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Top 6 Technical Writing Courses in Lucknow With Placements

Lucknow, the multicultural capital city of Uttar Pradesh, is also a hub of education and technology. Educational and research institutes such as IIT Lucknow are the pride of this city. Hence, it has a lot to offer to someone interested in technical writing, a growing career option in itself. This blog addresses what to expect as a technical writer and the availability of course options in Lucknow. It puts forth a compilation of the top 6 technical writing courses in Lucknow. 


Technical writing courses in Lucknow


What is Technical Writing?


Before we dive into the technical writing courses in Lucknow that can help a writer achieve their dreams of exploring this career option, one must familiarise oneself with what technical writing implies.


Technical writing is now a fast-growing field in keeping with the ever-changing technology around us. Perhaps one of the oldest forms of content writing, technical writing picked up acceptance as a career in the 1940s. From being only about simplifying and compiling technical manuals, it has now diversified as a career.


Technical writers are tasked with the job of simplifying scientific or technical information for their audience, which may or may not have as much knowledge. For these reasons, they are also referred to as knowledge authors of late.


It is the art of being able to provide concise and comprehensible information on technical topics. When we talk about technical topics, these may not be limited only to technology. They span over topics related to other sciences and also concepts used in businesses.


A technical writer possesses the ability to provide accurate information as technical topics demand in an easy-to-understand format. This has led to the evolution of this art in the last few decades. As technology and research have scaled new heights, technical writing has followed in its path.


For complete insight on what is technical writing, read What is Technical Writing: An All-Inclusive Guide.


Types of Technical Writing


Technical writers produce a lot of different content. A good course will be able to guide you through these varied formats and the skills required to correctly formulate each one of them. Once you familiarise yourself with the different types of technical writing and which of these interest you, it may guide your decision while considering one of the technical writing courses in Lucknow.


Technical writers are now expected to be able to generate accurate content to create different types of documents such as:


User Manuals


These are used to simplify the use of a particular machine. For example use of a coffee machine. Building user manuals and documents has been the assignment with which this profession started out. It has now assumed a bigger role in which technical writers are also expected to compile and create user manuals for software developers.


Medical and Research Journals 


Increased research in the field of medical and allied sciences has intensified the need for writers who are capable of producing scientifically accurate information and are well versed with the norms of scientific writing. Thesis writing, research proposals, scientific papers, and the composition of these all fall under this bracket.


Proposals and Business Plans


Proposals are an integral part of the beginning of most intended business projects. They give a brief about the project outlining its various aspects such as timeline, plan of action, methods that will be used, and resources required for its execution. A technical writer will find his/her place in drafting such proposals to meet the end goal of having them accepted and put into action.


White Papers


A white paper is any technical paper such as a guide or a report. White papers are used in businesses to put forth a particular product or proposal in a concise manner. It is within the scope of a technical writer to be able to produce such engaging white papers.


Technical Reports and Reviews


A technical writer is also expected to be able to put together technical reports. These reports take the reader through the process or the progress of a certain technical or scientific research. Researchers often require qualified technical writers to be able to write structured documents outlining the details of a project.


Policies and Procedures


Documents that outline policies and procedures for employees without leaving any gap for interpretation are also drawn by skilled technical writers. Policies are instructions to employees on what they are expected to do, while procedures provide the means and ways to do it. This requirement to produce such documents exists across industries. From the above examples, it is clear that the scope of this profession is limitless at the moment. More and more skill sets are being added to the kitty of a technical writer.


Advantages of Being a Technical Writer


The versatility that comes with this profession allows for many advantages. It is a role that can provide a good income along with a work-life balance if done right. Here are some of the pros of considering technical writing as a career option.


Ever Growing Profession with Companies Hiring Aggressively


The demand for a technical writer has slowly been on the incline. Job growth of 12% is predicted to be faster than the global average rate of employment growth. If you open any online job portal in India, a minimum of 3000 job openings can be seen for technical writers.


Companies like Accenture, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, etc. are among the top companies aggressively hiring content writers. Post doing any of the following technical writing courses in Lucknow, one can expect to be employed by such companies.


