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5 Best Institutes For SEO Training In Lucknow

While big brands have a solid online presence, even small businesses have entered the digital arena. According to 2021 statistics, 70% of small and mid-sized companies invested more in digital marketing. On the other hand, 35% of small businesses made their sales online. Thus, today, ranking higher in SERPs is of utmost priority for brands, making SEO one of the pillars of digital marketing. If you aspire to become an SEO expert in UP’s capital city, look for institutes offering the best SEO training in Lucknow. It’s an excellent starting point to build a promising career as an SEO professional.


List of best SEO training in Lucknow


An Overview of SEO in Digital Marketing


SEO, or search engine optimization, involves optimizing websites using high-quality content,  suited keywords, and taking care of a few technicalities associated with the sites. The process unduly helps a brand have a superior search engine ranking and improve its organic web traffic. The well-planned SEO tactics ensure businesses get discovered online organically.


It enables brands to have a competitive advantage over their competitors online and market for free around the clock. On the other hand, applying SEO best practices can assist businesses in benefitting from other digital marketing techniques. For instance, an online customer clicks on an ad they find attractive; it could be a paid ad of a brand.


They might then do some research to explore other options and eventually click on the first few organic results on the SERPs. Thanks to its SEO efforts, the brand in question will be one of the top-ranking options. And since the customer is familiar with it from the ad they previously saw, they will prefer it over its competitors.


So, overall, the business improves its brand awareness and online footprint using adept SEO techniques. An SEO training in Lucknow can help you implement SEO tactics, stand-alone and in combination with other online promotion methods for your client companies. It allows them to gain traction among customers quickly.


How Does Search Engine Optimization Work


From a broader perspective, SEO best practices aim to make well-curated content provide the best information possible that answers customers’ queries. And considering the technical aspects, it helps content rank better and get discovered by the target audience at the right time.


You will learn in detail about how search engine optimization works during your SEO training in Lucknow. But here’s a crisp run-through over what exactly is the SEO working process. So, here’s what happens. Crawlers, or bots, check out the website content to interpret the information and understand the site.


They observe the content type that online visitors see. The crawling happens across all pages of a website to find out the information flow and relation between different data on each page. The search engine algorithms use this information and apply specific criteria to decide a website’s appropriate search engine ranking.


SEO tactics ensure the brand’s website covers all the factors, from content optimization and correct keyword placement to upholding the content quality. These are imperative aspects, improving user experience, thus ensuring the site gets crawled and ranked higher in SERPs.


SEO Types


Below are the SEO subsets that help in simplifying the overall SEO process.


While a well-structured SEO training in Lucknow will cover all the SEO types, knowing the most crucial ones can depict the best of you.


On-page SEO


This SEO type is all about making a website more search engine- and user-friendly by optimizing different facets of the site pages. These elements, present on the pages, enhance the overall website’s search engine ranking.


  • The page titles appear in search engine results. So, they should be eye-catchy compelling viewers to click them. An optimized page title ensures search engine bots understand what the page speaks about and the content users will view.
  • One of the crucial SEO best practices is optimizing all the page headings. While an optimized page should have only one H1 tag, which will be for the page title, the opening paragraph should have an H2 tag. And the rest of the subsequent subheadings, provided for various page sections, need an H3 title tag. One aspect to note here is that having subheadings on a web page makes the content look well-structured and easier for crawlers to scan.
  • Typically, search engines cannot understand image content. So, you will have to optimize the images on a web page by providing a proper filename and ALT text as part of image SEO.
  • On-page SEO is incomplete if you do not publish the content on the web page in an organized manner. Search engines deem it as a criterion while ranking a site.


Off-page SEO


While on-page elements play a crucial role in SEO, off-page SEO covers all the techniques you will implement for promoting your client’s business website online.


  • Link building is a critical off-page SEO method. You will get SEO backlinks from other websites for your client’s site. The more the backlinks, the better trust, and authority your customer’s website will have, thus making it rank better in search engine results.
  • Another essential aspect of off-page SEO is brand promotion. To make it well-known, you will have to initiate and build conversations about your client’s brand on various social media platforms. Search engines look for these positive indicators to rank the website better in search results.


Technical SEO


Under this SEO type, you will work on the technical elements that ensure a website’s visibility in SERPs, with crawlers able to index the site without any glitches. You will deal with aspects such as your client’s website robot.txt, adding and verifying the site with Google Search Console.


You will improve the site structure and URL while ensuring the site design is SEO-friendly. And the other aspect you will optimize is the site load speed. It is a critical factor that search engines consider while ranking websites in search results.


