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Top 5 Investment Banking Courses In Germany With Placements

Germany is widely known for its rich history in culture and arts, providing students with a unique foreign experience while connecting world-class education from their globally rated institutions. For many years, investment banking in Germany was crucial. During the COVID-19 pandemic, banks significantly contributed to Germany’s economic recovery. Banks offer loans to boost businesses and help families purchase houses and vehicles. However, investment banking trends have a promising future in Germany. If you are planning to opt for investment banking courses in Germany then this article is for you. We have discussed everything about investment banking and top 5 institutions that offer investment banking courses.

Investment Banking Courses in Germany

What is Investment Banking?

A section of financial companies called, “Investment Banking”.

That develops new debt and security instruments, supervises IPO procedures, provides guidance on mergers and Acquisitions, and helps bank and high-net-worth people in arranging high-value transactions.

Businesses and Investors are brought together by investment banks, who assume the associated risks and serve as an insurance policy for both sides.

Due to the long-established reputation they have established, it helps the company in generating finance by attracting investment.

Whether it is a bulge bracket, middle market, or boutique investment bank, the services provided to client varies.

Who is an Investment Banker?

Investment Bankers are well-known for playing a crucial part in the initial public offers of new businesses getting ready to go public. It is only one of their job duties, though. It allows businesses and government to raise money by issuing shares or borrowing money. In M&A, they also serve as a mediator and counselor. Money markets operate in a highly regulated environment.

Skills Required for Investment Banker

  • Adaptability to a fast-paced workplace
  • Research and Analysis Expertise
  • Strong interpersonal, networking, and communication skills
  • Capability in managing time and tasks
  • Effective presentation skills
  • Knowledge of securities and M&A regulation
  • Dedicated work ethic
  • Team oriented

Roles and Responsibility of Investment Banker

  • An investment banker can carry out many tasks for a customer, their primary responsibility is to obtain capital through the issuance of securities, whether they be debt or equity.
  • At the senior level, investment banker are aggressive salespeople. As a result, an investment banker should preferably possess excellent communication skills and a sizeable network of contacts. Naturally, an investment banker’s career will benefit from having great people skills.
  • Analysis of financial data to assist capital production is a key task for an investment banking analyst or associate. Investment bankers can accurately price and evaluate the securities they are working with by assessing transactions and financial activity, such as the performance of bonds and equities.
  • To help their customer make decisions, investment bankers will also advise them. A smart investment banker will provide their clients with information that improves their ability to make decisions. Investment bankers educate their customers in addition to influencing them.

How to Become an Investment Banker in Germany?

There are many different types of criteria, such as where you completed your investment banking program and the validity and level of the placement source.

To become an investment banker in Germany, follow these basic steps:

  • Verify the investment banking courses in Germany from institution or university’s legitimacy before enrolling in the course.
  • Completing a Master’s or Post Graduate program in Investment Banking
  • Getting ready for an investment banking interview
  • Finding the ideal investment banking recruiting website
  • Observing market demands in the area of investment banking

Benefits of Investment Banking Courses in Germany

Students who enroll in investment banking courses learn how to organize, design and carry out financial investment plans.

These courses examine how professionals may help organizations, corporations, and people manage and increase their financial assets.

Additionally, they support candidates in assisting businesses in making wise decisions about investing their company’s assets to boost the value of their holdings.

Career in Investment Banking in Germany

At first, getting into the investment banking field is a little challenging, but it gets easier over time. Given. 

With its high pay and required skill set, since it takes lots of skills and knowledge to carry out a transaction, it is one of the most desired professions in the finance field. 

The global technical progress will cause the investment banking industry to double in size from where it is today. The investment banking profile will have a lot of potential going forward because there aren’t many applicants with the necessary qualifications on the market to fill this position, which demands senior-level experience. 

A career in investment banking requires 3-5 years at an emerging investment bank before moving into a high-category position. 

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Jobs and Vacancies in the field of Investment Banking

The financial industry is expected to grow by 11% yearly through 2020, according to the United States Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), with professionals including sales associates, financial agents, and investment bankers seeing the fastest growth. Because Investment banking is a developing industry, there will be plenty of chances for experienced investment bankers.

