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Top 7 Business Analytics Courses In Noida With Live Training

Are you dreaming of becoming a data professional like a business analyst? Are you on the hunt for business analytics courses in Noida? If you are seeking comprehensive business analytics courses in Noida, then this article is going to be helpful for you. In this article, you will be provided with a list of institutes that are providing the best business analytics courses in Noida

Top Business Analytics Courses In Noida

Top Seven Business Analytics Courses in Noida

1. ExcelR

Being one of the top institutes that provide training, educational services, and programs on data science and analytics, ExcelR is well aware that companies across the world are daily generating enormous volumes of data which ultimately helps them in making well-educated business decisions. And, that performed analysis helps them in making more profit. With the institution being a pioneer in the provision of providing top-notch training in data science and analytics, it has designed and created a specialized business analytics course in Noida that closely matches the requirements of the market. During the advanced business analytics course in Noida, you will be taught several tools like Power BI, R Programming, Microsoft Excel (From Basic to advanced), Agile, MYSQL, Tableau, SAS, Python, etc. 

Features of the Comprehensive Business Analytics Course in Noida Are as Follows:

  • Industry Excellent Trainers
  • Tailored Coursework
  • E-learning materials and contents
  • Projects
  • Undertake live online projects to gain essential work experience
  • Blended model guidance
  • Post-training aid
  • Job placement guidance and assistance
  • Peer backup

Who Can Enrol in the Rigorous Business Analytics Course in Noida

You can register for this special business analytics course in Noida, if you have previously taken up engineering, science, or commerce as your career, or worked in the BPO or KPO domain, if you are a fresher or a professional from any stream and possess brilliant logical as well as analytical skills, or you are an accountant or financial professional, or you have earlier pursued management programs. 

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2. Simplilearn

Presented to you in collaboration with IBM, this exceptional business analytics in Noida is going to help you make big leaps in your career as a business data analyst. As you take up this master’s business analysis course, you will get to avail many new career opportunities as a certified business data analyst. 

You can pursue this career and field if you have marvelous analytical skills and want to stay alive and make big strides toward your career. After enrolling in this business analysis course, you will get armed with all the significant skills and mastery required to progress in this demanding field. In addition to teaching you the fundamentals of concepts like CCBA, Microsoft Excel, Agile Scrum Fundamentals, SQL, Tableau, Agile Scrum Master, and CBAP, this in-depth business analytics course in Noida also broadens your skill sets.

Along with that, you’ll learn how to build effective dashboards, gather a wealth of information for business research, comprehend the management of SQL databases, and gain a better understanding of the skills and important tasks carried out by a business analyst. When you have finished all the modules, you will be prepared to work as a business data analyst.

You Will Gain the Below Mentioned Skills with the Help of This Business Analysis Course, Which Are Essential to Become a Certified Business Data Analyst:

  • Recognize the concepts of discovery, finding solutions, making analytical reports for analysis, and performing duties
  • Understanding the many concepts of SQL, especially SQL commands, and also including the Universal Query Tool (UQT)
  • Understanding how to solve challenges in real-world environments when online
  • Building convincing dashboards and delving into Tableau
  • Mastery in Agile Scrum Project Administrating, Re-inspecting, normal synchronization, sprint systematizing, and, applications
  • Learning about business monitoring concepts and the business key concept model
  • Acquiring the skills, knowledge, and tools needed for business analytics outlining and monitoring
  • Becoming adept at the skills of cycle oversight
  • Mastering the fundamentals and more advanced Scrum projects
  • Getting awareness of the Scrum application manners in organizations
  • Understanding basic and advanced MS Excel principles


3. 360DigiTMG

There isn’t a better option than 360DigiTMG if you want to be employed as a business analyst. Because it excels in teaching students data analytics, the institute provides a number of the best business analytics courses in Noida. With the help of this training, you can grasp data visualization, business intelligence, and, analytics. Once you take part in this course, you become a very important asset to companies since you will ultimately contribute to their goals. The program starts with an introduction to statistics and progresses to teach you important concepts like data mining, text mining (both oversight and non-oversight), and, exploratory data analysis (EDA). 

