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Top 5 Technical Writing Courses In Jaipur With Placements

In the field of written communication, technical writing has become increasingly important. Technical communication has evolved into a crucial line of work due to its advanced structure. Technical writing is, in reality, a logical outgrowth of the intellectual economy. Jaipur is a city known for its heritage, culture, and traditions. It’s often overlooked that the pink city isn’t only a tourist attraction; it also provides a variety of excellent technical writing courses. In this article, we will discuss in detail technical writing and the top 5 technical writing courses in Jaipur. 

Technical writing courses in Jaipur


It’s crucial to understand the fundamentals of technical writing if you want to dive into the world of professional writing. The goal of this form of writing is to provide an instructive explanation of a complicated topic. Instructional booklets and manuals are examples of technical writing.


If you want to have a great writing profession, you must first learn the basics of technical writing. Once you learn what technical writing actually is, it will be easier for you to understand what value the technical writing courses in Jaipur are holding for you.


What is Technical Writing? 


Technical writing is a type of professional communication that involves on-the-job written work, particularly in subjects with specific vocabularies like science, engineering, technology, and health sciences. Technical writing is sometimes lumped together with corporate writing under the umbrella of professional communication.


Why Learn Technical Writing? 


Every piece of writing has a certain objective. Some types of writing are designed to convey a tale, while others are designed to communicate viewpoints. However, technical writing isn’t supposed to be used for any of those things. Technical writing’s major goal is to convey complicated information to readers in a way that they can comprehend and use it, even if they have no prior understanding of the subject.


  • Technical writing explains how to use a certain product or finish a task or project.
  • It is intended for readers who are searching for precise information, such as instructional booklets.
  • Technical writing must always be clear, succinct, and easy to follow, comprehend, and act upon by readers in the intended audience.


These are essential elements of good technical writing and are a must-know if you want to proceed with the technical writing courses in Jaipur.


Reports, white papers, case studies, email delivering a technical message, user interface content, product descriptions, press releases, and proposals are examples of technical documents.


Technical writing, like any other sort of writing, has distinct qualities that set it apart from the others. Opinion articles, essays, prose, non-fiction, and fiction are not a part of technical writing. Rather than an academic or creative writing style, technical documents are prepared in a business writing style.


Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Jaipur 




IIM SKILLS is one of India’s top-ranked institutes, offering a 5-week online Technical Writing Master Course with over 20 hours of lectures, several internship possibilities, and a comprehensive theoretical and practical understanding of the technical writing sector.


This technical writing course will teach you the fundamental ideas of technical writing and will prepare you to work as a professional technical writer. If you want to start your journey of technical writing, this course is the best technical writing course in Jaipur.




The IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Master Course lasts five weeks and includes a one-month internship following completion.


Key Features:


  • IIM SKILLS is a globally recognized
  • Students benefit from the one-month internship program.
  • Publish technical blogs on leading sites such as Times of India.
  • Learn Ebook publishing, scientific papers, and other types of content.
  • Master all the tools for technical writing.
  • Learn with top-notch mentors and industry experts.
  • Get access to the LMS with recorded lectures and doubt-clearing sessions.
  • Get certified by IIM SKILLS with the online examination.
  • Get the globally accepted Hubspot Content Marketing Certification.
  • Consultation and technical assistance for the rest of your life.


Course Fees:


IIM SKILLS offers a Technical Writing Master Course for Rs. 14,900 +GST.


Course Overview:


While the major course includes an introduction to technical writing, different types of writing, content creation, writing journals and white papers, DDLC, writing a discourse, API documentation, writing user manuals and datasheets along with case studies, one also gets to learn the following.


  • Researching various topics.
  • Analysis of competitors and the preparation of a document.
  • Flowcharts, Block diagrams, and schematics.
  • Create Technical Reports.
  • White papers, scientific publications, and research articles.
  • Learn how to create several versions of documents.
  • Datasheets, user manuals, and application notes.
  • Documentation for the API.
  • Impactful Writing.
  • Writing for the medical field.


It doesn’t end here, there’s more to it! With their industry professionals, you will acquire a lot more than just academic information. Their mentors provide you with hands-on training and live interactive sessions that offer an impactful classroom setting in which you may immediately address any questions or queries. Alongside this, you also get to learn essential technical tools like MS Visio, MS Project, Git, and Scribus.


IIM SKILLS’ biggest feature is that it provides lifetime access to the course via its Learning Management System (LMS). You will evaluate your technical communication abilities by learning from industry professionals.


