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Top 10 Data Science Courses In Uttam Nagar With Placements

Technology has risen to become one of the key points in the field of data science. In the context of today’s society, the true potential of this career path is observed. It serves several businesses and organizations with their daily proceedings and helps them efficiently convert data into valuable insights. Training for the industry is provided in a comprehensive way and several concepts like machine learning, artificial intelligence, algorithms, computer science and statistics are included in the curriculum. Thus, as an aspiring student, it is important to have prior knowledge of some disciplines before starting on the career path. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of top data science courses in Uttam Nagar.

List of best data science courses in Uttam Nagar

What Skills Can You Learn From Data Science Courses in Uttam Nagar?

This particular career path helps you develop and utilize your technical as well as soft skills for the best results. When you participate in these carefully curated data science courses in Uttam Nagar, you’re getting a fair share of industry experience layered with interactive sessions that lean more towards practicality. Some of these skills that make you stand out, when mentioned in the resume are:

Python – It is the essential, if not the the most sought-after, skill in the data science industry. Employers will inevitably give you more credit if it’s one of the technical skills you have mastered. So, what does this have to do with data science anyway?

The answer can be understood if we take into account how it functions. Python is a high-level programming language that supports structured, object-oriented, and functional programming. It enhances code readability and helps the process of extracting actionable insights.

Cloud Computing – In the modern data science industry almost everything is automated, AI-centred, and advanced. There is very little room for tedious or repetitive tasks performed by human data scientists.

Cloud computing is a skill related to the efficient storing of hundreds or thousands of collected data, that has no threat of being erased. It is not a complex skill and indicates the handling of internet storage resources.

More about cloud computing and its utilization can be understood from data science courses in Uttam Nagar, mentioned in this article.

Probability and Statistics – As you might know data science is a multi-disciplinary skill and most of its core functionalities involve working with algorithms, systems, and processes. As a data science student, you might often have to use your pre-existing knowledge of statistics and probability.

It is for the benefit of the organization you’ll work at, to predict how different data might perform and based on that make recommendations. Adding this skill to your resume boosts your chances of being considered suitable for the position.

Advanced Mathematics – Statistics is not the only discipline you will be well-versed in. Some basic or advanced knowledge of mathematics is also appreciated. In data science, there are uses for linear algebra as well as multivariate calculus, for certain tasks.

These have varying uses and you will be familiar with them during your time in the data science courses in Uttam Nagar. However, your main focus should be on understanding the principles rather than the calculations because you can perform the parts that require calculations with industry tools.

Data Visualization – As a data scientist, you have sufficient experience and knowledge to interpret technical terms or raw data, but that might not be the case for everyone else. Imagine what would happen if your results were clearly understood.

Thus, the data science industry has an availability of data visualization tools, that help you create relationship maps, 3D plots, histograms, pie charts, and graphs. The data visualization skill comes in handy when working on important projects and complex data sets, that require attention to detail.

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Top 10 Online or Offline Data Science Institutes in Uttam Nagar

Here are the best data science institutes in Uttam Nagar.


IIM SKILLS is an Ed-tech company established in the year 2015, which has gained popularity for its excellent approach to online education. All the courses provided here will give you a seamless online experience with an offline classroom feel.

Throughout the years, IIM Skills has built a board of expert faculty and a selection of top-notch courses, ranging from various in-demand topics. Most students who have graduated with this institute’s degree have reported how their careers have transformed and how they have benefitted from the guidance given by the faculty.

Thus, IIM Skills stands on our list of top data science institutes in Uttam Nagar for its comprehensive approach to the subject.

Data science course at IIM Skills:

The company has always worked towards researching the highly sought-after career paths and introducing trends in each field so that students are not compromised in their learning journey.

The newly introduced Data Science Master Course comprises an intricate schedule, dividing lectures into 160+ hours and practical assignments for 100+ hours. The course structure also follows 16 projects, more than 10 case studies, and 7 tools for you to work on and build your base understanding.

The website provides a list of tools that will be included in the curriculum such as Python, SQL, Jupyter, Chat GPT, and Flask. This course has all the necessities for the top data science courses in Uttam Nagar. Moreover, you can download the lists as well as the detailed syllabus to get better insight into the course.

Course details:

Name – Data Science Course

Fee – Rs 99,900 +18% GST

Duration – 11 months

Contact information:

Phone: +91 9580740740

Email: [email protected]

Website: iimskills.com

2. Insta Infotech

This institute which was established in 2003, leans towards progressing India with 100% IT literacy. In the present era of computers, Insta Infotech guarantees your success with the rigorous training they provide.

Ever since introducing its lesson plans and teaching methods, it has reaped beneficial results and risen in terms of quantity of students and quality of course structure.

As one of the top data science institutes in Uttam Nagar, it has a strong hold on IT talent or skills. Moreover, it effectively pairs knowledge and educational materials to promote its brand name.

Data science course at Insta Infotech:

The institute has provisions for a wide variety of courses related to the IT sector. It’s a selection of data science courses including focused specializations such as Data Science with Python and Data Science with R programming.