Work from Home Opportunities


Technology itself has made it easy for a lot of people to be able to do their work from home. As a technical writer, most of the work can be done remotely, allowing for the opportunity to work comfortably in one’s home environment.


Good Remuneration


The average technical writer in India currently earns in the range of 3-5 lacs per annum. This can snowball into a larger income of up to 20 lacs with experience and freelancing, making this an extremely lucrative option.


Freelancing Opportunities 


Since the demand for a technical writer is very high and ever-growing, along with full-time jobs, there are a lot of freelancing opportunities that one can avail of. Freelancing gives the technical writer the ability to pick and choose his projects and also the potential to earn a lot more, depending on the work he’s able to produce.


Clear Cut Job Role


The job chalked out for a technical writer is to the point and concise. It does not allow much room for creativity as it is based on facts, figures, and concepts. It is pretty straightforward and involves breaking down concepts for a specific audience.


Constant Growth in Skills and Knowledge Base


A technical writer is at the forefront of the development of science and technology. The ability to understand complex concepts is a prerequisite when it comes to being an effective technical writer.


The occupation comes with the understanding that there will be constant progress in terms of skills. It is predicted that in the future, technical writers will also develop other skills that go with this form of content writing such as web design, graphics creation, web content management, etc.


Ease of Gaining H1B Visa


There is a huge demand for technical writers in the US. This has prompted more and more companies to sponsor H1B visas to technical writers. It is easier to therefore gain an H1B visa if technical writing is the career of choice.


Scope in India


India,  with its own silicon valley, and strong roots in medical science is in constant need of technical writers. The demand for this profession in this country is very high and is only growing. Outsourcing has also found its way into this career path, making it a high-demand job. If you choose to be a technical writer, you can find yourself in many fields such as:


  • Software companies
  • Website development
  • Telecom
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Energy
  • Aeronautics
  • Medical Sciences


A profession with a bright future, it has come a long way from not being identified to being one of the most sought after.


Read more about the scope for this profession in India: Scope for Technical Writing in India.


Top 6 Technical Writing Courses in Lucknow


A certification or course can help you gain further knowledge and walk down this career path. Doing a course with a good certification will not only help you gain insight into this profession. Some of the technical writing courses in Lucknow that have been mentioned in this blog also provide internships and placements helping you get a foot in the door within 3-6 months.


If you want to expand your search to the rest of the country, read Top 10 Technical Writing Courses in India with Placements.


Here are the 6 technical writing courses in Lucknow to consider:


1. Technical Writing Course by IIM SKILLS

A pioneer in creating courses tailored to individual requirements, the IIM SKILLS technical writing course is 5 weeks of live online training. It is one of the finest technical writing courses in Lucknow and other parts of the country. The course material includes a lot of practical assignments. It is in alignment with top MNC recruiters.


At the end of this course, you will have published your own white paper, published a scholarly article or book chapter, and a technical blog in Times of India while gaining detailed knowledge about the intricacies of technical writing. You will be able to create not just good technical material but also visual aids to complement them.


The sessions are personalized and interactive. The faculty comes with years of experience and is very invested in individual students when it comes to mentorship. Headquartered in Delhi, IIM SKILLS has managed to reach out to the many corners of the country to help impart the skills required for a professional technical expert. An attendance of 70% is imperative to achieve certification. An examination is held at the end of the course to gauge understanding of taught concepts.


Key Benefits:


  • Global accreditation, Master Certification (TWMC)
  • 26+ hours of live online training
  • Lifetime access
  • Provision for an internship
  • Interview preparation
  • Job referrals


Download IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Brochure


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Other Professional Courses offered by IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

 2. Skills Upgrader


For anyone interested in technical writing courses in Lucknow that also diversify into the bigger area of content writing, the Skills Upgrader course on content writing can be considered. Skills Upgrader is available in over 50 cities in the country.


This course is also delivered in the same format as the live online classroom. While it is a content writing course, it covers most subsets of content writing including technical writing. For students interested in all types of content writing with a small focus on technical writing, this course makes the most sense.


