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Top 6 Investment Banking Courses in Rockhampton With Live Classes

In the space of economy and finance, you cannot overlook the role played by Investment Banking. It helps companies, business firms, and the government raise capital. In certain situations, companies might need assistance regarding mergers and acquisitions, underwriting, and other finance advice. These types of advisory services in the finance sectors are offered by Investment Banking. To put it simply, Investment Banking works as a connecting medium between the financial sector and companies, or business organizations and guide them through various financial process like financial transactions which can help in the economic growth of the company. This article will assist you in providing insights on Investment Banking Courses in Rockhampton.

Investment Banking Courses in Rockhampton

A Look Into Investment Banking:

When you set your mind on building a career in Investment Banking, it is a must to know about the basics of it and how it works. Before diving into the Investment Banking Courses in Rockhampton, let us know how Investment Banking works. In a finance setting, the role of Investment Banking is inevitable since its main function is to provide financial consulting to various institutions, corporations, and governments. In the broader environment of the finance Industry, Investment Banking takes up the place as one of the most significant establishments. It acts as a platform that links two entities – investors and people or business corporations that require capital. They take in securities from various sources and sell them to investors who are in need, which helps in the active flow of a financial market. 

When a company determines to go public through IPO, Investment Banking helps them by acting as underwriters. They look into various aspects of the company such as possible risks, financial health, and management. Investment Banking also assists in the process of Mergers and Acquisitions. They take responsibility for carrying out complex transactions and financial services. To sum up, Investment Banking eases up companies by:

  • Helping in raising Capital by selling stocks/bonds
  • Insuring Bonds
  • Equity securities
  • Financial Advice

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Skills That Are Expected to Be an Investment Banker

With an important significance in the industry, Investment Banking expects certain skills in Investment Bankers that can help them achieve heights. Let us have a look into the top 5 skills that are asked for from an Investment Banker before entering into the top 6 investment banking courses in Rockhampton.  

Creative Thinking

Even though Investment Bankers are bound by rules and regulations, they are also obliged to come up with new solutions and take a different perspective when looking into different situations. As an Investment Banker, you help companies raise their capital. So as an investment banker, the individual needs to think out of the box and come up with new ideas when raising capital. They need to keep their industry in mind and should make sure that they think differently according to the situation that is in their hands. There are various classes available to refine their creative thinking skills.

Critical Thinking

One of the most important skills that is looked for in an Investment Banker is the ability to think critically. The current setting of finance is as challenging as it can be and one needs to withhold the ability to quickly grasp the situation, scrutinize the strengths and the weaknesses, and play accordingly. When the skills of an Investment Banker are taken into account, there is a lot more to it than finance, mathematics, analytics, and economics. They need to develop the skill of analyzing the situation with their cognitive skills to attain new perspectives and come up with creative solutions.

Cultural Competence

As an Investment Banker, one needs to work with people from different cultures and environments. This cultural competence is a skill where the individual is capable of building a bond with workers from different cultural backgrounds. To understand and accept different cultures, the investment banker should be broad-minded. This eases up the work between the investment banker and their clients. With the amalgamation of understanding of different cultures and the knowledge of it, an investment banker can shine in their field. It is also recommended to learn an additional language that can favour the investment banker when communicating with their clients. 


To achieve the greatest heights in your profession as an Investment Banker, you should be well-disciplined and should possess patience when it comes to long hours of work. When work pressure hits you, an Investment Banker should be ready to face the pressure and work diligently under it with ease. When given a hard task or a goal, sit and set your plans and accomplish it.

Building Relations

It is highly beneficial for an investment banker to sport high social skills and relationship-building skills. When a situation arises, where you need to deal with a stressful client, this skill can help maintain the situation and can bring a positive attitude towards the situation. To hold strong relationship-building skills, the individual should have good analytical skills, the potential to surpass expectations, and good listening skills.

