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Top 9 Data Science Courses In IP Extension With Placements

If you seek a lucrative future in the data science career path, you’re on the right page. The profession demands some level of technical and soft skills which you can master through certification courses. Pursuing further knowledge in the data science field is not only for beginners but working professionals as well, if they feel they lack the right amount of guidance required to thrive in the modern automated industry. Data science indeed remains the same as it was in the past, but there are several innovations that need to be kept in mind. Thus in this article, we compiled a list of data science courses in IP Extension, with updated curricula.

List of 10 best data science courses in IP Extension

But Before That, We Should Understand What the Term Data Science Means

Data science can be better understood as an interdisciplinary field of education, which comprises scientific computing, statistics, scientific visualization, algorithms, and knowledge of structured or unstructured data.

In literal terms, it is the concept of unifying these disciplines – data analytics, statistics, and their related methods to analyze actual phenomena with data.

The subject also integrates domain knowledge from its underlying applications like natural sciences, information technology and medicine.

Some examples of data science and its applications are customer analytics in the retail industry, using social media networks to forecast what products are in demand, and analyzing every customer’s virtual cart to recommend similar products or products they might love.

It can also be used in various other sectors like healthcare, where predictive analytics enable finding various correlations and associations of symptoms, increase supply chain efficiency, provide preventive measures, and improve patient care.

What Are the Data Science Industry Trends?

  • Automation and Generative AI – In the modern world, there has hardly been a career path untouched by the influence of automation and artificial intelligence. The future of data science has some interesting applications for AI and as presently seen, it will only improve the quality of results obtained by data scientists. Further advancements in computational power have the potential to enhance sophisticated models. As a student, you must stay updated with the industry trends and it can be achieved with the help of professional data science courses in IP Extension.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) – With the introduction of this ground-breaking technology, which is an interdisciplinary subfield of computer science, a data science revolution was introduced. NLP is the ability of the computer to understand human language when it’s verbal or written. With further developments, NLP has gained strong foundations so that computers can understand human language more accurately than before.
  • Cloud technologies and Big data – when large quantities of data are collected, it is called ‘Big Data’. Storing them can be quite a tedious task because not only does it require data scientists to be careful with their handling but also poses a threat of losing large quantities of data when transferring devices. Thus, cloud technologies come in handy for storing these vast quantities of data. There is a possibility of future cloud technologies being more flexible and cost-effective with data storage, as you’ll learn from data science courses in IP Extention.
  • Data Visualization Technologies – With data visualization tools, data scientists can accurately represent data in charts, plots, infographics, and animations. Not only does it make the data more readable but also easier on the eyes. This aspect of the data science industry is predicted to grow in complexity and volume, as its need for effective results becomes paramount. You can understand more about its possible implications through data science courses in IP Extension.
  • An Increasing Emphasis on Actionable Data – Actionable data enables businesses and organizations to obtain better results or decisions. It also helps develop new products or services, establish effective marketing strategies and accurately identify the needs of customers to increase revenue. Modern advancements have brought attention to emphasizing actionable insights so that insights from data analytics can lead to tangible outcomes.

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Top 9 Online or Offline Data Science Courses in IP Extension

We have listed here the best data science institutes in IP Extension.


IIM Skills which is a Delhi-based online Ed-tech company, has seen a rise in its popularity and reputation over the years. It officially started its education business in 2015, with an extremely well-structured course curriculum on content writing back when the subject had begun causing a buzz.

The institute continues to research new education spheres and with the guidance of industry experts new structured courses are introduced to the students. To date, it has gained recognition as one of the top online data science institutes in IP Extension.

Data Science Courses at IIM SKILLS:

The Data Science Master Course brings you industry-relevant tools like Python, SQL, ChatGPT, Jupyter, and others which are listed in detail on the website. The course features a stable timeline and divides it into favourable lesson plans including 160+ hours of live-interactive classes and 100+ hours of assignments.

Similar to other data science courses in IP Extension, there are provisions for you to work on projects and case studies to build additional practical experience.

IIM Skills also presents you with an internship period, enabling you to get a full grip on what you’ve learned.

Other Benefits of the Institute:

  • Master certification from the most trusted organizations
  • A round-the-clock support provided by the faculty
  • An exclusive team of faculty who are well-versed in every discipline and subject area offered by the institute
  • Tools-driven training with the help of advanced tools and technologies to efficiently process, extract and analyze data
  • Students can work on live capstone projects and clients, under the guidance of expert mentors and faculty
  • Full placement assistance through the dedicated job portal and guidance provided to students on resume-building and mock interviews

Course detail:

Course Name – Data Science Course 

Fee – Rs 99,900 +18% GST

Duration – 11 months

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9580740740

Email: [email protected]

Website: iimskills.com

2. Learnbay

Learnbay strives to uphold its vision of leading the industrial sectors by generating professionals who immensely contribute to this field. Besides that, it provides scope to tech experts and non-technicians alike.

