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Top 14 Advanced Tally Courses With Practical Training

Can you imagine life without mobile phones? No, absolutely not, are you a crazy person? Of course, unless you reside on one of the most isolated islands in the world, you wouldn’t need one. My point is that we are no longer able to comprehend the information because the commercial world must have risen and almost burst with data and an excess of knowledge. We require aid! Help with business process integration and automation. Consequently, Tally seems to be to account for what a smartphone seems to be to communication. All company processes depend on it. This is accounting in what seems like a digital format, to put it simply. By founding Tally Solutions in 1986, the Goenkas gave India a reason to be proud. It was established and incorporated in 1991 by Mr. Shyam Sunder Goenka and Bharat Goenka. Since it looks over essential functions like payroll, order management, accounting, inventory management, tax management, banking, and more, this software application makes work simpler and easier. Despite releasing version 3.0 in 1990, Tally still offers Tally prime, which is said to as “the one-stop solution” for all business requirements. Tally has undoubtedly improved and developed its application with numerous new features, increasing its adaptability. Before learning about the Advanced Tally courses in India, let’s address a few key questions.

Advanced Tally Courses

Describe Tally

Many people are unaware that Tally is actually an abbreviation for “Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards.” Tally is used by many small and medium-sized industries for the objective of thorough and systematic accounting tasks. The latest version of the accounting software application is Tally ERP 9.

Importance of Tally

All businesses must record expenses and compute profits earned from different investments. We have to implement accounting wisely, as it is the primary function of every business. However, while maintaining human records, discrepancies may emerge suddenly. The use of this software application is required to prevent such miscalculations as it helps to eradicate all human error and increases productivity and accuracy.

A-Z on Tally Programmes

Besides providing necessary training on the software application, the advanced tally courses will introduce you to essential topics like inventory handling, GST and TDS computation, etc. If you are aiming to build your career in accounting, this course fits you perfectly. If you looking to pursue a basic program, the duration of the program will be between one and three months, but in the case of an advanced program, the time period may take up to two years. Since we mentioned the types of Tally courses, you may wonder in what way a basic course is different from an advanced program.

Well, the difference between the two is as follows: 

Advanced Tally program or Tally ERP 9 program covers essential characteristics like cheque printing, cheque administration, payroll compliances such as provident fund (PF), auto bank reconciling, statutory compliances like GST and TDS, interest calculations, etc. On the other hand, the basic Tally course is only about fundamentals like master creating and some voucher entries.

Now, we are going to mention the institutes that are providing the best Tally courses in India.

Top 13 Advanced Tally Courses in India

1. Tally Education and Learning Program (TELP)

The Tally Education and Learning Programme, also known as TELP, was designed to assist students in achieving a thorough understanding of the accounting software application Tally ERP 9. Aiming to teach people how to use the software application and manage their finances, the training is geared toward business owners.

Among the courses provided by TELP are Tally Admin, Tally ERP 9, Tally Developer, Tally Server, Tally Mobile, Tally Network, and Tally Analytics. The foundations of Tally ERP 9 are discussed in the course, along with an overview of setup, software configuration, the creation and management of ledgers and invoices, inventory control, payroll generation, and management, and more.

The detailed online Advanced Tally Courses offered by the institute are 100 hours long on average, and you must complete a 90-minute evaluation to show that you have understood the material completely. Additionally, TELP offers a three-year certification course that is recognized all around the world. The certification process involves a test of the learner’s accounting software knowledge and skills. Additionally, the certification offers students a certificate that they may use to prove their proficiency with the software.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

2. Tally Training.in

If you are someone who wants your instructions to be in the Hindi language, Tally training is the institute that provides training on Tally courses in both English and Hindi language. The online training academy will ensure that all the concepts that are to be taught in the Hindi language seem easier for you to understand. This comprehensive advanced Tally course in India fits business owners, accountants, commerce students, or anyone who possesses a fundamental awareness of essential subjects like accountancy, business, and finance. 

The duration of the course is between 30 and 45 days and the program can be accessed for one year. The course is entirely self-paced. You will be awarded a certification for completion of the course after passing the online examination with at least a minimum of 60% marks. In case, you fail the exam, you have three attempts to pass the exam. The fee of the course is Rs. 1800. However, before enrolling in this course, you are advised to take a demo session.     

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3. Institute of Chartered Accountant (ICA) Edu Skills

With a focus on taxation, accounts, finance, as well as other job-oriented coursework where Tally, GST, SAP, and other course modules are available to make the students industry-ready, ICA Edu Skills was founded in 1999 and has risen to become one of India’s top training, education and skill development institute. In an effort to reduce unemployment in India, the institute provides the best training and job placement services at the most affordable fees. Now, you can pursue the most popular Tally curriculum, “Tally Prime,” thanks to ICA Edu Skills. 

