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Top 10 Data Science Courses In Kandivali With Placements

Data is everywhere. Just like you need oil for your vehicles and machines. Data is the new oil for many businesses. We create data when we use websites, shop online, and even swipe our cards. Data is a valuable resource for businesses. They can use data to understand their customers and make better decisions. But here is the thing, they can’t do it by themselves. They need professionals to make sense of these data. Here, you as a Data Scientist play an important role in understanding these data. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 Data Science courses in Kandivali that will make you a professional Data Scientist that top recruiters are looking for.

List of best data science courses in Kandivali

What Is Data Science?

Data Science is the field that combines multiple disciplines to extract knowledge from massive datasets to make informed decisions and predictions. Data can be used for business decision-making, strategic planning, etc. 

Imagine you’re a movie streaming service like Netflix. You have a ton of data on what people watch when they watch, and even what they pause or rewind. With the help of data scientists, you can see which movies people of certain ages or locations tend to watch, based on what you have watched before, they can recommend similar movies you might enjoy.

They can design the layout of the Netflix homepage to show you things you are more likely to watch.

Why Is Data Science Important?

Data Science helps organizations understand patterns and variations in data, such as customer information, business growth rates, data quantities, or any measurable factors.  Here are some key advantages that increase the importance of Data Science.

1. Enhanced User Experience:

Data science makes the customer experience better. It improves customer satisfaction which directly correlates with an increase in sales. Even if your products or services are top-notch, continuous improvement is crucial to seize opportunities and stay competitive.

2. Finding Hidden Patterns:

Data Science can analyze data to identify hidden patterns. It can reveal product combinations that customers are buying together. This will help businesses in product placement and targeted promotions. Also, this will personalize the shopping experience and boost sales. This approach is used by many companies like Amazon. 

Case Study:

Netflix is a famous company that uses data science to analyze the viewing habits of its customers. It also recommends shows and movies to its users that they are likely to enjoy. This data-driven approach keeps users engaged.

3. Optimizes Business Operations:

Data Science isn’t just about customers, but also it optimizes internal operations. By analyzing data on production lines, energy consumption, or logistics routes, companies can identify inefficiencies. This can help you to save unnecessary expenses, improve resource allocation, and run the business smoothly.

Case Study:

GE Aviation uses data science to analyze sensor data from airplane engines. This will prevent unnecessary expenses and ensure flight safety.

4. Helps In Decision-Making:

Businesses have to perform many internal business operations. It has to make choices quickly. Data Science helps leaders to make data-driven decisions. By analyzing market trends, competitor activity, and customer sentiment, data science can guide strategic planning, product development, and marketing campaigns.

Case Study:

Barclays Bank uses data science to analyze transactions in real-time. This can help them to find any kind of fraud happening in the bank. This way customers’ hard-earned money can be protected and reduces financial losses for the bank.

5. Finding New Opportunities:

Data science isn’t just about solving existing problems but also about finding new opportunities. By analyzing vast datasets, data scientists can identify trends, predict future needs, and develop innovative products and services.

Case Study:

Pfizer uses data science to analyze massive datasets of genetic information and patient data. This helps them identify potential drug targets and improve the drug discovery process. This will help them to save lives in advance.

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6. Impact of Data Science Beyond Business:

Data science is just not limited to the corporate world. It plays a crucial role in scientific research, environmental monitoring, and social initiatives. By analyzing climate data, data scientists can help in predicting extreme weather events. It can help them in developing strategies.

Case Study:

Data Science can help in tracking the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19. By analyzing case data, travel patterns, and population demographics, data scientists can help predict outbreaks and inform public health interventions.

7. Data is the Future:

As businesses are generating more and more data. Data Science will become even more critical. Businesses that use data-driven decisions will thrive in the next few years.

List Of Data Science Institutes In Kandivali

  • Boston Institute of Analytics
  • Itvedant Education
  • Atenas Fraternity
  • Quastech
  • Develearn
  • Radical Technologies
  • Cinute Digital
  • QuickXpert Infotech

Top 10 Data Science Courses in Kandivali

Let us explore the best data science institutes in Kandivali.

#1 Data Science Courses in Kandivali


IIM SKILLS is an online educational platform that offers a variety of professional courses and certifications. It is the fastest-growing Ed-Tech company. They provide in-demand skills related to digital marketing and communication fields. This includes content writing, technical writing, creative writing, data analytics, and even finance.

They also offer live online classes, practical assignments, and internship opportunities to help students build a portfolio and gain experience with a flexible schedule & career support. IIM SKILLS would be the best option for data science courses in Kandivali.

In this program, you will learn about Statistics in Data Science, Data Science (AL & ML), Data Science using SQL, Data Science using Python, Data Science using Tableau, R for Data Science, and Data Science using Alteryx.

You will also get 160+ hours of lectures, 100+ hours of practical assignments, 16+ live projects, 10+ case studies, and 7+ tools that cover Python, SQL, Jupyter, CHAT GPT, and Flask.