Steps to Become an Investment Banker

  • Score yourself a Bachelor’s degree in Finance or fields that are related to it
  • Follow up your bachelor’s degree with a post-graduate degree or an MBA degree
  • Obtain certifications as per the demands of the industry
  • Take up internships to upskill your skills in the industry
  • Flourish your career – acquire experience in your field and seek opportunities. 

As we have got the essence of what Investment Banking is and what the roles of an Investment Banker are, let us start on the investment banking courses in Rockhampton.

1. IIM SKILLS – Investment Banking Courses in Rockhampton

IIM SKILLS is day by day upgrading its reputation in offering a remarkable service when it comes to education. The educational courses offered by IIM SKILLS that are available online are fruitful and highly valuable to learners. The courses are curated by skilled professionals in the field. The course touches all the topics from fundamentals to advanced, which not only makes the individual well-known with the subjective knowledge of Investment Banking but also makes them ready for a job after the completion of the course. They keep track of industry trends and are always up to date with the current industry. The course is self-paced and can be learned from their comfort.

As one of the top Investment Banking Courses in Rockhampton, IIM Stands out for its exclusive features of the course. Since the course is online, learners have access to it anywhere and anytime. The Sessions held by them are interactive and are very much encouraged to raise questions and clear their queries. The study materials provided during the course duration can be accessed for a lifetime. One of the great factors about IIM SKILLS is their assistance in Placement, building a profile on LinkedIn, and a guaranteed one-month Internship Program.

If you are looking for a top-notch investment banking institute check out the course brochure of IIM SKILLS. You can also join the Demo session for free to understand the career opportunities in Investment banking.

Name of the Course: Investment Banking Course (Certified)

Mode: Online

Fee of the Course: AUD 717.46 + Tax EMI available

Course Duration: 3 Months + 1 Month Internship[ (Comes with case studies and assignments)

Course Modules

Module 1MS PowerPointModule 5Technicals of Investment Banking
Module 2MS ExcelModule 6Different Marketing Collaterals
Module 3Financial System and MarketModule 7Technicals of Financial Modeling
Module 4Derivatives MarketModule 8Business Valuation

Course Content:

Lectures that are more than 70 hours (Training for 50+ hours, and 20+ hours for sessions meant for problem-solving), Practical Assignments for 100+ hours, more than 10 templates, and 5+ case studies.


  • Individuals who hold a degree in MBA
  • Engineering Graduates
  • Graduate
  • Post-Graduates
  • Professionals from Finance Background
  • ACCA or CA or CPAs


Industry-recognized certificate after the completion of the course.

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

+91 9580740740, [email protected] 

2. New York Institue of Finance – Investment Banking Courses in Rockhampton

The New York Institute of Finance founded in 1922, has been contributing its educational services globally. Annually they train over 50,000+ individuals in nearly 125 countries. They provide their services in three modes – in-person (NY Campus), Self-paced(Online), and virtual mode. The IBC program also known as The Investment Banking Certificate holds 4 key topics in finance and business. The program will be taught by professionals and experts from the industry who deal with the current market. As one of the top Investment Banking courses in Rockhampton, candidates who take up this course will learn about investment banking, business finance, and valuation from this course.

The Investment Banking Certificate program offered by the New York Institute(NYIF) is structured in a way that is similar to a mini-MBA. Once you have completed the course you will be equipped well with the industry so that you can land a job in fields like Mergers and Acquisitions(M&A), Valuations, Fund Management, and Capital Markets. Individuals need not worry about missing their classes since the program is 100% online and can be learned at their own pace. All you need is your time and a stable internet connection to take this program.

