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Top 8 Financial Modeling Courses In Jaipur With Live Training

Financial Modeling courses in Jaipur will help you reboot your career in finance by teaching the skill of financial modeling and give your career a new boost by adding this course as a highlight to your portfolio. Level up your finance game with this core professional skill and make yourself capable of learning business patterns. Now you can choose between offline and online options available at your space in Jaipur and make your learning journey specific to your preferences.

Top Financial Modeling Courses In Jaipur

What is Financial Modelling?

An imperative task of every organization is to analyze its overall growth pattern to figure out how its implementation had affected it and to decide on future steps. Financial modeling is the process of creating an abstract outline of the company’s actions, summarizing its overall expenses and earnings, and representing it on a spreadsheet.

The skill of financial modeling is important to understand the financial structure of a company and to take further monetary decisions like mergers, acquisitions, capital raising, planning, management, budgeting, etc. Those of you who are interested in adding a professional finance skill to your resume or to understand the concept of digitalizing the financial actions on the spreadsheet can check out this article about the Financial Modeling courses in Jaipur.

Here we will briefly talk about financial modeling and make you aware of the best Online/Offline financial modeling courses in Jaipur to get your hands on.

Financial Modeling Career and Scope: –

The scope of Financial modeling is vast. With the model-based approach, companies seek skillful individuals who can create a reliable inscription of the company’s work to cope with the real-world scenario. Financial modeling is among the fundamental skills for a career in the finance world.

The professions like investment banking, Portfolio Management, Financial Analysis, Market research, Chartered accountant, Corporate development, Stock trading, or any other profession that works around the company’s financial profile needs to go hand-in-hand with this core skill.

Financial modeling courses can also help start-up founders and small business owners to understand their financial patterns and organize their business planning accordingly and make informed decisions. The below article will help you to explore the Financial Modeling courses in Jaipur.

Also, find the other best courses in Jaipur

Financial Modeling Salary and Details: –

When comes to the average salary that one may get after completing the course in financial modeling, is expected to start from 4-5 lakhs per annum which can go up to 10-15 lakhs or even higher depending upon your experience, other primary skills, and your educational background.

As a fresher, you should be intended to expand your knowledge and train yourself so that you develop an understanding of the on-ground financial functioning of the organization, and as your skill up – your experience it will pay you off with even higher packages.

Various institutions are providing internships along with their training program, this helps the student to understand real-world functioning and provides the required thrust for future opportunities they may get. For further details, keep reading the article Financial Modeling courses in Jaipur.

Eligibility: –

Financial modeling is not education-specific, any graduate holding degree in any stream can pursue the Financial modeling course, though if an individual’s educational background is somewhere related to subjects like Economics, Mathematics, Finance, and Statistics it may serve him to get his foundation clear quite easily. Other than this basic knowledge about excel can be beneficial as well.

But in the end, to learn anything new depends upon your dedication towards the milestone you want to achieve so anyone interested in learning financial modeling can pursue this course and check out this article regarding Financial modeling courses in Jaipur.

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There are Offline/Online Financial modeling courses in Jaipur, one can opt according to their preference. A list of top courses in financial modeling courses in Jaipur is been provided here: –

Top 8 Institutions for Financial Modeling Courses in Jaipur: –


Among numerous financial modeling courses in Jaipur, IIM SKILLS ranks number one because of its unique and student-friendly teaching approach. It is a highly rewarded place acknowledged by thousands of aspiring learners around the globe. They have an extensive financial modeling course which is suitable for anyone who wants to learn the subject in detail, whether a beginner or a professional.

