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12 Social Media Optimization Hacks To Grow Brand Awareness

If you are intending to be a businessman, you must know that social media platforms are imperative in boosting your brand awareness and increasing your reach among clients and customers. Several studies have proved that businessmen and companies that use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media channels have gone on to increase web traffic, and for that, they use a tool called Social Media Optimization.

The image describes the hacks for social media optimization


Clever businessmen use Facebook to generate leads, which forces potential customers to reveal their interests in the operating business and products. You must know how to place your advertisement on social media, such that customers are tempted to visit your store and buy their desired product.


Having talked about social media, let us now speak about the tool used by organizations and businessmen to build their message and online presence. Most companies and entrepreneurs use that tool, which allows them to control and increase their message and online presence of news products, connection with customers, and recuperate from probable harmful news.


In this article, we use would provide 12 Social Media Optimization hacks that would expand your business by leaps and bounds, in terms of size, traffic, brand awareness, and other factors.


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Social Media Optimization deals with the utilization of social media connections to control and increase a company’s message and online presence. Most businessmen and firms incorporate these digital marketing tactics to boost awareness of the latest products and services, make connections with customers, and recover from possible hazardous news.


To have a better understanding of the topic, let us now, take a look at how the concept came into being and how SMO differs from SEO.


Grasping Social Media Optimization (SMO)

In the previous decade, for companies and businessmen, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was the go-to technique for digital marketing inputs. Though, both SEO and SMO have similar objectives – to expand web traffic and boost a company’s brand awareness on the website. But where SEO differs from SMO is the way it operates. Going by the definition, Search Engine Optimization is the process of expanding the standard and volume of website traffic by raising the web page’s appearance to a user of a search engine like Yahoo or Google.


However, from the past few years, the emergence of social media marketing has often led to congregate with SEO and sometimes substituting it as the most impactful method to fortify a brand, supervising lead creation, expanding a firm’s appearance in the online mode, and connecting with customers. Different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Pinterest, etc. are used to perform digital marketing operations.


Generally, Social Media Optimization redirects the customers to the company’s website from social media sites. On the firm’s website, more details about the brands and products are available. To cite an example, let us say Nike is conducting a brand awareness regarding its latest sneakers and a customer clicks the link, the customer would get redirected to Nike’s website, where it has mentioned the features of the latest product and the local stores nearby the customer.


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Social Media Optimization Strategies

Firms and businessmen utilizing numerous social media channels may utilize Internet-based tools that are developed to enhance the structure and delivery of their content. These tools permit an employee entrusted with making social media substance to plan content across different stages simultaneously, as well as to react to any interactions on the posts including comments or messages from the customers. Some famous social media controlling tools are Loomly, AgoraPulse, Promo Republic, Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social.


Sharing tools on social media channels permits users to distribute content on the Internet approximately right now. That is why many organizations make contents, which users can circulate to friends, families, and connections. This tactic is called viral marketing as it tries to obtain a wider reach by attracting engaged users of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc. to distribute content than banking on users to search the content on their own.


Having learned a little about the strategies of Social Media Optimization, now let us see its instances. However, we will learn about the strategies in detail later.


Social Media Optimization Examples

Messages on platforms like Facebook can be custom-built so that they can leave a bigger impact on particular individual groups. Digital Marketing experts, who use social media, can customize their content dependent on demographic and geographic descriptions. For instance, for customers based in hot climate countries, beverage experts like Pepsi may write a message regarding how cold its drink will be in those nations. While they repeat the same process for the people based in cold countries.


After learning about the examples of Social Media Optimization, let us move to the next section. In this section, we will learn about the importance of Social Media Optimization.


Significance of Social Media Optimization

Makes sure the website has a strong online presence: With the availability of SMO, you can ascertain that your business or company’s web page has a strong online presence. SMO will build the domain authority of your brand. Moreover, besides introducing customers to your business, SMO also aids in branding and enhancing brand visibility.

