Top 10 Content Writing Courses In Lucknow With Placements

The reasons to join content writing courses, what to expect, and which options to opt for when it comes to content writing courses in Lucknow will be clarified in this article. The world is changing rapidly each and every day, and with that job demands and expectations are also changing very fast.


Today’s world relies heavily on the advertisement. Everything is available on the internet now and to cope with this new habit of today’s customers to scroll down the pages on the internet, companies out there in the market are engaged in tough competition with each other to reach a larger audience.


In order to get noticed first and to convince the audience at first glance to have a look into their products demand a well-thought marketing strategy and beautifully designed web content. Here comes the skill of good content writing into play.


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Reasons To Join Content Writing Courses


There is a positive and a negative aspect of everything. On one hand, everything has come under the touch of a fingertip. On the other hand, there are a lot of companies in the market that are still struggling to get to the audience. Here I am going to explain the benefits of joining content writing courses. 


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Explore the inner creativity:


Every one of us has some unique potentialities and creative skills hidden inside us. Today’s world is a world based on information and marketing strategy. To successfully imply marketing strategies to promote a particular brand or company; the first important thing is to visually appeal to the audience. This includes web page designing or creating unique content. If a person has that quality imbued within, the field of content writing is going to be worth exploring because it demands unique creativity and values it.


Earning opportunity: 


With the ever-increasing population, finding a job has become really difficult these days. But successful completion of a content writing course may pave the way for a new source of income. This is a field that is blooming in full fledge and demands a lot of efficient content creators on a daily basis that will contribute to the process of marketing.


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Various platforms to work with: 


The field of content writing does not limit itself to designing a web page or web content. It includes press releases, newsletter writing, creating ad copy, writing e-books, journals for a newspaper, writing blogs, video scripts or even working as an SOP writer. This is a vast field that has never-ending opportunities to explore. Pursuing a content writing course will enable an individual to make a career on any of these platforms.


Certification and authenticity:


The ability to compose a good paragraph is not enough to build a career in the field of content writing. Along with the ability to write well, one has to be trained in designing brochures, pamphlets catalogs, and many such things that will instantly add to the visuals and will affect the first impression got by the audience about a particular company.


The content creator must be aware of the rules and guidelines and the format of creating content that has such huge importance. Completion of the course will provide an individual with a certificate that will authenticate the person’s ability as an efficient content creator that will be beneficial in the job market.


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Knowledge about technical issues: 


Though many of us spend hours sitting before the laptop or working with the mobile and accessing everything through the internet, we are not aware of a lot of technical stuff that comes into play in the process of ranking a particular site or content in the top ten.


To successfully promote a page or site of a company, one must have enough knowledge about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), improving site stability, incorporating inbound and outbound links, increasing traffic to a website, and converting the leads into customers. All of these things are necessary to learn, and this technical guidance can only be achieved by joining content writing courses.


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Things To Look For Before Joining A Course 


  • Updated course module: The market is ever-changing, so the demands are as well. The course should make the students aware of the current values and demands of the market and coach them accordingly.  
  • Regular assignments: The institute should make the student working on different assignments and submit them on a regular basis. This will not only help them to gain experiences along with learning but also make them understand the value of being punctual. 
  • Proper evaluation: The mentors should evaluate each and individual assignment properly to make the students aware of their mistakes and to provide them with a comfortable and encouraging, space where they can work with the issues and improve their writing.
  • Certification: This is one of the most important criteria to look for before enrolling in a course. The certificate does not only make a person confident about her own individual skills but also ensures the person’s credibility in the job market. 
  • Internship: The course should include an internship opportunity for the students after completing the course. Internships are really important, especially when it comes to the field of content writing. This helps the students to get a practical idea about how things actually work and get trained accordingly. 
  • Career guidance: Learning is a never-ending process and especially the skill of content writing. Mere completion of the course does not make a person completely job-ready. There are a lot of aspects to ponder over. The mentors should always be there to guide a student who is new to the field and trying to build a strong base in the industry. Whether it is related to the new trends in the world of marketing or creating a strong resume, portfolios, or SOPs, the mentors should be there to assist the students on their way to success.


