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Investment Banking Resume with Templates

A good resume is the first step to getting the job you dreamt of. It highlights the best and most relevant abilities and qualities a person should possess for a job. A perfectly well-written resume can show various companies why you are a good fit for their firm. Investment Banking is an emerging and ever-growing sector. This field pays a handsome amount of salary to sustain a good life. Are you also planning to join the investment banking field and wondering how to create a fantastic resume to get short-listed for a personal interview? Then this article is for you. You will learn in detail what is investment banking, the scope of investment banking, salaries in this field, the importance of an investment banking resume, what all things are to be included in the resume, and how to write a perfect investment banking resume with a few examples and templates.


What is Investment Banking?

Investment Banking provides financial services to large institutions, governments, or corporations. It acts as an advisory firm providing various financial advice to these entities. Investment Banking provides services like merger and acquisition, financial advice, raising capital, asset management, risk management, underwriting, and issuing equity securities, to their clients. Investment banks can also provide these financial services to other banks. Investment Banks are of three types:

Bulge-Bracket Banks

Bulge-bracket banks are the biggest and they provide all types of financial services to large institutions and firms. Generally, bulge-bracket banks handle deals that are very large in number and complex in structure.

Middle-Market Banks

Middle-market banks as the name suggests uphold the middle ground in terms of volume and size of employees. They handle deals that are smaller than bulge-bracket banks and bigger than boutique banks. They provide all types of financial services to smaller groups of clients.

Boutique Banks

Generally, boutique banks are of two types: Elite Boutique Banks and Regional Boutique Banks. Elite boutique banks are similar to bulge-bracket banks in terms of services and size of deals. They provide specialized financial services to big clients. Regional boutique banks have a limited number of offices and they provide a limited number of services to their clients. These banks are the smallest in terms of size and number of employees. Some regional banks provide few services while some banks provide more than one financial service.

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Top Investment Banks of India

Some of the well-known investment banks in India are as follows:

  • Axis Bank Ltd
  • Central Bank of India
  • SBI Capital Markets Ltd
  • IDBI Bank
  • Morgan Stanley
  • JM Financial
  • Barclays Bank PLC
  • SBI Capital Markets Ltd
  • BNP Paribas
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Edelweiss Financial Service
  • Central Bank of India
  • Citigroup
  • Kotak Investment Banking

Job Opportunities in Investment Banking

  • Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Portfolio Analyst
  • Equity Analyst
  • Teller
  • Associate
  • Private Equity Associate
  • Financial Associate
  • Client Associate
  • Vice President
  • Director
  • Managing Director

Salaries in the Investment Banking field

Job DescriptionAvg Salary P.A.
AnalystINR 11 Lacs
Financial AnalystINR 7.3 Lacs
Portfolio AnalystINR 6.0 Lacs
Equity AnalystINR 5.2 Lacs
TellerINR 4.1 Lacs
AssociateINR 14.6 Lacs
Private Equity AssociateINR 9.4 Lacs
Client AssociateINR 12.2 Lacs
Vice PresidentINR 70.0 Lacs
DirectorINR 96.0Lacs
Managing DirectorINR 1-2 Crore

Aren’t these figures enough to tell you how amazing investment banking is as a career choice? So, what are you waiting for?  Learn from various institutes or grab a specialized degree in investment banking and prepare an amazing resume to earn these six or seven-figure incomes. Let us quickly dive into our investment banking resume part.

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Need for Investment Banking

  • Investment banks play a major role in safeguarding the interests of their clients, institutions, governments, and other banks.
  • Investment Banks help their clients in important decision-making by analyzing previous data and statements.
  • The analysis strategies help to solve complex matters that cannot be solved by the company itself.
  • Investment banks help to manage the assets of their clients. They assist their client in handling their assets related to mutual funds, provident funds, capital, etc. Investment banks also guide in reducing various risks of the businesses like investment risk, financial risk, capital risk, etc.
  • Investment Banks help their clients in decision-making by providing effective financial advice on various financial matters.
  • Investment banks make the merger and acquisition process smooth and easy for their clients as well as for other firms.
  • Investment Banks help both the institutions and the government to manage their wealth. They offer services like portfolio management, PF management, mutual fund investment, risk management, and all types of financial solutions customized based on the client’s needs.
  • Investment Banks help their clients to achieve their financial goals.

Importance of Writing Investment Banking Resume

Writing a good resume is extremely important for a fresher as well as working professional. Here are a few important reasons to write an investment banking resume.

To Create a Good Impression

Your resume proves to be your official first interaction with the recruiter team or company. As it is said, first impression is extremely important to make an everlasting impression. Your resume will decide whether you will make an everlasting impression or not.

Stand Out From the Crowd

In this competitive and populated world, there are plenty of people applying for one position. And only one can get that designation or job among thousands who applied. The initial selection process for a personal interview is done based on your resume. So, writing a good resume is very important.

Helps to Exhibit Your Skills

A resume helps you to showcase your skills to the recruiters that are necessary for the job post. This makes the selection process easy for the company. And your chances of being selected for the personal interview get increased. There are certain specific skills required for the finance sector. You can mention those skills and it gives you an extra advantage over your competitors.