  • Social Media Optimization Grows the reach for your business and company

You can reach your target specific people as SMO provides that opportunity. Social Media Optimisation ranks your brand to your customer based on their conditions and terms. With mobile, video, and audio accessibility, customers can easily reach out to your business or company anywhere and everywhere.

  • Social Media Optimization pulls more Traffic

With Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, you can reach your customers globally, and without any extra cost. Hence, SMO acts as a bridge to generate traffic

  • Social Media Optimization generates lead

Even though platforms like Facebook are specifically used for branding and creating an awareness campaign regarding the brand and the latest products. The penetration into the social media mediums can change the creation of lead campaigns majorly.

  • Social Media Optimization Improves Search Engine Ranking

In unison with Search Engine Optimization and search engines, marketing inputs also aids in boosting the website ranking on search engines like Google. Since search engines have begun obtaining data from Google+ and displaying them on the search results, SMO has become imminent and imperative for marketers.

Now, after knowing why SMO is essential for your business and company, let us know what you will gain after optimizing platforms like Facebook Instagram, and LinkedIn, etc.


Advantages of Social media optimization

  • Social Media Optimization improves brand awareness

Since the Internet serves as the best place to advertise your products, SMO, with great impact, builds awareness about products, brands, and services smoothly using social media channels.

  • Social Media Optimization reduces business operating cost

Overall, SMO would be more impactful for you, as a process than a normal marketing process, and in terms of the money involved, as the cost is lesser than the typical method.

  • Social Media Optimization enhances Search engine ranking for your website

SMO allows you to have a good number of backlinks, which permits you to rank your business website at the top of the search results.

  • Social Media Optimization earns profit from advertisements

With SMO, your brands become more visible and would appear on Facebook, Instagram, and other social sites in little or no time. Hence, SMO is the best way to earn profit from advertisements.

  • Social Media Optimization targets a specific audience

SMO works hard enough to come closer to specific target customers depending on their age, taste, interests, area, sex, and other factors, thus it would be more advantageous for the business.

After learning about the benefits, let us now move to the final section of our topic – Tips for SMO that will enhance your brand awareness, web page visibility, and improve your page ranking.


Top 12 Social Media Optimization hacks to improve your brand awareness

  • Keeping the social media individualistic

Make your social media unique and give some shape to Facebook or LinkedIn’s personality. Bring genuine and original ideas and creativity to enrich your social media channels. Try to use humor and unique messages, which make your brand outstanding amongst others. Try unconventional ideas and use messages that produce emotions and responses in the customers. It becomes easy to find followers when you grasp a message that gets linked with the majority irrespective of your brand type.


Moreover, to attract more customers, keep your brand very personal and provide an ordinary touch. Don’t just post your content, try and make it story-based as people find story-based content very interesting and this would bring a million followers and this is important in engaging users. Create unique contents that would make your posts an instant success. Keep your message motivational and natural and this is something that brings worthiness to the experience and lives of the customers.


  • Create color-based posts

Try and utilize stain colors on your social media accounts whenever possible as this would lead your posts in getting higher views and shares. Colors bring uniqueness to digital marketing and increase vibrancy in the added content. Colored social media handles lure people’s attention with ease and force any normal post to pop up. Adding colors to social media accounts will help you as your post is more likely to receive better reach and customer engagement.


Keep your posts’ appearance appeal very tempting as it would fetch more shares and views. The content must balance with the colors used and produce a mood that would generate emotional responses. Utilize image-making tools to produce innovative content, which is alluring and visual. Often, keeping the content in a video mode makes people of all ages and separate demographics pay heed to your content.


  • Tag friends, family, and connections to start new conversations

As mentioned earlier, you must create contents and posts that are interesting. As people get engaged with the post, tag them as they would bring value to their engagement. However, try avoiding over-doing that as it would ward off some people. Tag the people on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, etc., and make them start speaking about the content that has been shared. This way the people would get engaged in the post and speak about your brands. Moreover, this would also lead to making your brand more popular.