Top 10 Content Writing Courses In Lucknow


Before talking about the renowned content writing courses in Lucknow, these were the facts worth mentioning so that the audience can have a clear idea about what a content writing course is all about and what to expect. I shall be naming the top ten institutes that offer content creation courses in Lucknow and briefly talking about them to clarify the reasons to opt for one of them. 


1. IIM Skills: 


IIM Skills offers all the significant aspects of content writing courses along with two exams that are conducted after the completion of the course to evaluate individual performance and also to encourage healthy competition among the learners. 


IIM Skills Content Writing Course provides:


  • LMS (Learning Management System): Records all the class recordings, details, students’ progress, task accomplished by the students, and necessary tools to improve their personal site settings and to track the individual progress. 
  • Convenience: People staying in different cities such as Kolkata, Pune, Kerala, Maharashtra, or different continents such as Dubai, can join the course and reap the full benefits.
  • Online Lectures: More than 16 hours of real classroom lectures provide the students with real classroom experience.
  • Hands-on assignments: Weekly assignments help the students with grasping the idea of the industry and make them master the art of content writing.
  • Certification: The course provides each student with a completion certificate that will help them in the future to build a career in the content writing industry.
  • Internship: After completing weekly assignments, students can enroll for an internship to get real working experience in the content writing industry and get the scope of learning and improving their writing. IIM Skills provides a great opportunity to reshape and remodify the inner qualities essential to becoming a content writer.


Fee – Rs 14900 + GST


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Other Courses:


IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite


2. Skills Upgrader: 


A renowned Lucknow-based company that offers content writing courses in Lucknow. The features include:


  • Online course: Everyone who is interested in pursuing the course will be able to join while being at their home.  
  • Expert mentors: This is very important that the students get coached by experienced and highly efficient faculty members so that they can get the best out of the course.  
  • Affordability: In today’s world, a lot of people cannot join the courses they want due to the lack of sufficient money to invest in. This company offers the students one of the best possible guidance in exchange for a reasonable sum of money. 
  • Assignments and lectures: The company provides the students with 16 hours of classroom lectures and also makes them complete 70 hours of long hands-on assignments. This will help the students to get a real classroom teaching experience and a student-oriented learning process. The mentors will provide the students with personalized attention, and the question-answer session will be helpful in clarifying the doubts. 


3. Leads Academy:


 Another option to look for is if one is in search of good online content writing courses in Lucknow. The reasons to enroll in this course are: 


  • Proficiency in marketing: The academy was founded by some highly competent writers, especially experts in marketing and content writing. 
  • Enhancing the inner creativity: The mentors will ensure that the students can take their unique creativity to the next level and excel in the field of content writing by exhibiting extraordinary writing skills. 
  • Lifetime support: The mentors will always be there if a student seeks any sort of guidance regarding the process of writing. Whether it is about exploring some new formats or getting assistance with a new skill related to content creation, the coach will provide the necessary guidance. 


4. Newcent Training Academy:


 NTA is a private college that emphasizes mostly technical expertise. This can be especially beneficial for a person who wants to pursue a content writing course in Lucknow. The college is located in Faridabad and is one of the self-renowned colleges in Lucknow. 


  • Caters to the market demands: The content writing course offered here are specially designed in a way that will cater to the different and unique demands of the market. This will prepare the students and their skills so that they can be ready to serve the fast-shifting purpose of companies. 
  • Technical guidance: The training program conducted by the institution specially deals with the modern technological stuff that plays a pivotal role in the content writing industry, whether in the form of guidance about better SEO ranking or in the form of assistance to improve site visuals. 


5. Education and Career Times: 


ECT offers one of the best content writing courses in Lucknow. It is a famous training institution that offers multiple courses like digital marketing and various other courses along with content writing courses. The features that make this course special are:


  • Freelancing opportunity: The mentors conduct the course in a way that paves a new opportunity for the students who want to work as freelance writers or content creators.  
  • Internships: The course also includes an internship program to provide the students with practical work experience. 
  • Interactive sessions: The course is primarily a student-oriented program that ensures active participation of the students and there are also sessions that encourage the student to come out with different opinions of their own. Thus, forming healthy communication between the instructors and the students. 


