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Benefits of Social Media Marketing in 2024

9 Benefits & 7 Steps to Know the Importance of Social Media Marketing. How many people do you know or you could think of, who are untouched by social media platforms? Probably none. More than 3.5 billion people are using social media networks to share, seek, create, and browse information. The evolution of technology has bought the world closer and to our fingertips. Social Media has bought billions of people together, making it a crucial form of marketing. Social Media has become the most influential and inseparable platform for business development strategies. It is not only used for connecting people to make friends or gain popularity but a dominant platform for the marketing of brands and their products. 

Why Social Media Marketing is Important?

In this competitive environment, every company is trying to grab consumer’s attention and lure them into buying their products or services. “You just can’t afford to miss out on Social Media.”

Making a digital marketing strategy can be very overwhelming, but can’t understate its importance, more than 90% of marketers are using social media forums and tremendously benefited. Social media gives you an ideal stage, already having so many existing active users makes it a great outcome. 

Social media marketing is the most excellent way to let your customers know about your brand and products, also at the same time allows you to understand your customers better, which is extremely rewarding for your business.

Nearly every industry has its presence on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, WhatsApp, etc. Social media marketing isn’t just an option today but an essential requirement whether you already have an established brand or launching a new one. 

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing

A few years back, the sole idea of Social Media was to make new friends, interact with friends and family members from any part of the world, and bring people closer.

Some people still dig in their heels and say, why should I get into social media marketing? How is it going to help in my business? Do I need it?

Yes… You need it more than you think and its privileges extend far beyond just increasing sales.

It developed from a carrier to generate traffic for your website, to achieve a wide range of benefits of creating two-way conversations with your potential customers to expand the reach of your products. I would mention a few advantages that emphasize the Importance of Social Media Marketing.

1. Benefits of Social Media Marketing – Cost-effective

Almost every social media platform offers business accounts at no cost. It’s easy to sign-up to create a connection with customers. They have policies for promoting your brand and reaching out to potential customers and readers. 

However, you can expand your marketing budget for paid campaigns and increase it as much as you would like to go. It’s still one of the very cost-effective courses of action compared to conventional print media, television advertisement, or any other means.

Primarily small entrepreneurs, business owners, service providers, and many more can start with a small marketing budget. Your content plays a huge role here to get heard and reach most users. All you need to make sure is to be consistent in posting relatable and appealing content.

You don’t need to have a huge team to do this, as there are many tools available on social media apps. Performing advertisement and brand awareness is cost-effective and within reach for even people with a small budget.

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2. Benefits of Social Media Marketing – Inducing New Customers

Unlike print media or television advertisements, social media posts regularly reach your potential customers whenever they come online and keep them involved. Use engaging and quality content to get people’s attention and cut through the noise. 

For instance, using your story and making a video ad or testimonials video will encourage people to know more about your products or services offered. 

3. Benefits of Social Media Marketing – Stay a step ahead in the game

The pivotal element of your digital marketing strategy is to pursue what your competitors are up to, to be in the game. As all the business profiles on every social media platform are accessible to everyone, it is a good chance for you to know your competitor, by learning the strategies they are executing to entice their audiences.

It will give you an insight into what is working and what is not. If you are new to it and exploring social media marketing, you might miss out on some good ideas. In such a situation, monitoring your competitor’s social media presence will give you a lot to learn and level up your game to stand out without copying or sabotaging your reputation.

Going through their posts, comments, and engagement with the audience, you will comprehend the sense of the kind of content they are implementing in their various social media posts. Once you get the grips with the analysis, you will be able to make a better strategy for the digital marketing of your product.

This research will help you prepare better to answer the upcoming questions your audiences are going to ask. 

For instance, Facebook offers an ad library that provides advertising transparency by allowing a searchable collection of all ads currently running from all Facebook apps, Instagram, and services, which could be a useful tool.

