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Top 6 Investment Banking Courses in Sri Lanka With Live Training

Investment Banking is becoming more and more popular worldwide as well as in Sri Lanka as a promising career path that offers the possibility of employment with reputable companies and high salary packages. If you are a person who is calculative, analytical, data-driven, and systematic and has knowledge of finance, then this is a perfect career for you. To become an investment banker in Sri Lanka, you need education, experience, analytical and technical skills. Students who are interested in entering this industry can think about enrolling in the top 6 investment banking courses in Sri Lanka.

Top 6 Investment Banking Courses in Sri Lanka

Who is an Investment Banker?

Investment Bankers are highly skilled peoples that offer a range of financial services to companies, governments, and investors.

They help organizations with a variety of tasks, including securing business loans, issuing stocks and bonds, determining security prices, raising capital through stock offerings, allocating resources, negotiating mergers, and managing investments.

They also offer suggestions and financial advice on the kinds of securities to issue, such as stocks and bonds as well as when, how, and what price to set for each instrument.

What is Investment Banking?

Investment Banking is a financial service that gives businesses, governments, and other organizations financial support and strategic guidance.

It is a crucial part of today’s financial system and one of the key methods for investing money in many industries.

Investment banking is a practice of assisting businesses in raising capital through the issuance of securities or the providing advisory services such as mergers and acquisitions.

Additionally, investment banking services include advice on capital markets, offer equity underwriting services, and help business manage their debt.

Investment banking often serves as a middleman between buyers and sellers of securities or other financial products.

How to get into Investment Banking?

Earn a Degree

  • A minimum overall score of 50% or more from a recognized board or university is required for aspirant investment bankers to complete their 12th board exams.
  • It can be useful to have a basic understanding of accounting, business, economics, math, and computer technology.
  • A bachelor’s degree in business, finance, economics, or a related field can get you into the entry of investment banking.
  • Investment banking requires candidates to have a good financial background. The two-year MBA in Banking and Finance is one of the most valued degrees for a promising career in investment banking.
  • Great chances exist in the finance, banking, and insurance industry for MBA candidates from reputable B-School.
  • This specialty can lead to jobs in a variety of fields, including investment banking, financial services, research analysis, and many more.


  • A lot of investment banking offers professional training to interns.
  • Junior analyst internships are available at investment banks and trading businesses for recent graduates as well as students who are finishing their last year of college.
  • This will help you gain practical experience.

CA and CFA Programs

  • Financial institutions, investment banks, brokerage businesses, insurance companies, and management counselors all have openings for Chartered Financial Analysts.
  • The CFA program offers in-depth knowledge of corporate finance, financial analytics and reporting, alternative investments, derivatives, and fixed income. Knowing all of these topics can be beneficial for you to work in investment banking.
  • A career in investment banking might benefit from having a Chartered Accountant qualification. A CA is skilled in IPO listing, merger and acquisition, taxation, and many other areas needed for an investment banking position.

Certification in Investment Banking Courses in Sri Lanka

  • This comprehensive global certification from a recognized institute can assess a candidate’s expert-level understanding of LBO, IPO, Mergers and Acquisitions transactions, restructurings, and other investment decisions with investment banking skills.

To thrive in the financial sector, which is always evolving, one requires strong technical knowledge and an expert understanding of the subject.

A detailed investment banking certification can cover a broad spectrum of investment banking knowledge so here we have listed the top 6 investment banking courses in Sri Lanka

Must Check,

Investment Banking Courses in Sri Lanka: IIM SKILLS


Students and working professionals from all around the world have turned to the prestigious IIM SKILLS, which provides online writing, marketing, and finance-related comprehensive training and materials that are simple to understand and easy to apply in real-world industries. It is an ideal place for anyone looking to start, restart or advance their career in a given program.

Their three-month Investment Banking Master Course with instructor-led live online classes will give you an ideal environment to learn and develop while gaining advanced information and skills through 100+ hours of practical assignments. This in-depth program covers 8 modules with 50+ hours of training and 20+ hours of doubt-solving sessions. They also provide 1 month guaranteed internship with 10+ Templates and 5+ case studies that will give you hands-on practice in the investment banking industry.