But in this article, we will tell you more about the Data Science course paired with AI and Machine Learning. The institute assures you that each course is comprehensive and meticulously crafted to provide you with knowledge and hands-on experience.

A special focus on the institute in itself brings to notice its experienced instructors and industry-relevant curriculum. There are provisions for flexible study options if you’re opting for it, as well as dedicated career support.

Thus, the course makes it to our list of top data science courses in Uttam Nagar. The syllabus for the training program is listed on the website.

Contact information:

Phone: +91 8920150908

Email: [email protected]

Website: instainfotech.in

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3. Infotech Softnet

Infotech Softnet is quite popular among other offline institutes in the area and has secured more than 200 reviews on Google so far. It is entirely accredited by NIELIT and focuses on quality software training for students residing in Delhi, including international certifications and traditional academic courses.

Infotech Softnet has formed partnerships with professionals having more than 25 years of expertise in the IT Education industry, to offer soft skill training and improve your general employability.

The placement cell pairs every student with what best matches their abilities, so that they can get landed in IT roles with major companies. Additionally, there is room for a live demo class and internships.

Data science course at Infotech Softnet:

The Data Science with Python program focuses elaborately on this industry tool, as you can understand from its name itself. The course strives to enlighten your understanding of the Python programming environment with the inclusion of lambdas, manipulating and reading CSV files, and knowledge of the NumPy module.

However, this is not all because the course will cover data manipulation and data clearing techniques, implementing the Python pandas library. Students are also taught the abstraction of Series and DataFrame which are central data structures for data analysis and effective tutorials on the use of functions like groupby, pivot tables, and merge.

All these qualities are what make the course stand out among data science courses in Uttam Nagar.

The program covers:

  • Python language, structures, and programming constructs
  • Concept of data science
  • Modules on NumPy and Pandas
  • Matplotlib

Contact information:

Phone: 7683019695

Email: [email protected]

Website: infotechsoftnet.com

4. The XL Academy

For more than 10 years, the XL Academy which is considered one of the best data science institutes in Uttam Nagar has shaped itself to be one where training solutions meet deep industry experience and fair coaching. The faculty is always committed to delivering the best education with great career opportunities for both students and working professionals.

Furthermore, it has made support readily available along with placements for students, live projects, interview preparations, and a real-time trainer’s guidance.

XL Academy’s head office is based in Delhi but it remains available to students hailing from other cities as well. It prioritizes the importance of creativity, quality training, smart classes, and placement assistance after courses.

Data science course at XL Academy:

The institute offers you various selections of courses within the data science or data analytics domain. Each focuses on separate aspects like the industry tools. The Data Science course with SAS details the topic with a comprehensive approach.

With the short few months of the course, you can learn more about the SAS system, its different windows, SAS data libraries, attributes of datasets like characters and numerals, etc.

These features make it stand as one of the top data science courses in Uttam Nagar. The full curriculum is listed under the program details, on the institute’s website.

Contact information:

Phone: +91 8750028877

Email: [email protected]

Website: thexlacademy.com

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5. Coding Bytes

Coding Bytes, one of the best data science institutes in Uttam Nagar is recommended for a more focused approach towards emerging technologies in both the training and IT services industry. The institute passionately works towards helping students succeed with a promise of guiding them toward their goals.

Thus, it is one of the leading websites that cater to the needs of working professionals and students alike. As students, you will be exposed to easy and hard levels of learning, sharpening your skills or knowledge and getting exclusive training from industry experts.

Data science course at Coding Bytes:

So, what makes Coding Bytes a top provider of data science courses in Uttam Nagar? It can be observed in its approach to the subject itself. From the very beginning, the institute presents you with an integrated course structure, marking the start of your journey.

Along with world-class technology and the best Python language learning, it makes the top services available to you. The curriculum provided for the course is updated and approved by experts and has high outcomes.

There are also provisions for job assistance, lifetime support, and general queries for each student. Since it ranks among the best data science courses in Uttam Nagar, past alumni have managed to secure jobs at leading companies like Amazon, IBM, HP, Capgemini, Dell, Samsung, and Cognizant.

However, if you’re unsure about the proceedings of this training program, you’re free to start with a demo session.

Contact information:

Phone: +91 9899355335, 18008913982

Email: [email protected]

Website: codingbytes.com

6. Coursera

In the modern world of online education where students opt for the best institutes and Ed-tech companies compete to be the best, the list becomes overwhelming. Coursera which started operating in 2012 much before the need for online education, has managed to thrive and stay afloat.

This online platform has grown to be well-reputed across countries, budding from a simple mission to make education affordable and available. The company also offers a wide selection of subject areas, which can be explored through its unique filters enabling you to find your perfect course.

Data science course at Coursera:

Coursera is one of the providers of data science courses in Uttam Nagar where local students can access globally accredited courses, from the comfort of their homes. Not only that, but top universities collaborate with Coursera to make its courses more known to the students.

One such institute is IBM, offering top-notch training from its exclusive faculty. Students can earn an employer-recognized certificate from this institute and graduate with all the qualities that make them fit for a reputable role in the industry.