You receive worldwide certification after successfully completing the course and evaluation, and it’s no surprise that this certification is crucial in changing and transcending your professional prospects.


The benefits don’t stop here! IIM Skills also offers its students global placement assistance. These features distinguish it from all its competitors, making it the ideal choice among all the technical writing courses in Jaipur.



Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS

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2. Coursera 

Coursera is one of the finest online learning platforms worldwide that provide students and companies all over the globe with a variety of economical and job-oriented skill upgrading courses, certifications, and degrees. Technical writing is one of such courses provided by Coursera, which is actually offered by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).


The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Technical Writing Course is a web-based (online) course that aims to deliver critical technical writing knowledge and improve an individual’s technical writing talents.


Course Overview:


  • After completing Coursera’s Technical Writing Course, you’ll have a global credential.
  • Full access to Lecture recordings and study materials of the course.
  • Practice with quizzes, puzzles, and activities.
  • Assignments and practical experience


Apart from these courses, Coursera also provides you with measures of technical document excellence, content strategies, understanding the three forms of knowledge, ability to recognize the viewing public and the objective, writing for diverse readers, utilizing graphic tools, technical terminologies, report writing, academic writing, occupational research, scientific documentation, and experimental research. Coursera surely offers one of the best technical writing courses in Jaipur.




Technical Writing courses at Coursera are approximately 19 hours in duration.


Course Fees:


Coursera’s technical writing courses are available to students for free. If you desire a certificate, you can get one when you finish the course.


3. Udemy 


Udemy is an open online course provider where the greatest specialists in the business and corporate trainers offer online job-oriented skill improvement courses for students and working professionals all over the world.


On the Udemy website, you can find a variety of technical writing courses in Jaipur that will help you gain information and improve your technical writing abilities from the top technical writers and trainers in the area.


With the technical writing courses offered by Udemy, you will be able to write clear, succinct documents, making your documents more readable. It helps you arrange your technical views and ideas better, sends technical emails that are more impactful, and speed up as well as improve your efficiency of digital writing.


Course Overview:


  • Techniques for Technical Writing
  • Document template development
  • Documents with table format
  • Technical document components
  • Graphs and flowcharts
  • Upcoming trends of technical writing
  • Quizzes and activities to ensure consistent growth


You will also benefit from various technical writing skills such as assessment and research, studying the market’s writing competition, examining the audience’s desires and requirements, creating a novel outline, technical book writing, and marketing the book to increase sales.


Technical writing courses in Jaipur by Udemy also provide video sessions that are available on-demand, complete lifetime access, and a certificate of completion.


Course Fee:


On the Udemy website, you’ll discover a variety of technical writing courses in Jaipur ranging in price from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 12,800, depending on the sort of course you choose.


4. Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning (SCDL) 


SCDL (Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning) is among India’s top autonomous distance learning institutes, offering a variety of AICTE-approved distance learning certification and degree programs, as well as practical knowledge and skill development opportunities to students seeking to improve their industry-specific knowledge and expertise.


The SCDL offers an AICTE-approved Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing in Business Management to provide students with all of the required skills and prerequisites for working in the technical writing area, resulting in exceptional and knowledgeable tech writers.


In terms of eligibility, this course is open to any graduate or final-year student who is awaiting their results. It is a two-tiered course which is divided into four semesters. So, if you are looking for a technical writing course in Jaipur that offers the benefits of the above-stated feature, SDCL is a perfect choice for you.


Course Overview:


  • Introduction to Technical writing
  • Technical Information Development
  • Types of Technical Writing
  • Editing Technical documents
  • Advanced Tools used in Technical Writing
  • Advanced Technical Communication
  • Principles and Practices of Document Management
  • Research Methods
  • Software Tools
  • Latest Writing Trends
  • Project Handling




SCDL (Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning) course lasts two years.


Course Fee:


The following is the fee structure for SCDL’s PGD in Technical Writing in Business Management Course:


The general category application form costs Rs. 1200.


The course costs Rs. 50,000 (General Category) as a one-time complete payment. Both online and demand draft payments are accepted.


5. Henry Harvin 


Henry Harvin is a renowned name in South Asia that offers a variety of online education and skills training programs to help people enter the workforce. Individuals, students, and other working professionals are transformed into the greatest technical writers in the business through 16 hours of live interactive technical writing sessions, internships, and industry-specific learning materials.