6. Focus’d IT Academy: 


FITA is an institution that deals with the training of Information Technology and other language-based courses. If someone is interested in getting admission to content writing courses in Lucknow that also provide a clear about IT, FITA is an excellent option.


  • Modern technologies: Nowadays IT plays a very important role in the world of technology. Courses offered here include  
    • Learning about Artificial Intelligence.  
    • Machine Learning. 
    • DevOps to support business development. 
    • Robotic Process Automation deals with data transfer, responding to emails, and transaction processes. 
    • Programming languages like Java, Pascal, Python, etc. 
  • A limited number of students: This ensures that each and every one of them gets equal attention from the instructors.  


7. Maharishi Dayanand Education Group:


 This institution offers a variety of courses starting from computer training to e-publishing that includes content writing. 


  • Multiple options: The institute offer lot of other courses along with the content writing courses such as e-book writing, blogging, etc. If someone wants detailed knowledge about different forms of content writing this is an option to consider. 
  • Certification: All the courses offered here are certified courses, and the institution is registered under the Government of India Act. 


8. Spark Academy: 


This particular academy offers one of the best content writing courses in Lucknow in terms of:


  • Practical implications of the learned skill on various platforms. 
  • Encourages entrepreneurs and freelancers so that they can contribute to the industry of content writing in their own way. 
  • E-learning, modern technology, and communication are the prime area of focus. 


9. Online Idea Lab:


 Another great option to opt for when it comes to searching for content writing courses in Lucknow because: 

  • Designing: The course deals specifically with enabling the students with content designing which is very important. 
  • Guaranteed placement: The placement department ensures that all the students affiliated with this course will get the placement at completion. This encourages the students to take an active part in the learning process. 


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10. Green Technologies:


The course offered by them includes two most important features of a content writing course, and they are:

  • Placement: The students get the placement in different sectors after the completion of the course based on their performance. 
  • Online class: Enables students from a different city or a country to join the course at their convenience. 
  • Realistic approach: The instructors emphasize more on realistic presentation of the individual creativity rather than a theoretical one. 
  • Workshops: Organizing workshops to learn about a new subject creates a friendly atmosphere where the mentors and the students can freely participate and exchange thoughts and opinions. 
  • Prior scheduling: The time schedule, the topic to discuss, study materials, and everything related to a particular class is scheduled beforehand so that the students can get the time to prepare for the next class, and thus the next class becomes more engaging.



1. How effective are online content writing courses in Lucknow?

You will get ample career options to explore once you master the concepts of the content writing course. They open a variety of career avenues in different industries and sectors. you can work as a social media content creators, content strategist, community manager for content creation, and a host of other positions.


2. What is the fee for content writing courses in Lucknow?

A top-notch content writing course fee can be anywhere from 10k to 22k. It will include premium tools, placement help, paid or non-paid internship, soft skills training, and many more features.


3. What is taught in a content writing course in Lucknow?

Content writing courses in Lucknow teach a variety of writing concepts. they help to master writing for different mediums. you also learn to write different types of content. business writing, email writing, listicles, articles, and many such formats are taught. You also gain knowledge of different tools and software.




All the courses mentioned in this article are offered in Lucknow along with IIM Skills, which is becoming popular nowadays. Also, SpitiInfo Tech offers several professional courses along with content writing courses like digital marketing courses, and learning in detail about these two fields will definitely benefit the learner as these two go hand in hand.


They emphasize especially learning SEO, SEM, Google Analytics, social media marketing, and other technical subjects. There are not many institutions that offer courses in detail about these technical things along with content writing courses in Lucknow. 


Since this article is about mentioning top-ranking institutes that offer content writing courses in Lucknow, only the renowned ones are introduced. Being a famous city, there are a lot of institutions available that offer content writing courses in Lucknow. But due to the Covid situation and the transfers people often fail to avail themselves of offline courses these days.


The issue with online courses these days is most of these institutes have no authenticity. People often get confused when it comes to selecting a particular institute for pursuing a course. With the rapidly growing popularity of content writing courses, most learners want to build a career in this industry and want to explore their inner creative qualities.


