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Top 10 Hacks for Professional LinkedIn Marketing | 2024

All about LinkedIn Marketing and acing LinkedIn networking to attract and earn more clients, projects, and job offers in 10 basic steps. Dive into the list.

Linkedin Hacks

 LinkedIn is a social networking site with a professional setting where students, professionals, and businesses set up an account stating their achievements, experiences, expertise, and industry to interact with individuals or entities with the same interests and background. It is one of the best online platforms to build yourself or your company as a brand and attract clients, get projects, apply for jobs in your interested field and invite candidates with the required potential in your organization.

In simpler words, Linkedin is for “building your profile and showcasing your work,” staying updated about your industry and using your networking skills to grow as a brand or organization.

Here are the 10 steps required in LinkedIn Marketing that will help you to upscale your LinkedIn Networking game –

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1.Study Your Industry

In-depth knowledge of your area and studying the industry you are interested in is the very first step to expand the opportunities LinkedIn Marketing and LinkedIn Networking can offer you.

Get a clear picture of the area you are going to dive into and willing to grow in your head so that your work, words, and expertise could attract that kind of audience to you. Your industry could be education, self-help, career, marketing, social media marketing, finance, real estate, etc. 

Follow all the hashtags and well-known personalities related to your industry.

2.Know Your Audience

After having a clear idea about your career, you need to know and understand who your target audience is, what they want, how to attract them, and how to engage with them. 

Your audience in LinkedIn Marketing and LinkedIn Networking are these following three types of people or entities-

  • Potential Clients 
  • Potential employees
  • Fellow industry professionals

Your main target audience is the first one, that is, potential clients. You need to study and research all about their needs, wants, and what value you could provide them.

The second and third one, that is, potential employees and fellow industry professionals is your secondary preference with whom you will engage to grow as a brand and attain more visibility in Linkedin.

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3.Optimizing Your Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is like a landing page where you showcase your achievements and expertise to stabilize yourself as a credible brand. While analyzing a Linkedin or any other social media profile, an individual or organization are generally looking for the answers to their 3 questions-

● Is this person useful to me?

To showcase your usefulness to potential clients or connections, you need to state all of your expertise, skills, and acquired knowledge very precisely and wisely on your profile.

● Is this person Credible in general?

Credibility is measured upon experience, work done, and the number of connections you hold in Linkedin. More credibility, more opportunities, and increased chances of acceptance of your projects and the trust of people in your brand.

To excel in the LinkedIn Marketing and LinkedIn Networking game, you are required to showcase your past quality works, and appraisals of the happy, credible clients on your feed or profile. Connections with high credible profiles and professional organizations, which are well known will also help you in creating a good impression. 

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● Is this person beneficial to me At This Moment?

The market is always moving and changing no matter whether it’s physical or digital. If you want to always come top in the priority list of your potential clients, then you need to continuously keep enhancing your skills and knowledge according to the demand and needs of the market.

4.Interacting With A Purpose

LinkedIn is not just another social media platform, it is a professional social media platform, so you need to keep that in mind before every step taken here. 

Interacting with a purpose in LinkedIn Marketing and LinkedIn Networking means to drive any action to convert into your benefit. It may be providing you their (client’s) email or increasing your youtube views, visiting your blog, or providing you projects. Every post, messaging, comment, likes, and share must be done strategically to earn profit through it. 

2 kinds of people to follow that will benefit you in your growth in Linkedin-

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● Thought leaders

Send and Accept requests of connection to those thought leaders who provide different and educational knowledge through their posts and provide updated insights into your industry. Connect with your competitors too, learn through their work, keep track of their activities and stay connected to build a community where everyone can grow and benefit from. 

● Clients 

Try to get connected with future or potential clients. While connecting with companies or organizations you are interested in, approaching and pitching your work or project always puts your efforts in those individuals who sit in the decision making positions in the company and are more personally involved in the management as those are the professionals who care about the growth and profit of the organization. 