The live online classes make the instructors more approachable, helping solve any questions and hasten to learn important concepts. This course, among the content, promises to teach skills such as authoring FAQs, instruction manuals, and how-to guides, which are the pillars of a good technical writer.


Key Features:


  • Comprehensive content writing course
  • Certification course
  • Practical exposure and assignments
  • Lifetime access
  • 16+ hours of classes
  • 70+ hours of practical assignments
  • Provision for internship
  • Dedicated placement support

IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


3. Education and Career Times (ECT)


It is a very good option for anyone looking for technical writing courses in Lucknow and nearby. Based in Delhi, ECT aspires to change the face of education and has trained participants who are now part of the global workforce. Once just a blog, within a span of a decade, it has grown into a technical education giant and is well recognized globally.


For technical writing, they offer two courses: 


  • Technical writing course
  • Technical writing course + (HTML + CSS + JavaScript)

The difference between the two courses is that the technical writing course with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript gives the participant the added advantage of being able to read the source code. This opens up more career options with top tech giants. As the future lies in coding, this course can give the participant a bit of a head start when it comes to starting their career in technical writing.


The technical writing course focuses simply on technical writing and is better suited for a beginner or someone with pre-acquired knowledge of coding. However, it should be noted that the technical writing course with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript gives four certifications while the first type, of course, provides for just one.


It is a far more extended course with a lot of hours and coursework. The course duration is from 3-6 months depending on the course type. ECT also promises personalized attention and feedback with their live and interactive sessions while conducting these courses.


Key Benefits:

  • Government recognized certification
  • Provision for internship
  • 32-96 hours of classroom/live training
  • Assignments, live projects, and quizzes

 4. Udemy


Udemy not only makes it to one of the finest places to find technical writing courses in Lucknow but all over the world. It has several courses to offer in this field depending on where you would like to focus.


While there are multiple options available for learning the nuances of technical writing on this platform, The Professional Technical Writing: Advance Your Writing Skills course is the best-selling one. It also has a very high rating in terms of user reviews.


You’ll learn the fundamentals of technical writing, how to design a document template, and how to write your first user guide in this beginner-level course. It teaches technical writing’s “structure,” such as what should be included (TOC, LOF, Index, etc.) and what vocabulary to use and what not to use.


The downside to this course is that it does not provide individual attention. It also lacks the support that other live online classes give with placements and job-related queries. However, if your objective is to just better your skills in this area and if you have pre-existing certification or experience, this course may be feasible.


Key Features:

  • Certification course
  • Flexible
  • 6 hours of on-demand videos with lifetime access
  • 107 lectures
  • Multiple quizzes and exercise sheets
  • Instructor reviewed assignments


5. Coursera 


Coursera is an online education portal that provides good quality courses from recognized institutes globally. It offers technical writing courses in Lucknow by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. This online course provides approximately 19 hours of course content.


It can be used by writers looking for technical writing courses in Lucknow. It covers topics such as the nuances of technical writing, research, and organization required for technical writing, writing of various technical reports and documents.


As with the technical writing course available on Udemy, the personal touch is lacking in this course. The instructor, while experienced, is not available at all times as is the norm with live online classes such as those provided by IIM Skills. While this course will arm you with relevant skills to be a qualified technical writer, it will not help you apply for jobs or work on your interview-giving techniques.


Key Features:

  • Certification course
  • Flexible
  • Available in various languages
  • Practice and graded quizzes
  • Applied writing assignments

For more online technical writing courses, read here.


6. Harvin Henry

If you are looking for technical writing courses in Lucknow, the course offered by Harvin Henry is one of the most recognized in this area. Harvin Henry Education is available across more than 23 cities in the country including the city of Lucknow.


Harvin Henry courses have repeatedly won awards and certifications for being one of the best in the industry. At the end of the course, you will have the ability to write a thesis, research proposals, research papers and create perfect citations.


You will find yourself able to communicate technical concepts to a non-technical audience, which is the expectation from a good technical writer. This improves eligibility to find good jobs abroad as well as updates your current job profile and skill set.