IIM SKILLS Financial Modelling Course Content & Modules:

Module 1 – Basic and Advanced Excel (8-10 hours)

Module 2 – Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements (5-7 hours)

Module 3 – Ratio/KPI Analysis (4-6 hours)

Module 4 – Basics of Financial Modeling (4 hours)

Module 5 – Different Types of Financial Models (12-15 hours)• LBO Model

• M&A Model

• Private Equity Return Model

• 13 Week Cash Flow Model

Module 6 – Business Valuation (7-9 hours)• Relative Valuation – Trading and Transaction Comps

• DCF Valuation

• NAV Approach for Valuation

  • Course Name -Online Financial Modeling Course
  • Course Duration- 3 Months + 2 Months Guaranteed Internship
  • Course Fee: INR 39,900 + 18% GST

The course entails a total of 50+ hours of live interactive sessions which is itself a treat for the students as nobody feels disconnected because of distance learning. Everyone is given a chance to ask all their doubts and sharpen their knowledge. Not only this, along with the live sessions, the course also includes more than 100 hours of assignments which play a vital role in skill development.


  • Assignments are given during the course so that nobody will procrastinate, and foster themselves to push the limits and develop a good grasp of the domain.
  • The course also included 5+ case studies, which is a bonus for the students.
  • The entire curriculum is in alignment with Excel and spreadsheets so that nobody will miss out on the real-time practical experience.
  • You will be given lifetime access to the LMS.
  • certification after course completion
  • They also provide internship opportunities to their students.
  • 100% placement assistance

Important Topics At A Glance

  • Basic and Advanced Excel
  • Accounting Concepts
  • Financial Modeling
  • Ratio/ KPI Analysis
  • Basics of Financial Modeling
  • Types of Financial Modeling
  • Business Valuation

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

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2. Coursera

The business and financial modeling course from Wharton Online, available on Coursera, is amongst the best options to take hands-on when it comes to online courses in this domain. The primary aim of this course is to build the foundation, and then throughout the course, they elevate you to advanced financial modeling.

The course will introduce you to elements like spreadsheet models, modeling techniques, business analysis, company valuation, etc. Coursera is an Online platform providing certification courses in various subjects. The methodology that works behind the courses in Coursera is guided by a three-fold principle i.e.

Take Courses > Hands-on Projects > Earn a Certification.

Course Highlights: –

Course Name: Business and Financial Modeling from Wharton

Duration: Approximately 6 months

Course Fees:  $474/- ($79/- a month after completion of the trial period since most of the students take approximately 6 months to complete the course).

Specifications: –

  • Earn a certification (offered by Coursera) upon completion.
  • 100% online content.
  • Flexible self-paced learning.
  • Beginner level.
  • Assignments with feedback.
  • Videos and reading material were provided along with quiz sessions.

Other Courses Offered by Coursera in This Specialization: –

  • Fundamentals of Quantitative Modeling.
  • Introduction to spreadsheet models.
  • Modeling risks and realities.
  • Decision-making and scenarios.
  • Wharton Business and Financial Modeling Capstone.

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3. EduAscent

EduAscent institute of finance holds its expertise in providing financial market education and services. They believe in the “Learning by doing approach” imparting real-world skills to their students. EduAscent is providing a well-structured course in financial modeling. The office of EduAscent is located in Jaipur and is among the top Financing modeling courses in Jaipur and it is 100% Online.

Course Curriculum: –

The course has 4 parts: –

Knowing the tool: Excel basics > Mastering the tool: Data analytics using advanced excel > Getting the edge: Excel VBA programming > Application: Modeling solutions

1. Excel Basics: –

  • Introduction to Excel
  • Excel formulas.
  • Excel shortcuts
  • Basic spreadsheet techniques.
  • Charts and shapes
  • Sorting and filtering
  • External Connections
  • Sharing and Security.

2. Advance Excel: –

  • Data Tables
  • Pivot Tables
  • Advanced Lookups.
  • Goal seek
  • Scenario Managers
  • Dashboard Preparation
  • Conditional formatting
  • Solver
  • Working with Named ranges

3. VBA / Macros: –

  • Understanding VB Environment and Editor.
  • Basic Programming concepts.
  • User-defined functions.
  • Excel objects and hierarchy
  • Recording and editing macros
  • Interfacing with wed and external databases
  • Using excel form controls

4. Financial Modeling Application: –

  • Case studies
  • Project finance models
  • Loan amortization
  • Derivative models
  • Creating flexible charts
  • DCF valuation models etc.