Approaching the right person who is willing to see the work of others that can benefit their institution at the right time is the key. So always stay updated with the potential benefactor’s posts. 

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5.Implement The Content Strategy 

Your LinkedIn Marketing and LinkedIn Networking grow from your quality and strategic content in this platform. Never treat Linkedin as a promotional platform for your content on other platforms. LinkedIn runs an algorithm that slows down the growth of any profile which tries to use it as a promotional or attracting-audience platform through external links.

Instead, create new content on LinkedIn and attract audiences to that content from the other social media platforms through web links to your LinkedIn profile/story/post. The more engagement with your content (likes, shares, views, comments), the more your profile’s visibility increases in Linkedin, and you become a more credible brand.

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Strategic Content to Increase Your Profile Visibility-

● Industry Updates / Hack Posts

Your LinkedIn Marketing and LinkedIn Networking will be increased, when you start posting meaningful articles like the hacks people can use in their personal and professional life relating to the area you work in. You can also provide industry updates in your feed in a short and easy, quick way to read.

Since the news channel, these days mostly wastes your time instead of providing useful news bites and information, people have started to depend on social media platforms for their daily dose of news and necessary general and specialized industry updates.

● Relatable stories / Lessons learned / Point of view / Personal moment

The world is becoming more and more competitive every day, the need to continuously run in the rat race of doing and being better than the others consumes our maximum time. After spending our whole day in a tense environment, all we want to feel is understood and appreciated. 

Relatable struggles, relatable feelings, and stories act as feel-good news and bring out the best and positive reaction from the people. In the same way, if you post something informative, chances of it being found useful and getting shares increase. The same goes with the point of view and personal moments as people become more likely to like and comment on your content if your post is emotional and more personal. 

Use content-related and your industry-related hashtags in your post, at least 3 hashtags per post to attract the professionals already following those hashtags and engage in your created content. 

● Thought-provoking / Controversy 

Thought-provoking and controversial posts trigger the best or the worst emotions in the audience, so the possibility of your post getting engagement increases for positive or negative reasons. 

● Open-ended Question 

The open-ended question gives people the liberty to answer your question in any way possible. The more the comments your post receive, the more will be the engagement.

● Ego Bait

Ego bait is when you post your achievements and brag about your accomplishments. To get the answer to the “how” factor, most people will engage in your post and read it till the end in the hopes of learning your secret. 

If you don’t have anything to post about yourself then you can prepare lists of the “Best 10” or “Top 5” kinds of content and then tag the creators or achievers on the list. This ego-bait may help you to get the attention of their connections if they engage with your content.

● Give-Away 

You can conduct free giveaways or limited edition giveaways to attract and hold the attention of your audience.

6.Outbound Messaging

Outbound Messaging is the method of reaching out to your clients or potential buyers directly through the messaging as discussed earlier to get the projects.

In LinkedIn Marketing and LinkedIn Networking or any kind of marketing, the buyer only engages with your marketing only, if it is approached properly. While Outbound Messaging, you need to reach out to people or organizations by using specifications in your words according to the nature and needs of the client.

You cannot send the messages in bulk to several people at the same time and expect them to take you seriously and not ignore your message.

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7. Referral Scheme

A happy client always brings more potential clients automatically but if you are confident about your work then you can ask your present, and past clients to refer you to their connections and promote you in their circle for the work you are in. 

For better LinkedIn Marketing and LinkedIn Networking, you need to create a good impression on your clients right from the start, perform your work according to their briefs and directions and always leave them satisfied with your work and behavior. 

8. Use a CRM

Sometimes even after working several years in the industry, you fail to understand what the customer wants these days, or the creators sometimes run out of new ideas. Sometimes even after having several meetings with the clients, you cannot figure out what they want or they decide what they need, then CRM helps you to perform LinkedIn Marketing and LinkedIn Networking using scientific methods and factual data. 

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a process through which professionals and organizations use stored factual data of the public to enhance their interaction with them and to convert their every interaction in favorable directions. 

