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Top 10 Online Technical Writing Course

The core of the technical writing course provides confidence in the written documentation process in your work experience & teaches new skills in the world successfully.



Its main goal is to achieve a friendly environment for writer & reader relationship & their active participation. It creates awareness of selecting and integrating written communication skills and strategies to attract specific readers.


What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing is a traditional way defines to be a documentation process for software and instructional manuals. Advance technology moves quickly ahead in a current scenario the term Technical writing encompasses all complex documentation process that involves reports, briefs, summary statements, and many more.


Technical writing is unique as technical communication gives specific information to a particular audience who needs to assist task completion. It focuses on specific details on products and their overall activities.


In a simple layman’s understanding, technical writing means the author writes about a particular subject for a specific audience with proper explanation and guidance. It professionally maintains the quality of documentation. They include sales personnel, programmer, graphic designers, and deployment team to ensure that documents or written communication meets the end-user requirement.


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Purpose of Technical Writing:



The aim behind technical writing is to provide specific details to a particular audience on a particular subject. It expands tasks for learners under the guidance of an expert. The main elements are product, customer, recent technology, and environment.


Technical writers should have the qualities of writing, to work with updated technology, research and its proper implementation, teamwork, and a few more of them. Their job differs from industries or organizations basis on which they are hiring. Working in a team for technical written communication is one of the best strategies. They do not have the responsibility of writing but to understand every aspect of the task and steps towards completion.


Hiring a great resource improves the skills of the documentation process efficiently and fast with professionals of all industries. Here are the best ten technical e-learning courses along with certifications who passionate to become a technical writer:


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Communication is the main element for many business and corporate industries that both employer and employee rely on written documents. This institute provides the best way to learn and be diverse in the writing field by learning at online sessions.


  Key Features

  • Keystone online studies of technical writing polish their writing abilities to boost professional careers ahead.
  • By learning from the keystone institute, students can make drastic refinement in writing documentation at the management level.
  • It builds up research methods, drafting techniques, and other tricks and tips to bring media up as per standard.


  • Duration

The course consists of 80 hrs for six months of the online session.




  • By enrolling at the keystone online technical writing curriculum, students will have a professional writing portfolio to show their current potential at the workplace.
  • They help to generate leads of job opportunities for the post of management analyst, project managers, technical writers, and many more such higher designations.




Udemy online is fine master art of one’s writing-related career growth. It teaches how to become reliable, successful, and profitable earning from this online technical writing course. It will guide us towards efficient writing or documentation process.


There will be expert faculties that show an expanded approach to reach a point of course in a simple manner through their long-lasting experience and also increase demand for technical writers in the market.


Key Features of this online technical writing course

  • It improves the fundamental of the English language in depth.
  • This course will identify goals and the process of completion.
  • It will generate a writing pattern realistically.
  • They here will provide alerts about the audience’s needs as their mission is to achieve them.
  • After joining Udemy, it will bring confidence in writing any assignment.
  • Various well-known brands like Addidas, Eventbrite, booking.com & many more are connected with Udemy to build the career of the upcoming future of a nation.


  • Duration

Sessions selected for technical writing have an approximate time of 5.5 hours online and can be downloaded also. It is easy to access on a mobile screen and also connects with updated television.


  • Benefits
  • Udemy provides online classes to both people who are willing to improve writing and fiction writers.
  • They will provide us certificate after completion of the course.
  • There is a money-back guarantee in 30 days if someone is not satisfied with the session conducted.
  • Udemy covers every aspect of written communication with reporting. The engineering report, API documentation, or public relations to make these training successful by covering it.
  • After completion, of course, technical writers will have the potential to be a translator between companies and customers for new products or services.


3. COURSERA (by Moscow Institute of Physics & technology)


An online technical writing course online from Coursera will resume your career at a breakthrough piece. They have a modular method to experience the ability to learn and have earning sources after completion of projects.


Coursera has specialization in part of research & publications of documents in technical writing syllabus. They motivate technical writing skills to discuss the particular topic given for experimental work. One can reach out to different kinds of reports from this course.


 Key Features of online technical writing course

  • Coursera mainly focuses on factors like the degree of technicality of the languages & their concept.
  • Writing skills in this course can be introduced in various languages, styles & content to encounter better results.
  • They are a self-paced learning option.
  • Assignments with feasibility & recommendation having a focus on the most accurate & comprehensive details.


  • Duration

The desired candidate can set deadlines according to their schedule and can also reset them as required. It started instantly anytime & the approximate time taken is around 19 hours of course.



  • They arrange quizzes after practice to bring confidence along with proper feedback is taken for assignments.
  • A recorded session is easily accessible.
  • They provide a master track certificate after earning credits after the course is winded up.
  • Best efforts made to make interesting lectures by an academic expert for a new beginner.
  • After receiving a certificate, one can share a LinkedIn profile or resume and when required.