Educational Background

Candidates with a good educational background are likely to be selected. Education in the finance field or a degree in the finance sector reflects that a person has a keen interest in finance. A degree from a good university or college, various internships, or other relevant courses in finance also improves your selection chances.

Highlighting Achievements

Any person or firm is judged based on its results. While mentioning work experience, one should consider mentioning their achievements. Achievements reflect your worth. Try to mention in detail the profit the company gained because of your work.

Well-organized Resume

A well-organized resume free of grammar mistakes and language errors reflects a good impression in the recruiter’s mind. It showcases that the candidate is an organized and consistent person. He will perform the tasks and responsibilities with utmost sincerity.

Effective Communication Skills

Communication is a vital part of any business. Showcasing communication skills with some examples regarding leadership skills collaborating with the team, or team player helps a lot in the investment banking sector.

Resume Based on the Job Role

Customizing your resume for each job role is necessary. Try to mention the skills based on the job descriptions given by the company. This creates a good impression on their mind, showing that the candidate has read everything and understood the job responsibilities in detail.

Calling for a Personal Interview

A well-designed resume can help you network with other companies. It improves your chances of calling for a personal interview based on the qualifications and skills mentioned as per their requirements.

Easily Scannable Layout

Most of the investment banks use the Applicant Tracking System to filter out the candidates through their resumes. Try to use proper format and mention all the relevant skills that the company is looking for to pass out through the software.

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Tips to Write an Effective Investment Banking Resume

  • The resume should be 1 page only. The recruiters generally skip a resume that is more than a page long.
  • Mention your GPA grades, as investment bankers love to hire people with high grades.
  • Mention relevant financial work or internship rather than showcasing work in all other fields.
  • Mention two to three special skills or talents that discriminate you from your competitors.
  • Begin with a strong objective
  • Show off all your relevant skills based on the job profile
  • Prepare an error-free resume without grammar and language mistakes
  • Customize your resume based on each job profile
  • Mention the subheadings with bullet points to make the resume look organized
  • Highlight technical skills
  • Submit the resume in PDF format
  • Mention your name in a slightly bigger font than the rest information
  • Use a professional photo to create a good impression
  • If you did any course in this particular field or other relevant courses, mention it in 2 or 3 lines
  • Initially mention the heading and below that write about it in detail
  • Try to mention the most relevant work experience or internship to showcase your interest in the job.
  • Say specifically what were your roles and the results achieved for the company or firm.

How to Write an Investment Banking Resume

The ideal structure for writing a resume is

Section 1: Introduction

Write your name in a bigger font than other content, and below it write down your address, phone number, and email address with a professional photo. Avoid using photos where the face is not seen properly, selfie photos, or pouting face. This doesn’t look professional.

Section 2: Qualifications

If you’re a fresher, mention your school name, college name, major subjects, and graduation date, or mention the details of any professional course you did in this field.

If you’re already working in any other institution or bank don’t mention details of the school.


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Section 3: Work Experience

Try to mention the work experiences thinking about what an investment bank recruiter would be interested in.

If you’re a fresher mention about your internship you did during graduation or after graduation in any finance field. Explain in detail what were your roles as an intern in the company and the knowledge that you gained from it. You could also inform about your achievement in college especially if in the finance sector.

Highlight the most recent achievements than those during your school times. If you didn’t do any internship, still mention a few of your recent achievements to make a good impression.

If you’re experienced or currently working at any company or bank mention your designation. Then explain your roles and responsibilities. You can add on the awards or achievements you received from the company.

If you have changed three jobs till now, mention all of them and your job roles in detail. Try to mention the outcome or profit the firm gained because of your work. This will impress the recruiters.

Section 4: Skills, & Interests

This section is the one where people tend to make mistakes while writing resumes. Few people mention too many skills that are not even relevant to this job description. For example, Good Computer Knowledge or fluent in English all these skills were used in the 90s but currently nobody is interested in knowing that you have computer knowledge or you’re fluent in English because even a kid has all these skills.

Instead, you could mention any one particular language that you’re fluent in like French, Spanish, etc. then mention any technical skill you possess. While writing technical skills try to be honest, if you know that particular skill then only write about it.

If you don’t possess any skills regarding the job profile, read the job description thoroughly and the responsibilities or roles that one needs to perform after getting the job. Then point out a few important things and mention them as your skills.

For example, if the company has written job responsibilities as:

Assess valuations for clients and management using various tools

Provide advice to help clients in merger and acquisition process

Here, you can mention skills like skilled in research and analysis, and strong communication and interpersonal skills.

At the end mention your interests below the skills section

Pick the interesting interests. Don’t write too many interests with no meaning, instead write 2-3 interests that are accurate and develop an interest in the recruiter’s mind.

Generally, keep the resume to 1 page unless you are applying for any high post that needs to mention your achievements and work experience in detail.

