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Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Noida With Placements

There is a call of demand for technical writing in the current world of ever-expanding technologies. New things are invented every day and new ways of using things are being discovered. A modern city like Noida is home to numerous start-ups and IT companies, marked with several technological parks. To say that there is an abundance of opportunities in this suburban environment for technical writing would be an understatement. 


With a growing IT industry, you can make a good career by enrolling yourself in one of the technical writing courses in Noida we discuss below. 


Technical writing courses in Noida


Our current world is filled with many technological advances. We cannot function without technology and cannot imagine going about our days without googling about how to do things.


Technical writing is the art of writing information based on different facets of technology and its creations. Something new is always popping up here. This field is varied, creative, and carefully cultivated. You will always be at the forefront of the advent of technology. Because of this, you will have an upper hand over all the other professions.


Keeping in mind the constant evolution of technology, technical writing is one of the most promising fields out there today. According to staista.com, the Indian IT sector has had more than 4 million people employed during the year 2021.


Writing about technology in a professional setting can be an accomplishing and intriguing job. It can give you ample income and a regular, if not a progressing career. So, what does it entail?


Technical writing can consist of writing reports, instruction manuals of various products, features of a product, briefs, and so on. Simply put, you will be turning complex mechanisms and instructions into simple language to make the common people understand.


With the help of technical writing training, you will learn the nuances of technical writing and make a lucrative career. This field has so many incentives which we will address later in this article. Before we embark on this journey of discovering the top 5 technical writing courses in Noida, you should get to know the benefits of technical writing.


Benefits of Technical Writing


If we jot down all the benefits of technical writing, we would be here forever. However, not many are aware of how much a technical writer contributes.


Learn New Things Every Time 


As this is an endless field, you will find new things up and coming. Either there will be new technologies or new platforms being created. You have tremendous chances to be artistic and novel in your work. You will be constantly learning different things, which means your brain will always be engaged.


An engaged brain means you will develop critical thinking skills, which is essential in this field. Moreover, you will learn a lot of information about new technology long before the general public. This job can be highly communicative as you will be constantly interacting with engineers and technicians about the details of the product or service. Technical writing can be an excellent way to gain knowledge and keep learning things.


Build an Exceptional Portfolio 


There is a great need for technical writers in this fast-growing world of technology. This industry is bound to grow over time, simultaneously creating an increase in jobs. By learning the ins and outs, and completing the technical writing training, you will be eligible for exceptional jobs at the topmost companies both in India and abroad.


Your portfolio serves as evidence that you are highly qualified to do the great work of understanding complex gadgets or instructions and translating them into simple user-friendly work. A lot of fields besides technology like healthcare and financial services are also demanding for technical writers.


A Great Job for Part-Timers


If you are preoccupied with something else in your life, and you find that you can devote only a few hours to technical writing training, you can still take it up and opt for the alternative which is writing only part-time.


You might be a student, a parent, a newly retired person, a housewife, or a woman who wants to pursue a new career. No matter who you are, you can write in your free time. A freelance technical writer has control over their hours and choices of projects. Moreover, you can do this while sitting at home. Doing this will give you sufficient income as it is a coveted skill.


Helping People 


Upon looking up the details of the course, you might conclude that this will be an unfulfilling job. That is merely a myth. You will be helping common people by simplifying something so complicated that only people in the field could understand.


Just imagine that someone has bought a new Blu-Ray Device. It is totally up to the user to install it but the manual may be intricate, confusing, and even daunting to read and apply. There are so many wires and speakers they will need to connect. The user usually gives up or takes to the vast internet to find solutions.


This is where your work comes in handy. You can save their time, money, and frustration by creating a user-friendly and easy-to-understand manual with illustrations and images. Moreover, you are contributing to the economy because your work helps businesses and manufacturing companies. A great thing about this job is that you provide safety measures or technical first aid by preventing users from harming themselves or the product.


