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5 Investment Banking Institutes in Zurich With Practical Training

Whenever I hear Zurich, one thing triggers in my mind, the breathtaking views. But do you know, that the city is the fulcrum of investment banking? It is a dream place for investment banks and investment bankers. Want to build your career in Credit Suisse and UBS? My friends if you are gearing up for a brilliant career in investment banking institutes in Zurich, then this article is just what you need.

Investment Banking Institutes in Zurich

With around 1,431,538 population in 2023, Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city. There is no doubt in saying that Zurich is the financial leader of Switzerland. The place is the head office of many investment banks. It provides plenty of opportunities for investment bankers. The students or the aspirers face tough competition in this sector. So, before you take a flight for an investment banking course in Zurich, hover on the important aspects that make you a successful investment banker there, about the place and its economic condition, about investment banking and institutes from where you can get the certification or degree.

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Investment Banking – An Overview

Investment Banking is now ruling the world. As the market has started booming, the economy is again gaining ground. It can be rightly said that investment banking has started to roll over again.

Investment Banking is a system where investment banks, act as a negotiator between the investor and the investee. The elementary role of investment banking is to raise funds for the borrower organization from the investors.

Investment banks assist in raising capital through many services. The main services offered by investment banking are Underwriting, Mergers and Acquisitions, IPOs, Equity Research, Sales and Trading, Debt Capital and Advisory Functions.

Investment bankers help out in processing the services of investment banking, which are mentioned above. They understand and evaluate the risks involved in the trading functions. Then they make their clients aware of what they should do and how they should process the financial transactions that will make the deal beneficial and profitable for their clients.

Now, if we check the data, global investment banking has surged to nearly 8.6% from 2022 to 2023. The investment banking market has risen to $166.62 billion in the year 2023. So, you can visualize the growth of the investment market. No doubt it is leaping and it is going to be bigger and better.

Investment banks are classified into three types based on their size, types of services provided, location and number of clients handled. They are boutique banks, middle-market banks and bulge-bracket banks. Boutique banks are small in size and mainly look after single operations. The number of clients handled is also less. They have only a regional presence. Middle-market banks are extended country-wise. They are bigger than boutique banks. They handle a few of the services and the number of clients handled is more in comparison to the boutique bank. The last is bulge–bracket banks. They are the international level financial institutions. They are the big daddies in the financial market. They have a presence across the world. They provide all the operations or services that investment banking should provide. They have plenty of client base.  In these ways, the investment banks are categorized. Investment banking in Zurich mostly involves the bulge bracket banks.

Some of the investment banks are Goldman Sachs, Barclays, JP Morgan, UBS, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Wells Frago, HSBC, BNP Paribas, State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Deutsche Bank. These are only a few. There are many others too.

This is the overall introduction of investment banking in a very short and crispy way. Investment banking is a very challenging spectre and involves a lot of dedication and smart work. This challenging aspect makes it interesting too.

As we have seen investment banking, its introduction, the types, the services it provides and the names of investment banks, now let us see about Zurich. Let us quickly check, how Zurich is one of the most favourable places for investment banking.

What Favours Investment Banking in Zurich?

In the 19th century, Zurich was Switzerland’s federal capital. Zurich is the abode of financial banking. Many big industrialists invest their money and make their financial trading in Zurich. Wondering why? Because Zurich is one of the world’s best financial spots. The aspect that contributes to making Zurich one of the financial hubs is, that Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. This makes the population count larger than the other places. The next reason is that it is the home of many financial banks and investment banks. Most of the bulge bracket banks are situated here. This makes the place an ideal place for trading. The third aspect is that it is a place for professionals and tourists. The fourth aspect is, that legal laws, taxes and other rules are favourable for investment banks.

In addition to the above aspects, the standard of living is high in Zurich. This attracts investment banks. Zurich is stable enough to provide high-class infrastructure facilities to investment banks. The trading facilities are also suitable for the investment banks to flourish.

Another aspect that is to be considered is the Six Swiss Exchange. Six Swiss Exchange is not only Switzerland’s main stock exchange, but it is also the third biggest stock exchange in Europe and among the world’s most important stock exchanges. This gathers ground for investment banks to choose Zurich for their nest.

It is also said that investment bankers and enthusiasts from around the world favour Zurich because of work timing. We all know the work of investment bankers is for long hours. So, the work hour of Zurich has an edge over others. Here the work hour is comparatively less than others.

Also, the salary aspect should not be missed. The salary slabs here are marginally higher when compared with others. So, this point also gives the investment banks a reason to open up in Zurich.

All these aspects contribute Zurich to being favourable for investment banking. The investment bank is a thriving sector in Zurich.