4. Benefits of Social Media Marketing – Identify the buying pattern of your ideal customers

Social media gives you a chance to see what are your ideal customer’s interests, as these networks are open for all. It allows marketers and businesses to observe the activities of their audiences. So you can be aware of their likes, dislikes to make your marketing strategy better. 

Knowing these patterns helps you not to miss out on any perspective, which could play a crucial role while designing content for your page. Therefore, you can create content that your audience can relate to, increasing engagement on your social media page and smoothing the path for becoming better at digital marketing strategies to entice the ideal customers and meeting their requirements. 

It’s commendable that it makes you reach such a high number of people almost instantly, just by posting an advertisement. 

5. Benefits of Social Media Marketing – Build and maintain a relationship with your target audience

More than half of the world’s population are existing virtually, making it an unmissable opportunity for marketers to advertise and reach the maximum number of potential customers. 

Why does a brand that connects with its customers on a personal level, has higher chances to grow in all possible levels? Well, because not only your customer trusts in your product or service but also wants to know more about your business on a deeper level. 

We all know how important communication is in all aspects of our life. In business, its role is even more crucial. Communication is one of the most efficient ways, not only to get to know your consumer but also to maintain your relationship with them. Offering them a platform where they can post complaints, suggestions, testimonials, and ask questions, making them feel good by being heard.  

That’s why many startups and entrepreneurs try to create a friendly relationship with their followers through their content on social media. Some even go to the extent, not only interact with each other but also answer queries and try to help each other in all possible ways.

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6. Benefits of Social Media Marketing – Increases brand awareness

Originating exceptionally innovative, creative, and visually delighting content is the key to develop your brand awareness and grab everyone’s attention to make them enlighten about your brand’s existence. You must create brand awareness before you even start selling and trying to attract a vast consumer base.  

Once you have created an image of your brand, people will start noticing and relating to your brand and products. There will better chances of increasing engagement on your social media profiles, as well as turning your potential audiences into becoming buyers. 

Your content will make them connect with your brand, be familiar with your products and services, and build trust with your audience. In the end, it will help you fulfill the core objective of the exercise, growing your business.

All you need to be mindful of is to maintain this trust as you grow further, so you do not lose your customers and audiences.

7. Benefits of Social Media Marketing – Increases website traffic and SEO ranking 

Considering everything is online, Social Media Marketing is the easiest, considerable, and fastest course of action to expand the potential database. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. permits businesses to generate leads for their profile page. It can be a blend of organic and paid followers for boosting conversions.

Paid ad campaigns, giveaways, video marketing, follow and share, free downloads are some of the most leading approaches to prospects into your sales pipeline. Keeping your audiences engaged increases visibility and conversion. 

Audiences inspired by campaigns and creative content will convert into loyal customers, improving your website traffic and SEO ranking.  

8. Benefits of Social Media Marketing – Tell your story in your words

Social media gives you a platform to interact with your audience and assists you to understand your audience better.

Every business, every brand, every product has a story to tell. What’s better than telling your story in your own words?

Your stories through your posts, help your customers to know and relate to your brand on a more personal level. 

Through your stories, people will know how and what made you shape your business and create awareness for your brand. As well as how hard you or your team worked to make their dream comes true, adding meaning to the brand. 

It becomes inspirational and increases people’s interest in knowing more about the attempts you made in your failure and success. Ultimately this impacts their decisions and turns your potential customers into loyal customers. You might also require to work on your content to make it impressive and influential, to be sure that your story reaches the right audiences.

9. Benefits of Social Media Marketing – Track your progress

Tracking your progress and analyzing your steps and reach of your products is one of the exceptional advantages, granted by social media marketing. You can pursue the reach and engagement of every social media post. 

Giving you access to see different demographics of people who visited your business profile. It will also show you the kind of content that was more likable and boosted your profile reach. 

Therefore, you can update your social media marketing skills and create better and likable content.

How to get started?

Well, you know all the outcomes of the importance of social media marketing. 

