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10 Best Computer Courses in Ahmedabad To Enhance Your Resume

This article entails the best Computer Courses in Ahmedabad, which are in demand to improve your skills and resume for your college or job application.


The image displays 10 best computer courses in Ahmedabad

Computer Courses have always been in demand in the Academic and Professional world, but, as the environment created by the COVID-19 has increased our dependency and reliability on the digital platforms by 70%, the Computer has become a basic need to get the necessary education and good-paying Jobs in Today’s World. Thus, Computer Courses have become a need to Survive in Today’s Market, not only for job seekers but for Students as well.


Here are the 10 Best Computer Courses in Ahmedabad you can learn to match your skills and enhance your resume according to the fast-changing global standards-


 10 Best Computer Courses in Ahmedabad


1. Basic Computer Course


Knowledge of Basic Computer skills is not only an add-on in the present and upcoming future, but also a compulsory skill to survive in the rat race competition of talent and hard work, to have a better career and job opportunities and life than others. Thus, it is considered one of the primal Computer Courses in Ahmedabad.


Basic Computer Skills Involves


  • Fundamentals of Computer – Fundamentals of Computer involves learning the basic body parts and functions of the Computer from level zero. Under this basic operation of a computer and using its basic function is taught and learned.
  • Typing – Having a good typing speed can land you into clerical duties very easily. And for students, it adds a special skill to their hands.
  • MS Office – Knowledge of basic Microsoft Word, EXCEL, PowerPoint, Outlook, Notebook is very important for a student as all the School/College/Job presentations and projects are prepared for these and with the help of these.
  • Emails – Sending and receiving Emails are a very important part of our life these days as all the notifications, messages, and notices from schools, colleges, and our colleagues are done by Email. Knowledge of Email accounts is necessary as it is one of the important means of communication these days.
  • Internet Researches – Before lockdown, there were many online classes available for self-development and improvement, but since lockdown, Internet Classes have become our only reality and only means to get an education and attend our classes.


You can learn the best Computer Courses in Ahmedabad anywhere. There are various Coaching Institutes where you can start your journey of online learning before proceeding to higher level Professional Courses from reputed and quality Institutes and receive certified training programs.


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2. Tally


Tally is accounting software that is used for storing the business transactions in detail and learning its working, it can be taken under one of the Basic Computer Courses. You can learn Tally to work for your own business, for other companies, or just simply for enhancing your resume for a job or higher education.


Computer Training Institutes to learn this Computer Course in Ahmedabad from are –


  • Ahmedabad Management Association
  • ED24 Group
  • SBP Academy etc.


3. Excel and PowerPoint


Advanced level Excel and PowerPoint come under Professional Courses of Computer Training and can improve your Resume for Job or Higher Level Education. Knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint is necessary for students to make projects and assignments and is a must acquired skill for employees to prepare presentations and important charts or organize the various data in the specified and proper manner. Knowledge of this basic computer skill can be very beneficial for you in the long run.


Institutes that provide the Professional Training of these Best Computer Courses in Ahmedabad are:


  • Prime Institute in Ahmedabad
  • Techmate Computer Education
  • S K Enterprise

4. Digital Marketing and Content Writing


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Digital Marketing is one of the top booming digital courses, not only in India but all over the world. The rise in digital use forced complete dependence on digital sources due to lockdown, continuous rise in technology, and rising number of better job opportunities in Digital Media.


Digital marketing involves promoting and selling products and services by the use of online marketing tactics such as search marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. It is simply marketing on digital platforms.


Dig in and learn about the Digital Marketing Course in Ahmedabad.


Content Writing is to create print and digital content for companies or media houses to attract targeted audiences to their social media accounts and engage them more and more on their websites through entertaining and informative content. To develop content that accurately reflects a company’s ideas and motives.