Course Highlights: –

Course Name: – Financial modeling using excel VBA

Course Duration: – 320 hrs.

Course Fees: – 35000/-

Must Check,

4. Udemy

Udemy is a Massive open online course (MOOC) provider, that provides thousands of courses online that makes learning easier and homelier. Over the years, the trust and popularity of udemy have increased exponentially. As we talk about the course in financial modeling, there are various courses on udemy that highlight different components of financial modeling.

You can choose amongst them depending upon your learning requirement. Among them the most holistic course is been mentioned here, it primarily aims at developing an understanding of building a better financial model for your businesses.

Course Curriculum: –

You will learn about: –

  • Mastering Microsoft Excel and its advanced features.
  • Carry out regular tasks faster
  • Build P&L statements
  • Value a company
  • Financial modeling skills
  • Build a valuation model from scratch.
  • Create models with multiple scenarios.
  • Design professional charts.
  • Excel functions, pivot tables, visualization, and advanced features.

Course Highlights: –

Course Name – Beginner to Pro in Excel: Financial modeling and valuation

Course Duration – 15 hours of on-demand video

Course Fees – 3,499/ –

Specification: –

  • On-demand videos.
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

Other Courses Offered by Udemy in This Specialization: –

  • Financial modeling for start-ups.
  • Introduction to Financial modeling for beginners
  • Financial and economic modeling and investment

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5. Institute of Financial Studies

The Institute of Financial studies is intended to impart financial literacy so that an individual can make informed decisions in personal and professional life. It provides training in globally renowned professional courses and provides training to working professionals as well to upscale them in their domain. Institute of financial studies is providing a course in Financial modeling that will train an individual right from scratch. The office of the institute is located in Jaipur and provides Financial modeling courses in Jaipur itself.

Course Curriculum: –

1. Principles of Finance: –

  • Corporate finance
  • Pro forma models
  • Budget models
  • Portfolio management models
  • Derivative models
  • Quantitative methods
  • Bond model

2. Excel Programming: –

  • Introduction to VBA
  • Basic programming concept
  • User defines functions
  • Macros, Arrays
  • Excel Objects
  • Interfacing with web and external databases

3. Data Analysis and Decision Tools: –

  • Basic tools – Sort, Filter
  • Pivot table, PowerPivot
  • Charts, Shapes, Sparklines
  • Dashboard preparation
  • Optimization and decision tools – Solver, Data tables, Scenario managers.

4. Excel Fundamentals: –

  • Understanding the excel environment
  • Working with data: basic techniques
  • Multiple workbooks and worksheets
  • Increasing spreadsheet readability
  • Excel formulas
  • External connections
  • Digital signature and protection

Course Highlights: –

Course Name: Financial modeling using Microsoft Excel and VBA

Course Duration: 120 – 140 hrs (five days a week three months approx.)

Course Fees: 38,000/-

Study Center – C-19 ‘Lotus Villa’ adjoining indowestern brain and spine hospital, Pankaj Singhvi Marg, Lalkothi, Jaipur (R.J.), Pin code – 302020

6. Corporate Finance Institution

CFI (corporate finance institution) founded in 2016, is a recognized finance training and skill development platform, providing certificate online courses. It is also providing a course in the specialization of financial modeling. The course provided by CFI is a detailed course that will include topics like finance, accounting, valuation, financial modeling, budgeting, forecasting, presentations, dashboards, and strategy planning covering basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of learning.

Course Curriculum: –

1. Finance: –

  • Present Value
  • Future value
  • Net present value
  • Terminal value
  • Annuities and perpetuities
  • Capital markets
  • Capital raising process know about IPO
  • Capital structure knows about debt financing equity financing
  • Bond pricing par value, yield to maturity, and coupon rate.