It’s not as simple as it seems, social media is enormous. It’s easy to get overwhelmed while figuring out tactics that might work for you but still lose the sense of direction for those who just started. 

Nevertheless, planning and creating a successful digital marketing strategy shouldn’t have to be a painful process to cover your goals and actions. Plan things in a practical, achievable, and realistic way to make them more result-oriented. Take help from an expert, if you are unable to do it on your own or have other things to focus on. 

Let’s start by… 

1.Defining clear goals

No matter what you start or where you start, the first action is to determine your aim. You need to define what outcome you are expecting from social media. Whether it is to increase your followers to earn, boost your sales, expand your brand reach, or formulate a campaign. Define your goals because this is where it all starts. 

Without a clear goal, you wouldn’t know if you are heading in the right direction. 

Having a specific goal will make it easier to set your expectations and growth. Thus, help you make a better strategy for your social media network. Specific and definite goals will aid in measuring your success. So you can figure out whether your plan is working or not. Should you tweak it to improve your progress. 

Make sure to keep it realistic and achievable. Sporadically, people become way too ambitious and end up with unrealistic and unachievable goals. That makes the person discouraged and feel like a failure. Be sure to be realistic and relevant to align closely with your business objectives. 

Look at all the aspects and again be realistic while setting the timelines. Setting a timeline will give you the motivation to attain your expectations. 

It is advisable by experts to focus on conversion rates, engagements, click-through, and reach to know the value Social Media marketing is bringing to your brand.    

2.Know your target audience

Your target audience is those who are most likely to be interested in your business. You should understand about them, as they would share similar demographics. Be specific to be able to get relevant content and information. 

Not everyone on social media is your target audience since you can’t target everyone. It’s even more essential if you are in a small business or have limited resources. 

Your ideal customers depend on your products or the service you are providing. Create an audience persona using different factors, like;

● Age

● Location

● Gender

● Average Income 

● Spending capacity 

● Kids or adults

● Students

● Interests

● Language

To make well-informed decisions use research data rather than using imaginations and assumptions. Social media offers many tools to make it easier for you. For instance, Social Media Analytics or Google Analytics can give you more than enough actionable information about your followers and their interests.

3.Research your competitors

Big or small, every business has competitors, don’t they? 

Researching your competitors’ social media presence will gain you some valuable insight. Their strategies will help you learn;

●     Keywords: Relevant keywords will help you in the search volume and help you reach more consumers.

●     Top keywords results: You need to find the top 10 keywords that are most relevant to your business, browse those top keywords to see who makes it to the top and where you rank in the results.

●     Other brands your audiences are the following: Social Media Analytics and Facebook Audience Insights assist marketers spot all other brands their audiences are following on social media networks. 

●     Reach of posts: Which of your competitors’ social media posts did well and which one was not able to expand its reach. 

●     Read their comments and reviews: To find out what are their strong points and pain points. What are customers happy about or complaining and making requests?

These are just a few steps to get a clear picture, and you will be able to analyze your business and the competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, level of customer service, or opportunities. Analyzing will help you to recognize the opportunities for boosting your business growth. 

However, make sure you do not copy them blindly, instead use your content to shape your presence stronger and fill the gap by specific things others are lacking. That will give you a higher advantage over others. 

4.Which Social Media Platform is ideal for your business

There are hundreds of Social media platforms each has its particular group of users, characteristics, and the content used to publish on them. For instance, a person using LinkedIn for his professional profile will not use Tic Toc for the same purpose or vice versa.

Thus, you can’t use all social channels for publishing the same content. It’s critical to do some research to choose the ideal platform for your product or service.  

As mentioned previously, when you know your audience demographics, that will make it easy to be capable of identifying the platform to suit your needs. Align platform benefits with your business goals and expectations. Such as, all your efforts will be wasteful, if you are advertising on Pinterest and your target audience is only men. Also, if you would like to build your presence in a visually captivating way, Medium is not a great choice for you, choose Instagram instead.  