Learn about content writing tools to make your writing flawless with the Best Content Writing Course


  Institutes that provide the Professional Training of these Best Computer Courses in Ahmedabad are:


  1. Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing
  2. BrandVeda


Learn the advanced digital marketing practices from the industry experts with the Best Digital Marketing Course in India


Digital Opportunities are booming more than ever, there is always something new that is being generated now and that can be benefited or profited from. Investing in Digital Learning can help you to not only work for something new every day but also will allow you to create something new or even better, something of your own.


Also, you may want to know about the Top 13 Digital Marketing Courses in Ahmedabad.


5. Taxation ( GST )


Taxation is another one of the best Computer Courses in Ahmedabad you can take to gloss up your Resume For Job or higher studies. It is a theoretical and practical knowledge of Direct & Indirect Taxes. It involves imparting knowledge relating to Corporate Tax, Central Sales Tax (CST), Value-added tax (VAT), Tax planning, accounting, Cost management, Testing concepts, Financial Accounting, and Auditing and Goods And Service Tax (GST).


A quality knowledge in Taxation can land you up in a Government job which is a good-paying, stable Job option or career opportunity. Tax professionals can otherwise work with some well-paying private accounts department or corporate houses and CA firms. Tax consultancy comes with great rewards, for Yourself and from others too.


If finance interests your passion, then check out this top-notch GST Certification Course


Since, GST (goods and services tax) has replaced many indirect taxes in India such as the excise duty, VAT, services tax, etc, on 1st July 2017 when The Goods and Service Tax Act was passed in the Parliament; learning to practice GST is going to be a very rewarding skill in the long run.

Institutes that provide the Professional Training of these Best Computer Courses in Ahmedabad are:


  1. IIM Skills
  2. ICA Edu Skills
  3. Indus University


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6. VFX and Animation


VFX stands for ‘visual effects’ and like its name’s meaning the work of manipulating and creating visual effects or images is called VFX. You may have seen many actions, romance, or other genre movies where special effects like extra magic and the creation of fictional situations are created or made according to the director’s order or writer’s vision.


Animation is a type of visual effect where the animator creates 2D, OR 3D figures move or inaction like real life. You may have witnessed monster scenes or alien scenes in the movies where fictional characters are made to come to life. Cartoons are a great example to understand Animation.


With the age of Digitalization, the world of Cinema is not only restricted to certain Industries and now people can watch movies or other entertaining pieces anywhere. There are so many means that are created to make a person’s life easier, now people have access to entertainment at any time, place, or moment.


Everything is just one click away and now people have options to choose from different sources to buy their entertainment from or to expend their money to which has led to the formation of so many Streaming Platforms and OTT (over-the-top) Platform that are now providing television and film content over the internet.


Scope of VFX and Animation Designing-


This Revolution in the Cinema Industry has helped many creators and directors to make more and more cinematic masterpieces representing their artistic views and choices that they were not able to take earlier due to concentration of power in the hands and lack of funding. Examples of these platforms are- TVF, NETFLIX, YOUTUBE, etc.


Due to the rise in quality and quantity contents in the entertainment industry, the demand for VFX designers and Animators has also gone up, and investing your time in this opportunity will only give you positive results if your work is Best and Visions are unique. If you have the interests, unique ideas, and creativity to become a great VFX designer and an Animator and you are from Ahmedabad then after completing the Basic Computer Courses in Ahmedabad, you can take professional training in this Computer Course from any of these institutes –


  • MAAC Drive-In
  • Kshitij Vivan Institute Ahmedabad


7.  UX & UI


User Experience (UX) is the interaction and experience users have with the company’s products and services, whereas User Interface (UI) is the specific asset users interact with.


UI can deal with everything from screens and touchscreens, keyboards, sounds, and even lights, it is the means through which we interact with the company or the company’s website to communicate our message or order our instructions, and the experience we feel from it, the level of difficulty in interaction, easier ways to communicate, interesting themes to keep us entertain and engage in the interaction or communication is UX.


In simple words, The User Interface is like the technique we use to order food, and the satisfaction derived from it while placing the order or following the commands, or giving the instruction is the User Experience.