Course Name:Investment Banking Master Course
Eligibility Criteria:A bachelor’s degree in BBA, B.Com, or a related field

Basic knowledge of statistics and finance

Duration of the Course:3 Months
Fees of the Course:Rs.39,900 + 18% GST
Mode of Learning:Online
Course Curriculum:Module 1: MS PowerPoint

Module 2: MS Excel

Module 3: The Financial System and The Market Fundamentals

Module 4: Derivatives Market

Module 5: Technical of Investment Banking

Module 6: Different Marketing Collaterals

Module 7: Technical of Financial Modeling

Module 8: Business Valuation

Program Offerings:1 Month Guaranteed Internship

Capstone Projects

Lifetime Access to LMS

Resume Building

Interview Preparation

Placement Support

Industry Recognized Certificate

Certification Availability:Yes
Contact Information
Phone Number:+91 9580 740 740
Email ID:[email protected]

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Investment Banking Courses in Sri Lanka: CAREERERA


The PG program in Investment Banking and Operations course offers every practical information and necessary skills to succeed in investment banking industries. The curriculum aims to prepare graduates in the field of business or non-business for careers in core investment banking and other specialized finance positions such as portfolio management, equity research, financial analysis, project finance, and capital markets. One can learn about the fundamentals and practical applications of finance, which are discussed together with real-world case studies.

Course Name:Post Graduate Program in Investment Banking and Operations
Eligibility Criteria:Minimum 50% Score in 10th,12th or Graduation/Post Graduation

Below 27 years of age

Duration of the Course:6 Months
Fees of the Course:$2423
Mode of Learning:Online
Course Curriculum:MS Office

Financial Accounting

Financial Management

Quantitative Analysis of Financial Decisions

Global Inter-Market Analysis

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

Investment Management

Cash Equities

International Financial Management

Discounted Cash Flow Valuation

Mergers and Acquisitions

The Concept of Implementation

Leveraged Buyout

Financial Derivatives

Fixed Income Securities

Feasibility Study/ Business Modeling

Corporate Finance

Financial Reporting

Anti-Money Laundering, KYC, and Compliance

Business Communication

Program Offerings:E-Learning

Recorded Videos

Mock Test

Career Guidance

Certification Availability:Yes
Contact Information
Phone Number:+1 844 889 4054
Email ID:[email protected]

Investment Banking Courses in Sri Lanka: CINEC Campus


To address the demands of the country, industry, and region, CINEC, a private leading academic institution in Sri Lanka, has understood that creating competent, effective, and skilled human resources in the field of investment banking and finance is the foremost commitment.

That’s why the BBM (Hons) in Banking and Finance degree program covers all the aspects of investment banking in detail to meet the demands of local students as well as international students.

Course Name:BBM (Honors) in Banking and Finance
Eligibility Criteria:GCE (Advanced level) examination with three passes

Any UGC-recognized qualification such as Cambridge/Edexcel with three passes in any stream

Duration of the Course:Four Years
Fees of the Course:Not Provided
Mode of Learning:On-Campus
Course Curriculum:
Semester 1Principles of Management

English for Business I

Mathematics for Business

IT for Business I

Financial Accounting

Semester 2Micro Economics

English for Business II

Statistics for Business

IT for Business II

Cost and Management Accounting 

Semester 3Human Resource Management

Financial Management

Macro Economics

Commercial Law and Political Environment

Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Semester 4Quantitative Techniques for Finance

Professional Development

Operations Management

Law of Financial Institutions, Banking and Securities

Financial Institute and Monetary Theory

Semester 5Organizational Behavior

Corporate Finance

Bank Management

Investment and Portfolio Management

Financial Modeling and Spread Sheeting

Semester 6Management Information Systems

Derivatives and Risk Management

Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

International Finance and Banking


Semester 7Strategic Management

Business Valuation


E-banking and Finance

Research Methodology

Semester 8Dissertation

Internship in Banking and Finance

Financial Analysis

Financial Economics

Credit and Lending Management

Contemporary Issues in Banking, and Finance

Global Finance Markets

Contact Information
Phone Number:+94 11 2 413 500
Email ID:info@cinec.edu

Also Check,

Investment Banking Courses in Sri Lanka: National School of Business Management – Green University


Your training for a job in investment banking and any other finance sector is provided through the NSBM’s Bachelor of Business program in Banking and Finance or Financial Risk Management.

This graduation provides the first year at NSBM and the second- and third-year options at NSBM or Victoria University, Melbourne. The best way to prepare for a profession in an international arena is to attend both schools in both nations. VU is ranked in the top 3% of institutions worldwide that offers students affordable degrees with excellent quality that gives alumni a competitive edge.