2. Valuation: –

  • Comps analysis
  • Precedents analysis
  • Discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
  • Enterprise value, equity value multiples
  • Free Cash Flow to the Firm (FCFF)
  • Free Cash Flow to Equity (FCFE)
  • NPV and IRR
  • Sum-of-the-Parts (SOTP)

3. Accounting: –

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Cash flow statement
  • Assets, liabilities, shareholders’ equity
  • Financial transactions
  • Prepayments, accrued expenses, unearned revenue
  • Operating cash flow
  • Investing cash flow
  • Financing cash flow
  • Depreciation methods
  • Working capital
  • Property, Plant, and Equipment (PP&E)
  • Capital Expenditures (Capex)

4. Financial Modeling: –

  • 3-statement financial modeling
  • Discounted cash flow (DCF)
  • Scenario and Sensitivity analysis
  • Monthly cash flow forecasting
  • Accretion/dilution analysis
  • Leveraged Buyout (LBO)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Industry-specific financial modeling

5. Excel: –

  • Auditing tools
  • Data validation, data table, goal seek
  • Solver and Macros

6. Presentations and Visuals: –

  • Dynamic charts and graphs
  • Professional pitch decks
  • Financial dashboards

7. Strategy: –

  • Strategic analysis process
  • Corporate business, functional-level strategy
  • PEST and Porter’s 5 forces
  • Competitive advantage
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • SWOT analysis and lifestyle analysis
  • Market segmentation and Porter’s generic strategies
  • Balanced scorecard

**For a detailed Course Curriculum one can download the broacher from the CFI website.

Course Highlights: –

Course Name: – Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA) Certification Program

Corse Duration: -120-200 hours (Average completion time of 6 months)

Course Fees: –  The Complete FMVA Program is included in your CFI Subscription.

Course Specification: –

  • 100% Online
  • Complete real-world case studies
  • Earn certification

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7. LinkedIn Learning

If you want to build an unassailable foundation in financial modeling, you can start with this Foundation course at LinkedIn Learning. This will help you to build a firm understanding of the basic principles of financial modeling. A professional networking company LinkedIn, set up in 2013, is also providing various professional courses through its LinkedIn learning division, intended to up-skill the people to become indispensable assets to their organization.

Course Curriculum: –

1.      Introduction: –

  • Using Excel for financial modeling

2. Financial modeling basics: –

  • What and why financial modeling?
  • Business questions and financial models
  • Data for a model
  • Source of data
  • Gathering data from FRED for Excel
  • Getting started with the project
  • Excel tips for financial modeling

3. Corporate Financial Modeling: Three-statement Financial Model: –

  • Foundation of the model
  • Linking financial statements
  • Three-statement financial model
  • Setting source parameters
  • Assumptions in financial statements
  • Forecasting in financial; statements
  • Putting it all together
  • Improving model quality

4. Evaluating Corporate Financial Models: Three-Statement Model: –

  • Financial modeling strategies
  • Sensitivity analysis and financial models
  • Adding visuals to a financial model

5. Investment Models: DCF Model: –

  • Financial valuation models
  • Cash flows in the valuation model
  • Terminal value in a valuation model
  • Interpreting a DCF model

6. Banking Models: –

  • Beyond the basics of financial models
  • Corkscrews and models
  • Waterfalls and models
  • Adding toggles to a financial model
  • Model outputs
  • Hiding tabs and making models readable
  • Stress testing models

7. Buyout Models: –

  • Interest rate assumptions in models
  • Discount rates in models
  • Top-down financial models
  • Bottom-up financial models
  • IRR decisions in financial models
  • NPV decisions in financial models
  • Limits of financial models

8. Financial Modeling across Industries: –

  • Characteristics of financial models
  • Modeling in banking
  • Modeling in corporate finance
  • Modeling in investments

9. Building and Maintaining Models: –

  • Applications of financial models
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrency valuation modeling
  • Updating financial models
  • Maintaining ongoing financial models

10. Conclusion

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8. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin, a global Edtech company based in the USA provides various Online courses and is gaining popularity among the masses for its detailed course in Financial modeling. Here you can learn final social modeling starting from the beginner level to the advanced level.