But at the same time, cases of cyber-crimes are making people think twice before registering for a new online class or making an online payment. The only option is to verify the authenticity of different online institutions based on Google ranking or online reviews and to read about them in detail.  


There are a lot of institutions out there in India about which we do not know. Because in order to rank in the top-performing institutions’ list, a particular institute or a company has to know how SEO works. The industry of content writing is a vast platform that includes content writing as a particular branch and includes other search or site-related courses.


The learners’ duty is to decide what exactly they want to learn and what kind of career they want to build after completing the course, and proceed accordingly. For example, if a person wants to work as a freelancer or wants to create a separate profile, knowledge panel, and identity on the internet: The person must know about creating content and marketing.


The person needs to have a strong and manifold presence as a content creator on the internet. But if a person wants to find a job at a company as a content creator or web and infographic designer, in-depth knowledge about marketing is not needed because companies have their own marketing or sales department to take care of these things.   


The purpose of writing this article is to provide the audience with a detailed and informative insight about the top-performing content writing courses in Lucknow that includes both offline and online options. The in-depth analysis of the features of different courses offered by different companies or institutes will hopefully help the readers to find out the most convenient one for themselves. It is not necessary that a particular institute will have all the above-mentioned features.


Each and every one of them has a different and unique approach to teach the students. The primary emphasis should be on learning the skill of content creation and then successfully implying the skill to produce something unique that will serve the market demands. For someone to decide which institute to go for who is in search of content writing courses in Lucknow is going to be quite easy now.


Almost all the top-ranking institutes or courses that teach students the art and skill of content creation have some of the traits common in them like live lectures to provide real classroom experience, hands-on assignments, doubt clearing sessions, expert mentors, internships to gain practical experience along with the option of availing online classes in case of online courses.


Usually, the online courses that offer to design and create content have a separate internship period included in their program. The learners have to opt for a particular course of content writing considering all these aspects.

  • Hello. I want to start as a freelance writer. A friend recommended me this course by IIM Skills. I really admire what you’ve written here. I want to know if certification is necessary when you start with freelance writing? And if I do this course, in how many days can I start my freelancing journey?

    • I believe that a certificate can validate your effort and the hard work you will be putting in for learning the SEO techniques and the art of creating good content. So, for the first question, my answer is, it will be better for you if you get a certificate at the end of the course.

      For the next question, my answer is that you can create your own website while pursuing the course and start publishing your articles. If you follow the SEO techniques properly, your articles will start ranking within a course of a month and once you build a strong foundation in the content writing industry, you are all set.

  • This is a great information wow so in depth and full of attention to detail, it will surely help me make an informed decision. I would definitely prefer pursuing content writing from IIM Skills they have impressive reviews on both Google and Quora. Team IIM Skills, hope you read this and get back to me

    • Thank you for your appreciation Prutha and yes, IIM Skills is the leading content writing course provider in today’s market and you will learn a lot of new techniques after joining the course.

  • Hi, though I am looking for content writing courses only, I am confused. I want to also work o social media content. But that will be more covered in digital marketing now? Can u please tell me which course should I go for in this matter. I really like some of this course. But I think it is unnecessary to invest money in two places?

    • If you want to work as a social media content writer, you can join the content writing course only because to rank your content, you need to learn the SEO techniques and the art of creating unique content. I think content writing course alone will be helpful for you because no matter on which platform you write, the objective is to rank your content on the search engines.

  • i am food blogger based in lucknow, and i want to take the street food and the eatery culture of lucknow to the world. i am looking forward for some content writing course and this article seemed really helpful.

  • I’d want to take a content writing demo class. I also want to know if I should focus on content writing or technical writing, or if I can do both, and how different they are. If so, in what capacity? Your post on the content writing course in Lucknow clarifies the advantages these courses will provide for me, but I still have queries; I hope you will respond quickly.

  • hi, I had taken some free classes about content writing on youtube. However, some concepts aren’t clear and of course, I didn’t get any certification. which of the course provides certification and the best placement support in Lucknow?

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