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Career Scope After Completing SEO Training in Lucknow


A career as a certified SEO professional has excellent scope in India and abroad. Some of the top job profiles you can explore after completing SEO training in Lucknow are:


  • SEO Executive at a digital marketing firm
  • SEO professional who manages SEO strategies for startups
  • SEO expert in a well-established organization
  • SEO consultant offering services to multiple companies
  • Establish your SEO agency
  • SEO trainer at an academy or start your ed-tech institute


Initially, as a fresher, you may earn around 10k-15k per month. But when you start gaining experience, you can identify your niche in this discipline and earn industry-standard remunerations. For instance, link building is one of the top SEO best practices. And if you get trained in link building, you can make about 25k a month as a link builder.


On the other hand, a comprehensive SEO course can make you an expert in all SEO facets that effectively improve a website’s search engine ranking. You will gain work experience and get promoted as a digital marketing manager quickly, earning well over 12 lakhs per annum.


Best Institutes for SEO Training in Lucknow


So, you have a clear notion about SEO, how it works, the SEO types, and SEO best practices. Moreover, you might have got some idea about your career prospects as an SEO specialist by now. But when you enroll for SEO training in Lucknow, it will help you understand the field in the best way possible.


Below is a list of top institutes that offer the best SEO courses. These certification courses can undoubtedly make you a qualified candidate for high-pay jobs as an SEO expert.




IIM SKILLS is a top-ranking online ed-tech institute in India, offering top-notch professional courses across different facets of digital marketing. Its Advanced SEO course is a leading SEO training in Lucknow that you must check out. Once you enroll in their training program, you will acquire industry-demanded skills.


You will ace critical thinking, research, writing capabilities, technical proficiency, adaptability, and communication skills. You will learn SEO in great depth, covering topics from SEO fundamentals and SEO tactics to SEO audits.


SEO Course Salient Features

  • Four weeks training and eight weeks paid internship
  • Complete live virtual training with flexible batch timings
  • 16 hours of live lectures with practical weekly assignments
  • Hands-on experience with two live projects and case studies
  • Training by industry experts
  • Access to SEO tools worth 20k
  • User-friendly LMS
  • Lifetime access to updated course material
  • MSME Govt. of India recognized Master certification
  • Dedicated placement assistance
  • 24×7 online support


SEO Course Modules

  • Introduction
  • Setting up the appropriate niche
  • SEO types
  • Search console
  • Google Analytics
  • Reporting skills in SEO
  • Additional module


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


SEO Course Key Takeaways


IIM SKILLS gives you undergo extensive practical training in SEO. You will understand keyword research, competitor research, and search engine algorithm criteria. You will have exposure to powerful SEO tools, including Google Search Console, KWFinder, Answer the Public, speed test tools, on- and off-page optimization tools.


Moreover, you will learn white hat SEO tactics, SEO hacks, and tips to quickly improve a website’s search engine ranking. So, you will gain the competency to establish your career as an SEO professional or launch your very own SEO agency.


Also, IIM SKILLS is partners with over 300 companies, enabling it to offer you placement assistance with complete interview support. You will also receive a Recommendation Letter, which can boost your CV while applying for SEO job openings.

Course Fee: Rs. 14,900 + 18% GST

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Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]


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2.     Max Digital Academy


Max Digital Academy offers advanced SEO training in Lucknow. If you are a rookie, this is an excellent course for becoming a pro in SEO. The training program is an exhaustive basic to advanced guide for mastering SEO, focusing on ranking a website higher in SERPs. It guarantees that you will learn and adeptly implement all the updated SEO strategies, thus making you an expert in the SEO domain.


SEO Course Salient Features

  • Live online 3-week workshop
  • The first fifty participants get a 10-day training on link building, hands-on experience with paid tools, and SEO hacks to maintain an SEO-optimized website.
  • Up-to-date course material
  • Assured internship


SEO Course Modules

  • Introduction
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Google updates


SEO Course Key Takeaways


The course will teach you how to organically bring traffic to a website, create high-quality leads, and build quality backlinks. You will gain the knowledge for setting up and maintaining Google Search Console and Analytics.


The training program will help you understand SEO fundamentals, such as search engines’ functioning, various SEO types, and techniques to implement them innovatively. As you learn such basics and gradually go up to the advanced levels, this SEO training makes you job-ready with the expertise required in this field.


Course Fee: Connect to Max Digital Academy representative for fee details

Contact Details: 09889311122


3.     QuickXpert Infotech


QuickXpert Infotech provides SEO training in Lucknow as part of its comprehensive digital marketing course, one of the best in the capital city. Once you complete the course, you will get free placement support for a year for pursuing your preferred job position in the digital marketing industry.