Why Choose an Investment Banking Career?

We have gone through the Investment Banking overview. So, you are clear about the basic role of what investment banking typically does and are aware of the kind of job the investor bankers perform. We have also seen why Zurich is at its hype when investment banking is considered. Are you feeling motivated to pursue the course? If yes, then great, if not, here are some aspects that will motivate you to pursue the course.

My finance enthusiasts, an investment banking career is the best-suited option for you all. The first reason that comes to my mind, is surely salary. Common we all work for salary, right? This is that sector where you can take back home a whopping amount. The commissions that you earn with the deals are like extra cheese on pizza.

The next reason is your career growth. This sector helps you to grow in less amount of time. Starting from an investment banker analyst you can reach up to the level of Vice President and Managing Director. Time taken for an analyst to be vice president may take around 5 to 6 years. But this involves quite hard work, smart work, full dedication to work and handling clients to gain experience. Compared to other sectors, the career and personal growth in investment banking is quite rapid.

The above two aspects are in general why a finance specialist should opt for investment banking. But why choose a career in investment banking in Zurich? Along with the above-mentioned aspect, one more plus point for Zurich is Zurich’s work hours. In Zurich, the investment bankers have to work a few hours less when compared with New York and London or any other place where investment banking holds a crucial place.

Also, the salary provided in Zurich to investment bankers is comparatively higher on a scale.

So, investment bankers enjoy the double benefit of earning a bit extra and also a bit less hour job. These two factors make Zurich a comfortable place to work for finance graduates. They are quite attracted to work in Zurich. Also, Zurich has a maximum of bulge bracket banks. So, investment bankers get a wider range of experience. They are also able to handle many more clients. This facilitates them to get experience and grow in their career.

These are the reasons that support a career in investment banking in Zurich. These are also a reason why finance students and aspiring investment banking enthusiast try out their luck in investment banking in Zurich.

Till now we came across a brief introduction to investment banking, the reasons that favour Zurich to be an ideal place for investment banking, why finance graduates should select investment banking as their career and why investment banking in Zurich is a preferred career option.

Now that we know, that Zurich is one of the best options for an investment banking career, are you aware of the institutes that provide you career in investment banking? If you can build your career in investment banking, then the potential for going to Zurich might increase and who knows you may settle in Credit Suisse.

Let us look at the courses or institutes that provide the best training in the subject.

Five Institutes for Investment Banking Career

The name of institutes that are mentioned here is the top-notch institutes, that provide coaching for investment banking. You can select among these for your career enhancement in the investment banking sector.

#1 – Investment Banking Institutes in Zurich – IIM SKILLS

The second institute in my list is IIM SKILLS. They are the leaders in professional courses across the globe.

IIM SKILLS has a leading, industry-validated  Investment Banking Course. Many young finance connoisseurs are taking up this course and landing up working with investment banks. The training method and the faculties are of top quality. The institute provides ample opportunities for the candidates to help them pursue the course in a better way.

The duration of the course is three months. It is a complete online program. If by any chance, you miss the class they will provide you with the recording and you can learn on your own time. A total of 70 hours of training is provided. 50 hours of training and 20 hours of doubt clearance sessions. Though it is an online mode of teaching you can get the real feel. They also give you assignments and explain in detail about all your doubts. They are available for 24*7 support and also provide Lifetime Access to study materials. They provide one month of internship program. They also provide 100% placement assistance.

Their recruiting partners are Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Accenture, TCS and many more.

Fees: 422.77 swiss franc (CHF) + Taxes

The candidates receive a certificate at the end of the course.

Candidates having a bachelor’s degree in BBA, Commerce or a related field, persons having basic knowledge of finance and statistics and persons who are ready to work in the financial sector can apply for this course.

You can see their website https://iimskills.com/ for more details and take an online demo class to make further decisions.

This institute is the best of the lot. There are plenty of EdTechs, but IIM Skills is no doubt a platform where you can raise, upgrade and nurture your skills. They strive to make sure that students get the best learning experience while working on practical assignments and case studies. It is for all these reasons that IIM SKILLS is considered one of the best investment banking institutes in Zurich.

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]

2. Investment banking Institutes In Zurich – Swiss Finance Institute, Zurich

This is one of the best Investment banking institutes in Zurich that teaches investment banking courses. The founding members of this institute are UBS, Credit Suisse, Julius Bar, Deutsche Bank, and Raiffeisen.

The teaching methodology involves academic and practical learning. The institute claims that it provides the right set of circumstances to practitioners and aspirers to think out of the box, do something that is beyond the present practice, and learn and exchange knowledge and expertise that will be beneficial for them. This practice will also help Switzerland to remain in the top position when investment banking is concerned.