Course Name: Data Science Courses

Course Duration: 11 Months

Course Fee: INR 99,900 + 18% GST

Certification: Yes

Mode of Learning: Online

Easy EMI: Interest-free EMI for INR 9,823 per Month

Group Discount: 100% Group Discount on 3 or more Registrations

Contact Information:

Website: www.iimskills.com

Phone number: +91- 9580740740

Email Id: [email protected]

Why you should choose this course:

  • You will earn the industry’s most trusted IIM SKILLS Master Certification in Data Science
  • You will master the advanced tools and technologies to process, extract & analyze data
  • You will benefit by working on live projects with expert mentors & faculties
  • You will get full assistance to build a resume, prepare for interviews and mock interviews
  • You will have a network of 500+ hiring partners
  • You will blended learning and many resources to practice
  • You will get flexible batches that suit your timing
  • You will get an industry-relevant course curriculum

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#2 Data Science Courses in Kandivali

2. Boston Institute of Analytics

Boston Institute of Analytics is one of the best data science institutes in Kandivali that offers courses in data science, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Business Analytics, and other in-demand fields.

They have campuses across the US, UK, Europe, and Asia. BIA offers certificate, diploma, and master diploma programs in various fields. Some examples include data science & AI, business management & analytics, and cyber security & ethical hacking.

They also provide classroom-based training which is led by industry experts. They use a blended learning model that combines sessions, instructor-led online sessions, and e-learning modules.

The instructors have more than a decade of experience. You will get hands-on learning and practical applications. They have a well-regarded curriculum.

In this program, you will learn about data collection, data extraction, data cleaning, data exploration, and data transformation, You will also learn some specific skills and tools like Statistical Analysis, Text mining, Regression Modeling, and Deep learning.

Moreover, you will master MS Excel, Python, SQL, Application of Statistics & Probability, Supervised Machine Learning, Unsupervised Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Class Projects, Data Visualization, Mastery in Generative AI, Capstone Project, and many more in detail. You will also get 200+ hours of learning & practicals, 15+ Projects & Case Studies, and 30+ tools & technologies. 

Name: Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Duration: 4-10 Months

Fee: INR 75,000 to 5,55,000

#3 Data Science Courses in Kandivali

3. Itvedant Education

Itvedant Education is India’s fastest-growing IT training institute. This is a good institute if you are looking to start your career in the IT sector. They provide a varied range of courses.

You will also learn Python, Java, Web Development, and Cloud technologies. They provide both classroom and online learning options. They also have a strong network of over 2000 companies & offer placement assistance to students.

You will also get 30+ Case Studies & Projects, 10+ Languages & tools, and 280+ hours of live sessions. This course comes with a 100% job guarantee. You will also get career advice from experts.

Course Name: Data Science & Analytics with AI

Course Duration: 6 Months

Key Highlights:

  • You will get 80% practical training
  • You will get 2 global certifications
  • You will get a study app & resources
  • You will get a Personalized Career Coach
  • You will get a profile-building session
  • You will have a network of 2000+ organizations

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#4 Data Science Courses in Kandivali

4. Atenas Fraternity

Atenas Fraternity is a famous learning institution located in Mumbai. They are one of the leading businesses in the Digital Marketing courses. They provide software development & IT training courses in Navi Mumbai.

They offer a varied range of courses like Java training, Data Analysis, Python, Data Science, Web design, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, and much more.

In this program, you will learn complex concepts such as Statistics, Artificial Intelligence, Programming languages, databases, Data Visualization tools and techniques, predictive analytics, natural language processing, and much more. You will also get supportive teachers & staff. They also provide placement & career opportunities.

#5 Data Science Courses in Kandivali  


SKETO INFOTECH is a training center located in Mumbai. This institute was founded in 2019. They offer a variety of IT and business skill development courses including Programming languages like Java, Data Science & Analytics, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Microsoft Excel, and Database Management.

However, they don’t have an official website but this institute has a good review which tells that their trainers are experts and provide a flexible learning approach.   

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#6 Data Science Courses in Kandivali

6. Quastech

Quastech is a leading IT training institute. They offer in-demand tech skills to students & professionals. They offer a comprehensive range of courses that will make you job-ready. This includes Software Testing, Web Development, Programming Languages, Data Science with Python, and Digital Marketing. Theri Data Science with Python will teach about data science in depth.

In this program, you will learn about advanced data wrangling with Pandas and Numpy, advanced data visualization with Plotly and Bokesh, Advanced Statistics and Hypothesis Testing with Python, Time Series Analysis with Python, Natural Language Processing with Python, Machine Learning with Python, Deep Learning with Tensor Flow and Keras, Big Data and Distributed Computing with PySpark and Power BI.

Their curriculum is constantly updated to meet the latest industry demands. This will ensure that you learn the most relevant skills for your dream job. You will also get guidance from certified professionals with real-world experience.

Along with this, you will gain hands-on experience through real-time projects. They offer assistance with interview preparation and job placement to help you land your dream tech role after completing this course.