Course Curriculum:

Foundational Courses 

Course 1 – Finance for Managers (6 hours)

  • Module 1 – Financial Management
  • Module 2 – Key Financial Statements
  • Module 3 – Recording Financial Statements
  • Module 4 – Budgeting for Managers
  • Module 5 – Benchmarking and Analyzing Financial Information

Course 2 – Financial Statement Analysis(7 hours)

  • Module 1 – Financial Statements
  • Module 2 – Risk Analysis Using Ratios
  • Module 3 – Accounting Principles’ Impact
  • Module 4 – Valuation Basics

Course 3 – Quantitative Techniques and Methods(5 hours)

  • Module 1 – Basic Valuation and Time Value of Money
  • Module 2 – Essential Statistics
  • Module 3 – Regression Analysis

Course 4 – Free Cash Flow Modeling(8 hours)

  • Module 1 – Free Cash Flow 
  • Module 2 – Free Cash Flow – Its components
  • Module 3 – Capital Budgeting Using Free Cash Flow
  • Module 4 – To use Free Cash Flow to Evaluate Investment Opportunities

Course 5 – Important Career Skills for Investment Banking and Finance (6 hours)

  • Module 1 – Financial Industry – An Overview
  • Module 2 – Career Skills
  • Module 3 – Career Tools

Four Specializations: (Choose 2 out of 4)

Capital Markets

  • Course A – Fundamentals of the Securities Industry (8 hours)
  • Course B – Equities
  • Course C – Fixed Income Securities
  • Course D – Derivative Instruments


  • Course A – Corporate Finance
  • Course B – Business Valuation
  • Course C – Corporate Credit Analysis
  • Course D – Measuring Risk – Fixed Income, Equity, FX, and Derivatives

Fund Management

  • Course A – Exchange-Traded Funds and Mutual Funds and 
  • Course B – Private Equity and Hedge Funds
  • Course C – Wealth Management
  • Course D – Portfolio Management

Mergers and Acquisitions(M&A)

  • Course A – An Introduction to Theories and Concepts of M&A
  • Course B – Theories and Concepts: Advanced Topics
  • Course C – Structuring the Deal
  • Course D – Advanced Acquisition Modeling

Course 6 – Corporate Finance(5 hours)

  • Module 1 – Corporate Finance
  • The Time Value of Money
  • More Time Value Applications
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Factors that Affect Financial Decisions

Course 7 – Business Valuation(6 hours)

  • Module 1 – Business Valuation
  • Module 2 – Free Cash Flows and the Foundations of it
  • Module 3 – Average Cost of Captial
  • Module 4 – Terminal Value
  • Module 5 – Business Valuation Using the DCF Method
  • Module 6 – DCF Approach and its limitations

Course 8 – Concepts and Theories of M&A(Advances Topics)

  • Module 1 – Financial Accounting and Projections
  • Module 2 – Financing the Deal
  • Module 3 – Seller’s Viewpoint
  • Module 4 – Other Areas of Interest

Course 9 – Structuring the Deal in M&A(8 hours)

  • Module 1 – Documents and Review
  • Module 2 – Documents
  • Module 3 – Legal Structures
  • Module 4 – Tax Considerations
  • Module 5 – Tax-Free Deals
  • Module 6 – Accounting Notes
  • Module 7 – Consideration
  • Module 8 – Advanced Structuring

Course 10 – Equities(7 hours)

  • Module 1 – Common Stocks
  • Module 2 – Preferred Stocks
  • Module 3 – Equity-Linked Issues
  • Module 4 – Indexes

Course 11 – Hedge Funds and Private Equity(8 hours)

  • Module 1 – Hedge Fund Industry
  • Module 2 – Hedge Fund and how it works
  • Module 3 – Hedge Fund Strategies
  • Module 4 – Issues of Hedge Fund Investors
  • Module 5 – Equity Investment Vehicles

Course 12 – Portfolio Management (14 hours)

  • Module 1 – Fixed Income Portfolio Management
  • Module 2 – Equity Portfolio Management

Course 13 – Advanced Acquisitions Modeling in M&A (7 hours)

  • Module 1 – Advanced Excel Techniques
  • Module 2 Stage Valuation Model for LBOs (Acquisitions and Leveraged Buyouts)