Course Curriculum: –

Learning: –

  • Financial models
  • Advanced financial techniques
  • Formatting of excel sheets
  • The mechanic of financial reporting
  • Income statement,
  • balance sheet,
  • cash flow statement
  • Financial statement and ratio analysis
  • Project evaluation
  • Analyze and forecast
  • Create a presentation sheet
  • Company overview

**For a detailed Course Curriculum one can download the broacher from the Henry Harvin website.

Course Highlights: –

Course Name – Financial Modeling Course

Course Fees – 29,500/ –

Course Specification: –

  • Self-paced learning
  • Internship assistance
  • Certificate of completion
  • 100% placement guarantee support for 1-Year post successful completion
  • E-Learning Access
  • Boot camps, Hackathons,
  • Gold- Membership benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will the Financial Modeling Course will help me if I am from a non-commerce background?

Financial modeling can be pursued by anyone holding a degree in any discipline, most of the courses mentioned in this article have a course structure that initiates from the beginner level and proceeds towards the advanced level that will help you to understand the topic right from scratch and build a strong foundation and better understanding of the topic.

2. How can the Financial Modeling courses in Jaipur help me with my start-up?

If you are a start-up founder, knowing financial modeling can help you to make informed financial decisions for your company. Within the course, you can learn how to organize your financial matters, understand the outcomes of decisions, and set better financial goals for the future. There are courses in respect of financial modeling that is specifically prepared for start-up founders that are aimed to make you understand every bit of financial prospects within your company.

3. Are Financial Modeling courses in Jaipur present both online and offline?

Learning Online comes with its benefits. It is based on self-paced learning where an individual can learn according to his time and space. When it comes to efficacy, it depends upon the learning platform you choose that is what implies turning platform learning offline as well. Thus if you are going for better e-learning with high-quality educational content and recognition, it may deliver you the equivalent result.

4. What is the average duration of Financial Modeling Courses in Jaipur?

The average duration of a Financial Modeling Course depends upon how elaborate your course curriculum is. Some courses are specifically made to cover every aspect of financial modeling and then some courses are specially designed for specific groups like start-up founders or there are also courses covering specific topics related to financial modeling the courses mentioned here their duration varies accordingly.

Conclusion: –

Financial Modeling is among the core skills one need to develop to make better financial decision and courses like this helps the learner to develop a better understanding of this subject. With various online financial modeling courses available, it becomes easier for every individual to learn this skill in the comfort of their time and space. Though this advantage is slightly acrid because with the web flooded with such unproductive platforms and courses it is important to take a wise decision and good research help you with this and thus this article is here to help you to take better learning decision. Hope this article has helped you in getting information regarding the financial modeling courses in Jaipur.


  • Amar here. I recently joined a startup company as a partner in addition to my job as an accountant at a company. I prefer using the financial modelling tools to make sure that any unforeseen issues don’t develop, that could cause challenges for the business to survive its important first five years. Many of the problems can be prevented with the right reporting and analysis. To construct financial models that assist in assessing financial situations and forecasting the results of upcoming business events or activities, skilled financial modelling abilities are essentially required. In order to get comprehensive knowledge and greater efficiency, I therefore want to enrol in a financial modelling course in Jaipur, before which I would prefer taking up a trial class. Thanks

  • Hi. I am Prateek. Financial modeling services in businesses can be utilised as it accelerates judicious financial planning for long-term, calculate potential risks in a cost- effective manner, assists in descriptive portrayal of financial scenarios of businesses, and select better path by gaining insights from the financial results. It helps address various business challenges in a very effective manner. I am working as a Junior Accountant, and wish to revise my financial modeling skills. My search for a financial modeling institute in Jaipur led me here. All the institutes have great offers, but I would like to avail the opportunity of free demo session and decide later. Thanks

  • Hello, I am Jiten. I am a Head Accountant in a reputed Hotel Industry. Considering the worth and advantages of financial modeling skills I am interested to join a learning program that offers financial modeling training in Jaipur. Acquiring these skills can help me in calculating financial risks, analyzing business prospects, and determining financial facts in order to better fulfil organizational goals. Understanding & learning the process of creation of different financial models will help present real financial situation in an abstract way. Since, many institutes are offering thoughtful courses I would like to accept a free demo invite by IIM skills, and decide later which one to opt for.