There will also be support for resume-building, interview preparation, and career support. IBM’s data science certificate program caters to the needs of both professionals and freshers, by breaking down the complexities of the data science industry.

Contact information:

Website: coursera.org

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7. Simplilearn

This platform was established in 2010 and from there onwards rose to become a highly sought-after online education platform. It is based in California as well as India but its online presence spans several major parts of the world.

It collaborates with several major institutes from across the world so that it brings together international students who are in pursuit of top-notch educational programs. The global student community for Simplilearn has developed quite a lot in recent years.

Today it showcases more than 2,500 successful sessions, helping to upskill students for the competitive industry. All these qualities combined, make Simplilearn’s platform one of the best data science institutes in Uttam Nagar.

Data science course at Simplilearn:

Most courses at Simplilearn are available to you for a cheaper price and this makes it more accessible for students who are prevented by financial barriers. It aims to make education available to all by removing every possible barrier there could be.

One of the courses on its extensive list is the Introduction to Data Science, that is being offered completely free of cost. Even then the quality of this program isn’t compromised, which makes it one of the best online data science courses in Uttam Nagar. Information for its syllabus as well as other details can be checked on its website.

Contact information:

Website: simplilearn.com

8. Udemy

Next on our list, we have another globally accredited Ed-tech company called Udemy. This global platform brings you highly sought-after education programs and is trusted by students as well as 15,000+ companies across the world.

Some of these are renowned brand names like Samsung, Cisco, Vimeo, P&G, Citi, WordPress, etc. Udemy makes sure to curate the training programs as per student learning needs, giving them the full benefit of hands-on guidance with AI-powered coding exercises and practice tests.

Data science course at Udemy:

The Python for Data Science and Machine Learning boot camp is uniquely structured to fit your needs. The course lets you go in-depth in terms of analyzing multiple disciplines.

Similarly, you can learn to use tools like Spark for big data analysis, implement different machine learning algorithms, and learn logistic or linear regression. Thus, it makes our list of top data science courses in Uttam Nagar.

Contact information:

Website: udemy.com

9. Google

As a widely known MNC, Google has topped up its game in the online education sphere. Its platform offers a wide variety of free courses in fields like business analytics, digital marketing, data science, and UX Design. Lately, Google has partnered with Coursera to reach a wider audience around the world.

Data science course at Google:

Among other data science courses in Uttam Nagar, courses at Google are free of cost without going back on the quality. It features a comprehensive aspect, which is not too complex, and allows the use of more than one language for course delivery.

Contact information:

Website: grow.Google

10. Henry Harvin

If you’re looking for online courses affiliated with reputed universities across India, look no further than Henry Harvin. The company which has been active since 2013, has offline offices in the USA, UK, UAE, and India but its industry connections reach even further than that.

With years of quality and uniqueness in its educational journey, the company has attracted recognition from leading media channels like the Times of India and Hindustan Times.

Henry Harvin has several academies operating under its name and their main vision is to reshape the growth of individuals and organizations who seek their guidance. With continuous effort it strives to innovate products, processes, people, and markets, making it one of the top data science institutes in Uttam Nagar.

Data science course at Henry Harvin:

In the Advanced Certificate Program in Data Science offered in affiliation with IIT Guwahati, you can learn in-depth about the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The institute brings you two-way training sessions, certificates to showcase your learning and distinguish your profile with global credentials, projects to enhance your technical skills, and assurance of internship with top MNCs.

Other than that, its students’ engagement and placement support make it stand out among other data science courses in Uttam Nagar.

The key highlights of the program are well-structured with 192 hours of instructor-led sessions, 64 hours of doubt-solving sessions, 288 hours of self-paced learning, and approx 53 auto-graded assignments.

Moreover, under the guidance of the faculty, you can gain access to exclusive jobs in companies like Amazon, Accenture, Myntra, HP, Capgemini, IBM, and Oracle.

Contact information:

Phone: +91 9899577620

Email: [email protected]

Website: henryharvin.com


Q 1.) What skills can be expected from data scientists based in Uttam Nagar?

The top skills employers look forward to are cloud computing, Python programming, MySQL, data collection and analysis, machine learning or AI, data visualization, critical thinking, teamwork, and detail orientation.

Q 2.) What is the salary of data scientists based in Uttam Nagar?

Data scientists with exceptional skills can earn a high pay such as Rs 14 LPA. On average, the salary could be as high as Rs 12 LPA.

Q 3.) What can data science be used for?

Data science has a wide range of applications such as the health or medicine sector, weather reports, transport sector, management, retail, or IT. It also has its precise uses in our daily lives.


In the data science field, we have more than just a few techniques as well as disciplines to work on. As a beginner in this field, it can get rather complex to get accustomed to these new terminologies. But with practice and a lot of hard work, you could excel in this highly rewarding industry. To help you get started, we have listed above different data science institutes in Uttam Nagar, all varying in uniqueness and comprehensiveness. But something that you can look forward to is the excellent teacher support and placement assistance that is common to all institutes.


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