Various Job Roles as a Technical Writer 

A rampant workforce is already present in Noida, where many technical writers are hired. So, undoubtedly you can get a job in organizations and companies for different types of specializations in technical writing. Therefore, choosing one of the technical writing courses in Noida can give you experience in the following aspects:


Technical Writing for the Web 


Technical Writing for the web allows you to be innovative with your information. You can add pictures, videos, infographics, or links that will take the audience to further readings. You will put out content dealing with gadgets and machines of various corporations.


Moreover, SEO has completely changed how the web works and hence there is a lot of demand for people who are willing to work in the field. As a technical writer for the web, by choosing one of the technical writing courses in Noida, you can easily make 1-2 lakhs per month.


Technical Writing for Businesses 


Most product-based businesses will demand skilled and steadfast people to write their instruction manuals, proposals, pitches, and try to make the customers comprehend the ins and outs of a product. You are an asset to them because most developers do not make good writers.


With the help of technical writing training, you can earn a salary of 2 lakhs per annum. This is just the icing on the cake. There are, in fact, numerous other job roles for technical writers.


Other Notable Roles in Technical Writing 

  • Writing for Science, Medical, and Research Papers
  • End-User Documentation Writing
  • White Paper Writing 
  • Technical Copywriter
  • Literature Review Writing


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Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Noida




One of the top institutes out there, IIM SKILLS is a popular and leading name in providing technical writing courses in Noida. Their course is elaborately planned in such a way that it is always at the forefront of capturing the latest trends in their course. The course focuses on major skills one may need to progress in the technical writing sphere.


This 5-week course has all the topics related to technical writing under its wing that are highly detailed. With over 20 plus hours of live classes and more than 60 hours of assignments, this course is the perfect balance between theoretical knowledge and practical experience.


Students enrolled will get unlimited and lifetime access to all the session recordings. Along with the tools provided, the course also makes available internship opportunities and placements.


Students will learn how to write technical reports, scientific research papers, writings for medical purposes, API documentation, White Papers, and Journals, etc. A bonus is that they not only teach but also help publish some of the above-mentioned writings to help build the student’s portfolio.


For beginners, it can be the starting point of your technical writing career, and for people who have more experience, this course will affirm and reassure the basic knowledge and train you so you can aim at getting better jobs.


IIM SKILLS also lets their students undertake exams that later provide a recognized certificate that they can share on any platform to attract good jobs. Now that we have covered the basics, let’s take a sneak peek at the features that make this course one of the top technical writing courses in Noida:


  • Flexible sessions with maximum interaction.
  • Exception faculty who are certified professionals that will answer all the questions and are known to be highly patient.
  • No hard and fast rules about previous experience. All you need is a graduation in any field with a penchant for writing and technology.
  • Must have basic internet knowledge and a strong foundation in communication skills.
  • Tools that are provided also come with instructions on how to yield them.
  • The LMS remains updated according to the live sessions.


Course Duration: 5 weeks with a 1-month internship that comes with a certificate.

Fee: INR 14900/- + 18% GST.


Download IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Brochure


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Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

2. Information Developers Foundation


They are one of the oldest and experienced institutes out there with 10 years of teaching under their belt. They started in 2009 and have not stopped since. InfoDev believes in training people who have no knowledge of the technical world, people who are taking the first steps.


They provide training in the following topics: 



Along with free workshops on technical writing, they give a beginner’s guide to technical writing. The technical writing course they have to offer is designed to spread knowledge regarding the best systems and technologies that help students get over any hurdles. With passionate mentors that are goal-oriented, they put the success of students first.


With the intention of educating people with high values, the institute also sets a platform for networking among technical writers. The ideals of this institute are very ethical as they want to instill passion into people in technical writing and create a holistic community. They show conviction in great ideas that have the power to change the world of content but most of all they want to educate people on being excellent information developers.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite 


Now that we covered the driving force of the institute, we can move on to salient features of the course:


  • You automatically become a member of the institute when you enroll yourself with the free account.
  • Every month, the students can get their hands on the training, webinars, and blogs that are exclusive to
  • This 90-minute course is free of cost and guided by some of the most talented and professional mentors.
  • A very distinguished platform in the form of IDF Blog is made available to the user where they can put out their ideas. Moreover, this can later be used as sample work during interviews.
  • Similarly, students can take part in forums, be a part of user groups, and even speak during seminars and conferences.


