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Top 5 Investment Banking Courses In Qatar With Live Training

If you like the company of numbers and have a strong desire to pursue a career in finance and banking in Qatar, then Investment Banking is a perfect course for you. Creating a bridge between investors and corporations is the thriving industry of investment banking. With their advisory services, these Qatari banking organizations assist companies, businesses, and governments. Investment banking courses in Qatar offer a once-in-a-lifetime chance to improve your skills and help you get your foot into the industry. Here in this article, you will learn more about a career in IB and the top 5 investment banking courses in Qatar.

Top 5 Investment Banking Courses in Qatar

Investment banking transactions have significantly increased during the past ten years in the world. As a result, there is a need for investment banking professionals everywhere, even in Qatar. Currently, one of the most profitable job options in Qatar is investment banking.

But, firstly, let’s talk about what investment banking is, what do investment banker do, services they provide and top investment banks.

What is Investment Banking?

An approach to managing the flow of money is Investment Banking. Investment banking aims to direct capital from investors seeking returns to entrepreneurs and business builders with plenty of ideas but little in cash.

Investment banking offers securities to investors to generate money, and then distribute that money to those who require it to launch businesses, construct buildings, govern cities, or complete their expensive projects. Investment banking has a lot of facets that minimize these core goals. However, in the end, investment bankers only look for ways to increase the value of firms or ideas, start new businesses, or shift cash from being idle for something useful.

What Do Investment Bankers Do?

The variety of services offered by investment banks differs from one organization to another. One of an investment bank’s primary tasks is to assist customers in raising capital by contacting investors, but they also have a separate duty to provide organizations with objective financial advice, both of these are detailed in more depth below:

  • Establishing new forms of securities
  • Research to help investors choose the securities to purchase
  • Enabling clients to transact with one another through brokerage
  • Private equity involves using the bank’s own money in projects rather than seeking out investors

Services Provided by Investment Banks in Qatar

The Middle East and North Africa markets are expanding quickly and Qatar investment banking services provide a crucial foundation for business growth.

Such services include,

  • Advisory Services
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Equity Research
  • Initial and Secondary Public Offerings
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Private Placement
  • Privatization
  • Project Finance

Top Investment Banks in Qatar

Qatar National Bank (QNB) CapitalQInvest LLC
Qatar First BankDeutsche Bank AG Doha
Investment HouseArab Jordan Investment Bank LLC
Doha BankQatar Investment Authority
J.P Morgan QatarCredit Suisse
Citi BankArab Bank

A Career in Investment Banking in Qatar

Investment Banking is a rewarding and demanding field to work in Qatar. Here are some necessary things to consider:

Job Description: 

Investment bankers promote mergers and acquisitions, offer financial advice services, and assist businesses and governments in raising funds. It includes the evolution of financial information, the development of financial models, and deal-making.

High Salaries:

Investment bankers, particularly at the higher levels can earn significant salaries and incentives. However, the work can be extremely competitive and frequently involves lengthy hours.

Learning Opportunities:

This area offers opportunities for ongoing education and exposure to a range of businesses. You will gain expertise in deal-making valuation and financial modeling.


In Investment banking, it’s important to have a strong professional network because connections with clients and colleagues can lead to new opportunities.

High Pressure:

Not everyone will be comfortable in the high-pressure and intensive work environment that often follows deadlines.

Career Progression:

Investment banking offers a defined career path with obvious chances for promotion. Many professionals begin their careers as analysts before progressing to positions like associate, vice president, and managing director.


It is necessary to have a solid education background in finance, economics, or a similar discipline. Investment bankers frequently hold higher degrees like an MBA.

Global Opportunities:

Since the field of investment banking is international. There are job opportunities in many different financial hubs all over the world.

Strict Industry:

This industry is subject to stringent laws, which may have an effect on how deals are carried out and the compliance controls put in place.

Work-Life Balance:

Due to the demanding nature of the job, especially in the early years, achieving work-life balance in investment banking can be difficult.

In the end, a career in investment banking has the potential to be extremely profitable and intellectually interesting, but it also demands, commitment, hard work, and the ability to thrive under pressure.

Before choosing this course of action, it is crucial to carefully assess your career objective and personal preferences.

Getting relevant experience through internships or entry-level jobs is a crucial stepping stone for anyone looking to get into the investment banking sector. Investment Banking Courses in Qatar will provide you with first-hand experience with the knowledge of investment banking complexities and help you in the development of your professional network. Additionally, these courses will keep you up with industry trends and changes through their extensive course curriculum and training.

Here is the top 5 investment banking courses in Qatar

Investment Banking Courses in Qatar: IIM SKILLS

About: IIM SKILLS is one of the best global institutions that provide a range of courses in marketing, finance, analytics, writing, and competitive exam preparation with industry-recognized certification and job assistance.