They teach via a live online classroom making this a more personalized experience than is available. An option is also available to pay via EMI.  Along with individual one on one training, they also tailor-make this course for corporate training.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Key Benefits:

  • Ranked amongst the top technical writing courses
  • Recognized certification – Certified Technical Writer (CTW)
  • Provides internship opportunity
  • Provides Placements
  • Lifetime access
  • Hands-on practical technical writing training
  • Job Support
  • Interview Skills preparation


 Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What qualifications are required to be a technical writer?

While a basic graduation degree and a firm grasp of and understanding of the English language is enough to be a technical writer, having a background in software development or engineering can be an added advantage. Doing courses such as the ones mentioned will also be a feather in the cap of anyone aspiring to be a sound technical writer.


  1. How is a technical writer different from a creative writer?

Technical writing caters to the presentation of facts and concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. Creative writing, on the other hand, aims at inspiring action or simply entertaining. One cannot take the liberty of being imaginative when it comes to technical writing. It is purely factual and meant to instruct and educate.


  1. Are there any good technical writing courses for free?

Google provides a free technical writing course. It is a flexible course and more targeted towards technical writing in just the software domain. A complete review of this course can be read here: A Comprehensive Guide to Google Free Technical Writing Course.




While there seems to be a dearth in availability of technical writing courses in Lucknow, a lot of these live online classes are making it easier for the audience in Lucknow to avail of this knowledge. The shortcoming of a live class, in-classroom class cannot be felt with these highly proficient live online classes that most of these platforms provide, obliterating the need for on-site education, which now seems like it may be a thing of the past.


Aspiring writers in Lucknow can now envision a future for themselves as technical writers. As India’s and the global IT industry continues to boom, the requirement for technical writers is only going to increase.


Even for engineers and people who are already within the field of technology, medical and allied sciences, one of these courses can help accelerate growth, tweak your job profile and open up new avenues and secondary sources of income. Technical writing is where the future lies and can be considered a rewarding career option.

Dr. Nameeta Nadkarni is a practising Veterinary Surgeon in Mumbai. She discovered her passion for writing during the global pandemic and went on to becoming a columnist and blogger in her area of expertise. Now she aspires to write across domains as her desire to explore different styles of writing is growing. When not working with pet animals or typing away furiously at her laptop, she can be found indulging in her hobbies of playing the guitar and the piano. She shares her family with a whimsical cat, Catbury and an ever goofy dog, Musafir.
  • I have many years of experience as a finance insurance agent. I want to start writing on the side so that I may sell my company by sharing my ideas. My goal is to regularly produce articles that address the most prevalent questions people have about insurance. I don’t want to use conventional, dated advertising techniques because I think they’re going out of style. Technical writing courses in Lucknow , in my opinion, could be a great way to market your company provided the content you learn to write is unique. I want to start taking classes as soon as feasible.

  • My brother has a business, and he is trying to recruit me to work for him. I’m more interested in content writing and am searching for methods to contribute articles to the business. Your essay and the points made in it are worth reading because I believe I can use technical writing to increase our sales and find new ways to make our company more accessible on the internet. I have a few questions as well, and I’d like to know how Technical writing courses in Lucknow might be of more benefit to a business owner, so that I have a range of reasons to enrol in this course

  • Hello, I’m a retired teacher searching for part-time work in Lucknow and would want to learn a new skill in this digital era. Technical writing is one of the skills I’d like to learn, though I’m not sure about the financial aspect of it. Is there any future for a person like myself in this industry?

  • I read your article and its quite good . But I have a few doubts . There are a few listed careers after the completion of the course . I wanted to know if all the roles mentioned in your article will be open if I pursue a Technical writing courses in Lucknow or have I to specialize in a certain field to get a job? Please do let me know as I have to join a post graduation course and have been looking for various courses to register in after I complete my B.M.M . I also want to know what is the starting salary for a technical writer and also if I need some valid writing experience to become a technical writer ?

  • I want to attend a demo class on technical writing. I also want to understand if I should do content writing or technical writing or can I consider doing both, are they even different? if yes then in what aspect. your article about the technical writing course in Lucknow helps me understand the benefits these courses will reap for me, but I still have doubts, hope you’ll reply soon.

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