3. ECT


ECT, or Education and Career Times is an institute based in Connaught Place, Delhi. It is one of the noteworthy training institutes in the field of education that is recognized by the Government of India, right at the initial stages. By educating more than 900 plus students, they have helped them work with big MNCs like HCL, Accenture, OYO, and TATA.


The institute encourages people of all ages to take up technical writing. Anyone with any educational background can pursue this course. For people who have little experience, the ECT assists in sharpening their skills further and trains them to keep climbing higher and higher.


With a whopping 35,000 members in their community from across the globe, the institute has successfully been a helping hand to many in choosing the right career path. The students have learned new and relevant skills during the course of the training and have come to play at their strengths.


Like other technical writing courses in Noida, ECT has courses such as Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Personality Development, and Technical Writing Courses. However, an added bonus with this institute is that students can become eligible to receive a letter of recommendation if they have performed well during the course. It is regarded as one of the most popular technical writing courses in Noida.


Below is a brief outline of the course:

  • 32 hours of live training plus 50 hours of learning videos online.
  • Engaging Sessions.
  • 6 Live Projects and Assignments each.
  • 12 quizzes.
  • The institute covers everything from simple concepts like Introduction to Technical writing to Complex topics such as XML, DITA, Agile Documentation Strategy, and API Documentation.
  • Both offline and online modes are available.
  • They let the students work on live projects where they train them to handle the exposure that arrives with real projects.
  • They provide a YouTube channel for free educational resources that are at the students’ disposal.
  • The trainers are very efficient and give personal attention and feedback.


Course Duration: 3 months.

Fees: 16,949/- + 18 % GST = INR 19999/-


4. Pure Trainings


Pure Trainings is the ancillary of PureSoftware where they train the students to be ready for a technical writing career by honing and strengthening the skills they have in the workspace. The course is outlined in a way that fits with the best industry practices and concentrates on the utility and the anticipations of the industry. They aim to provide practical experience and help students prepare for this.


There are many things that make this training stand among all other technical writing courses in Noida. First is the faculty. Most of them are professionals in their field or subject matter experts. The members will make the students get an advantage over their skills and experience.


Secondly, they help the students get international acclamations or certificates through their elaborate training. Thirdly, the institute is affiliated as partners who train with the ISTQB, which is the International Software Testing Qualifications Board.


Pure Trainings has a 94 percent record of student placements from their institute. They offer their full support by assisting their students with placements for their lifetime. The institute aids in making the interview process look easy by conducting mock interviews. Here, they check the level of the skills in technical, behavioral, and communication aspects. If any student were to lack anything, they would tutor them with the necessary skills.


Read on to know more about the content of one of the best technical writing courses in Noida:

  • They have a curriculum that is purely aligned with industry.
  • A myriad of topics like Document Template Designing, the Documentation Process, and the Documentations Tools are covered.
  • Timings are extremely flexible during the day and any additional classes that are required are planned accordingly.
  • People who are call center executives, software engineers, teaching professionals, and technical writers who want to upgrade their talents can join the course.
  • The course is consistently updated according to the current trends.
  • They conduct various workshops and conduct classes that allow them to train an entire team in one moment.
  • They also have a very helpful calendar that will tell you all the upcoming important events and classes.


Name of the course: Technical Documentation

Mode: Online


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


5. Henry Harvin


Known to be an excellent and leading institution for technical writing training, Henry Harvin has come up with a curriculum that is designed in such a good manner by the experts in the field that it will make the students ready for the industry. It is one of the best technical writing courses in Noida.


They train their students to tackle all the difficulties that come their way. Since they allow the students to work on experimental projects, they can easily convert the complex information into simple technical guides that are well structured.


Their specialty is the 9-in-1 course they have to offer. It contains 32hrs of online classes that are taken live. These sessions are not only engaging but also help students understand the mechanisms of technical writing elaborately.