It is aware of how popular GST is in India and how time-consuming it is to calculate the same manually. As a result, the institute designed and introduced this specialized advanced Tally course in India to provide training for small, big, and medium-sized businesses. During the 51-hour-long program, you will be learning critical concepts like payroll handling, other daily accounting journal entries, GST and TDS calculation, inventory handling, etc. 

You must complete the course within 12 months, failing it will lead to paying 20% of the program fee for readmission, which is valid for six months. You must have passed your class 12 to pursue this course and apart from that, you also need to sit for an entrance test held by ICA. For more information on course fees, please visit the institute’s website.

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4. Udemy

Founded in 2010, Udemy, which is considered one of the leading online training places, offers various courses in above 65 languages for more than 57 million students living all over the world. The aim of the institute is to make education accessible for those people, who live remotely and cannot avail of education. Approximately, there are 300 online comprehensive Advanced Tally courses in Udemy. You can select any one of them only after reading the reviews. 

The course fees were set by the instructors. As you enroll in any one of the courses, you get access to the course materials like downloadable study video resources which can be accessed throughout your whole life. The course can be accessed on mobile phones or TV. This is a certified course so you will get a certificate after you finish the course. In case, you do not like a course, you will get a 30-day window to reclaim your money. 

5. CAclubIndia

Launched in 1999 by Interactive Media Private Limited, CAclubIndia, an education and knowledge-sharing platform meant for Taxpayers and Finance professionals, houses various experienced and veteran professionals, who provide training on various courses. Among its several comprehensive advanced Tally courses in India, the institute is providing a program on Tally by the name of “‘Tally ERP 9 GST enabled”. 

This course needs no prerequisite knowledge to enroll in it and will be taught by Mr. CA Raj K Aggarwal, an acclaimed instructor, who is the author of numerous professional books. The course amounts to 20 hours and is valid for three months. You can also download the program, for which you will be charged an extra amount. After completing the course, you will be awarded an e-certificate.

6. Tally School

Mr. Rishit Shah, who wants to provide intelligent virtual advanced Tally courses in India, founded Tally School, an institute to learn Tally. Rishit, who himself is an expert in Tally, wants to provide online Tally courses for free. Yes, you read that correctly. Being a generous person, Mr. Rishit wants to train every enthusiastic candidate via online training classes. Note that this course is extremely thorough in comparison to other programs which are entirely rudimentary. 

With the help of this cutting-edge platform, you can download Tally and start your training under the guidance of Mr. Rishit. Furthermore, it has plenty of resources that can be downloaded together with Tally and GST, and that too at zero cost. In order to avail of your certificate of completion, you need to appear for an exam and pay a nominal fee of Rs. 300 for the same. Once you qualify, you will receive the certificate. 


7. Intern Theory

Founded in 2015, Intern Theory is an institution that is committed to upskilling students, no matter whatever background they have. Intern Theory offers various courses like website development, data analytics, software application development, finance, Tally with GST, etc., to upskill the new working professional. The institute is the ideal platform, wherein recruiters can easily connect with their desirable candidates. 

Intern Theory’s comprehensive advanced Tally course in India includes nine modules. The duration of the course is four to six weeks and the fee for the program is Rs. 4000. If you want to receive the certificate of completion, you need to complete the mandatory nine assignments, 61 quizzes, and, 65 lectures. The course is entirely practical oriented and due to the same fact, the learning part will become easier. Moreover, the institute’s certificate will go a long way in enhancing the portfolio. 


Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited, also known as MKCL, offers various vocational instructional programs and has trained more than 10 million students. The institute has several programmes like digital arts, hardware, and networking, and, due to the scope of accounting it introduced an excellent advanced Tally course in India. The Tally together with GST is for everyone but still, the institute gives preference to those having a certification in IT. 

The total duration of the course is 120 hours and the fee for the same is Rs. 4500 (only for Mumbai metropolitan areas) and 4000 for other states of India. The Maharashtra Open University approves the course and offers certificates after you complete the course. The training is entirely case study based and it will help you to understand data and business handling through the application of Tally.


9. Tutorials Point

Founded in 2006, Tutorials Point, an online institute, provides various courses for students, who like to learn at their own pace. The institute offers one of the best advanced Tally courses in India. If you require simplified programs on different subjects, you can choose Tutorials point as it delivers easy and simple to understand content. The content can be selected depending on the price (free as well as paid), stage of skills, vernacular languages, and publishers. 

In the Tally together with the GST course, you will find 84 lectures and video lessons amounting to 18 hours. Once you enroll in this course, you will get resources like HR interview questions, best practice sets, and questions and answers. Interested persons are eligible to participate in the course. You get trained by experienced experts and receive reference study materials and quizzes after every module, a certificate of completion, and lifetime accessibility to the program.   

10. Tally e-Learning

Tally Education Private Limited or Tally e-Learning is an educational enterprise and a group company of Tally Solutions, the creators of the famous accounting software Tally. This is the only company that is permitted to Tally and computerized accounting certificates. The institute’s e-learning comprehensive advanced Tally course in India will undoubtedly make you bag your dream job in the accounting firm in the role of a tally operator or an accountant. 

