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Top 9 Investment Banking Courses in London With Live Classes

The course of investment banking attracts a large number of applicants each day. It is a unique branch of banking that assists people and organizations in obtaining cash and offering financial consultancy services. There are numerous opportunities in this field and London is one of the greatest markets for investment bankers, given the importance of investment banking to financial institutions and corporate transactions. If you are planning to work in the investment banking field, London would be the best choice. This article will give you every aspect of a career in investment banking and top 9 Investment Banking Courses in London with placements.

Investment Banking Courses in London

Define, Investment Banking

Investment banking is the division of the banking industry responsible for organizing complex, large-scale financial transactions including mergers and the underwriting of initial public offerings (IPO).

In addition, they use a variety of methods other than underwriting a company’s issue of new securities to obtain money for enterprises. They also accept responsibility for managing an IPO for a company.

Investment banks deal with selling securities, mergers & Acquisitions, reorganizations, and broker trading for institutions and individual investors.

Along with new debt and equity securities for various firms, their underwriting responsibilities also include these.               

Investment banks also provide issuers with placement and stock-offering advice. Investment bankers are experts with thorough knowledge of the financial market. They assist their clients in guiding their businesses through the challenging finance sector.

What do investment bankers do?

  • The primary obligation of investment bankers is responsible for informing and promoting their client’s investments. They provide a link between brokers and advisors, ensuring that clients’ needs are met. 
  • Some of the key duties and responsibilities of investment bankers are stated below:
  • Maintains transactions for customers by serving as a point of contact between the advisor and the business management.
  • Establishes connections between loan structures and deals with corporate finance teams to negotiate profitable terms and conditions.
  • Keeping track of market circumstances through analyzing stock and debt capital markets or obtaining equity and fixed income.
  • Investment bankers frequently work to establish new transactions in the capital markets through alliances and acquisitions.
  • Manage asset, security, and currency transactions by serving as consultants for capital formation, valuation, and risk management.
  • Assist in the development of financial tools to redirect cash flows to investors
  • Provide information on certain bonds and securities to institutional investors.
  • Maintain a clear line of communication with the firm’s analysts and traders.

Who can I work for as an Investment Banker in London?

There are three types of investment banking employers. 

  • Firstly, there are the major international investment banks. Most people with an interest in the sector have heard of these names, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and J.P Morgan.
  • Then there are the investment banking departments of significant commercial banks like Citigroup, Bank of America, and Barclays. 
  • Finally, there are specialized, or boutique, independents such as Rothschild and Lazard, Allen, and Company are a few examples.

London and New York are the world’s major financial hubs, with smaller but equally significant cities such as Frankfurt, Paris, and Tokyo completing the list.

Investment banks in London often fall into one of three types. International investment banks, the investment banking divisions of major commercial banks, and specialized standalone investment banks.

You should look at a bank’s size and reputation before applying for a position there. Larger banks may provide larger accounts, but a smaller company may allow you to advance more quickly in your career. Others may excel in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) while some are recognized for their work in debt capital.

You can also work for other employers who can provide you with relevant experience such as Stockbrokers, the London Stock Exchange (LSE), and The Bank of England etc.

Investment Banking Career Path and Salary in London

Although there are several variants and slightly different titles, this is the fundamental career path for investment banking.

Title of Investment Banking PositionYears of LevelJob DescriptionsAverage Annual Salary
Analyst<5 YearsAs an analyst, you are in charge of PowerPoint and Excel work as well as administrative duties like monitoring the data room and deal paperwork, keeping track of buyers and sellers, and responding to client and potential client inquiries.£80,000 to


Associate5 to 10 YearsThe associate on the team assigns the work, reviews it, and occasionally jumps in to do some Excel and PowerPoint, especially in more complicated presentations and models. The analyst on the team will handle many of the tedious tasks.

Along with attending more meetings and interacting with clients, associates are less likely to play “Speaking Roles” in most meetings.

£120,000 to


Vice President (VP)10-20 YearsDirectors and Managing Directors engage with Vice President to clarify their demands. VPs then work with associates and analysts to put those requests into action and review their work.

Vice Presidents engage with clients far more frequently and they may call prospective buyers to persuade a customer that the bank is selling, whereas analysts and associates would do so infrequently or not.

£250,000 to


Managing Directors (MD)>20 YearsThey spend their time cultivating contacts, meeting businesses, and winning clients frequently.£1.1 Million or above

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Here we have listed some of the best-recognized institutes for investment banking courses in London.

1. Investment Banking Courses in London: IIM SKILLS

IM SKILLS is one of the top leading providers of online education programs in India. Their up-skill classes are suitable for anyone who wishes to start a career, without prior experience in the field.