To assist you in preparing for the real-world investment banking sector, the certification in Investment Banking Master Course offers 70+ hours of training that includes 50+ hours of live instructor-led training with 20+ hours of doubt-clearing sessions on weekdays or weekends. The in-depth course curriculum includes 8 modules along with 100+ hours of practical assignments and 5+ case studies that are beginner-friendly. This course is best even if you are a professional who wants to switch your career or a newbie who wants to launch your career in investment banking.

The Learning Management System of IIM SKILLS includes recorded lectures, pre-session reading materials, and many more that are accessible for a lifetime.

To assist them with finding job prospects based on their, skills, interests, and experience, students are given 1 month guaranteed internship and 100% job support.

Course Name: Investment Banking Master Course

Duration: 3 Months

Fees: 1750QR + Taxes


  • A bachelor’s degree in business administration, commerce, or related field
  • A strong readiness to work in the IB industry
  • Basic understanding of finance and statistics

Mode of Learning: Online Live

Certificate Availability: Yes

Course Curriculum:

Module 1:MS PowerPoint
Module 2:MS Excel
Module 3:Fundamentals of Financial Market and System
Module 4:Derivatives Market
Module 5:Technicals of Investment Banking
Module 6:Different Marketing Collaterals
Module 7:Technicals of Financial Modeling
Module 8:Business Valuation

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Financial Modeling Course

Digital Marketing Course

SEO Course

Technical Writing Course

GST Course

Content Writing Course

Business Accounting And Taxation Course

CAT Coaching

Investment Banking Course

Contact Information
Phone Number:+91 9580 740 740
Email ID:[email protected]

Investment Banking Courses in Qatar: Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA)

About: The Qatar Finance and Business Academy specializes in providing training and professional development programs for the Qatari Financial Industry.

In order to provide a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Investment Management has been approved by Qatar’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education, QFBA has partnered with Northumbria University, UK.

This BSc (Hons) Finance and Investment Management program is recognized by the CISI and provides professional training focused on accounting, finance, and economics since it also covers the skills students need in investment banking fields. 

Additionally, you will be putting your knowledge to use in their on-site trading room that displays up-to-the-minute information on actual market activity.

Course Name: BSc (Hons) Finance and Investment Management

Duration: Four Year

Fees: QR 70,400 Per Year + GR 300 (Application Fees)


  • Adequate command of written and spoken English

Mode of Learning: On-Site Learning

Course Curriculum:

First YearCoreAcademic Listening and Seminar Techniques

Academic Writing, Reading, and Research Techniques

Intercultural Communication Skills for Academic Purposes

Practical Maths and Statistics

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Contemporary Issues in Accounting, Finance and Economics

Second YearCoreCareers in Accounting, Economics, and Finance

Principles and Theories of Finance

Business and Financial Analysis

Financial Decision Making

Third YearCoreFinancial Markets and Institutions

Professional Practice in Accounting, Economics and Finance

Mathematics and Statistics for Economics and Finance

Personal Finance and Wealth Planning

Derivatives and Risk


Forth YearCoreSustainable Development and Responsible Business

Risk in Financial Institutions I

Risk in Financial Institutions II

Investment Management

OptionalUndergraduate Consultancy Project



Contact Information:
Phone Number:+974 4496 8329

+974 3367 7215

Email ID:[email protected]

Investment Banking Courses in Qatar: The Knowledge Academy

About: This Investment Management Masterclass training course by The Knowledge Academy, includes all the necessary content for participants to gain a thorough understanding of the function of investment banking management in the current market. 

Taxes and financial investments in mutual funds will be covered. During this program, participants will gain knowledge of a wide range of issues, including style persistence, asset allocation, the legislation governing active management, efficient markets, estimate revisions, and many more. 

Course Name: Investment Management Masterclass

Duration: 8 Hours

Fees: 1095$

Mode of Learning: Online Live and Self-Paced

Course Curriculum:

Introduction to Investment ManagementWhat You Need to Know

Information or Noice?


Random Occurrences

Law of Small Numbers

Average is Average

Efficient Markets

Random Walk

Avoiding TorpedoesPerfect Earnings Forecasts

Can Analysts Forecast Earnings Changes?

Earnings Forecasts and Torpedo Stocks

Using Earning Forecasts

Size Effect

Price Earnings Effect

Growth Magic

Estimate Revisions

Landmark InsightsCompensation for Bearing Risks

Daring to Be Different

Active Management Law

What Guides Investors

Dissecting ReturnsLuck or Skill?