Investment banking positions are plentiful in Germany since they call for a qualified investment banker. If you want to work in investment banking, attempt to be hired or secure an internship with one of these institutions. Here is the list of top investment banks, and working with them will advance your career.

  • Cf-Mittelstand
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Nomura Holdings
  • Morgan Stanley
  • M&A International
  • BNP Paribas
  • Oakley Advisory
  • EY
  • Credit Suisse

Job Profiles and Salary in Investment Banking

One of the most appealing industries to work is in investment banking. People from a variety of backgrounds, not just those with formal education in finance, are looking for employment in the investment banking industry because of the glamour it brings as well as the money.

Here is the level of positions in investment banking and job profiles after investment banking courses in Germany

Investment Banking Analyst

Investment Banking Associate

Investment Bank Vice President

Managing Director of Investment Banking Business

Job ProfilesJob DescriptionsAverage Annual Salary
Investment Banking AnalystThe intermediaries between companies searching for capital and investors eager to invest in fresh, profitable opportunities are investment banking analysts.

They use various strategies to achieve financial success for the business and the investor.

Investment BankerInvestment bankers help their clients raise money on the capital markets by selling debt or stock in the companies.

They also guide clients through mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and provide them with information on specialized investment options like derivatives.

Financial AnalystThey offer financial advisers to businesses and groups, including suggestions for stocks and bond investments.

To estimate the possible return on investment, they analyze investment prospects and offer advice on how to improve financial performance.

Equity Research AnalystTo assist portfolio managers in making more educated investment decisions, equity research analyzes stocks.

To comprehend and forecast the potential behavior of a specific security, equity researchers use a variety of tools, problem-solving techniques, and data interpretation.

Investment Compliance ManagerThey are responsible for making sure that their portfolios follow all applicable laws and regulations as well as any guidelines established by the board of directors, their client, or the businesses they manage the investment for.€105,531
Investment Banking AssociateThey carry out valuation assessments, oversee the formulation and implementation of client transactions and start strategic financial transactions to benefit their organization. They also provide financial data and produce marketing collateral.€117,196
Merger and Acquisition AnalystThe majority of the groundwork for potential deals is done by Merger and Acquisition Analysts. They gather data on growth, rivals, and potential market share to analyze industry prospects.

They also examine the financial accounts and fundamentals of the organization.

Portfolio Analyst They manage a group of investments and offer advice to people and businesses about them.

They research trends that affect investments and produce studies on how businesses and economic changes affect the value of investments.

UnderwriterInvestment Underwriters exclusively work with Initial Public Offerings (IPO), when a company goes public and wants to sell shares of its stock.

They are crucial to providing businesses with a smooth transition from private to public corporations. The transition process is then taken up by the underwriter when the investment bank confirms that a company complies with all relevant regulatory criteria.

Private Wealth ManagerThey offer a variety of services, such as portfolio management, estate and retirement planning, and tax services, and give private, high-net-worth individuals and wealthy families advice on how to invest their portfolios and organize their finances to achieve their financial goals.€75,339
Investment StrategiesInvestment Strategists are commentators, advisors, and insight producers on macro-markets who examine economic indicators (Such as interest rates and currencies) and provide portfolio managers with strategic and tactical advice on asset allocation and trading.€54,495
Investment ConsultantThey are the financial expert who offers investment products, advice, and strategy to customers. 

To help their clients meet their needs and achieve their financial objectives, investment consultants work hard to develop investment strategies for their clients.

Operational Risk ManagerAn operational risk manager seeks to identify and reduce operational risk for a business or firm

Assessing firm operations, recognizing problems, and producing reports on your findings are all part of the operational risk manager’s responsibility.


The top investment banking courses in Germany are given here to help you choose the ideal one as per your needs. Check out these courses if you are interested in learning about investment banking because they will set you apart from the competition.

Investment Banking Courses in Germany: IIM SKILLS

About: IIM SKILLS is a well-known global institution that focuses on practical experience for its reasonably priced professional certification program of investment banking. With lifetime access to Learning Management System (LMS), which offers classroom presentations, recorded lectures, and other training materials and tools for better learning, IIM Skills programs are perfect for upskilling both professionals and beginners.