Their Certified Investment Banking Course is a three-month exclusive program including month guaranteed internship. Their comprehensive master course consists of eight modules, with 70+ hours of lectures including 50+ hours of instructor-led training and 20+ hours of doubt-solving sessions. The investment banking course will enhance your valuation skills and provide you with strong financial and business acumen that will help you carry out company deals like M&Q, IPO, LBO, etc


Course Name: Investment Banking Master Course
Eligibility Criteria:Bachelor’s Degree in BBA, Commerce, or related field

Solid ability to work in the investment banking industry

Basic knowledge of finance and statistics

Duration of the Course:3 Months + 1 Month Internship
Mode of the Course:Online
Fees:Rs.39,900 + 18%GST (INR)
Course Curriculum:Module 1: MS PowerPoint

Module 2: MS Excel

Module 3: Fundamentals of Financial Systems and Market

Module 4: Derivatives Market

Module 5: Technical of Investment Banking

Module 6: Different Marketing Collaterals

Module 7: Technical of Financial Modeling

Module 8: Business Valuation

Program Offerings:100+ Hours Practical Assignment

5+ Case Studies]

Lifetime Access to Learning Management System

Job Assistant

Mock Interview Preparation

Certification Availability:Yes
Contact Information
Email ID:[email protected]
Phone Number:+91 9580 740 740

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

2. Investment Banking Courses in London: Data Trained

About: One of the most modern Post Graduation investment banking programs available today are offered by Data Trained through a partnership with the London Governance and Compliance Academy (LGCA). 

A total of 100+ hours of recorded lectures and 50+ hours of live sessions are supplied to the students during this six-month certification program, which is delivered online.

Course Name: Investment Banking and Financial Modeling
Duration of the Course:6 Months
Mode of the Course:Live Online Training
Course Curriculum:Module 1: Basics of Finance

Module 2: Introduction to Financial Statements

Module 3: Basic of Economics

Module 4: Introduction to Investment Banking

Module 5: Introduction to Financial Modeling and Valuation

Module 6: Basic to Advanced Excel

Module 7: Microsoft PowerPoint

Module 8: Discounted Cash Flow Valuation

Module 9: Cost of Capital

Module 10: Relative Valuation

Module 11: Start-Up Valuation

Module 12: Merger & Acquisition along with LBO

Module 13: Financial Management of Start-Ups

Program Offerings:180+ Hours of Live Training

30 Hours of Project Based Learning

Practice Test Included

Case Studies

Interview Preparation

Job Assistant

Certification Availability:Yes
Contact Information
Email ID:[email protected]
Phone Number:+44-744 142 7157

3. Investment Banking Courses in London: Kaplan

About: The Investment Management Certificate is an entry-level qualification for the investment banking profession in the United Kingdom. Awarded by the CFA Society, Kaplan offers a strong basis for learning about the fundamentals of risk management, front-office investing activities, research analysis, relationship management, and portfolio management.

Course Name: Investment Management Certificate
Eligibility Criteria:5 GCSEs
Duration of the Course:6 Months
Mode of the Course:Distance LearningDistance Learning with Recorded ClassesClassroom
Course Curriculum:Unit 1: Investment Environment

Financial Markets and Institutions

Ethics and Investment Professionalism

The Regulation of Financial Markets and Institutions

Legal Concepts

Client Advice

Taxation in the UK

Unit 2: Investment Practice

Quantitative Methods





Fixed Income


Alternative Investments and Private Markets

Portfolio Management

Investment Products

Investment Performance Measurement

Program Offerings:Personalized Learning

Extensive Question Book

Certification Availability:Yes
Contact InformationPlease, visit their official site for additional information.

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4. Investment Banking Courses in London: City Investment Training

About: Full-Time Investment Banking Analyst program last three weeks in Christmas, and December. During the course, students learn the fundamentals of investment banking, such as financial modeling, pitch book, valuations, and report writing. Students can also add our weeks of a summer internship that include investment research projects and solving investment banking case studies from popular schools such as LBS, IESE, Stanford, and Harvard.

While their Part Time Investment Banking Program runs for 12 weeks that includes real-life investment banking employment. Students will learn how to monetize their education and begin working as part-time investment bankers on online portals.

Course Name: Full-Time Investment Banking Analyst ProgramPart-Time Investment Banking Program
Duration of the Course:3 Weeks Training + 4 Weeks Internship12 Weeks
Mode of the Course:Online or In-ClassLive Online 
Fees:Contact for fees structureContact for fees structure
Course Curriculum:Week 1: Accounting 101

Week 2: Financial Modeling I

Week 3: Financial Modeling II

Week 4: Valuations

Week 5: Merger and Acquisition Master class

Week 6: Equity Research

Week 7: Private Equity

Week 8: Venture Capital

First 3 Weeks: Accounting

Weeks 4 to 9: Financial Modeling

Weeks 10 to 11: Valuations

DCF Valuation

Comparable Valuations

M&A Modeling

Overview of Private Equity

LBO Modeling

Weeks 12:

Writing Equity Research Report

Contact Information
Email ID:[email protected]
Phone Number:+44 (0)203 580 4206

There are also well-known universities in London that provides post-graduation level programs in investment banking. The list is as follows,

5. Investment Banking Courses in London: Bayes Business School (City, University of London)

About: MSc in Banking and International Finance program by Bayes Business School will help you get one step closer to having a prosperous career in Investment Banking. This post-graduation program is developed specifically to raise your professional standards and skills. 