Scope of UX & UI –


Digitalization is leading a shift from the physical market to the online market more and more. Customers prefer to have easy access to everything with just one click or push of a few buttons. The increasing competition, tight schedules, and busy life of individuals are forcing them to optimize their time and energy as much as they can, due to which they prefer to get maximum things done in their free time, which is already too little to completely dedicate to one job and get good results.


From shopping for clothes and shoes to purchase of not only expensive furniture and appliances but regular groceries are done online with the help of an increasing number of service-providing websites.


With this level of Demand more and more companies and individuals are interested in developing their website for easier customer access and willing to invest more to increase better customer satisfaction. This has to be one of the best Computer Courses in Ahmedabad as the requirements for better UX & UI DESIGNER is increasing in the Global Market. You get the Professional Training from-


  • ImagineXP
  • Explorra School of Design & Technology
  • Graphic Design & Website Development Training


8. Coding and Programming


Programming is the process of creating a set of instructions to make a computer perform the task given, it is done through computer programming languages, such as JavaScript, Python, and C++. Through programming language, we communicate with the computer. Programming is the process of creating a program that follows certain standards and performing a certain task, whereas  Coding is a part of programming that deals with converting the language into binary commands for the computer.


Scope of Programming


Computer programmers can work on fields of –


Software Development, Web Designing, Mobile App Development, and much more. Nowadays, Computer Programming is not just limited to the IT sector but it has been stretched into other fields like Mechanical and Electronics and hence, its demands have been increasing. The demand for computer programmers is boosting and opting to become a Programmer in Today’s world if you have an interest in this field will not only provide a well-paying career option but will also fill your resume with several opportunities.


You can take Professional Programming Training in Ahmedabad in-


  • LogicRays Academy
  • IANT – Institute of Advance Network Technology
  • Aptech Computer Education


9. Cyber Security Courses


Cyber Security is the protection of computer systems and their networks from information disclosure, theft of or damage of hardware, software, or electronic data on our computer systems from the disruption, manipulation, directions, or misdirections by any unwanted third party.


Scope of Cybersecurity


With the increased and easy access to the internet, many users now have easy access to avail all the digital services, but with the rise in the genuine users, many frauds and disruptors have also increased. These frauds and cheaters can create some serious harm and damage by thieving your data and money or disturb the smooth functioning of your computer system.


NASSCOM reported that despite having the largest IT talent pool in the world, India simply lacks skilled cybersecurity professionals thus making a career in Cyber Security a heavily populated country with around 243 million adolescents who are getting easier access to the Internet and Digital Technology will be a well-paying job.


You can learn Cyber Security from –


  • Grras Solutions
  • Ahmedabad University
  • Cyber Octet


10. IT


Information Technology (IT) is the process of utilizing computers to reserve, transfer, recover, and manipulate data or information. IT is used for business operations, personal use, or as entertainment technologies.


Scope of IT


While searching for better rewarding best Computer Courses in Ahmedabad to advance your skills and Resume for Job or Higher studies, you can go for IT as Information Technology is everywhere in the daily lives – from building a Spaceship to Delivering food at our doorsteps through the use of Digital/Mobile Applications. In such a scenario, IT is the most financially rewarding career to pursue.


Here are the institutes you can consider joining for this Professional Course –

  • TopCode Academy
  • Bascom Bridge Education Pvt Ltd
  • Xavier Institute of Computer Application etc.


Some other Best Computer Courses in Ahmedabad that you can take



Technology has become a very important part of our lives and no one can survive in this cutthroat competitive world without knowing Computers and the various wonderful features and perks that come with them. So if you are searching and evaluating the perfect career opportunities for you then you should start by taking the above-mentioned best Computer Courses in Ahmedabad to find your calling.


Hello, I am a Commerce Student, an Art lover, and a Media Aspirant Writer. I have been currently working as a guest intern at IIM SKILLS. I am a Certified Content Writer and have been practicing Content Creation for the last year. I Write, learn, and explore the opportunities in the digital fields.

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