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Techwriter Certification gives career growth to working employees in the corporate world, many consultants, or any individual by accomplishing s online. They meet the requirements of the audience and writers for encouraging opportunities and increase in demand for technical writers.


Project Management is a crucial point for Techwriter certification as it tries to reduce risk by efficient documentation of technical content writing. It also helps one to deal with complexity, identify customers and develop more of their technical skills.


Key Features

  • It enhances the writer to incorporate tasks given successfully by proper written communication at the workspace.
  • They make a person achieve their goal and boost their career roles.
  • They are the topmost researched basis of evaluation for accuracy to attain knowledge on a particular matter.
  • There will be a personal instructor to guide for projects and examine the submission.


  • Duration

Online classes are conducted around 6 to 8 hours a week for 3 months for this online technical writing course.


  • Benefits
  • Affiliated University certificate will be honored on successful completion.
  • Comprehensive content is allowed to under-engaged experts to each person under observation till the end.
  • They provide continuous practice that makes better documents, and the writing pattern is reviewed thoroughly.
  • They make students study in-depth independently and achieve objectives.




Vskills certified online training provides coaching to a candidate basis of corporate requirements for scientific or technical documentation for any product or services. They examine technical writing into various categories like sentences, paragraphs, reports, proposals, emails, and other sections.


     Key features of their online technical writing course

  • Vskills certified technical writers are in great demand along hiring is done basis on skills constant basis.
  • Both private and public limited organizations require writers to handle written communication or documentation sessions smoothly and efficiently.
  • Many Professionals can enroll them to excel in their career to grow in a technical area of the corporate world.
  • Vskills certified individual stands different from others at current cut edge competition and broaden their employment path with higher potential.


  • Duration

Any person can enroll anytime for online e-learning access or hardcopy as study material.


  • Benefits
  • By completing a course from Vskills, one will get government certification to increase their employment chances.
  • A lifelong recording session is attainable & certification for a lifetime.
  • Free test papers from Vskills certified for practice.
  • Vskills Certified candidates will get tagged as “Vskills certified” at monstorindia.com and shine.com.




Ibruck is gracious to bring an online technical writing course with certificates at the online platform as it is popular nowadays. It will implement with practical training to distill the need of the industry. There were around experts with more than 50 years of cumulative experience and planning to move ahead in technical writing growth.


  • Key Features
  • Ibruck provides a chance for a flourishing profession about income, demand, stress, and the overall environment.
  • By joining the online version of technical writing at Ibruck gives depth understandings along of the domain.
  • Ibruck online certification creates a perception for future growth to freelance work from various big companies.
  • This institute believes firmly in teaching while learning and evolving in it to achieve the best outcome.
  • Queries will be responded to within two working days over email id.


  • Duration

An online course is one month and for 3 months in case of weekend batches.


  • Benefits
  • A practical task is conducted after course completion.
  • An individual can apply for a job immediately after course completion.
  • Participants can re-learn doubtful topics by practicing under the watch of an expert.
  • Certification will be given on 80% class attendance and clearing online exams.
  • Every job seeker gets placement occasion in job leads from various organizations.


7. TECHNOKRAFT (key for success)

Technokraft in the year 2003 was incorporated as a training hub for technical writing for aspiring participants. It was the first in India to provide an online technical writing course in a classroom and innovated recently with e-learning sessions. Many individuals have attained success handful of careers after achieving knowledge from here for writing skills. Many top-rated IT corporate has been entrusted at Technokraft for placement in the documentation process.


Key Features of online technical writing course

  • With more use of technology, the writing and editing profession has become supreme important now.
  • In a dynamic market, many companies are trying their best to attract their audience through well-organized documents and their process.
  • Technokraft highlights the tagline suggests that it is not effortless to polish writing skills, and they help to overcome and make you a professional for it through various illustrations.
  • Tools and concepts are the basis of learning from Technokraft online training to design and represent the best documents.
  • Accuracy in a writing skill set is an essential resource. One can customize with depth understanding in various fields like hardware or software manuals.


  • Duration

For weekdays – It is for 144 hrs for 12 weeks as per scheduled timings.

For the weekend – It is for 144 hrs for 17 weekends (Saturday) as per scheduled timings.



  • Technokraft online teaches simple, clear, and concise technical writing by applying appropriate English language.
  • They elaborate classes to improve presentation formally.
  • They also teach about time management, analytical thinking & logic, and visualization towards designing technical writing.
  • Technokraft helps to convert complicated information into simple details for users through smart techniques of technicality.
  • Certification of technical writing is provided at the end of assignment submission. Additionally, an assignment with each module is handled as per industry standards.


8. SYMBIOSIS (center for distance learning)

It is generally an online course that encourages distance learning for technical writing due to a tremendous hike in technology advancement. Its expertise in the communication area to prepare any time for a market for participants.


Key features of the online technical writing course

  • Symbiosis motivates new beginners to prepare for both practical and theoretical aspects of technical writing.
  • It makes the competition level at a higher level to proactively participate of technical documenters.
  • It is an institute with a discipline that involves creativity and proper eye observation of students.