The program also discusses how machine learning algorithms have evolved over the years. Moreover, how organizations consider issues with business decision-making using neural networks and deep learning. Finally, you will be able to apply Tableau and basic graphs to carry out core data visualization as a learner. Since the creators of the program are IIM, IIT, and ISB alums, it follows ongoing industry trends. With the aid of this comprehensive framework, you will have a firm comprehension of the concepts and topics covered.

Here Are the Desired Outcomes of the Curriculum:

This program aims to help you develop a solid understanding of the subject matter, so that, when you’re trying to work, you can manage a variety of maps, data initiation sources, and also dashboards, as well as construct business stories, reports, etc. to generate crucial business information and effective business strategies. You will gain a full understanding of how to cope with business challenges as well as the ability to construct prediction models that you can employ in the real world by mastering critical concepts like predictive, descriptive, prescriptive, and diagnostic analytics. In addition, you will learn how to use the fundamentals of data visualization to examine and present the data while embarking on projects that are motivated by real-world case studies in this curriculum. The program will only be successful in its purpose of providing you with sufficient education in the subject of business analytics when you perceive and critically assess unpredictable business scenarios. You will also be able to apply languages, analytics models, and theories while offering recommendations for resolutions. 

You Are Expected the Following: 

  • Cope with numerous data initiation sources
  • Do text mining for creating customer sentiment analysis
  • Apply different analytics processes that also include tools
  • Acquire deep awareness of descriptive as well as predictive analytics
  • Execute data-forced, machine-learning methods for making business-related decisions
  • Construction of advanced prediction models for daily use applications
  • Put your learned Data Visualisation concepts into utilization for showcasing data and for easy understanding
  • Generate business tales, maps, reports, dashboards, etc. to pull out necessary business insights

Course Modules:

This remarkable curriculum was designed to show you the really difficult skills, approaches, and tools needed to succeed in this industry. The study curriculum will improve your skills and understanding of data acquisition, designing, and arranging. To demonstrate expertise, and, knowledge, through the use of analytics tools, the training program covers a wide range of concepts, including data mining, hypothesis testing, linear regressions, black box methods, and many more.

You will learn how to use a variety of postulate tests to overcome business-related problems. You will be making forecasts using mathematical formulas, also referred to as line equations. Discover how to produce outcomes using a forecasting model. Learn how to construct prediction model outputs. Discover the many methods of regression, such as Poisson, and also including Logistic regressions, which are used with special data.

Course Features:

  • Further Projects 
  • Live virtual free-of-cost seminars as well as workshops
  • CV/Resume creating, designing, and LinkedIn profile assessing classes
  • The institute’s LMS can be accessed 24×7 and throughout your whole life
  • 24×7 support
  • Get job placements notification and opportunities in the domain of Business Assessment
  • Unlimited interview round preparation classes
  • Acquire the necessary practical expertise, understanding, and experience by undertaking a live online project
  • Offline job events

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4. Intellipaat

CCE IIT Madras and Intellipaat provide one of the most complete business analytics courses in Noida. The seven-month rigorous program will help you, the learners, to build a dynamic skill set that includes time series forecasting, data architecture, descriptive statistics, business testing, and, a detailed field awareness that is necessary to flourish in this domain.


  • First Module – A-Z on SQL
  • Second Module – A-Z on Microsoft Excel
  • Third Module – A-Z on Python
  • Fourth Module – A-Z on Statistics with Probability
  • Fifth Module – A-Z on Machine Learning
  • Sixth Module – Storytelling, business problem addressing, and A-Z on insights
  • Seventh Module – A-Z on KNIME
  • Eighth Module – A-Z on tackling Data Models and how to perform Modelling
  • Ninth Module – A-Z on Data Warehouse
  • Tenth Module – Visualizing by MS Power BI
  • Eleventh Module – Performing Analytics via Spark (It is entirely self-paced)
  • Twelfth Module – A-Z on Presto
  • Thirteenth Module – You will get a Business Data Analysis Capstone Project
  • Fourteenth Module – Implementation of Business-related Case Studies