Examples of Investment Banking Resumes

Investment Banking Resume for Experienced Individuals:

Section 1: Introduction

Name – Y

Investment Banking

Phone no

Mumbai, India

LinkedIn profile

Career Summary: Analytical and goal-oriented team player with 7 years of experience guiding clients in determining best investment practices. Self-motivated and eager to guide and learn from your bank.

Section 2: Qualifications

  • Degree in BBA
  • MBA in finance
  • Graduation completed in the year 2016

Section 3: Work Experience

  • Awarded employee of the year in 2021 for receiving 100% positive customer reviews and providing measurable results.
  • Promoted from analyst to associate in just 2 years.
  • Supervised large deals with big multinational clients twice.
  • Above industry performance in terms of rate of return

Investment Banking Analyst

SBI Bank

  • Analyzed customers’ financial needs and goals and evaluated investment risk.
  • Developed presentations and executed various financial transactions
  • Performed day-to-day management tasks like entry, analysis, advisory service
  • Awarded employee of the month for performing best work as an analyst

Summer Internship

  • Generated PowerPoint presentations for employees for their pitches
  • Learned how to conduct data analysis and financial modeling in 10 weeks of the internship period
  • Helped to gain customers for the bank
  • Received an invitation from SBI Bank to join the bank as an analyst after completing my MBA among 12 other interns.

Section 4: Skills and interests


  • Financial Restructuring
  • Financial Analysis
  • Multi-tasking
  • Good communication skills
  • Problem-solving/ Analytical skills
  • Strong negotiator
  • Solid mathematical skills


  • Reading financial times
  • Literature reading
  • Deep Dive Swimming

This is one example of how a resume should be written if you are an investment banker. One should try to mention all this information in their resume to create a good impression. More achievements can be mentioned if there are any.

Most of the freshers are struggling to get a good job in big banks as they want experienced people. The only way to get to the recruiter’s office for selection is by writing a top-notch resume. So how do you write a resume without having any experience? Here are the things that you can mention.

A Must Check,

Investment Banking Resume of a fresher without any work experience

Section 1: Introduction

Name – X

Email ID:

Phone no

Delhi, India

LinkedIn profile

Objective: Detail-oriented, aspiring person looking for a job in investment banking. Aiming to use my internship and project experiences in various valuation and analysis techniques to contribute to the bank’s goal of making industry-leading valuations for all clients.

Section 2: Education

Shri Ram College of Commerce Delhi, India

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

CGPA: 8.0/10

Year: 2022

Other Courses: Data Analytics, Accounting, and book-keeping, financial modeling

Section 3: Internships

Summer Internship

Surya Bank  Delhi, India

June 2022

  • Sold different banking services to potential customers
  • Made PowerPoint presentations for the employees
  • Learned essential data analysis techniques and software within 4 weeks, conducting independent data analysis and financial modeling for the remaining 8 weeks.
  • Awarded as ‘the best intern of the year’ by the bank


Investment Banking


  • Researched 20+ companies using Intralinks and Database, understanding the successful closing of 9 small business M & A deals
  • Completed 5+ project reports in one year, relating to investments and the decision-making process in investments.
  • Held weekly team meetings to discuss new data analysis techniques and keep the entire team updated on the latest market trends.
  • Led a team to conduct 70+ hours of industry-specific research and published 10 reports that grabbed the attention of 6 business leaders.

Student Club

  • An active member of the finance club leading a team of 20 members
  • Participated in inter-college trading competition and won 2nd
  • Volunteered in the panel discussion for financial modelling

Section 4: Skills

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Tableau
  • Team-oriented
  • Leadership qualities
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Intralinks
  • Financial Data Analysis

These examples are for reference, considering all these details can vary from individual to individual.

Note: Remember the above (The jobs mentioned, and companies mentioned are just examples of templates.) You can tailor your resume according to your preferences.


What is the font size for an investment banking resume?

A font size of 10-12 is generally recommended for the main content of your resume. Use a slightly larger size for the section heading like 14-16 to make them stand out.

Is it necessary to attach a cover letter with the Investment Banking Resume?

Generally, it is recommended to include a cover letter with the resume. If you think you do not have enough work experience as other applicants or if you are a fresher then, a cover letter proves to be very beneficial.

Is it required to make a new resume every time you apply for a job?

A tailor-made or customized Resume as per the job role or description increases your chances of selection for a personal interview. It creates a good impression in the mind of the recruiter that you have spent time reading about the job profile. Also, every job demands different skills for different roles. So, one resume cannot fit all companies. A few of the sections remain the same but the skills and experience part needs to be changed based on the job profile.


If you think you have a passion for finance, then Investment Banking is an ideal career choice for you. In the era of globalization, and numerous multinational companies there are many new job roles available in the investment banking field.

In today’s competitive world, only a degree in finance is not enough to land you a job, one has to have complete knowledge and skills about that field along with many specialized degrees. There are plenty of people fighting for one particular designation or post. So, a good resume is a must to sparkle among those individuals. A crisp and sharp Investment Banking Resume will help you clear that first step for your dream job.




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