  • Finance Professionals
  • Recent Graduates
  • Final Yeas Masters Students

Mode: Online

Course Fee: $990.00

Certification: Course Completion E-Certificate (hard copy if the individual pays for shipment fee)

Contact Details: +1 347 842 2501

3. Imarticus Learning

One of the best Online Investment Banking Courses in Rockhampton is Imarticus Learning. They are best known for delivering exceptional educational services globally. It has more than 150 academic mentors and more than 350 industry mentors. They not only offer Investment Banking courses by also offer various finance programs such as the Postgraduate Program in Banking and Finance, Postgraduate Financial Analysis Program, etc… Classes in Imarticus Learning are flexible and are available on both weekdays and weekends. 

The Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional (CIBOP) course provides learners with a deep knowledge of Investment Banking, its roles, the processes, and operations in Investment Banking. Imarticus helps individuals build networks in the field and teaches them the nuances of the field of Investment Banking.

Name of the Course: CIBOP – Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional

Duration of the Course: 2 months if it is full-time, and 3 months if it’s part-time

Mode: Online

Course Fee: AUD 2,530.03 -Net Banking, Debit card, and credit card available 

EMI: Available

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Recent Graduates with 0-3 years of work experience (finance, business, or commerce field)
  • Fresher from non-STEM fields (0-3 years) from fields like business management, finance, or commerce streams.

Job Roles That You Can Go for After the Completion of the CIBOP Program Are:

  • Investment Banking Associate
  • Financial Analyst
  • Money Market Analyst
  • Risk Management Consultant
  • Global Finance Researcher
  • Anti-money laundering specialist
  • Capital market operations consultant
  • Executive Director in Clearing Services
  • Investment banking operations lead
  • Regulatory reporting analyst
  •  Financial Market Advisor


Finance Markets – An Introduction

  • Get to know about the Financial Market Landscape
  • Financial Markets – Typical elements
  • Different Financial Instruments – An insight

Topics Covered:

  • Investment Banking
  • Fixed Income and Cash Equities
  • Money Markets and Foreign Exchange
  • Derivatives Markets
  • Job-Interview Deadlines

Trade Life Cycle

  • Basics of Trade-Life-Cycle
  • Understanding the structures that are related to KYC and anti-money laundering
  • Steps that are involved in Reconciliations and Settlement.

Topics covered:

  • Reference Data Management
  • Corporate Actions
  • Asset Management
  • Trade Life Cycle
  • Reconciliation
  • Stock, Lending, and Borrow
  • ISDA – An Introduction
  • Collateral Management

Risk Management

  • To understand the regulatory structures that are applicable in the sector of Investment Banking
  • Regulatory framework and its implications in Investment Banking Operations
  • Basics of Risk Management

Topics Covered:

  • Regulatory Environment and Risk Management
  • Anti-money Laundering and KYC
  • Job-interview Deadlines

Certification: Will receive a professional certificate – Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional (CIBOP) 

Additional Features:

  • 100 % Job Assurance
  • Profile Enhancement
  •  Assistance in Interview Preparations
  • Resume Building
  • Guaranteed Interviews(7)

Contact Info: +91 9953578090

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4. Edu Bridge – Investment Banking Courses in Rockhampton

Edu Bridge as a Career Development Organization which was started in the year 2009 scores its position in our top investment banking courses in Rockhampton. With experience of more than a decade, they have so far taught  150,000+ individuals and placed 100,000 students in 300+ companies. The Certification Program in Investment Banking Operations offered by Edu Bridge aims to be of use to professionals as well as beginners who are in the field. Candidates who take up this certification program for Investment Banking can have access to these services:

  • Techniques and tools that will help them land their desired job
  • Curated Curriculum(updated with the latest trends)
  • Unmasking the real-time industry trends to the students
  • Self-learning modules
  • Faculty members who are industrially equipped and are experts in the field
  • Lerner’s Portal

Name of the Course: Certification Program in Investment Banking Operations

Course Duration: 375 hours

Mode: Online

Course Fee: AUD 1,081.72

Who Can Take Up This Course: 