Core Programme Features:

  • The course duration is equal to 400 hours and is application-focused training
  • The self-paced lessons are of 218 hours
  • You will get more than 50 industry-relevant case studies as well as projects
  • Face-to-face personal sessions with industry mentors
  • 24*7 aid and backup
  • Essential Soft Skills Training
  • Live virtual sessions are worth 50 hours
  • Learn from qualified industry masters and IIT Madras Faculty 
  • Intellipaat provides career assistance services
  • Institute to provide three confirmed interviews
  • This program is specially made for working professionals and freshers

5. SLA Consultants

Structured-Learning-Assistance Consultants or well known as SLA Consultants is one of the leading non-IT and IT training academies in Noida. The institute provides one of the elite industry-oriented relevant short-term programs. You can consider this institute as one of the right places to learn business analysis as it offers top-quality and globally recognized business analytics courses in Noida. During the Data Expert in MS Excel training certification program, you will be introduced to necessary lectures, knowledge, and, lessons to make you transition into a certified professional data professional seamlessly within a short period. 

The faculty of the institute provides all the essential information and knowledge on different Business Analysis tools through the usage of real-time practical training and live online projects including SQL, Microsoft Access, Power BI, MS Excel (Advanced), and, R programming, etc. As you acquire that expertise and skills, you will be able to carry out all the tasks and duties of a data professional like obtaining, examining, documenting, and, sharing the demands of the stakeholders, carrying out user assessment, recommending business resolutions, helping the higher management in decision making, etc. SLA’s instructors are highly accredited in the business analysis domain and possess more than 10 years of expertise and experience. They offer adequate knowledge and skills to you by holding relevant and appropriate seminars, workshops, hand-outs, and business assessment practical training sessions.

During the 90-hour business analysis training program, you will acquire evidence-oriented skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, analytical skills, etc. Apart from these, you will be able to present organized data into simple and arranged information which will be applied by stakeholders to safeguard business patterns and trends and make required decisions. The program covers R Programming and Power BI to facilitate the acquisition of efficient business analysis skills so that you can crack the interviews at any MNC organization for the role in the first round itself.

Anyone who has earned a bachelor’s degree in an IT-related field is qualified to enroll in the Business Analysis Training Programme. The business assessment practical training program is specifically created by experienced corporate trainers who will also be in charge of instructing you, the students, using innovative business analysis instructing methods and an extremely up-to-date business inspection program curriculum, providing you with comprehensive and job-specific knowledge in Business Examination tools. Lastly, you build new skillsets and awareness to provide innovative and effective business resolutions and stay alive in the cut-throat transformations in the IT industry.

Course Features:

  • Business Examination Certification – Business analysis and intelligence MS Excel learning will provide certification by industry standards, allowing both freshers and experienced professionals to enhance their skills in the workplace
  • Experienced Instructors – Get trained by professional and master senior technical analysts or analysts holding more than 10 years of expertise and experience 
  • Job Placement Support – As soon as you complete 70 percent of the training course, the dedicated job placement team starts to schedule interview rounds
  • Laboratory Facility – Increase your efficacy by taking a business assessment practical class and taking a set of technical exam series that are extremely linked with corporate to maximize your potential
  • Business Inspection Workshop Classes – You will understand the real-time and business investigation practical instructing classes with comprehensive case studies and workshops offered by SLA consultants
  • Administrator Assistance – You are expected to receive assistance for seven days for the next class timetable/re-scheduling sessions/request for a second or doubt clearing classes

The Programme Suits the Following People:

  • BI (business intelligence) analysts
  • Freshers
  • Recent college graduates
  • Ambitious Business Analysts
  • Senior data analysis professionals
  • System Analysts
  • Project Managers


6. Analytixlabs

Many elite institutes provide data science and analytics programs across India, and one among them is Analytixlabs. Since its inception in 2011, the institute aims at practical and personalized training to make the students ready for the industry, fields, and numerous data jobs. It is, without a doubt, one of the leading companies to pursue data science or analysis courses. Since 2011, the institute is constantly pioneering the art of delivering data science or analysis programs. After making its name in the business of providing top-quality business analytics courses in Noida, Analyticslabs has slowly and gradually advanced to earn an equal reputation globally as evidenced by its incredible records and student happiness. 