SEO Course Salient Features

  • Training from experts
  • Job-focused SEO training
  • Coaching from the basics to the advanced level
  • 80% practical training
  • Access to updated study material and live projects
  • Dedicated placement support
  • 100% job opportunities
  • Interview preparation and resume building support


SEO Course Modules

  • Introduction
  • Understanding search engines
  • SEO keyword research
  • WordPress
  • On- and off-page SEO
  • Blogs
  • SEO guidelines for website design
  • Google Analytics and reporting
  • Google Webmaster tools
  • Quora marketing
  • App Store optimization
  • Google updates
  • Mastering over 10 SEO tools
  • Live project


SEO Course Key Takeaways


Once you join the course, you will get training in SEO and all aspects associated with this discipline. You will get hands-on experience with the opportunity to design projects. The institute has an excellent record of getting candidates their dream jobs in over 1000 companies. It guides you while preparing your CV and offers interview preparation support. It ensures you land at your aspired job profile as an SEO expert.


Course Fee: Get fee details by email.

Contact Details: +91 7506252588, +91 8452842233


4.     IIDE


If you are looking for a self-paced, online SEO course with certification, then IIDE is one of the best institutes you can choose. You can complete your SEO training in Lucknow, right from your comfort zone. This award-winning institute provides an industry-recognized certification at the end of its extensive SEO course. They make you skilled in ranking a website higher in search engine results, thus achieving the best SEO outcomes.


SEO Course Salient Features

  • Over 6 hours of live coaching
  • 1+ hours of video lectures
  • Device-friendly online lectures
  • Access to video lectures for a month
  • Assignments and practice tests
  • Dedicate technical support and help
  • Mastering over 5 SEO tools
  • Industry-recognized course completion certification


SEO Course Modules

  • Keyword research as part of on-page SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Google-proofing a website
  • Off-page SEO
  • Google Search Console
  • Blackhat SEO techniques


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


SEO Course Key Takeaways


You will have a one-on-one mentoring session during the SEO course. The training program includes coaching tested SEO strategies through video lectures and online sessions. SEO experts will teach you core concepts, theoretically and practically.


On the other hand, you will master SEO tools, such as Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, RankMath, Yoast, MOZ, and Google Page Speed. Once you acquire SEO skills and earn the certification, you can build a stunning resume for pursuing lucrative job opportunities.


Course Fee: Rs. 6,355 + Taxes

Contact Details: +91 9619958615


5.     ACTE


ACTE offers 5-star rated SEO training in Lucknow. It is a live instructor-led online training, and you learn from certified experts. The course covers SEO strategies for ranking a website better in SERPs. The training is pretty exhaustive, discussing different SEO facets in great detail.


On the other hand, ACTE is partners with top MNCs, including Oracle, Microsoft, and AWS, a testament to its quality SEO training program. On the other hand, it’s a certification course. So, you will earn an industry-recognized ACTE certificate once you complete the training successfully, which will be an excellent value-add to your CV.


SEO Course Salient Features

  • 40+ hours of training
  • Over three live projects for hands-on experience
  • 25+ practical assignments
  • Training covers novice to the most advanced levels of SEO tactics
  • SEO certified expert faculty with over nine years of experience
  • Flexible training options – weekdays regular, weekends regular, and weekends fast track
  • Certification guidance
  • Complete job-oriented training
  • Dedicated placement cell


SEO Course Modules

  • Introduction
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Dynamic website SEO
  • Google Adsense
  • Reports and management


SEO Course Key Takeaways


The SEO course focuses on providing resourceful, hands-on training with realistic scenarios. You will study the most job-oriented SEO topics and tools, such as website domain, title optimization, link building, metatags, design, and layout. The tools you will master include Google Analytics, Moz, SEMrush, SEO Quake, and SEO Crawler, among others.


This top-rated SEO course includes real-time projects. You will get hands-on experience in website analytics, Google Adwords PPC campaigns, and SEO strategies with HTML code. It will help you understand SEO concepts effectively.


Furthermore, ACTE has partnerships with tech giants, such as Wipro, Dell, CTS, TCS, HCL, and IBM. So, the institute is capable of getting you placed in top MNCs. Once you complete 70% of your SEO training, you can appear for mock written tests and interviews to build your confidence to appear for job interviews.


They also offer resume preparation assistance, thus ensuring you stand out from other candidates. According to ACTE’s learner career outcome, around 60% of SEO course participants started a new career in this domain after completing the course. And the rest, 40%, achieved a pay increase or promotion.