Measuring Investment Returns

Anatomy of the S&P 500

Returns Earned by Investors

Market Timing Versus Asset Allocation

Market Timing: Risk Versus Reward

Know the Odds Before You Play the Game

Putting the Pieces TogetherTrading Costs

Mutual Funds

Style Persistence

Asset Allocation

Beware of Taxes

Beyond Active versus Passive

Long-Term Capital Management


Contact Information:
Phone Number:+971 8000311193
Email ID:[email protected]

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Investment Banking Courses in Qatar: NobleProg

About: A multinational training and consulting company called NobleProg offers an investment banking course that provides instructor-led online classes with flexibility and an affordable budget.

The course’s goal is to provide participants with a basic understanding of the structured products used in investment banking. Their training includes tools and techniques that will help students gain a working understanding of the topic and be able to respond to questions when the course is over.

Course Name: Investment Banking: Introduction to Structured Products Training Course

Duration: 21 Hours

Fees: Not Mentioned

Mode of Learning: Online

Course Curriculum:

Session 1: Structured ProductsIntroduction

Types of Structured Products

The Role of the Special Purpose Vehicle

How to Price Structured Products

What are the Key Risks?

Accounting for Structured Products

Session 2: Interest Rate StructureEmbedded Options and Swaps

Reverse Floaters

Leveraged Swap Linked Notes

Bonds Linked to Rates Other than Libor

Extendible and Cancellable Swaps

Embedded Swaptions

Session 3: Options ContractsIntroduction to Options

Options Terminology

Traded vs. OTC

Option Premium

Confirmation and Settlement


Pricing an Option

The Importance of the Yield Curve

Session 4: Swaps ContrastIntroduction to Swaps

Swaps Definitions

Quality Spread Differential

Interest Rate Swaps

Currency Swaps

Pricing Interest Rate Swaps

Swap Valuations

Model Risk and the Importance of Pricing Feeds

Confirmation and Settlement

Counterparty Credit Risk

Collateral and Collateral Management

Session 5: Introduction to DerivativesWhat is Derivative?

Why are People Worried About Derivatives?

Key Concepts

The Mutual Coincidence of Wants: Arbitrage and the Founder’s Intention of Derivatives

Benefits and Uses of Derivatives

Hedging and Trading

Session 6: Foreign ExchangeBanking Book vs. Trading Book

Market Conventions

Language of Foreign Exchange

The Process of Trading Foreign Exchange

Electronic and Telephone Trading

Dealing Room Controls

Currency Terms

Session 7: Forwards TransactionsIntroduction to Forward Contracts

Purpose of Forward Contracts

Pricing a Forward Contract and the Importance of Libor

Documenting a Forward Contract

Introduction to the ISDA

Confirming and Settling Forward Contacts

Session 8: Futures ContractsIntroduction to Future Contracts

The Role of the Future Exchange

The Nature of Futures Contracts

The Role in Trading

Pricing a Futures Contract

Hedging with Futures

The Importance of Margin Accounting

Confirmation and Settlement

Session 9: Equity SwapsFund Management Objectives

Using an Equity Price Index and a Swap

A Cash Flows Example of an Equity Swap

Total Return Swaps and Other Credit Derivatives

Session 10: What Goes Wrong in Practice?Scenario Modeling and Derivatives

Bankers Trust





Session 11: Introduction to Advanced TopicsThe Management of Interest Rate Risk

Introduction to Collateralised Instruments

Counterparty Credit Risk and Derivatives

Legal Risk and Derivatives

Value at Risk and Exposure at Default

Loss Given Default and Probability of Default

Stress Testing and Liquidity Risk

Scenario Modeling

Impact of IAS 39 and IFRS 7 on International Accounting Standards 

Asset Recognition and Derecognition


Contact Information:
Phone Number:+974 800 101 250
Email ID:[email protected]


Investment Banking Courses in Qatar: Imarticus Learning

About: Imarticus Learning provides certification in investment banking operations professional courses for two months (full-time) and three months (part-time) by CISI.

Through 150 hours of demanding training from expert faculty, CIBOP courses in finance will help you develop your network and understand the complexities of investment banking. A course curriculum with three main topics is developed to provide students with the practical training and real-world experience they need to tackle in the field. You will learn the basics of financial markets, the trade life cycle, risk management, and regulation in this program; they will also help you get ready for a job interview with 100% job assurance.