  • Hello, I am Jiten. I am a Head Accountant in a reputed Hotel Industry. Considering the worth and advantages of financial modeling skills I am interested to join a learning program that offers financial modeling training in Jaipur. Acquiring these skills can help me in calculating financial risks, analyzing business prospects, and determining financial facts in order to better fulfil organizational goals. Understanding & learning the process of creation of different financial models different financial models will help present real financial situation in an abstract way. Since, many institutes offering thoughtful courses I would like to accept a free demo invite, and decide later which one to opt for.

  • With this course, I am looking to enter the financial market. I’m looking for advice on what courses to enrol in. I’m also interested in learning about my career options after completing a financial modeling course in Jaipur. I am more interested in finance and accounting and I want to join in a study that will help me get a good job and a good wage. . Financial modeling was one of the many courses I looked at when I was seeking financial modeling courses as I heard about the course from my colleagues. They benefited from this course so I think I can also.

  • I have some questions regarding the financial modelling course in Jaipur. Before I quit working to focus on my start up , I had a profession in finance for four years. I have a master’s in business administration and four years of experience. I want to sign up for this course because I want to restart my career. With the current financial market, this course looks to be the best option to qualify me for a good role in the market. Please advise me of a suitable online course in financial modelling that would be helpful. I would only be available on the weekends, therefore is there a weekend batch available?

  • I am a commerec studtent. I am also interning right now at a company in Jaipur. I came to jaipur to study in a college and would like a course that I can pursue in jaipur. I have seen in my internship how things work in an office and want this course to teach me the knowledge of how to work in the office space. I have not much experience regarding the finance sector but have a lot of knowledge in this field. I have been learning about financial studies since I was introduces to this concept by my father and want to become an accountant. I hope this course will help me.

  • I had several questions while going through financial modelling course In Jaipur. Is there a market for financial modelling in India? What career opportunities do you have after you finish the course? Is there a demand for financial modelling? I had a look at the course and found it to be challenging. What are the financial advantages of learning this skill? Is it possible for me to learn financial modelling on the side while attending college? Because you appear to have a strong understanding of the subject, I decided to ask the questions. I’d be grateful if you could respond. Thanks

  • I’ve worked as a financial analyst for the past but I took a break and am now looking for a course to do in the meantime. To gain an advantage over your competitors, I discovered that you need to take a financial modelling course in Jaipur. Is this true?. With this training, I’m hoping to improve my talents. There are also new roles that have become available. This also contributes to higher salary. Is your course going to be conducted online? What will the class schedule be like? If you’re able, please send me a demo class as well that would be great.

  • I am a commerce student currently working part-time. I’m looking to get a big job and so I thought to upskill myself with a course that will help me get a high paying job. I’ve been googling financial modeling courses in jaipur. Is this course really helpful in getting a good job? I don’t know much about this course and you seem to know so can you guide me? How beneficial is this course for a career upgrade? I have tried looking online and found not much. Will this course teach me better skills and give me more knowledge? Do reply.

  • I’m Vishal Trivedi working in the back office of a bank. Right now it’s work from home . I’m looking for financial modelling courses in Jaipur because of the changes happening in my workplace. My team is moving from being a operational team to a more FP&A kind of role. I don’t want to get into a data analysis course that spans 1-2 years. I’m looking for something quick that I can work with multiple data sets on excel but keeps my skills relevant for the new team. Has anyone with a back office background made use of these courses?

  • Are there any free courses available that I can apply to? I am an investment banker from jaipur. I want to upgrade my resume with this skill and this article has written about financial modeling courses in jaipur in great detail. I dont know if I can manage my job and study side by side. I am just researching on the intenet so that I can take this course in the future. I have been working for 3 years and thought I can do more. And I searched for some options on the internet and this course is what everyone is suggesting.

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