They do, for the record, provide technical writing courses in Jaipur, all of India, and internationally. They serve a large number of Indian and foreign clients.


In terms of the course itself, it has a highly professional curriculum that includes both online and classroom study. They educate you on how to convert technical data into technical documentation and user manuals, to be more specific (which becomes convenient for readers). To put it another way, they teach you how to turn abstract thoughts into concrete ideas.


You will also have the opportunity to participate in industry-related projects as part of the curriculum. You’ll also learn how to use a variety of helping tools, like Notepad++, Google Docs, Snipping tool, Techsmith Snagit, FireShot, Lightshot, Adobe Photoshop, Snagit, Grammarly, Languagetool.org, Canva, Piktochart, Vengage, Openshot, and VSDC free video editor.


Course Overview:


  • Introduction
  • Technical Documentation
  • Technical Writing Procedure
  • Professional Grammar
  • Advance Editing tools
  • Software tools for Technical Writing
  • Technical Writing strategies
  • Resume/CV Writing
  • Forms of Technical Writing


Furthermore, there are numerous advantages of taking the Henry Harvin’s Technical Writing Course in Jaipur, such as globally recognized Henry Harvin Certification, 24-hour support, 1-year gold membership, access to Learning Management Systems (LMS), recorded videos, updated and advanced technical writer material, internship Opportunities after completion of the course, and CTW Hallmark with your name.




The session will last 16 hours for live sessions, 24 hours for brush-up sessions, and 50 hours for e-learning.


Course Fee:


The cost of Henry Harvin’s Technical Writing Course is Rs 12,500.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Career Prospects 

Whether it is about job satisfaction and monetary compensation or technical writing, both are very fulfilling vocations. Many people outside of the field may be somewhat aware of the word, but their understanding of the profession is likely to be limited or erroneous.


Those exploring technical writing courses in Jaipur as a major undergrad degree, in order to become a working professional seeking a realistic career shift, should ask additional questions in order to make the best selections possible.


Today’s technical writers are typically educated to do a lot more than simply provide instructions on how to utilize a device. Just to name a few, E-learning developers, online content writers, content strategists, user-experience professionals, and social media specialists are a handful of the positions that have emerged in recent decades in the technical writing industry.


There are plenty of sectors that employ technical writers if you’re wondering which ones. The following types of businesses are among those on the list that offer the best opportunities. Engineering, manufacturing, computer hardware and software technologies, web-based commerce, medical devices, healthcare, banking and finance, automation, heavy equipment, and aerospace are just a few of them.


Frequently Asked Questions: 


  1. What exactly do technical writers do?


A technical writer is a skilled and professional writer who is familiar with all of a product’s technical aspects. These trained professionals collaborate closely with other members of a firm’s team, such as product designers, content writers, technical department members, and others to produce technical documents for clients, such as user manuals, general setup instruction guides, quick reference guides, product technical details pages, and so on.


Their job is to translate a product’s dense technical facts into a clear and accessible guide that everyone who reads it can comprehend, even if they have no prior technical experience. Technical writers are responsible for a wide range of responsibilities, including any or all of the following:


  • Exploring goods and analyzing data to the point where you’re an expert on the subject.
  • Making instructions for using software and hardware goods.
  • Making diagrams, pictures, and other images to illustrate technical topics.
  • Creating video lessons that demonstrate how to utilize technical equipment.
  • Work out user feedback on how to enhance products, whether it comes through usability testing, training, or other user immersion.
  • Creating e-learning courses and simulations.
  • Creating technical how-to articles as part of your marketing efforts to enhance technological knowledge.


  1. How to start a career as a technical writer?


Acquiring your first work as a technical writer is typically the most difficult, but once you’ve established yourself in the sector, the tasks get a lot simpler. To acquire a career as a technical writer, follow these seven steps:


  • Develop your tool and language expertise. Learning various languages like CSS, HTML, and XML, for example, can be of great help. Learn how to use a help writing tool, graphics tool, video recording tool, and page layout tool, among other things.
  • Make a portfolio of technical writing deliverables that you’ve worked on. Make an online guide, a how-to guide, a rapid start guide, and a video instruction, for example.
  • Develop expertise based on your strengths with additional skills such as usability, video tutorials, information architecture, marketing, e-learning, content strategy, project management, and hybrid skills.
  • Create a blog to keep track of your thoughts and experiences in the field of technical A blog will demonstrate your expertise, demonstrate your passion for the area, and allow employers to get a sense of your writing style, intellect, and engagement.
  • Look into the companies you want to work for and see whether ones are a suitable match for your skills. After you’ve done your research on the companies, write a personalized cover letter that explains why you’d be a great fit for them. Custom cover letters take time to write, but they may be a great showcase of your writing abilities. Taking the effort to compose a personalized cover letter will undoubtedly catch the attention of a potential employer.