Course Name:Bachelor of Business:

Banking and Finance

 Financial Risk Management

Duration of the Course:Three years
Fees of the Course:22,00,000 LKR (Total Fee) + 10,000 (Reg. Fee) + 5,000 (Library Fee)
Mode of Learning:On Campus
Course Curriculum:
Year 1Financial Accounting

Managerial Accounting

Business Mathematics and Statistics

Economics for Managers

Business Communication

Business and Industrial Law

Introduction to Project Management

Critical Enabling Skills Training

Introduction to Sustainability Development

Management Process

Organizational Behavior

Marketing Management

Year 2 and 3 (VU Course)My Professional Brand

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Professional Business Project

Workplace Learning

Corporate Finance

International Finance

Commercial Banking and Finance

Banking Law

Contemporary Issues in Banking and Finance

Personal Financial Planning

Investment and Portfolio Management

Financial Modeling for Enterprise Risk Management

Risk Management and Insurance

Derivatives and Risk Management

Operations Management

Knowledge Management

Contact Information
Email ID:[email protected]

Investment Banking Courses in Sri Lanka: Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka (IBSL)


To provide training and instruction in the theory and practice of banking and related field for workers of financial institutions and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, IBSL provides a Diploma program in Portfolio and Investment Management with all the facilities of lectures, discussion, and library.

Their program provides the participant with a solid understanding of various types of investments, managing portfolios using instruments, capital, and fund market instruments, and instructing them on how to apply through hands-on practice.

Course Name:Diploma in Portfolio and Investment Management
Duration of the Course:96 Hours
Fees of the Course:Rs.25,000
Mode of Learning:On-Campus
Course Curriculum:An overview of the capital markets and related instruments

Fundamentals of investments, and selecting suitable instruments for investments

Understanding risk and return

Basic ideas and overview of the discipline of portfolio management

Theory and practice of managing equity portfolios

The importance of efficient management and fixed-income portfolios

Asset securitization and mortgage-backed securities

Importance of derivatives in portfolio management

Certification Availability:Yes
Contact InformationPlease, Visit their official site for additional details.

Recommend Read,

Investment Banking Courses in Sri Lanka: Udemy


Udemy offers online learning opportunities that assist businesses, non-profit organizations, and students in developing the necessary skills to succeed in today’s workforce. There are many investment banking courses by Udemy, which are made by highly skilled and experienced professionals at affordable prices.

One of the top-selling investment banking courses on Udemy is, the complete investment banking course 2023 which teaches students how to get a job in the industry. It addresses all the topics of investment banking including, M&A, IPO, LBO, DCF, Valuation, etc. all of which are crucial for beginning a career in investment banking or Private Equity.

Course Name:The Complete Investment Banking Course 2023
Duration of the Course:13.5 Hours
Fees of the Course:12,700 LKR
Mode of Learning:Online
Course Curriculum:Introduction

The Ascendance of Investment Banking Services

Investment Banking Activity’s Four Primary Sectors

Strategies Pursued by Investment Banks

Equity and Debt – Capital Markets

Advisory Services for Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions 

Trading and Brokerage

Asset Management

A Step-by-Step Guide to Company Valuation

Financial Modeling Fundamentals

DCF Valuation-


Forecasting of Key P&L Items

Forecasting Key Balance Sheet Items

Creating Clean Output Sheets

Calculation of Net Cash Flow and Unlevered Cash Flows

Additional Analyses Accompanying the Financial Model

Tesla Valuation – Complete DCF Exercise

Multiples Valuation- 

Triangulating DCF Results with Multiples

Practical Example- Volkswagen

A Guide to Leveraged Buyouts

LBO Case Study: Dell’s LBO

LBO Valuation – Building a Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Model From Scratch

Building a Comprehensive LBO Model

Interview Preparation

Who Does What in Finance?

Bonus Lecture

Program Offerings:7 Articles

228 Downloadable Resources

Full Lifetime Access

Access on Mobile and TV

Certification Availability:Yes
Contact InformationPlease, Visit their official website for additional information.

How Much Time Does It Take to Become an Investment Banker?

A bachelor’s degree can be earned in three to four years after passing the HSC examination. If you want to work in investment banking, getting an MBA requires an additional one to two years, but it will be beneficial in the field.

You may even decide to peruse a new career route and enroll in lengthy courses like CA, or CFA after passing your 12th class or certification program of 3 to 6 months of training.

