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20 Social Media Marketing Ideas for Effective Marketing Strategy

It’s hard to believe that it has been over five years since social media marketing took hold as a confirmed tactic for promoting businesses and products. We’ve moved from Facebook Likes to Twitter Followers, Pinterest Pins, and Instagram Likes, and we are still counting. There is no doubt that social media has become the most effective way for a business to reach its customers. Ever wondered how you could use social media to market your business better? Here are 20 social media marketing ideas that will help enhance your presence on social media and get your name out there.

List of best social media marketing ideas

Social media is not about what you have, but who you are. It’s not about what you do, but why do it. It’s about how much you care. Social media is not about technology alone, but how it enables you to remain connected. Use the following social media marketing ideas to start building an effective social media strategy for your business.

No matter if you are a beginner or an expert social media marketer, you can always implement creative strategies to get more out of your efforts. Social media is rapidly changing. It’s an important part of any business’s online presence and you need to be updated with what’s going on. 

we’ve put together this list of the top 20 social media marketing ideas for your business. These social media marketing ideas will help you get started and stay on track with your social media marketing efforts.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the practice of using social networks to promote products and services. Through social networking websites, companies and individuals share information, opinions, images, videos, personal messages, links, articles, blogs, and other types of media. 

Users provide comments and feedback, share information, and click on advertisements displayed in their stream of news feeds. Each action represents a vote for the posted item. Feed readers present social networking posts in a list. When clicked, social networking buttons lead to external web pages. 

The term social refers to interactions across social networks. Social networking sites operate like traditional websites but focus on building ties between members of a particular social group, often organized around common interests. 

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Determine Goals Before Using Social Media for Marketing:

Using social media for marketing should always exist closely with business and other marketing program goals. Some goals that businesses can use to measure success include increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic and leads, and increasing revenue.

Starting by setting goals will act as a guide for how to use social media, and also a huge load of data to measure against. Always Use a smart goal method to find out what to accomplish. We are going to share a few social media marketing ideas for business, you can use them for your business as well.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing?

There are many benefits to using social media marketing for small businesses:

  •  Reach a larger audience. Social media platforms allow small businesses to reach more people than ever before. Each platform has its unique audience, so business owners need to understand how each platform works before diving in headfirst!
  •  Build an online community around your brand or product.
  •  Promote events, giveaways, and special offers by sharing them on your profile page or on a specific post for one day only!
  • Engage with customers one-on-one through messaging services like Facebook, Messenger, or WhatsApp!

On Which Social Media Platforms Do You Want Your Presence?

The major social media platforms in today’s date are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. There are also smaller social media platforms, such as Tumblr, and Tik Tok. When starting, it’s better to pick a few platforms that you think your target audience is there. Some popular social media apps include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

Each platform has unique components that make it attractive to use. When a brand/business uses several in a mix to deliver a versatile message, users can see those messages on their preferred social channels. Social media marketing begins with making company pages or profiles on relevant social networks.

The networks that you simply select will depend upon your industry. However, it doesn’t finish with just a page or profile. social media marketing ideas mainly use interaction and engagement as the key. You would like to interact with others on the platform by liking, commenting, and sharing their content, furthermore as by posting and sharing your ent. This can drive engagement once others interact with your content—liking, commenting, sharing, and clicking.

1. Facebook Marketing

As of 2022, Facebook is the largest social network in the world. It entails over 2.79 billion monthly active users as of January 2020. This means that if your business isn’t already present on this platform, then you’re leaving money on the table. By having a Facebook page, you can reach out to thousands of people who are interested in what you offer. You can target your audience based on location, age, gender, interests, etc. And you can create a lot of different ad types (video, text, image) that will help you reach your goals.

2. Instagram Marketing

Instagram is the second-most popular social networking site in the world today. Like Facebook, Instagram provides its members with the opportunity to share pictures and videos. If you’re looking to increase traffic to your site, this is a good place to start. Unlike Facebook, Instagram’s goal is to make sharing fun again.

3. Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a microblogging service where users create short messages known as tweets. Tweets are limited to 140 characters, unlike posts on Facebook or Instagram where users can write whatever they want. People use Twitter to connect with others online and spread information.

4. Linkedin Marketing

B2Bs seemingly find LinkedIn to be the foremost relevant network since they’re marketing with different business professionals. It is the only article publishing platform in the world. Not only you can create and link your content to your audience but also connect with the right audience for your business.

Here are the effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

20 Social Media Marketing Ideas to Make a Sound Social Media Marketing Strategy –

Utilizing social media marketing ideas is the first and most important stage in the social media marketing process. There are countless ways to promote your business using social media. Here are just a few of the more effective social media marketing ideas. 

1. Sell Products on Social Media

It’s time to sell some products, and social media is the perfect place for it. While you’re at it, you can use social media as a way to advertise your products and services, promote them and market them so that people know about what you’re selling.

2. Create a Branded Hashtag

Hashtagging your content is perhaps the easiest, most effective way to improve its visibility on social media. This nifty little technique allows you to group like-minded social media posts and categorize them by topic and campaign. Use a branded hashtag to promote your business, brand, and products or services.

Branded hashtags are one of the important social media marketing ideas for your business. While many people know that using hashtags is a good way to increase engagement and reach potential customers, very few know exactly what is a branded hashtag.  A branded hashtag is a symbol that is combined with the words or phrases, intending to popularize or identify and promote a brand, product, or organization.

The goal of using a branded hashtag is to make it recognized on social networks, thus increasing its exposure. This is especially recommended if you’re planning on running a campaign that involves Twitter or Instagram.

Example –  # Your brand logo, # Your brand name/ product name.

3. Use Facebook Live videos

Facebook Live videos are a great way to connect with customers, build trust and credibility, promote your business and increase brand awareness. It’s also a powerful tool for boosting sales. Facebook Live is an excellent way to engage an audience in real-time. It’s much more personal than other types of content because it allows you to interact directly with viewers in real-time.

When you do live streaming on Facebook, you have the opportunity to have a two-way conversation with your audience members through comments or questions that they submit during the broadcast. This enables them to learn more about what you sell or who you are as a business owner and make it easy for them to take better buying decisions when it comes time for their next purchase decision!

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4. Take Advantage of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have quickly become one of the SMM ideas or strategies to share your brand’s story with your audience. It’s an excellent way to show how you are doing behind-the-scenes action, or even just share a product review. You can also use Instagram stories to showcase customer testimonials, which can be a great way to encourage new customers as well as reward existing ones.

5. Enhance your Social Profiles for Search Engines

  • Use keywords in your social media profile description, headings, and description
  • Use keywords in your social media profile image
  • Use keywords in your social media profile URL (for example, use the name of a page or department)
  • Use keywords in your bio section on all accounts that you have set up. Be sure to add them to Google My Business listings too!

Include them throughout links within the account as much as possible (in descriptions for videos and posts, for example).

6. Carry out Contests and Giveaways

Promote your contest as much as possible! The more people who see it or hear about it, the better chance they’ll enter and increase your chances of getting more customers from that contest alone!

  • Make sure you have a giveaway policy in place.
  • Make sure there’s a way to track entries.
  • Make sure there’s a way to contact winners.
  • Make sure there’s a way to award prizes, if necessary.

If this is an online contest, make sure the prize is delivered electronically (or at least shipped fast enough that it arrives in time).

7. Constantly Maintain an Active Presence on Social Media

Post at the right times of day that works best for you and your audience, but avoid posting too close together or too far apart (for example, if you post every hour on Twitter, it may seem spammy).

  • Keep your profiles updated.
  • Respond to comments and questions.
  • Post new content regularly.
  • Use images, videos, and GIFs in your posts to increase engagement.