Use your research data to find the right platform where your target audience spends most of their online time.

5. Create creative content

Content, content, content… It’s everywhere. 

Content builds the bridge between your customer and your business. Content creation’s importance can’t be emphasized enough. It’s one of the most thriving professions in this virtual era.

Create engaging, shareable, relevant, and creative content to attract your audiences. You might require to prepare individual content for each platform that you are going to cover, such as a blog post, an image of your product, status update, visual creatives, and so on.

Perform keyword search relevant for your business and use it in your advertising content to extend your reach. It will dramatically improve your visibility on social media networks and structure your message effectively. Use hashtags, keywords to generate effective content that people want, spend some time discovering the exact phrases your social media audience is using.

6. Advertise 

Almost half of the content on social media gets zero shares. In such circumstances, it’s challenging to get your content noticed without advertisement. You should follow the 80/20 rule to make the most of social media, which says, “spend 20% of your time creating content and the rest 80% promoting it”.

You might have probably heard the phrase somewhere, “If the content is king, distribution is queen”.

It’s equally important to publish high-quality content for the business that your customers are looking for. Once you have created excellent content, it would be relatively easy to drive and boost engagement, using paid social. 

Since most of the Social media channels allow running advertisements, you can run paid campaigns to accomplish specific goals at a moderately low cost. 

7. Track your results

As you implement your digital marketing strategy, you may discover that probably your tactics might not work as you had anticipated. It’s not easy to get it right the first time. Hence, it’s necessary to analyze and track your results, so you can identify issues and fix them on time.

Social media metrics can be intimidating and confusing. However, you should be determined and track the right related metrics to reach your specific related goal. 

What should you need to be tracking:

●     Reach: It tells you how far your campaign has reached, to measure potential audience size.

●     Engagement: How are your audience engaging in your content and what are they doing to spread it further? Likes, follow, share, comments, and reactions will be helpful to know who is engaging in your content.

●     Volume: Volume is the easiest to measure how many people are talking about your campaigns? For instance, Facebook Insights evaluate how many people have posted something about your brand on their walls.

●     Influence: Did your social media content encourage your audience to do something regarding your campaign. Was the content powerful enough to make a change, influence your users, and create an impactful presence on social media channels.

Once you have tracked and analyzed your social media post engagement, used analytics to test your actions. The next step would be to re-evaluate your strategy based on insights. Make amends to your strategy based on what’s working and what’s not working.

Wrapping up

Social media marketing is a low-cost but effective practice to sell your brand or to establish one as a brand. In today’s time, it seems to be unthinkable for any brand to survive without Social Media Marketing.

Social media is a dynamic network and can be remarkably rewarding for your brand in this digital era if used to the fullest. 

There are more than 200 social media websites available at present. Make your presence on most used and popular once, however, also search where your potential audience is. Update yourself with the latest trends and technologies to stay ahead in your digital marketing game. 

Don’t overwhelm your customers with content and focus on quality over quantity. If you post rarely, your audiences forget your brand, as you must have heard “Out of sight, out of mind”. But if you post way too frequently, people might feel you are overcrowding their feeds and may lead them to unfollow. Be selective and consistent about what you post and schedule them in advance.

Be responsive and engage with those who are responding to your content and sharing. It will encourage more conversations. Choose a theme for specifically scheduled days of the week to boost reach as well as engagement. 

Don’t just blindly follow every trend out there, try to stand out in the crowd, be a source of inspiration by starting something new and be a trendsetter.

In the end, creating persuasive and visually appealing content that will connect with your audience instantly is of the utmost importance to tickle someone’s fancy. If not implemented the same way the strategy was well planned, even the best of the best plan will not be enough. 

Professionally or creatively clicked images of your product, graphically designed social media marketing post, or an enlightening video can impress and connect with your audience to know more about your product or service. Focus on not just generating leads, but to make a better connection making them your loyal customers. Leading your game and leaving a lot to catch up with your competitors. 

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