Name: Advanced Data Science with Python

Duration: 6 Months

Fee: INR 45,999

Why you should choose this course:

  • You will get to learn NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and sci-kit-learn
  • This course is specially built for beginners
  • You will get live training from industry experts
  • You will get practical training and many assignments
  • You will easily get job opportunities after taking this course
  • You will be able to manipulate and analyze raw data
  • You will get a completion certificate from QUASTECH
  • You will get placement opportunities after completing this course

#7 Data Science Courses in Kandivali

7. Develearn

DeveLearn offers courses in Mumbai to help people learn in-demand skills like data science and software development. They teach things like data analysis, using computer languages like Python, and working with big data.

You can learn online or in person, and their classes focus on practical skills to get you ready for a job. They also partner with companies and experts to keep their courses up-to-date.  

In their programs, you’ll learn about things like statistics, using machines to learn from data (machine learning), and turning data into pictures (data visualization). They also make sure you get hands-on experience with useful tools.

You can pick this institute for data science institutes in Kandivali if you have a high budget.

Name: Data Science with AI

 Duration; 1 year & 2 months

Fee: INR 2,00,000 + 18% GST

Course Highlight:

  • You will do real projects
  • You will learn from experienced trainers
  • You will get placement opportunities
  • You will work on industry-relevant projects
  • You can attend classes in person

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#8 Data Science Courses in Kandivali

8. Radical Technologies

Radical Technologies is a learning institute that offers IT training courses. They focus on job-oriented training. They offer a wide range of IT courses including programming languages, cloud computing, data science, cybersecurity, and project management.

They provide online, instructor-led, and self-paced courses. They have a team of experienced trainers with industry experience. In this program, you will learn foundational skills like accessing and manipulating data using Python, Data Analysis & Visualization like using Exploratory data analysis techniques, creating various charts & groups, and Machine learning.

You will also get the certificate after completing this course. They will give you job placement support.

Name: Data Science Online Course

#9 Data Science Courses in Kandivali

9. Cinute Digital

Cinute Digital is a training institute that provides IT skills development including Software Testing, Data Science, Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Analysis. It was founded in 2018. They also have a website & a YouTube channel.

Their Data Science course is designed for both beginners and those looking to improve their data science skills. In this program, you will learn Programming fundamentals like introduction to Python, Data Manipulation like handling & cleaning data, Machine learning basics, Data Visualization using Power BI, and Big Data with Hadoop.

Name: Turbocharged Data Science

Duration: 30 hours

Fee: INR 10,000

#10 Data Science Courses in Kandivali

10. QuickXpert Digital

QuickXpert Infotech is a software training institute. They provide IT training courses in a variety of areas, including Java, Python, Data Science, Web Development, Software Testing, and Digital Marketing.

They offer training in both classroom and online settings. They also offer placement chances after completing the training. They have a network of more than 1000 companies. They’re an ISO-certified institute.

This course will teach you the fundamentals of Python programming, such as installation, data structures, libraries like NumPy and Pandas, statistics, data analysis concepts, machine learning algorithms and tools like TensorFlow and Keras, and data visualization with libraries like Matplotlib and Seaborn.

Name: Data Science & Data Analytics

Duration: 6 Months

Fee: INR 69,999

Why you should choose this course:

  • You will learn from experienced IT trainers.
  • You will learn from the ISO Certified Institute.
  • You will receive 100% practical training.
  • You will also prepare for interviews.
  • You will receive a completion certificate and a free demo session.
  • You will work on numerous live projects and case studies.
  • You will have a network of over 1000 hiring partners.
  • You will learn industry-demanded analytical tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How do I choose Data Science Institutes in Kandivali?

If you are confused about data science institutes in Kandivali, I suggest asking yourself questions like your budget. What do you want to learn? In how much time do you want to learn? Do you want them to provide placement for you? And, as per your requirement, find those institutes that are providing these things. You can even research institutes based on their reputation, faculty expertise, curriculum, learning format, project opportunities, career support, and alumni network.

Q.2 Are Data Science Courses expensive?

Online courses and boot camps can be expensive, while university degrees may involve significant tuition fees. Many data science institutes in Kandivali are providing this course at affordable prices with good facilities. You can choose these institutes as per your budget.

Q.3 What skills are needed to become a Data Scientist?

Employers are looking for professional data scientists. There are some major skills that you should have as a beginner if you want to get hired by top companies & recruiters. You should learn strong skills in programming like Python and R. It will be easier for you to do this course if you can grasp a good command of mathematics, statistics, data analysis, machine learning, and communication.

Q.4 Do I need a degree in Data Science?

No, you don’t require a degree in data science to do this course. Many students are there from non-background who are pursuing this course. Many data science institutes in Kandivali are specially designed courses for beginners. They have gained command of this skill through courses and personal projects. However having a degree in a relevant field like mathematics, statistics, or computer science can be beneficial.


Data science is a demanding skill that you should learn. The perks are also good in this field. Data Science is a transformative field that enhances information. From optimizing the internal operations of businesses to tackling global challenges, its impact is undeniable. This is the high time you choose data science courses in Kandivali. As we move forward, data science has the potential to shape a bright future and make a big impact all over the world. 

In this article, we have mentioned the best data science institutes in Kandivali that have covered all the basics of data science. You can visit their website or contact them to get more information about the course.

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