8. Provide Value to People

One of the best ways to get followers and make an impact on the social media platform is by offering value. When you do this, people will be more likely to keep coming back because they know that whenever they see your brand or name, they’ll be getting something in return for their time.

Giving away valuable resources is one of the easiest ways to provide value. Whether it’s a free ebook or blog post with helpful tips for starting a business, giving away free stuff shows potential customers that you care about them enough to share some resources so they can make informed decisions when doing business with you down the road.

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9. Make Useful Content

Another one of the social media marketing ideas would be through useful content – articles or videos that educate people on topics related to your industry (or even ones completely unrelated). Share testimonials and reviews on social media. For example, some restaurants post reviews on their own social media profiles. If you’re a small business or an entrepreneur, this approach can work for you too.

Here Are Some Ways to do it:

  • Include testimonials and reviews on your website. Whether they’re written, recorded video, or audio clips — get them up there!
  • Post them on social media using hashtags like “#testimonial” and “#reviews”.
  • Share them with influencers who have large followings so they can share their thoughts about you as well!

10. Answer Questions on Social Media

The best way to engage with your audience on social media is to ask them questions. By asking questions, you’re opening up a dialogue and showing your followers that you care about what they have to say. You can also use this method to promote a sale or something new in your business by giving away prizes for real answers or just giving away information.

You must answer these questions as quickly as possible, so don’t ignore them! The more quickly and accurately you respond, the more likely it is that people will keep coming back for more information from you.

11. Link Your Website to All Your Social Profiles

The easiest way to make it easy for people to find you on social media is by linking your website to all your social profiles. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • You can manually link each one individually, or You can add a second URL field in the Social Settings section of Google My Business and have that reflect the same link as your primary website.
  • Either option will help you connect all aspects of your online presence under one umbrella, making it easier for new visitors who come across either profile (or any combination of profiles) to get a sense of what you do and how they should interact with you.

12. Make Use of Paid Advertising (Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Etc.)

Paid advertising is a way to get the word out about your business. It’s one of the most effective social media marketing ideas to reach potential customers and inform them about your product or service. When setting up an ad campaign, it’s important to consider how you will measure its success and track its performance. If you don’t have clear goals for what kind of response you want from an ad campaign, then there’s no way to tell if you’re meeting those goals.

Here are some tips on how to make sure paid ads work for you:

Create a strategy so that every rupee spent on advertising makes sense in terms of how much money it brings in or saves. You can use this strategy when creating different types of advertisements (e.g., Facebook ads vs Google AdWords) so that each platform reaches different groups of people who might not otherwise see what your company offers them.

13. Adopt an Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing is among the social media marketing idea that works by partnering with people who have large social media followings to promote your product or service. It’s a lot like traditional advertising, except instead of paying for ads that reach a broad audience, you pay influencers to share their opinions about your brand with their fans. 

The key here is that these influencers are people who are already popular in their given industries—their followers trust them, and therefore trust whatever product or service they recommend.

Why does it work? 

It’s going to hit them at an emotional level and make them take action on what they see. For example: if your friend recommends a restaurant where he had an amazing experience last week, you might be inclined just go there as well because you know he’d never steer anyone wrong!

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14. Turn Customers Into Brand Advocates by Creating a Referral Program

  • Offer a reward for referrals.
  • Create a referral program that benefits both the referrer and the person being referred.
  • Referral programs can be used to build a customer base by incentivizing people to connect with your business on social media channels and share their experiences with others, which creates valuable word-of-mouth marketing.

15. Promote Events, Webinars, and Workshops on Social Media

Use social media to promote your events, webinars, and workshops. Using social media is a great way to promote upcoming events, webinars, and workshops. It allows you to reach people who might not otherwise attend through traditional advertising methods. It will get picked up by other users who may want to attend but didn’t know about it until they saw someone else talking about it!