Bayes Business School provides an advanced combination of practical and theoretical study to give you the perspective and abilities and personality to make things happen.

You will learn from respected scholars at the Centre for Banking Research, and because they are located near the City of London and FinTech centers, your studies will be exceptionally practical and strategic, with regular lectures from senior bankers and finance professionals.

Course Name: MSc Banking and International Finance
Eligibility Criteria:Bachelor’s degree or Previous study in finance or equivalent subject

IELTS: 7.0 

Duration of the Course:12 Months
Mode of the Course:On Campus
Course Curriculum:Term 1

Core Modules:

Global Banking

Financial Statement Analysis

Principles of Finance and Valuation

Data Analytics for Banking and Finance

Research Methods in Modern Finance

Term 2

Core Modules:

Bank Risk Management

International Finance

Elective Modules:

Corporate Finance

Fixed Income

Alternatives Investments

Topics in Merger and Acquisition (M&A)

Term 3

Business Research Project

Applied Research Project

Elective Modules

Behavioral Finance

Ethics, Society, and the Finance Sector

Financial Crime

Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation in Banks

Hedge Funds

Investment Banking in Corporate Finance

Mergers & Acquisitions

Private Equity Investment

Trading and Market Microstructure

International Electives:


Investment Strategy

Contact Information
Email ID:[email protected]
Phone Number:+44 (0)20 7040 8877

6. Investment Banking Courses in London: King’s College London

About: At King’s College London, they provide an extensive financial education through their MSc in Banking and Finance Program.

A variety of subjects are covered such as commercial and investment banking, financial derivatives, risk management, financial regulation, and behavioral finance. A major focus will be placed on practical skills, providing you with the information and resources you need to successfully address difficulties in the international financial and banking sectors and support your career objectives.

Course Name: MSc in Banking and Finance
Eligibility Criteria:Bachelor’s Degree (Honors/Special) with a score of 70% or 8.5 out of 10 from a recognized university

English Language Band: B

Duration of the Course:1 Year
Mode of the Course:On Campus
Fees:UK: £37,680 per year

International: £37,680 per year

Course Curriculum:Core Modules:

Module 1: Quantitative Methods in Finance

Module 2: Investment

Module 3: Commercial and Investment Banking

Module 4: Financial Statement Analysis

Module 5: Financial Derivatives

Module 6: Dissertation

Optional Modules:

Asset Pricing

Empirical Finance

Risk Management for Banking

Financial Econometrics

Corporate Finance

Financial Regulation and Governance

Topics in Applied Finance

Behavioral Finance

Bond Markets Instruments and Trading Strategies

Applied Wealth Management

International Finance

Financial Engineering

Portfolio Management

Credit Ratings

Computational Finance

Emerging Markets Finance

Contact Information
Phone Number:+44 (0)20 7836 5454

7. Investment Banking Courses in London: Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) London

About: The Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI), Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), and the Chartered Banker Institute (CBI) have all granted their accreditation to Glasgow Caledonian University’s MSc in International Banking and Finance program.

This program will give you an in-depth understanding of finance and banking, where you will also explore both domestic and international investment operations.

Mastering financial and operational risk measurement will provide you to maintain businesses and communities from unnecessary risk and make ethical, responsible decisions that serve the greater good in your investment banking career.

Course Name: MSc in International Banking and Finance
Eligibility Criteria:UK Honors Degree 2:2 in any subject 

IELTS: 6.0 or Above

Duration of the Course:1 or 2 Years
Mode of the Course:On-Campus

International:  £17,950 (1 year)

Course Curriculum:Ethics, Sustainability, and Governance

Commercial Banking

Financial Securities and Portfolio Analysis

Banking and Financial Regulation

Strategic Bank Management

Bank Risk Management

Financial Risk Modeling

Global Corporate Finance

Research Methods for Finance

Finance Research Project

Contact Information
Email ID:[email protected]
Phone Number:+44 (0)203 369 3000

8. Investment Banking Courses in London: Queen Mary University of London

About: The MSc in Investment Banking program by the Queen Mary University of London is designed to give you valuable skills in the vital fields of financial investment and investment banking. The degree teaches you how to evaluate businesses and comprehend their financial requirements, as well as the legal framework of transactions in investment banking and the leadership and negotiating skills to work with customers in the field.