Course Name: Investment Banking Course
Eligibility Criteria:Bachelor’s degree in BBA, Commerce, or a related field

A solid ability to work in the investment banking industry

Basic knowledge of finance and statistics

Duration of the Course:3 Months+1 Month Internship
Mode of the Course:Online
Fees:451.57 Euros + Taxes
Course Curriculum:Module 1: MS PowerPoint

Module 2: MS Excel

Module 3: Fundamentals of Financial System and Market

Module 4: Derivatives Market

Module 5: Technical of Investment Banking

Module 6: Different Marketing Collaterals

Module 7: Technical of Financial Modeling

Module 8: Business Valuation

Program Offerings:70+ Hours Lectures (50+ Hours Training + 20+ Hours of Doubt Solving Sessions

100+ Hours of Practical Assignments

5+ Case Studies

Guaranteed Internship

Placement Assistant

Certification Availability:Yes
Contact Information
Email ID:[email protected]
Phone Number:+91 9580 740 740

IIM SKILLS offers instructor-led online training for this course. They also have 50+ hours of live online classes with 20+ hours of doubt-solving sessions. This program provides students with the whole skill set needed to start a career in the investment banking industry.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Investment Banking Courses in Germany: Berlin School of Business and Innovation

About: Berlin School of Business and Innovation focuses on professional growth and development. Their MSc program is designed to help students gain the information and skills that are most important to the finance and investment industry. You will learn relevant, cutting-edge information about financial markets and investments, which will improve your job prospect and advance your career.

There are four terms in this 18-month MSc Finance and Investment program. The program will cover essential subjects such as corporate finance, financial markets, business, and financial analysis within its first three terms. Along with their master’s degree coursework, students also take academic research methodologies classes and study the German language. You will do research on a topic of your choice for your dissertation during your final semester.

Course Name: MSc Finance and Investment
Eligibility Criteria:Minimum Age:21



Academic Requirements:

Undergraduate Degree from a recognized university or 3 years of management experience.

Duration of the Course:18 Months
Mode of the Course:On Campus
Fees:International Students: €12,600

EU Students Price: €8,000

Course Curriculum:Module 1: Corporate Finance

Module 2: Business and Finance Analysis

Module 3: Derivatives and Alterative Investments

Module 4: Quantitative Finance and Financial Markets

Module 5: Islamic Banking Operations

Module 6: Mergers and Acquisitions and Private Equity

Module 7: Study Methods

Module 8: Research Methodology

Module 9: German Language Studies

Program Offerings:Access to course and reading materials via the University for the Creative Arts Platform

Degree awarded from University for the Creative Arts

Certification Availability:Yes
Contact Information
Email ID:[email protected]
Phone Number:+49 3058 584 0959

Investment Banking Courses in Germany: Data Trained

About: One of the most modern Post Graduation in Investment Banking and Financial Modeling programs was developed by Data Trained in partnership with the London Governance and Compliance Academy (LGCA).

The six-month certification program is offered online with both live and recorded classes. The Students are given access to 100+ hours of recorded lectures and 50+ hours of live sessions.

Course Name: PG Program In Investment Banking and Financial Modeling
Duration of the Course:6 Months
Mode of the Course:Online
Course Curriculum:Module 1: Basics of Finance

Module 2: Introduction to Financial Statements

Module 3: Basics of Economics

Module 4: Introduction to Investment Banking

Module 5: Introduction to Financial Modeling and Valuation

Module 6: Basic to Advanced Excel

Module 7: Microsoft PowerPoint

Module 8: Discounted Cash Flow Valuation

Module 9: Cost of Capital

Module 10: Relative Valuation

Module 11: Start-Up Valuation

Module 12: Merger & Acquisition along with LBO

Module 13: Financial Management of Start-Ups

Program Offerings:180+ Hours of Live Training

30 Hours of Project Based Learning

Interview Prep

Placement Assistance

Certification Availability:Yes
Contact Information
Phone Number:+44-744 142 7157

Investment Banking Courses in Germany: The Wall Street School

About: Investment Banking Course by The Wall Street School is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of investment banking techniques, equity research, and capital markets, Designed by investment bankers and industry experts, this program plugs the gap between theoretical concepts learned during academic degree/diploma and on the job application of those concepts.