As one of the top data science institutes in IP Extension, it ensures a personalized learning experience for every individual who enrolls. The institute supports a moderate amount of salary hikes, a vast number of hiring partners, and contributed to reshaping several careers.

Learnbay over the years, has enhanced the data science career with its comprehensive course structure, paired with Python, Power BI, and other tools. It guarantees your training from industry leaders and masters.

Data Science Courses at Learnbay:

The Data Science Training program is in partnership with IBM and Microsoft, validating the benefits it will add to your profile. There is scope for a personalized doubt-clearing session for your benefit, guaranteed interview calls, and IBM project participation with certification.

The course paves the way for you to become the most sought-after professional in the coming years. You can grasp updated knowledge with a careful selection of topics from the comfort of your home.

Among other data science courses in IP Extension, this training program focuses on cohort orientation, special programming classes, basic Python programming, Statistics, Machine learning, SQL, Tableau, and Deep learning.

The detailed module plan is available for you to check on the website itself.

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 7795687988

Email: [email protected]

Website: learnbay.co

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3. Careers360

Careers360 establishes a technology-driven educational product and services company. Similarly, it integrates millions of student and institutional data points with user-generated preferences.

But it takes more than 15 million monthly visitors and builds sophisticated recommendation and prediction products so that students like you can explore and achieve career plans based on their specific interests.

The company with all its components and social standing makes the list of top data science institutes in IP Extension and has made an appearance in the Economic Times, Financial Express, Firstpost, etc.

Data Science Course at Careers360:

At this institute, you get the opportunity to participate in a full-time professional B.Tech Data science course with applications of Artificial Intelligence. This course is marked to be offline and is in association with the reputed Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology based in New Delhi.

The details regarding the fees and total course duration are provided to students via the website. The website also lists some important exams and events related to the course and you can make of it whenever you want. However, unlike other data science courses in IP Extension, this lays down certain eligibility criteria for students to follow.

To be selected you must have passed your essential 10+2 education with a minimum of 55% marks and must be less than 21 years of age. Additionally, you will have to pass the admission test by GGSIP University which is merit-based.

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

Website: careers360.com

4. Careerera

Careerera as an online platform has seen quite some significant growth since the year 2009, when it was established. It has been actively operating for years, trying to uphold tradition, honor, and discipline by implementing effective learning modules.

It has seen a favorable increase in the company’s numbers, where students from different parts of India and the world have reported their benefits and career growth considering it one of the best data science institutes in IP Extensions and other places.

To date, the company continues to shape the professional lives of many with its e-learning resources.

Data Science Course at Careerera:

You can expect to learn a lot better when the course structure goes in-depth rather than covering many areas at once. This training program does that with professional data science basics and decision-making skills.

It also offers a careful approach towards certain key technologies within the industry and grants you the ability to work on projects. As a student in one of the top data science courses in IP Extension, you have special guidance from experts as well as networking opportunities before you work your way up.

This allows you enough room to flourish and become your formidable self. These unique qualities added to the course make it stand out and attract valuable partnership opportunities with leading IT companies.

They provide insights into futuristic approaches, interview preparation, resume guidance, and confidence-building.

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

Website: careerera.com

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5. ExcelR

ExcelR Institute is another education platform with impeccable training and consultancy services that stand out from the crowd. This education platform is based in the USA but covers a wide number of countries for its potential student base.

Through its educational strategies, ExcelR strives to bring out the best in all its students. The institute is a well-known institutes in IP Extension and partners with renowned brands like HCL, Ford, Bank of America, BP, Tech Mahindra and more which leads to the maintenance of course quality.

On the other hand, you can access more than 50 skill-based assignments that help build your career, because the institute believes practice makes one perfect.

Data Science Course at ExcelR:

The lesson plan for the data science course focuses on assisting students with their goals, with proper guidance or methods. It makes our list of data science courses in IP Extension because it takes up the comprehensive aspect of the data science industry along with adding several benefits that students can avail of.

The lesson plan provides you with more than 15 hours of interactive live-virtual classes, taken by experts in the subject area. There is also an optional campus immersion for students and guaranteed certifications after the completion of the course.

The seamless online experience of the course structure is worth your time and money because not only does it help you secure a future but provides you with the groundwork for achieving it.

It helps you with project participation, interviews, and several other things aside from the online lectures because your profile must be unique to the employers.

Contact Information:

Phone: 09 632156744

Website: excelr.com

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6. Coursera

As the era of online education progresses, new institutes will enter the competitive market. But it’s often not easy to find an institute you can completely trust and one that promises to be your money’s worth.

Coursera is one of the education platforms that has been in business for a while and one that was able to thrive in the dynamic education system. To date, it is renowned for being the best in quality and pricing.

As one of the largest platforms among the data science institutes in IP Extension, it holds the most domain authority.

Its approach to education and other services is fair, as it brings connections from reputed universities across the globe so that students can enjoy the university connections and its special features without the barriers of long-distance education.