In this process, human data is stored digitally at the time of their searches and interaction on the internet, and that data is then stored to be used for such marketing purposes. 

You can enter the topic, brand, or product name, and you will know what people want and what they are asking the most on the internet and then can use that data in your interactions with them for the projects or while creating content to get the most likely results. 

9.Split Test & Optimise 

Experiment every time you approach your clients or post content on Linkedin. Always use a different set of approaches, language, or method in your message, project, or content, and then at the end compare all the results with each other to find the best possible approach or the way of handling LinkedIn Marketing and LinkedIn Networking for you. 

Every person or organization has their own tried and tested methods that work every time to get the desired results, but that method only works for them as they are based on their backgrounds, goals, industry, etc. 

You create your own LinkedIn Marketing and LinkedIn Networking strategies by continuously using split tests and then optimization of the methods that work for you the best. 

10.LinkedIn Ads-

LinkedIn Ads are the facilities that are provided in Linkedin to promote your content or work to your desired audience or potential target customer. 

LinkedIn also gives you options as an audience what kind of ads you would like to see or be benefited from and through that, you can choose the categories of ads that are shown to you. Such ads help you in reaching job ads, project opportunities, and useful offers. 

LinkedIn gives you two varieties of Ad options-

● Message Ads

Under message Ads, an invitation or email message is sent to your set target audience stating all the offers you are providing and inviting them to purchase your product. 

● Text Ads

Text Ads is like Facebook Ad where ads are shown in your feed attracting the target groups with your offers and invitation to buy your products or invest in your project. 

Your LinkedIn Marketing and LinkedIn Networking can be grown through these two kinds of ads on Linkedin. These ads will bring you website clicks or engagements and views in your content, which will further convert into purchase/ investment / or acceptance of your offer or application.

Linkedin Ads are only suggested when you are dealing with products or profits with high costs as it includes huge risks. The commission on every view/click or engagement is in huge numbers and the risk of non-conversations of views/clicks or engagements into monetary benefits is also in big digits. 

If dealing with heavy cost projects or products, LinkedIn Ads can be very beneficial for you as it gives you options to choose your target audience, according to various categories provided by you like- age, experience, location, education, field, etc. It helps you to reach only those audiences who will be interested in your offer and willing to invest their time in your project or product. In addition to that, LinkedIn also provides you an option for choosing its self-searching features, where its algorithm finds the suited target audience for you according to the performance of your set Ad.

In addition, or instead of Linkedin ads, you can share the links of your content on Linkedin to other social media platforms and run ads on those shared links, there is a comparatively lesser cost and more engagement. 

Bonus Tips

  • Use emotionally triggering topics to make people engage in your content.
  • Negative or controversial content brings more engagements, but you must always stay within the line of neutrality and never risk your credibility for more engagements. Accept your mistakes politely if proven wrong.
  • Always act professionally and use only professional language.
  • Comment on the other’s growing content. Leave a meaningful comment to get replies from others and appear on your connection’s notifications.
  • Try to create a community where you support other brands or creators and get them to support you in return. Create a win-win environment.
  • Use relatable hashtags in your content. 
  • Follow your industry-related hashtags.
  • Tag credible creators or brands with a good reputation in your posts if it’s related to them. It increases your chances to attract the attention of their connections if they decide to comment on or like your post. 
  • Give a reason for your potential connections to follow you and a purpose for the already connected members to stay connected. Provide useful, quality content. 
  • Don’t just be professional in your profile. Add some personal touch to it by adding emotions, feelings, laughter, and sorrow full content. 
  • Be relatable yet better than others. 

Show your humbleness, kindness, and support to others but always present your skills and work superior to anybody in your field on Linkedin.

Hello, I am a Commerce Student, an Art lover, and a Media Aspirant Writer. I have been currently working as a guest intern at IIM SKILLS. I am a Certified Content Writer and have been practicing Content Creation for the last year. I Write, learn, and explore the opportunities in the digital fields.

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