  • Must be at least 18 (years old)
  • Working Professionals(0-3 years of experience)
  • Should have a degree from commerce stream (Bachelor’s or Master’s in Commerce, MBA, BAF, CMA, CA or CFA with minimum50% score)
  • Well-versed in English 

Course Modules:

  • Financial Planning
  • Value Investing
  • Investment Banking, and Financial System – An Introduction
  • Cash Equities – A Introduction
  • Fixed Income Securities – An Introduction
  • Foreign Exchange Markey – An Introduction
  • Money Markets – An Introduction
  • Derivatives – Swaps, Options, Forwards, and Futures
  • Corporates Actions and the Types of Corporate Actions
  • Trade Life Cycle
  • Reconciliations and the types in it
  • Asset Management – An Introduction and Funding Accounting, Mutual Funds
  • KYC(Know Your Customer), Due Diligence, and Anti-Money Laundering(AML)
  • Reference Data Management – An Introduction
  • Risks and its Types and Regulations in regards to Global Markets
  • MS Excel
  • PowerPoint – An Introduction

Skills That Are Covered in the Course:

  • Asset Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Value Investing
  • Money Market
  • Trade Life Cycle
  • Cash Equities
  • Fixed Income Securities
  • Time Value Money
  • Capital Asset Pricing Modeling
  • Foreign Exchange Market
  • Corporate Actions

Contact Details: 1800 120 1193

List of Other Preferred Courses in Australia:

5. Coursera – Investment Banking Courses in Rockhampton

If you are looking for Investment Banking Courses in Rockhampton, Coursera is a great choice to enrol yourself. From outstanding training to a refined curriculum, Coursera stands as one of the exceptional investment banking courses in Rockhampton.  

Name of the course: Investment Banking: Financial Analysis and Valuation

Level: Intermediate

Course Duration: Approximately 13 hours

Certification: Available


There are a total of 5 modules which are:

  • Module 1 – Financial Adjustments and Spreads
  • Module 2 – Comparable Public Companies Analysis, and Valuation Analysis – An Introduction
  • Module 3 – Comparable Precedent Transaction Analysis
  • Module 4 – Discounted Cash Flow
  • Conclusion of the course

6. Udemy – Investment Banking Courses in Rockhampton

Do you want to establish a career in Investment Banking? You got yourself a perfect platform to learn Investment Banking from scratch. Udmey is a global portal for learning various courses online. The Complete Investment Banking Course 2023 offered by Udmey is one of the topmost courses when you look for investment banking courses in Rockhampton. 

Duration of the Course: 13.5 hours(on-demand video)

Certification: Course Completion Certificate will be provided

Contents of the Investment Banking Course: 30 sections with nearly 210 lectures. 

Course Fee: 9.03 – 22.56 AUD (the course fee mostly depends on the geographical locations and the subscription made)

FAQs Related to top Investment Banking Institutes

1. Is Investment Banking considered a good career?

Yes. Investment Banking is an ever-growing field in the finance sector. Irrespective of its demanding work productivity, Investment Banking as a career assures extraordinary pay, a promising job security. Equip yourself with the required skills and in no time you will find your time to shine in your career.

2. Is there a future in Investment Banking in Rockhampton?

Even though the financial hubs in Rockhampton are relatively low compared to other places in Australia, it still has its door open for potential future growth. With active networking, and requiring knowledge and certifications, you can land yourself in Investment Banking in Rockhampton.

3. How much does an Investment Banker make in Rockhampton?

Investment Bankers in Rockhampton and generally Australia earn an average salary of AUD 18,6421.60 per year.

To Conclude

Choosing Investment Banking as a career can be exhilarating. As an Investment Banker, you influence the finance flow in the economy. With ample opportunities that are scattered around, I hope you get to find your ground in the Investment Banking Industry. We hope you find the best course from our Investment Banking Courses in Rockhampton and achieve heights in your respective desired field.



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