Overall, it may take, four to nine years or even longer to become an investment banker after passing the 12th-grade exams. The precise amount of time depends on your career objectives, the sort of course you take, and the job route you choose.

Career after Investment Banking Courses in Sri Lanka

Investment banking is a growing field with promising job opportunities. People can obtain a variety of high-paying positions in this industry with the necessary credentials, experience, and connections. 

Strong analytical skills and market knowledge will be in high demand for investment bankers.

For people with an interest in finance and financial services, investment banking is a desirable career path. Depending on education and experience, an investment banker’s compensation in Sri Lanka may vary.

A recent graduate in investment banking who has no prior work experience can often expect to earn between 80,023 LKR to 100,030 LKR per month. Depending upon the organization and job, the income might go higher per month or even more after a few years of experience. With a bachelor’s degree, you can earn an average of 1,273,300 LKR and your salary can go up to 2,030,500 LKR with a master’s degree. Investment bankers in Sri Lanka frequently receive bonuses, stock options, and other incentives.

Various Jobs after Investment Banking Courses in Sri Lanka

Here we have discussed various job opportunities investment banking industry.

Merger and Acquisition:

  • You can work in the Merger and Acquisitions (M&A) division, which offers advisory services to companies considering mergers or acquisitions.
  • On business assessment, transaction pricing, structuring, negotiation, and implementation, they offer assistance to both buyers and sellers.
  • Because of their unique skill set, these people can make sure that such transactions make sense and are affordable for the firm over the long run.

Equity Research:

  • It is one of the most important components of working in investment banking.
  • Trading securities is made simpler by the presence of buy and sell side research. Although those reports are primarily meant for internal use, they may sell them to hedge funds or mutual fund managers as a way to boost their income.

Asset Management:

  • Investment banking also functions as an asset management company, managing significant portfolios for clients including insurance companies, pension funds, and other financial institutions.
  • By ensuring that their portfolios contain the proper ratio of different securities, including stocks, bonds, and real estate, they help their customer achieve their goals.

Private Equity:

  • One of the most valued professions in today’s world. It involves making investments in companies that are non-publicly in the debt and equity asset class.

Venture Capital:

  • This position shares some characteristics with private equity. The only difference between them is that venture capital gives funds to new start-ups while private equity funds to existing companies.
  • Being a venture capitalist requires a special set of skills because the position means choosing businesses that are still in the early phases of development but have great potential for the future.


  • It is one of the most significant duties of investment banks is underwriting since it helps businesses and governments raise money by helping them issue equity and debt.

Skills Required for Investment Banking Career

Hard Skills

The everyday task in investment banking requires a lot of hard skills, including using computer programs, performing precise calculations, and evaluating complex financial data.

Computer programs:

  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Power BI
  • Pitchbooks
  • Word
  • Bloomberg Terminal

Soft Skills:

  • Analytical Skills
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Dedication
  • Attention to Detail
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Negotiation
  • Organization
  • Time Management and Project Skills
  • Work Ethic
  • Networking and Connections

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Investment Banking Courses in Sri Lanka: FAQs

Q. Is investment banking right for me?

Investment banking may be a good fit for those who enjoy researching financial trends and stock market trends. Strategic thinking, math, and communication skills are needed for this profession. However, not everyone may be a good fit for this high-stakes profession. People that struggle under pressure could not be successful in the investment banking industry.

Q. Can I work in investment banking without a degree?

Without a degree, it is still possible to work in investment banking, although it may be more challenging to land a job when competing for positions with candidates who have more qualifications. You can work in administration at investment banks without a degree. Alternatively, you may work as a bank teller at a local bank to get some work experience.

However, more senior positions frequently call for at least a bachelor’s degree.

Investment banking deals with complicated transactions and big sums of money, because of this, many clients and businesses can favor hiring someone with formal education.

Q. Which is the best investment bank in Sri Lanka?

NDBIB is one of the best investment banks in Sri Lanka.

Q. Which company hires for investment banking roles?

The best investment banks in the world, like Bank of America, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley, hire suitable candidates for positions as aspiring investment bankers throughout the year.

Investment Banking Courses in Sri Lanka: Conclusion

We hope, through this provided list of top 6 investment banking courses in Sri Lanka, students can comprehensively develop into future financial professionals. Also, these programs give opportunities to strengthen their business knowledge and strategic thinking skills.

With a wide range of advanced work opportunities in the finance sector across industries with a lucrative compensation package, it makes investment banking an appropriate and realistic career choice today.


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