It maintains the quality of each of the subject areas available on its platform with proper lesson plans and excellent faculty guidance.

Data Science Course at Coursera:

Among Coursera’s many features, you are provided the option to choose any language you want, even if it’s not English. This creates new opportunities for students from non-English speaking countries, who for a long time have faced the barrier of language in education.

Several of Coursera’s data science courses in IP Extension are available with Hindi narration or subtitles so that every student can feel confident and comfortable.

The data science training program in association with IBM institute lets you avail of every opportunity that you could have benefitted from, by being an IBM student.

It comes with industry-relevant tools and libraries, as well as, more practical exposure in the industry. There are also certifications provided by both Coursera and IBM to showcase your achievements.

Contact Information:

Website: coursera.org

7. Simplilearn

Simplilearn works similarly to Coursera and is another reputed online online platform, based in both India and California. It started operating in the year 2010, becoming one of the most popular Ed-tech platforms opted by students around the world.

It offers both professional and certificate courses, along with university partnerships so that students can get their desired degrees from the seamless online experience that makes it one of the best data science institutes in IP Extension.

It is considered one of the top providers of data science courses in IP Extension because it offers students the quality required for educational growth.

Data Science Course at Simplilearn:

As a student of this online platform, you will get more than your imagined number of courses, each maintaining the quality despite being different.

One of these top data science courses in IP Extension covers essential aspects of data science such as inferential stats, descriptive stats, model building, and natural language processing.

These are beginner-friendly and flexible to help effectively manage your time.

Contact Information:

Website: simplilearn.com

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8. DataMites

If you seek an online institution with cost-effective and quality aspects in check, DataMites might be the one for you. The DataMites website offers specializations in several fields related to IT and data science.

As one of the top data science institutes in IP Extension, it brings forward creative ideologies for industry professionals who valiantly overcome the hardships of competitive analysis.

All modules listed on this website are framed to address the basics of each subject and all of these are frequently updated by experts, who know significantly more about the current industry.

Data Science Course at DataMites:

At DataMites, you get access to a vast amount of comprehensive course structures and specialized modules with a click of a button. These are framed evenly and maintain a quality of flexibility during the lesson plan.

You can go over concepts of statistics, machine learning, algorithms, and business aspects of all things. You will also get unlimited access to the data science cloud lab and future benefits that come with it being accredited by Nasscom.

Thus, there is no doubt why it makes our list of top data science courses in IP Extension.

Contact Information:

Phone: 1800 3133434

Website: datamites.com

9. Henry Harvin

Over the years, Henry Harvin has earned a fair reputation for providing educational opportunities to not just Indian learners but learners from around the world. The company has several offices in the UK, the USA, the UAE, and India.

It also brings a wide selection of disciplines so that there is something for everyone. Henry Harvin’s curriculum is structured to provide a competitive edge to the subject you’re learning and quality is not compromised.

Data Science Course at Henry Harvin:

It is considered among the top data science courses in IP Extension because of the intensive care that went into structuring the modules in the first place.

There are more than 190 hours of tutoring sessions, followed by 64 hours of interactive live sessions and then doubt-clearing classes for understanding what you have learned more clearly.

Master classes are also conducted by experts and after that, you are allowed to self-study for more than 288 hours. It also offers 100+ auto-graded assignments for you to practice.

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9899577620

Email: [email protected]

Website: henryharvin.com


Q.1) What is the Average Salary for This Industry in New Delhi?

The average salary of a data scientist in New Delhi is quite good compared to economic standards. As a fresher, you could secure a job worth 3.9 lakhs and this could increase according to your work experience and talent for the position.

Q.2) What Skills Should I Have for the Data Scientist Position?

The data scientist position requires you to have certain soft skills like critical thinking, logic, detail orientation, and time management as well as technical skills such as programming, machine learning, deep learning, big data, cloud computing, etc.

Q.3) How Do Data Scientists Make Use of Machine Learning?

Machine learning facilitates several tasks in the data science industry and is extensively used by data scientists. It automates tasks such as processing data with the help of large quantities of historical data. It also enables future predictions in favor of the company to be made.


Whether you are a student or a professional, thriving in this competitive industry requires some professional guidance from experts who know the best. The data science industry is quite a big one to consider and any advancement and improvement are introduced at fair intervals. It is often overwhelming to catch up if you are not frequently updated. Most courses offered by these above-mentioned data science institutes in IP Extension, cover comprehensive topics and some offer in-depth specializations on individual aspects. Both these options are equally worthy of considering and offer their benefits in addition, but the final choice of selecting the right course remains yours.

I am Meghna Kanjilal, an Education honours graduate from Loreto College with a passion for reading books. I like being creative whether it's through writing or designing. I had an amazing opportunity to start my writing journey with IIM Skills and expand my knowledge in the Content Writing domain. Currently, I am working with IIM skills on their internship programme to enhance my skills and gain experience.

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