jaipur because i have interest in finance. I have a degree in MBA but stopped because of household chores. My personal experience says that this courses will be useful to me due to increase in demand. The possibilities are increasing so chances are to do something with the help of this course. Thank you.

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