Course Name: Investment Banking Course
Eligibility Criteria:Any BBA and B.Com graduate students
Duration of the Course:2.5 Month
Mode of the Course:Online
Course Curriculum:Module 1: Basic to Intermediate Excel

Module 2: Advanced Excel and PowerPoint

Module 3: Basic Finance Concepts

Module 4: Feasibility Study/Business Modeling

Module 5: Comparable Company Analysis

Module 6: Precedent Transaction Analysis

Module 7: Discounted Cash Flow Valuation

Module 8: Merger Model

Module 9: Leveraged Buyouts

Module 10: Mock Interviews and Resume Edits

Program Offerings:Placement Assistance

Case Studies

Certification Availability:Yes
Contact Information
Email ID:[email protected]
Phone Number:+91 9953 729 651

Investment Banking Courses in Germany: CFA Institute

About: The Investment Foundation Certificate aims to give a comprehensive understanding of the investment industry, including its structure, operation, and place in both societies and the international capital markets. This program will help you get an actual understanding of the industry’s principles and a framework for better comprehending, resolving, and communicating solutions to complicated problems.

After finishing all the courses, you can take the final exam and receive an investment foundation credential after passing it.

Course Name: Investment Foundations Certificate
Duration of the Course:60-90 Hours
Mode of the Course:Online Self-Paced
Fees:USD 350.00
Course Curriculum:Course 1 Industry Overview and Structure

Module 1: Overview of the investment industry

Module 2: Structure of the Investment Industry

Module 3: Introduction to Industry Services

Module 4: Financial Planning Services and Introduction to FinTech

Module 5: Investment Professionalism and Regulation

Course 2 Types and Functioning of Markets

Module 1: Security Markets and Trading Venue Types

Module 2: Order Processing and Opportunities with Decentralized Finance

Module 3: Investment Vehicle I

Module 4: Investment Vehicle II

Course 3 Investment Instruments

Module 1: Quantitative Concepts

Module 2: Introduction to Investment Instruments and Equity Securities

Module 3: Debt Securities

Module 4: Derivatives

Module 5: Alternative Investment

Course 4 Investment Inputs and Tools

Module 1: Micro Economics

Module 2: Macro Economics

Module 3: Economics of International Trade

Module 4: Financial Statements

Course 5 Serving Clients Needs

Module 1: Investors and Their Needs

Module 2: Investment Management

Module 3: Risk Management

Module 4: Performance Evaluation

Course 7 Serving the Greater Good

Module 1: Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Investing

Module 2: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in Practice

Module 3: Professionalism 

Module 4: Ethical Decision-Making Framework

Program Offerings:12-Month Access to Learning Materials
Certification Availability:Yes
Contact Information
Phone Number:+1 (434) 951-5499

Investment Banking Courses in Germany: Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is investment banking courses in Germany worth it?

Even if the industry is quite important and complicated, one may still succeed and create a career in investment banking. The only requirements are a desire to work hard and the capacity to learn from experience to get better over time. Additionally, the position and pay at investment banks are competitive with the sector. The one joining would feel both personally and financially satisfied as a result.

Q. Which are the best investment banking certifications?

  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Certification
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Certification
  • Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Certification
  • Financial Modeling Certification

Q. What course do investment bankers need?

A degree in finance, business administration, accounting, or a related field is required to work as an investment banker and you can further opt for your education by obtaining certifications related to your area of specialization.

Q. What are the best factors of an investment banking career?

  • An international field, with multiple global opportunities.
  • Excellent salary
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Extensive work hours
  • Enhanced accessibility
  • Benefits packages
  • Effective networking

Investment Banking Courses in Germany: Conclusion

Building an investment banking career in German is not a bad idea. The learner curve is significantly better than in London and New York since technical skills are prioritized during interviews.

If you develop your technical expertise early on in your job, it will undoubtedly benefit you in your investment banking career. This has been a guide to investment banking courses in Germany, their services, top investment banks in Germany, Job profiles and salaries in investment banking, etc.

Swati Varli is an intern at IIM SKILLS as a Content Writer. Always being the happy kid whenever it comes to nature, she holds a Master’s degree in wildlife. She is a weeb and passionate about arts and crafts, reading, journaling, dancing and solo travel. For her interest she is always ready to explore new things against her better judgment. At the same time also being the person who will meow back to stray cats just to get their attention.

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