As you create relevant and meaningful posts and tag people, automatically, you make your content interesting and share-worthy. Select the correct target audience to tag so that your brand can become popular without any hassles. Like we mentioned before, use motivational information to describe your brand while tagging the people. Moreover, it is a wise plan to take someone’s name – i.e. giving someone a shout-out – and pull them towards your content and brand. By doing this, you instantly attract people to get attached to the content that has been posted. This step takes 30 seconds to get connected with the shared content.


  • Starting using Hashtags in your posts

Use Hashtags in posts that are to be shared and create customer engagement. You can utilize famous hashtags that will be relevant to your posts and raise the interest of users in your posts. Customers, who use hashtags will easily be able to find all the posts that they find relevant and get the information that they need. This technique is a brilliant content marketing tactic to add your content to the stockpile of content that they have been searching for. Customers can collect your content and begin a broader engagement.


Use top ways to create hashtags on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc. Presenting your brand to big audiences gives you the chance to make your brand-related posts to trend on Facebook and other platforms. It is a clever process to raise your brand awareness and get user engagement started right away. However, do not use the hashtags as overusing them may lead your post to get spammed.


  • Use different descriptions for separate social media platforms

You have content that works for Twitter but it may not work for Facebook. Select separate formats and messages for content on various social media sites. Identify the content aim for different social media sites and outline a content tactic. Map a plan based on the target audience that you want to connect with and the industry that you wish to promote. Take particular steps to grow a brand that helps in expanding your business.


Plan your content in a way that helps to improve brand awareness. To make the content more appealing and interesting, you can use videos, pictures, infographics, and a combined format of all these three formats. While auditing and planning the social media content, most probably it will obtain the desired result that you had planned to achieve. It is advisable to use tools to get a complete view of the performance of your content on different social media sites. Hence, evaluate the analytics page of the social media pages to see the metrics of your web page.


These insights will help you to up the ante and customize your content to grow brand awareness, reach more customers, and make your brand famous. You must scrutinize the performance of every post and customize your older posts also. Produce relevant content for your brand without having to create many promotional posts that may push people, who are truly interested in learning about your business and brand.


  • Get famous by making brand-related news

After creating your content and post, use appealing and attractive headlines and pull out the brand-related news after several experimentations with the captions and headline/titles. This would make people more curious and interested in your business and brand.


Use interesting and innovative hashtags for the short news content that you have created for your brand. Make your content as you wish to and let the people get knowledge regarding your business and brand etc., and be aware of the services that you will be offering in exchange for the content that is to be published.


Besides the above tips, you can also take the help of content marketing to educate the people. Create a combination of content through the how-to’s and academic and informative content that the customers are searching for. Add worthiness to the lives of the people by producing content using posts on Facebook etc. Maintain this post-related practice consistently.


  • Releasing Social Media Campaigns

Before releasing your brand awareness campaign, wisely select the aims and activities that shape your brand. Get to know how it will affect your customers, rankings, and traffic for your website. Categorize your followers, assess their behavior, replies, and perceptions to produce a campaign that generates a bigger reach. Make your content personalized so that the customers find it relevant and add value to their lives.

Select the proper time to post your content so that you improve the interests of the users and make them attached to you. Produce content marketing tactics to uplift your posts so that with the right customer you get a notification. Create a list of activities that will pull the attention of the customers.

Now, you have the right opportunity to release these campaigns objectively to expand your customer base on social media. React to every question and answer that is being posted on social media. You will get full knowledge of the trending posts that are to be created.


  • Creating external links

If you create external links in your content, the search engines get the chance to gain more knowledge regarding your website. Produce beautifully written and high-standard articles and hyperlink them with high-ranked external links. Select your topics wisely as that would force people to share the created content quickly.


It is vital to create external links to pull more traffic and reach on the website and also on the social media sites. Pick high-rated internal and external links to accelerate your website’s ranking as it generates improved visibility of your website and in return, you receive more shares, likes, customers, and subscribers.