Tally e-learning also promises to deliver a non-conventional way of instruction. The concepts of the course are simplified with business methods, and they are precise throughout and easy to comprehend. Other than Tally along with GST, Tally ERP 9 along with advanced GST, the course also contains consultation, development, and, designing. The rudimentary of Tally along with GST is a free program and the remaining is paid. The fee of the program is Rs. 2700 and the course will last two months. After completing the course, you will get a digital certificate.

11. Tally Academy

Established in 2005, Tally Academy is one of India’s most acclaimed companies for talent development and is a training partner of NSDC. The institute offers job-focused training programs to support unemployed kids in progressing in the business sector. Tally Academy offers one of the advanced Tally Courses in India. The experienced and knowledgeable trainers, who deliver the courses, ensure that the industry demands are met. The training is a blend of practical instruction, real-life case studies, and free-of-cost study notes and materials. The institute prioritizes providing high-standard service and client satisfaction. Acquiring a certificate from the institute will only enhance your resume.

12. Besant Technologies

You may not have heard of Besant Technologies. It is a new yet developing institute, wherein you can learn Tally. The best part of this institute is that you can start from scratch and reach the advanced stage in less time. With the help of this brilliant, advanced Tally course in India, you can master Tally ERP 9 along with GST using practical demo sessions. The training provided by the institute will help you get employed at various multinational companies. 

The course is flexible and can be scheduled at any time. Since the trainers at Besant Technologies are subject matter experts and corporate executives having experience of near to one year, you will receive comprehensive training in various programs. The course duration amounts to 30 hours and is 100% job focused. The certificate is acknowledged all around the world.

13. NIIT

Founded in 1981, the National Institute of Information Technology or NIIT is an Indian multinational skills and talent development corporation that is headquartered in Haryana, Gurgaon, India. The company, which was set up to help the growing IT industry in overcoming its human resources issues, is now one of the leading training providers in the world due to its extensive and all-encompassing range of talent development programs. After marking its presence in more than 30 countries, NIIT is now offering training solutions to enterprises, institutes, and individuals. 

The institute boasts one of the most advanced Tally courses in India. The students can now access live trainer-led classes and receive study materials and practical instructions for the Tally along with the GST course. They will receive a flexible routine for their classes. The trainers at NIIT are highly experienced and approachable. The best part of the institute is that besides offering recognized certificates it also provides job placement assistance.

14. HK Computer

Based in Ahmedabad, HK Computer is one of the best places to learn Tally. The institute offers one of the most rigorous advanced Tally courses in India. The comprehensive Tally program is created to fulfill the industry-relevant accounting demands. Moreover, the institute also has different programs under its name. After completing the course, you can receive a certificate and for that, you need to appear for a test. In that test, you must score a minimum of 60% to receive the Tally master program certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why should a person take Tally courses?

The goal of taking Tally classes is to better understand the program and discover effective ways to use it. You will learn how to use the different functions of the accounting software, the process of creating reports as well as other documents, and building and handling financial records during this course.

Q2. What is there in the advanced Tally training course?

The topics taught in advanced Tally training classes often include how to create and administer ledger accounts, configure and manage payroll, enter and record transactions, generate financial reports, and configure and calculate taxes.

Q3. What is the course fee for advanced Tally Courses?

The course fee for advanced tally Courses will be between Rs. 8000 and 10000. However, it depends on the institutes.

Q4. What is the average duration of the Tally courses?

The average course duration is based on the stage of the program. A beginner’s course can be for either a few hours or one to three months, while an advanced Tally program may last for two years. 

Q5. What prerequisites should I meet to enroll in these advanced tally courses and programs?

To enroll in the course, first and foremost you need to like to be accounting and be open-minded about building Tally skills. Nonetheless, here are the prerequisites for the course. 

  • Rudimentary Awareness of Accounting
  • Computer knowledge and skills
  • Basic knowledge of daily and essential software applications like Microsoft Office – Excel word, and, PowerPoint
  • Little knowledge of understanding and performing essential mathematical concepts like decimals, percentages, and, fractions
  • Understanding of financial assessment and financial statements
  • Comprehensive knowledge of accounting concepts and practices
  • Good understanding of accounting principles and practices
  • Can deal with data and generate reports
  • Outstanding communication and social skills


Tally, an India-built software, has effectively outperformed its rivals and etched out a special place for itself. Despite the existence of alternative ERP software on the market and the fact that Tally has been around for many years, the application software is continually developing and improving its functionality. I have a feeling that you are going through this article as a reader because you want to learn. I have to tell you that it is a worthwhile choice, and you won’t be disappointed about making it.

Arka Roy Chowdhury has done his post-graduate diploma course from Asian College of Journalism. Previously, he has worked at a few publications. Currently, he is an intern at IIM skills. Arka is an avid reader of sports and entertainment news.

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