The essence of the institute is that it can grab the attention of many finance candidates and professors in Switzerland, it cultivates collaboration of top researchers, and it provides placement for the Ph.D. graduates in top financial sectors and top universities around the world. The institute is also engaged in tutoring finance professionals. It also provides a wide range of courses like bachelor’s, master’s degree, and PhD.

In total, it has seven partner universities. This is one of the finest investment banking institutes in Zurich.

3. Investment banking Institutes In Zurich – Azek 

 In Switzerland, Azek is one of the leading Investment banking institutes in Zurich where finance is considered. This institute is basically for finance professionals, who want to get into higher-ranking jobs. The institute focuses on practical training as well as theoretical knowledge.

For people who are already working in the financial sector and are eager to go further in their profession then this is the place. The institute has already trained 6200 financial professionals and helped them to achieve bigger goals like portfolio management, wealth management and other financial operations.

This institute will help you gain a rigid career in investment banking and also those who are looking for a career in investment banking in Zurich.

4. University of Zurich

The University of Zurich provides banking and finance courses. The department is called as Banking and Finance Department. The department was founded in 1968. The courses offered are in Banking and Insurance, Corporate Finance, Financial Economics, Quantitative Finance and Sustainable Finance. The finance department is one of the leading departments in Europe.

The institute offers both bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees in banking and finance. It is one of the leading investment banking institutes in Zurich.

5. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning provides a great opportunity for candidates who prefer to join the investment banking sector. They along with IIM Calcutta, help the finance aspirants to get their dream job in investment banking. Imarticus and IIM Calcutta are collaboratively organizing an Executive Program in Investment Banking and Capital Markets.

Imarticus also has many other finance and investment banking courses. You can also choose from among them.

The curriculum of the course includes Debt capital markets, Equity markets, Portfolio Management and Securities.

The candidates receive a certificate from IIM Calcutta, which holds an immense value in the career. The fee is around INR 4,64,325.

The overall teaching pedagogy, the mentors, and the skills developed at the institute make it one of the best Investment banking institutes in Zurich.

These are the five wonderful institutes that will provide you with deep knowledge in investment banking. They will also provide you the practical experience in investment banking. So, you will surely get a lot of benefits from these institutes.

Wait, before packing your thing for Zurich, check the below topic that will give you an insight into how to become an investment banker in Zurich. It is one of the most coveted investment banking institutes in Zurich.

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How To Become an Investment Banker in Zurich

Here are a few aspects that will help you to pursue your career in investment banking in Zurich.

First of all is language. The most common language used in Zurich is German and English. If you are well versed in both these languages it will be an added advantage. If not, English is a must if you are trying to pursue a career in investment banking in Zurich.

The next aspect that counts is your experience. You should have a good investment banking experience. This will matter a lot. A proper investment banking internship is also much needed to establish yourself in Zurich. All they want is a rich experience.

You must have certification or a degree in investment banking or a relevant field.

Another aspect is knowledge. You should possess a rich knowledge of investment banking and financial sectors. You should know about securities, underwritings, mergers and acquisitions and sales and trading. In-depth knowledge of all aspects is appreciated. You should also possess knowledge of what to advise the clients to protect their interests.

The above aspects are required to pursue a career in investment banking in Zurich and to get a job there.


Concluding </strong>

thoughts on Investment Banking Institutes in ZurichAs a note of ending, it can be said that Zurich is not only a place of scenic beauty but also a paradise of investment banking. It is indeed a place of dreams for all investment bankers. Yes, it is tough to crack your first job in Zurich, but once you are there, the place is yours. A perfect career in investment banking in Zurich is the best. Even though investment banking depends on the market situation, it provides a firm and stable income. All the best!!

<strong>Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Investment banking Institutes in Zurich

1.      What is the average salary of investment bankers in Zurich?

As per Glassdoor, the average salary of an investment banker in Zurich is CHF 1,35,817 per year. Additionally, they enjoy compensation benefits.

2.      What is the average work hour for investment bankers in Switzerland?

Swiss investment bankers usually work for around 72 to 76 hours a week. In places like London and New York, investment bankers work 80 to 100 hours a week.

3.      Is investment banking a very good option for a career?

Yes, investment banking is a good career option. It provides a stable income and rapid career growth.

4.      What are the investment banks in Switzerland?

There are many investment banks. To name a few are, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Rothschild & CO Bank AG, UBS Investment Bank, BOFA Securities, CITI, Deloitte, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and Vontobel Holding.


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