  • Adding social media plugins to your business website

Adding social media-based plugins makes it easier for people to share your posts on different channels. Since most of them are logged into their social media accounts, it becomes easier for them to share the content in less than a second. Moreover, you also get full coverage of the total volume of shares of the posts on different social media platforms.


Make a public profile of your business website using all the social media buttons available as it aids the posts to be easily shareable. Use attractive buttons. Use the trial and error method with the shape, size, and type of buttons that are to be used for making them visible enough for the people to click them.


  • Connect with influencers in your industry

Connect with the impactful people in the industry in which you are working and tag them. Your brand should be visible to the influencers. Also, reach out to the social media influencers from the same industry but on different platforms and share the content with those people. More people will connect to your business and improve brand awareness, provided if those people find your content relevant and shareable.


If you share with them and they find it share-worthy, you will find traffic and followers have boosted by 90 percent. Moreover, make connections with the influencers and make your brand visible to them.


  • Get better reach and followers by conducting contests, giveaways, and polls

Conduct contests, polls, and giveaways to gain customers’ confidence and trust and that would eventually generate credibility and interest amongst them. You can easily attract followers and have them engage in conversations, provided that you execute unique and different strategies for giveaway prizes or discounts, or coupons. Customers get instantly attracted to discount offers. Frequent offers will make your customers stay attached to your brand and want them to ask for more such offers.


However, before conducting the polls, contests, and giveaways, you must know the objectives. Find out if are creating them for getting more likes and followers. While creating them, you will have to set an expiry date for the polls, giveaways, contests, and come with exceptional ideas to create them, as that keeps the customers interested. Promote them on social media sites to attract more users and make them engaged and boost brand awareness.


  • Exclude the unconventional Marketing Strategy

Most of the time, customers reach out to the brands with which they can personally relate. While creating your social media content, exclude difficult sales terms, and keep your posts personalized. This will help you to form real networks and create better relations with your customers. You allow the followers to purchase products from you after you begin creating a real network with the customers by taking up this strategy. This strategy does not fend off your customers and you get to promote your business, brand, and product.


While designing your content that the customers want will use, it is important to make a list of customers, who are loyal but don’t force them to stick to you. Thus, in this manner, you are having genuine and meaningful conversations with the customers using posts and after making true connections with them. Utilize various sites to reach out to your customers. Create business accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites, and lastly, make sure that your profile remains updated.


If you search the Internet, there are several paid and free tools available and they can provide details and fortify the brand’s value. If you use the right tools, you get the chance to execute your social media tactics successfully. You can also create groups, pages, and post relevant comments in the forum. Always be active on social media sites as it helps to keep the customers engaged and your brand constantly remains visible.


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Businessmen and customers can sense the essentiality of Social Media Optimization. SMO helps to be active on social media and produce positive replies to the posts that were created by you. Utilize the mentioned promotional suggestions to obtain a broader reach to your customers and make them stay connected with your brand. If you follow the said tips to create brand awareness on social media sites, you would find it easier to generate traffic and raise curiosity in your brand.


The above-mentioned tips are the most impactful suggestions, provided if you want to attract customers and make an impact on social media sites. You also get the chance to reach out to your customers and make real networks with them. Moreover, there is also a window to cross-promote your content on different social media sites and expand your customer base.


Utilize social media with the motive to assist the customers with information, entertainment, and more. The more continuously you post content related to your brand, the better you will get at attracting followers. 

However, the brand-related content must be filled with information, entertainment, and more. This way your customers will put trust and faith in your ability and remain connected to you, given you keep posting daily. Utilize the mentioned ways to optimize your social media accounts to form brand awareness.


Social Media Optimization places your brand under the spotlight. It attracts followers, subscribers, and fetches conversations (customer engagements). By following the tips, you can improve your brand awareness, customer engagement, make your content trend and expand the impact of your brand. Lastly, you should target customers from different demographics to boost your brand awareness.

Arka Roy Chowdhury has done his post-graduate diploma course from Asian College of Journalism. Previously, he has worked at a few publications. Currently, he is an intern at IIM skills. Arka is an avid reader of sports and entertainment news.
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