Thus, you could be one of them, either kick-starting a career in this field or seeking a higher salary package; this course will surely help you meet your career goals.


Course Fee: Contact the institute for fee details.

Contact Details: +91 9383399991




Q1. What is the eligibility to do a certification course in SEO?

There are no specific prerequisites. You can enroll in an SEO course if you are a student, homemaker, or professional interested in SEO and digital marketing.


Q2. Is it necessary to have coding knowledge to do SEO training in  Lucknow?

You do not require coding knowledge to do an SEO certification course. However, if you wish to become a technical SEO specialist, having JavaScript coding knowledge is a value-add.


Q3. What skills can make an SEO professional successful?

The skills required are critical thinking, communication and writing ability, analytical review, adaptability, having a research mind, and domain knowledge.


Q4. Is SEO a freelancing or a full-time job?

Once you become a qualified SEO professional, you can either pursue your career as a freelancer or apply for full-time jobs in top companies.


Final Thoughts


Today, if you wish to stand apart in the digital marketing industry, you need to have sound knowledge of SEO. The reason is businesses aspire to rank on the first page of search engine results to boost web traffic on their site and experience the best lead conversions. However, SEO is a vast field and involves numerous strategies, some involving the visible website elements while others being more technical.


So, it becomes imperative to get proper domain training before you start exploring your job prospects. The above list of institutes for SEO training in Lucknow will surely help you choose the best SEO course. So once you acquire SEO knowledge through practical training, rest assured you will have a successful career as an SEO specialist.


  • This is a good article. I now understand SEO training in Lucknow thanks to it. What programme is best for me, too. The discussion of SEO is quite well-written. Although I’ve read a lot of papers on SEO training, this one also contains a lot of useful information. I’m definitely interested in this course. To assist me get my blogs noticed, I searched online for SEO courses. I’m going to organise my schedule and sign up for one of these classes when I have the time. I had heard about digital marketing from a friend as a way to expand your business online.

  • Would you advise me to enrol in this course concurrently with college or to postpone enrolment when I have a little more spare time? . I’m looking for a course to take in the interim while I have some time in my hands as my degree college will start in a months time . When looking for SEO training in Lucknow I came across this article. My main interest is in enrolling in a weekend course. I’m considering creating a freelance business to jumpstart my career. Additionally, I’d want to know if the sessions will be held online or in person and how long the course will last. So please give me information on the same .

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  • I was looking for the top SEO training in Lucknow when I came across this article, and I must admit it is quite nicely written. I’m blown away. Most of my previous reservations have been dispelled, and I am looking forward to enrolling in your SEO course. I have a strong passion for writing and have worked as a freelance writer for a few modest web firms. Now I’ve made the decision to establish my own internet business and study everything there is to know about digital marketing and SEO training. I am confident that these SEO training sessions will be extremely beneficial to the development of my internet business.

  • I am pursuing my master’s in marketing and also looking for a course I can do on the side for a better portfolio. I understand the importance of seo in online marketing and also for candidates who possess this skill since companies actively are looking for this skill in the candidates. Therefore I thought a seo training in lucknow would be a good start as my side course. You have presented all the courses very well in your article and it provides clear explanations for both students and working professionals. I am hoping to enroll soon in your institute.

  • Hi , I was looking for a marketing course for my daughter who is currently in her H.S.C. . I read your article and it is quite enlightening. But I wanted to know if the SEO training in Lucknow is eligible for students who are still studying or it is more valid for working professionals who have real life knowledge or for graduates from relevant streams . What are the career options that my daughter can look at after she completes this SEO course and what is the starting pay package like ? I would be interested in having a demo class for her so that she is sure that this is the course she wants to pursue . Thanks

  • Hi, I’m Pranjal. I own a cafe in the city. However, it has been difficult to make our cafe popular in the area. We are able to satisfy the customers but there are only a few customers that we get throughout the day. I am thinking that it is because the cafe has not been a success in terms of popularity among the locals. So we decided to take our business online as well. Even though we have a website and everything there is still not much difference from taking the online approach. However my friend had told me about seo training in lucknow and how benefits small businesses also. So do tell me seo help me in my business. Thank you.

  • There are many institutes that provide SEO training in Lucknow but I find iimskills to be the best. I am intrigued by their model and this article also articulates it well as how they are a great choice for me. I have a small business with my brother on side of my actual job. I do not like working a job but I have to. Now I can take the business a step further by making its online presence known with the help of SEO tools. I am excited to venture into the digital marketing world. I am hopeful to start this new journey.

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