Course Name: Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional

Duration: 150 Hours

Fees: 6128 QR

Mode of Learning: Online

Certificate Availability: Yes

Course Curriculum:

Introduction to Financial Markets
Introduction to Investment BankingIntroduction to Financial Systems

Types of Financial Markets

Cash Equities and Fixed IncomeEquity and Preference Shares

Depository Receipts

Primary and Secondary Markets

Stock Exchanges and Financial Centres

Bonds- Characteristics, Securitization and Types

Interest, Bond Price and Yield

Yield to Maturity

Foreign Exchange and Money MarketsForex and Features of Forex

Market Participants

Quotes and Trades

Forex Future and Options

Money Market Basics

Instruments of Money Market

Difference between Capital and Money Markets

Derivatives MarketsIntroduction to Derivatives

Exchange, Traded, and Over the Counter Derivatives

Forwards, Futures and Options

Payoffs and Pricing

Types of Swaps: Equity, Interest Rate, and Foreign Exchange

Hedging and Speculation

Credit Default Swap and Credit Events

Trade Life Cycle
Reference Data ManagementIntroduction and Role 

Static Data and Dynamic Data

Securities Identification

Corporate ActionsRoles and Purpose of Corporate Action

Types of Corporate Action

Corporate Action Life

Asset ManagementWhat is Asset Management

Structure of Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds

Roles and Activities

ReconciliationDefinition and Types

Role in the Trade Life Cycle

Process, Risk and Integrity Framework

Introduction to ISDARole of ISDA

Architecture and Hierarchy

ISDA Master Agreement

Stock, Borrow and LendingBasics of Borrow, Stock, and Lending

Participants and Securities Traded

Advantage and Disadvantages

Collateral ManagementFundamentals of Collateral

Participants, Process and Risk Management

Advantages and Disadvantages

Trade Life CycleIntroduction to TLC

Exchange Product TLC

OTC Product TLC

Risk Management
Risk Management and Regulatory EnvironmentIntroduction to Risk

Market Risk and Credit Risk

Liquidity Risk

Anti-Money Laundering and KYCIntroduction to AML

Introduction to KYC Norms

Case Studies in Money

Basic ExcelBasics of Excel

Data Validations

Look-up Functions

Pivot Table



Job-Interview ReadinessInterview Preparation – Domain

Interview Preparation – HR

Final Mock Interview

Final Certification Exam


Contact Information:
Phone Number:+91 9953 364 060
Email ID:[email protected]

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Career Outlook after Investment Banking Courses in Qatar

The diverse career path after completion of these investment banking courses in Qatar is not only financially lucrative but can also lead to further career advancement.

Investment bankers in Qatar have a bright future as a result of the nation’s increasing financial industry and growing economy, which provide opportunities to work on high-profile projects and transactions.

Qatar’s local and foreign banks, financial institutions, and consultancy companies are hiring investment banking specialists. Building contacts and establishing lasting relationships within the sector might considerably improve your job prospects because networking is crucial in this profession.

A bachelor’s degree is required for entry-level work in investment banking, typically in an area with a strong concentration on finance or economics. You might require a master’s in business administration or a more specialized degree in a field connected to corporate finance to advance in the investment banking job path.

Many investment bankers start with an internship at an investment banking firm, and after graduation, they can get a full-time offer and begin as full-time analysts. However, you can still be eligible for entry-level analyst roles without an internship.

Beyond formal education and internship, having fundamental investment banking skills, such as financial modeling and techniques for business valuation, such as discounted cash flow analysis, is essential for gaining a position in the industry. Soft skills like communication, critical thinking, and an analytical mindset are a few that can set you up for this industry.

You’ll be expected to help customers raise money and grow their businesses as an investment banker. Even though it’s difficult to enter this field, once you do, the rewards are well worth the effort.

Investment Banking Courses in Qatar: Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the future scope of investment banking in Qatar?

Technology improvements, shifts in regulatory settings, and changing client demands are predicted to affect future investment banking. Efficiency gains and cost reductions in investment banking operations are expected to be driven by the growing use of automation and fintech technologies.

Q. What is the salary of an investment banker in Qatar?

In Qatar, an investment analyst typically earns QAR 37,000 a month.

Q. Why do investment bankers get such high salaries?

It is incredibly profitable to work in investment banking. Large corporate transactions cannot be completed without an investment bank. Investment banks can afford to pay their investment bankers significant salaries because they charge a fee for their services.

Q. Is it hard to become an investment banker in Qatar?

Yes, it can be. The majority of investment businesses look for applicants from elite universities, which frequently have expensive tuition, tough admission requirements, and demanding academic programs. However, graduates and specialized programs from the above-listed institutions can still get entry-level jobs in investment banking to start with.

Investment Banking Courses in Qatar: Conclusion

That’s it. If you have a strong interest in finance and are motivated to work hard, a career in investment banking in Qatar is a fantastic choice. The area of investment banking is extremely difficult to enter but all of these investment banking courses in Qatar will help you build your network, earn a lot of money, and get the essential skill set you require in this field.

Swati Varli is an intern at IIM SKILLS as a Content Writer. Always being the happy kid whenever it comes to nature, she holds a Master’s degree in wildlife. She is a weeb and passionate about arts and crafts, reading, journaling, dancing and solo travel. For her interest she is always ready to explore new things against her better judgment. At the same time also being the person who will meow back to stray cats just to get their attention.

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