During the 360-hour program, the institute’s highly knowledgeable and expert instructors will introduce to several basic business analysis tools like Tableau, MS Excel, and SQL, as well as advanced tools like Python, R. Other than those, the business inspection program also covers foundational statistical concepts to advanced analytics and predictive modeling approaches. You will also master all the necessary skills essential for a rewarding career as a data professional and address real-life business issues. This certification program will assist you to build detailed data science and analysis skills related to data visualization predictive and descriptive analytics for propelling intelligent business decisions. 

The program is in line with the latest trends, and, includes carefully crafted project work and rigorous after-classes assistance for real-life skills. The program is widely known and famous for top-notch training programs designed and delivered by industry masters themselves. This course, which evolved from its most well-liked data science and analysis training, is the best one available in India for persons seeking a job-focused business analysis certification without any prior expertise and experience in business intelligence or data analysis tools. 

This thorough instruction will also provide you with the freedom to participate in both online live training and e-learning modes. One can also take classroom and Bootcamp mode learning, irrespective of whether he or she lives in Bangalore, Gurgaon, or, Noida. The certification training program is meant for those aspirants who want to transition into the data analysis or science field and start their career as a data scientist or data analyst or business analyst. The course aims to provide you with all the world-class data analysis, business analysis, data science, and, business assessment skills. The course is entirely interactive and also offers the flexibility to take it in e-training mode. 

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One of the prominent business analytics courses in Noida is provided by ACTE, a renowned institution. The training course provided by ACTE aims to deliver top-notch teaching that will impart crucial knowledge on important concepts while using a hands-on manner. In the advanced certified business investigation coursework offered by ACTE, you can review industrial organization analyst principles and know industrial organization SDLC, ordering, methodology inspection, STLC, and application software usage through the usage of forms. The institute’s mentors will guide you on requirement acquisition, needs authorization, sketching demands architecture, and designing and construction of UML diagrams during the online instruction program. 

You can work on actual life problems while you undergo training that gives you practical knowledge and expertise in industrial organization reviewing manners toolkit 1 and toolkit 2. Enroll in this business analysis coursework to boost your career in business analytics and also build enhanced MS Excel skills. The coursework also educates you on Microsoft Power BI. You can construct a prosperous career with the aid of these typically utilized tools and a trustworthy industrial organizational analyses certification.

Course Features:

  • Hands-on training worth 40 hours
  • ACTE to provide more than three live online projects to make you build a valuable practical learning experience
  • Practical projects are more than 25
  • ACTE allows its students to access its coursework study contents and materials 24*7 and throughout life

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the scope of data professionals in India?

All industrial niche aims to utilize big data and exploit it to drive critical business and personnel decisions. Businesses across all domains are eager to capitalise on the potential that analytics brings. Tapping the benefits of analytics and data may include businesses of various sizes. This also suggests that there are numerous chances for new job creation. It is predicted that there would be more demand than supply for the position of data analyst or business analyst.

Q2. Who should register for the business analysis learning programme?

Different institutes have set different requirements to register for the program. However, most of them expect you to be a recent college graduate. But this course can be taken up by freshers also.

Q3. What is the average salary of a business analyst in India?

Different organizations have different salary packages, but usually the average salary of a business analyst, in India, is somewhere between Rs 900000 and 800000.  


Data analysis and science are among the most in-demand jobs today. As a result, the salary of a data analyst or business analyst in India is slightly more than that of other individuals working in the software and IT sector. Therefore, your career as a Business Analyst or Data Analyst is expected to continue progressing if you have the necessary skill set and are willing to keep yourself updated. This statement is accurate, especially when we take into account the fact that a business analyst’s or data analyst’s salary within India is directly or indirectly impacted by their level of updating and upskilling.

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