You can also try posting links in relevant Facebook groups (make sure they’re closed groups so that only members can see them). Businesses that don’t advertise on social media are losing tremendous opportunities to attract customers and grow their revenue stream.

Social media advertising is an easy way to reach your target audience while also being cost-effective, as you’ll be able to reach people who are specifically interested in what you offer. If you want to grow your business but don’t know where to start, these tips will help get your social media marketing plan off on the right foot.

16. Encourage User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is a type of content marketing that involves creating and sharing user-generated media through social media channels. UGC can be used in many ways to promote your product or service. It can be used to provide real-world examples of how your product works, or it can be used to inspire people to take action on a specific action step.

User-generated content is an important part of any marketing strategy because it allows you to tell your story from different perspectives and allows you to connect with your audience in a more intimate way than traditional advertisements.

17. Create How-To Tutorials

How-to tutorials provide a great way to get people excited about your product or service. They are also an effective means of educating your customers and prospects on how to use your product in a way that they can understand. If you have a complex product or service, you must provide information on how it works so people can use it correctly.

How-to Tutorials Can Help You:

  • Increase sales by explaining how to use your product or service.
  • Help educate those who may not understand how something works.
  • Position yourself as an expert on the topic at hand.

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18. Diversify The Content For Each Social Platform

The key to social media marketing ideas is diversifying your content. If you’re only sharing the same links on Twitter and Facebook, people will get bored and stop following you, or worse yet, unfollow you. You need to post different types of content to appeal to a variety of users and keep them coming back for more.

Below  Are Some of the  Ways You Can Diversify Your Content:

  • Use photos-

Photos are one of the most popular types of posts on social networks, so they’re a great way to attract new followers. Try using pictures that are relevant to your industry or those that show off your products or services in action. You can also use photos from other sources — just make sure they’re high quality and don’t include any copyrighted material without permission.

  • Post videos-

Videos are becoming increasingly popular on social networks because they allow people to get a better sense of what your business is all about more than just reading text. Just be sure that whatever you put up there is relevant and useful!

19. Keep The Sales Approach To a Minimum

Many companies start with lofty goals like “increase sales” or “increase brand awareness.” While these are important, they’re not specific enough. The most important step is to define your target audience and determine how you plan to reach them. Is it through social media, email, or video? This will help you determine what types of content will work best for your business.

20. Create Snippets of Your Content For Mega Sharing

Snippets are short, shareable quotes that help you to promote your business or product. They can be used in social media posts and emails, as well as on your website and other marketing materials. Snippets are often used to give people a taste of what your business is about.

They can help you build trust with potential customers and make them more likely to buy from you.  Snippets can also be used to demonstrate expertise in a particular area or industry. 

  • Keep it short and sweet! The average attention span online is just 8 seconds, so make sure your snippet is concise and easy to read.
  • Make sure there isn’t anything unnecessary in the way of the message – this means no hashtags or emojis!
  • Start by finding content that will work well as a snippet. This could be an article, blog post, video, or image 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I use social media marketing?

Ans –Social media marketing is a great way to reach your audience and customers. It allows you to be creative and innovative while staying in touch with your target audience.

2. Can social media marketing strategies be successful for a small business?

Ans – Social media marketing is how you make your business relevant to current customers (and future ones) on social media platforms. It builds awareness for your brand by “meeting” people where they are at and seeing the world from their point of view.

3. Which social media platforms are best for promotion?

Ans – There are a lot of social media platforms available nowadays like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, etc., but the industry leaders for promoting your content /business are Instagram & Facebook.

4. How to put the above social media marketing ideas into practice?

Ans- The best way to keep social media marketing ideas in practice is with a social media calendar, and to plan a cohesive & completely organized campaign. With these tips and following SMM ideas, you can stay trouble-free for all SMM campaigns.


There are many ways to use social media marketing ideas to promote your business. Even if you have a limited budget, there are still many opportunities available to you. Use these social media marketing ideas and tricks to help your business stand out in today’s competitive market!

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