  • Duration

It takes two years for course completion and registration is valid for four academic years.


  • Benefits
  • They make individuals perform a professional task and get specialization on it.
  • Certification in form of a Post Graduate Diploma for technical writing is achieved by Symbiosis University.


9. Emory 


Emory comes up with an online program on an online technical writing course to write effectively to increase professionalism. It provides us the analysis of technical documentation done after designing complex facts ranging from professional to public. The motive of Emory for online is teaching with writing as well as the teaching of writing.


Key features


  • This institute gives data in vast quantities for students to explore and design documents with best practices.
  • It encourages participants to create questions by expertise to make better knowledge of it.
  • Emory institute sets a boundary for an individual to examine at every stage through constant interaction.
  • It generates new ways for each portion in a specific form to design and document technical writers through its all process.


Emory takes one year to complete a course online through conferencing from experts. One can continue to participate in their writing program to sharpen their writing skills.



  • It provides new ideas to think and learn actively by this institute for beginners.
  • It also gives a chance for scholarly exchange by an expert to connect with students.
  • It increases the level of thinking, analyzes documents through discovering various new tools, and communicates in a much-disciplined way.
  • A campus placement option is also available after completion of the course.



10. Henry Harvin 

Henry Harvin education is one of the most reliable and trusted institutes that provide online technical writing courses. It is favorable as it gives certifications and affiliations to enlighten their career.


Henry Harvin is preferable due to its appropriate academics that encourage an individual that grab an opportunity. It generally teaches to convert data and details into required instructional work to guide the process of documentation. Technical writing training here will strengthen your writing skills into organized structure documents.


Key Features

  • It is one of the best-rated institutes for a distance training program with professional resources and proper time investment to get admissible knowledge.
  • We boost e-learning by providing systematic e-learning lectures with advanced class technology.
  • Henry Harvin education is a well-known institute to build trust for various organizations like Apollo Tyres, Avon Cosmetics, and more than 12+ IIMS.
  • 100% practical training with live projects and experiments.
  • Support related to jobs, calls for interviews and preparation skills, and career-related services globally.


  • Time Duration

There will be 24 hours of online training, live sessions & 50 hrs of e-learning access. It is one month course. A recorded session is easily accessible.



  • Having a technical writing syllabus done online will enhance my writing skills.
  • It creates awareness for scientific documentation.
  • Knowledge of every section and each portion of written documentation is depth after research.
  • One can efficiently do thesis and research with the technical team.
  • Certification and recognitions are awarded along with membership to gain knowledge timely.
  • There will be separate brush up & doubt sessions. Proper in-hand study materials and guides of the projects are allocated.


All institutes motivate me to show interest in different writing techniques in a logical and well-planned way. By this course’s in-depth understanding, technical writing is not just a process but something professional in a current competitive market. To cope up with corporate requirements, the demand for technical writers is increasing today. Grasping technicalities of written documentation and certification of it will bring the position level up of an employee.


Technical writing learning teaches about the usability of techniques in the future if any problem is faced. It also views the documents to eye details after doing a course that differs after years of experience and qualification gained. After completing technical writing academics from any of the abovementioned academies, one can write efficient documents to target the audience’s understandings. Technical writing incorporates many other skills to help for further technical documentation.


Overall, every renowned institute introduces as per peak demand with expertise or an instructor who guides a person to bring the best reports started with classroom sessions but now lack of time, it is coming with online sessions. Online technical writing session gives a positive impact with addition in certifications and achievements at their convenience to working professionals.


Technical writing learning is always exciting to learn something new and get a better opportunity in the writing field by getting an online degree. One should think out of the comfort zone for the overall growth and to achieve goals by one’s interest to commit to own. s open doors more efficiently to an individual need to achieve the best at their working space. Mostly technical writing institutes providing online studies actively promote to use of tools for technology like Google Drive, Microsoft office, and in-house-based tools like LMS. As per the survey, online courses reflect suggestions regarding services availability are worth. Faculties bring confidence in students for technology literacy through innovative tricks and experiments.


Lastly, the main focus of a technical writer is to keep the focus of readers of specific documents and the outcome of depth research. The technical writer is highly rewarded with creativity and demand is rising constantly high.

I, Pooja Seth is Company Secretary by Profession resides currently at Jodhpur, Rajasthan. I completed my academics from St. Ann’s High School at Ahmedabad & college from SMPIC. I have overall 4 years of working experience and currently I am homemaker. I want to achieve growth in career staircase and I always furious to do writing as of one of hobby. I decided to enhance my writing art and joined IIM Skills online course.
  • Thanks for the online technical writing course article. It has certainly saved a lot of time .I clearly know now what institute to go with. Though I already had two of the aforementioned places in mind but with the entire list I have a better option. I would be grateful if you could also provide information about the fees structure. I would also like to inquire if a content writing course is helpful for technical writing.

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