The institute also aids the students during the projects and bestows any assistance required by them during their internship phase to get the experience they need. They assist in locating jobs and preparing the pupils for interviews and connecting them to the technical writing community.


Other than the great advantage of having a certificate recognized by the government of India, they offer 100 percent placement along with support regarding placements for one year after completing the course.


With trainers that have more than 15 years of experience, the students will be receiving the highest quality of knowledge of the field. All of them have a good standing in the market and are recognized by numerous organizations for their work.


The institute is known to provide many tools like MS Word, Grammarly, Snag IT, Notepad++, and Adobe Photoshop. They also hand out various techniques, assessments, and video content. Some other features are 12 months of access to boot camps and #askhenry hackathons. By enrolling in the course, the students will get one-year gold membership with the writing academy.


Fees: Self-paced- INR 13500/-

Live Online Classes– INR 15000/-


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is there a demand for technical writers?


The usage of electronics or gadgets is not going to stop anytime soon. More talented people will be needed to transform the complicated information into a simple and clear way of presentation as technology grows and develops.


So, yes, technical writers will always be in demand. More than 5000 openings are estimated in the decade of 2020-2030, which means there will be a rise of 12% in their employment. Moreover, you will notice that there is an abundance of technical writing courses in Noida which is significant proof of its relevance.


  1. Is it worth getting a technical writing certificate?


Absolutely! Having a certificate not only brings professionalism to your personality but also lets you become specialized in technical writing. Moreover, it will help you make progress on the skills you already possess.


  1. Are there any other technical writing courses available online? 

Apart from the technical writing courses in Noida, there are courses similar to what we described available on Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare.


  1. What are the fundamentals of technical writing? 

A beginner in technical writing or an experienced technical writer must remember that their duty is to inform the audience. They have to write plainly and directly according to the customer’s concerns and queries.




All in all, technical writing is a remunerative field that is ever-growing and the persistent demand for skilled technical writers will always be present. Completing a technical writing course will make you competent for new avenues in the technology world.


Hence, I hope this list of technical writing courses in Noida will be helpful in making an educated choice about the institute you select to learn the art of mixing technology and writing.

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  • I wish to begin MBA teaching classes to anyone who is interested. I want to enrol in a course that will teach me how to write excellent articles before I start teaching so that I may post them on my website. I read your essay, and it has a lot of detailed information regarding Technical writing courses in Noida . Do you believe technical writing classes will be truly advantageous for me after reading my inquiry? I hope to graduate from this course an expert writer with strong technical abilities. Please advise the top institute from the list in your article if you believe this course will benefit me.

  • I am a journalism student who hopes to work for a reputable travel magazine after completing my studies. I’m always looking for new courses to take, and that’s how I came across your essay about technical writing. I had assumed that technical writing was limited to the instruction manuals that come with electronic purchases, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that technical writing encompasses a wide range of skills and can be utilised to properly arrange information. I had a long list of courses in mind, but technical writing courses in Noida were at the top of my list.

  • hey, I am a Noida-based journalism student looking for a side income. technical writing is one such skill, I can’t take a full-time job after completing the technical writing job as I am still in college and is not interested in working full time ever. I want to establish myself as a freelance technical writer, so does any of the above-mentioned institutes assist their student in that?

  • I did a content writing course from a reputed online institute and I my main interest was in fictional writing . But I didn’t see much scope there as the time taken to become an established writer is very long and so many people are generating the same content as well . I researched on what next course I could take up and I read your article which is quite clear and precise . Which institute according to you provides for the best Technical writing courses in Noida. Also please refer an institute that provides genuine placement opportunities after the completion of the course . Thanks

  • Hello, I’ve read a lot of articles about technical writing courses in Noida, and this one is the most useful. I’d like to learn technical writing as a new skill, but finding a course that I can fit into my schedule while still studying is difficult. This article contains all of the information I need about the course, such as the course fee, duration, mode, and so on. Making my search for the best technical writing course in Noida a breeze.

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