Course Name: MSc in Investment Banking
Eligibility Criteria:Undergraduate degree in relevant subjects

IELTS: Above 6.5

Duration of the Course:1 year
Mode of the Course:HomeOverseas
Course Curriculum:Compulsory/Core Modules

Module 1: Merger and Acquisition

Module 2: Financial Modeling in Excel

Module 3: Practice Valuation

Module 4: Primary Markets and Securities

Module 5: Strategy, Leadership, and Management of Investment Banking Firms

Module 6: Foundation of Corporate Finance

Module 7: Research Project

Module 8: Dissertation

-Elective Modules

Financial Derivatives

International Finance

Behavioral Finance

Risk Management for Banking

Asset Management

Principles of Accounting

Topics in Financial Econometrics

Bond Market Strategies

Applied Wealth Management

Credit Ratings

Portfolio Construction Theory

Strategic Asset Allocation

China and Global Financial Markets

Real Estate Finance

Cases in Corporate Finance

Empirical Finance

Private Equity and Venture Capital

Interest Rate Derivatives

Big Data Applications for Finance

Applied Asset Pricing

Structured Finance

Further Topics in Valuation

Regulating the Chinese Financial System

Financial Engineering

Statistical Machine Learning in Finance


Machine Learning for Finance

Climate Finance

ESG Investing

R for Finance

Financial Data Analytics 

-Optional Modules

Amplify Trading

Applied Portfolio Management

C++ Finance

Finance Trading Program

Foundation in Technical Analysis


Python for Finance, Investing, and Trading

Trading Swaps: A Practitioner’s View


VBA in Finance

Contact Information
Email ID:[email protected]
Phone Number:+44 (0) 20 7882 5555

9. Investment Banking Courses in London: University of Hertfordshire

About: You will get a critical grasp of the subject and the subject and be able to use the analytical techniques used by a wide spectrum of finance and investment banking professionals thanks to the Finance and Investment Banking Course’s comprehensive and cognitive learning environment.

This specialized Master’s program by the University of Hertfordshire provides a one-year placement. This work placement opportunity allows you to put your academic studies into practice and considerably expands your skill set for a variety of opportunities in finance and investment banking. The training is modeled around the prestigious CFA level 1 and level 2 exams from the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute.

Course Name: MSc Finance and Investment Banking
Eligibility Criteria:An Honors degree in the field of economics, finance, banking, business studies, accounting, science, engineering, mathematics or

Professional qualification ACCA, CIMA, CIPFA, CFA, ICS, ICAEW 

IELTS: Above 6.5

Duration of the Course:Full-Time: 12 Months or

Part-Time: 24 Months

Mode of the Course:On-Campus
Fees:Full-Time: £16950

Part-Time: £1415

Course Curriculum:Module 1: Financial Statement Analysis 1

Module 2: Financial Statement Analysis 2

Module 3: Quantitative Analysis

Module 4: Financial Data Analysis

Module 5: Asset Valuation

Module 6: Financial Markets and Institutions

Module 7: Economics, Finance, and Banking

Module 8: Dissertation MSc FIB

Module 9: Research Methods MSc FIB

Contact Information
Email ID:[email protected]
Phone Number:+44 (0)1707 284000

Investment Banking Courses in London: Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is being an investment banker difficult?

Being an investment banker can be challenging because of the demanding and time-consuming daily tasks. Investment bankers may find it difficult to get enough sleep and manage their stress, especially at the beginning of their careers. But investment bankers who successfully navigate the early stages of the job adjustment frequently have lengthy and profitable careers in this field.

Q. What is the average time it takes to become an investment banker?

If you are currently enrolled in a prestigious university or institution, earning a relevant undergraduate or postgraduate degree may help you get into investment banking. But becoming a well-experienced and successful investment banker may take 4 to 6 years.

Q. Which are the top investment banks in London?

  • J.P. Morgan
  • Goldman Sachs International
  • Barclays
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Bank of America
  • Black Rock
  • Credit Suisse
  • Citibank
  • UBS

Investment Banking Courses in London: Conclusion

People who are looking for the challenges and the benefits that come with it, such as good income, can choose this career in investment banking. Business and Finance graduates from all over the world are stuck in this industry despite how chaotic yet interesting the field is. I hope this article may have given you a little grasp of investment banking.

That’s it, about top investment banking courses in London, services provided by institutions, and career paths in the field.

Swati Varli is an intern at IIM SKILLS as a Content Writer. Always being the happy kid whenever it comes to nature, she holds a Master’s degree in wildlife. She is a weeb and passionate about arts and crafts, reading, journaling, dancing and solo travel. For her interest she is always ready to explore new things against her better judgment. At the same time also being the person who will meow back to stray cats just to get their attention.

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