3. What are the key features of technical writing?


The following are the key features of technical writing.


  • Clear – Technical writing conveys information in a simple manner that leaves a minimal possibility for misunderstanding. It necessitates the use of short and clear sentences.
  • Straightforward – This sort of writing is direct, to the point, and straightforward. It necessitates conveying information in a crisp, plain, and exact manner, without the use of literary tricks.
  • Precise – In technical writing, the language used should be incredibly sharp and precise in order to explain procedures and outline operations easily.
  • Easily Understood – Effective technical writers avoid using terminology that others may not comprehend and avoid writing in an eloquent style.
  • Denotative meanings – In this form of writing, the denotative meanings of words are used to avoid misunderstandings caused by different connotative interpretations.
  • Detailed – Technical writing is extremely thorough and instructive, leaving little room for interpretation. A textbook is an excellent example of technical writing. Most textbooks go through the subject as thoroughly as possible.
  • Well-structured – Technical writing follows a clear framework. This writing style necessitates a well-structured model that allows readers to simply follow along. Write-ups also become more professional with step-by-step instructions for readers.
  • Skimmability – Technical documentation should always be produced keeping skimmability in mind. This is essential as the readers can rapidly scan the whole text and get the information they want. Technical writers must provide a detailed table of contents section and/or index section, as well as relevant, descriptive headings.
  • Problem Solving Ability- Technical documentation should be written with the goal of fixing problems in mind. These papers are used by readers to learn how to execute certain activities or obtain technical knowledge, thus they should be simple to follow and arranged in such a manner that they can be easily referred to when issues arise.




We’ve covered technical writing in-depth in this blog, including how to become a great technical writer, the attributes needed to be a tech writer, and the top 5 technical writing courses in Jaipur that give the finest technical writing education.


To sum up, this article has provided all of the necessary information about a tech writer, and I hope that it will encourage and assist students who are interested in pursuing a tech writer certification course from Jaipur, and will steer them to a successful career in the technical writing industry.


Therefore, technical writing is a highly helpful type of writing that practically everyone encounters on a daily basis. Understanding the applications of technical writing will help you better grasp how it is utilized and what it takes to write in this style.

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  • Your article was interesting to read. But I have some reservations. After the course is over, there are a few mentioned careers. I was wondering if doing Technical writing courses in Jaipur would allow me to apply for any of the professions you described in your article, or if I would need to specialise in one particular industry? I need to enrol in a postgraduate course, thus I’ve been browsing for different courses to sign up for after I finish my studies. Please do let me know. I’m also curious about the starting pay for technical writers and whether or not having previous writing experience qualifies me for the position.

  • I’ve read a lot of articles regarding technical writing courses in Jaipur , and this one is the most useful, especially the section on “what technical writers do.” I’ve wanted to learn technical writing for a long time, but finding a course that I can fit in around my academics is difficult. This article has all of the information I need about the course, such as the course fee, duration, modality, and so on, in one convenient location. I feel the author of this essay has done a brilliant job and so I just wanted to say thank you.

  • hey, Rishika great article. been reading about technical writing for a long time now. but is it necessary to get certified in this technical writing if someone has worked previously in tech? I worked before, but it was nonwriting work. currently taking a break from my job and also learning various new skills.

  • I am a housewife and honestly speaking I have no relevant experience in writing. I just write a few articles on motivation for myself as I do not feel confidant to publish it online . This is why I looked at various courses available online I even attended a marketing demo course and I was not satisfied with it so I looked at other courses as well and that’s how I came across Technical writing courses in Jaipur. Most of these courses provide online training and I was a little concerned about the quality of the teaching as offline we can ask all our doubts and have them cleared instantly . Please suggest a good institute where I can take a demo class before joining .

  • Hi. I am a professor at an engineering college. I came to know about technical writing as a career via one of the students, now I would like to explore this field and get exposure to making money online from writing. and I am researching the best technical writing courses in Jaipur. Which of the above courses will provide the best exposure and would be flexible enough to not hamper my current job.

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