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Top 11 SEO Training in Agra With Practical Exposure

SEO (search engine optimization) proves the existence of your business, product, or service. It boosts the efficiency of your facility so that it gets a ranking on the search engine. Getting a ranking means your business is visible to people who can be potential leads or customers. SEO is gaining the right organic traffic, and content marketing is one strategy. SEO is a hot buzzword for many reasons that you will get to know in this blog on SEO training in Agra.


SEO training in Agra


Now, in your relentless search for SEO training in Agra, finding anything other than courses might provoke impatience in you. Therefore, the best courses for learning SEO in Agra are as follows-




The 4-weeks of SEO training offered by IIM SKILLS is any corporate’s most trusted master certification course. Being led by a global leader should be the best result for your search on SEO training in Agra.


The Advanced SEO course covers all the aspects of search engine optimization with a major focus on practical training. What’s best about the course is the paid internship where you get to put your learning into practice. Moreover, this experience goes straight into your portfolio making you qualified for industry-level jobs.


Course Name: Advanced SEO course

Course Duration: 4-weeks

Course Fees: Rs.14, 900+18% GST


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The course curriculum is as follows-

  • Understanding the meaning of types of SEO 
  • Understanding the need for SEO in digital marketing 
  • Minimum time for SEO practices to show results
  • Selection of the right niche
  • What is website credibility?
  • Learning about user interface and user experience
  • On-page SEO 
  • Keyword research and types of research 
  • Keyword competition level 
  • SEO for local, domestic and international pages 
  • Structuring permalinks 
  • Content structure 
  • Internal and external linking
  • Cornerstone pages
  • 301 redirect 
  • 404 error
  • Canonical URL’s 
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Backlinks and their types
  • Generating quality backlinks
  • Cold Email outreach 
  • Thin content 
  • Quality content
  • Duplicate content
  • Technical SEO
  • HTTP vs. HTTPS servers
  • XML sitemap 
  • Speed optimization 
  • Broken Links
  • Title and meta length 
  • Schemas
  • Methods to registering search console
  • Benefits of search console 
  • URL inspection
  • Site coverage 
  • What is Google Analytics?
  • How to register to Google Analytics?
  • Traffic source 
  • What is audience geography?
  • Bounce rate 
  • Engagement rate 
  • Search console implementation
  • Designing an SEO report 
  • Freelance SEO reporting 


The tools covered in the course are as follows-

  • Keyword Planner 
  • Answer the public 
  • UberSuggest
  • SemRush 
  • WordPress
  • Canva
  • Google Search Console 
  • KW Finder 
  • GT Metrix
  • Pingdom
  • Small SEO tools
  • Backlink checker, to name a few

Benefits of taking this course –

  • 8-weeks of a paid internship with a fixed stipend of 3K 
  • Kickstarting your career as a certified SEO specialist
  • Establishing your SEO Agency
  • Interview and placement support
  • Getting a letter of recommendation


This beginner-friendly SEO course will undoubtedly make you an advanced learner. If you want, you can halt your search on SEO training in Agra and research more about this course to enroll in it finally. 


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2. Udemy


SEO has always been a mystery. The more you attempt to solve it, the more you get confused. That is why a complete and thorough course on SEO has become the need of everyone. Because without SEO, you are invisible. So if you are searching for SEO training in Agra? Wanting to solve the mystery of SEO, then glance over Alex Genadinik’s best-seller course that can answer all your queries. 


Course Name: SEO Training Masterclass 2022: Beginner SEO To Advanced SEO

Course Duration: 16.5 hours on-demand

Course Fees: Rs.3, 499


The course covers topics such as – 

  • How Google wants us to approach SEO 2022
  • Understanding search intent 
  • Long-tail vs. Short-tail Keywords
  • Keyword exercises
  • SEO keyword mapping 
  • List of SEO keywords
  • Keyword density tool
  • Course project for SEO
  • Translating the site to rank in more languages
  • Domain authority 
  • Setting up google search console
  • Creating sitemap.xml
  • Google Analytics
  • Google core web vitals
  • Advanced SEO tools
  • On-page SEO
  • Setting up Yoast plugin
  • Setting up description meta for SEO blog post
  • Writing meta tags to improve Google SERP clickthrough rates
  • Meta tag writing exercises
  • SEO copywriting exercises
  • Cornerstone pages
  • Interlinking pages for an SEO boost
  • Correct use of heading tags 
  • Google EAT SEO
  • How to do SEO article writing for a client 
  • Using google docs for article writing 
  • Advanced on-page SEO
  • Does the exact match domain matter?
  • Google indexing
  • Dealing with thin or lousy content
  • Using Google search console to improve or delete pages
  • Getting rid of flawed pages 
  • Checking tools for broken links
  •  Advanced duplicate content
  • Registering for SemRush 
  • Search for citation opportunities
  • Competition link research 
  • Backlink audit find toxic links
  • Off-site SEO
  • Gaining .edu links from authoritative universities
  • Getting .edu links with internships and scholarships
  • Guest blogging for SEO
  • Getting links on Wikipedia to boost SEO
  • Getting backlinks from product reviews
  • Practical SEO strategy 
  • Linkable asset for SEO
  • Getting backlinks from events 
  • HARO for link building 
  • Link building with memes
  • Using stories to write press releases so that keywords can get incorporated
  • Will someone copy-pasting your press release impact your SEO?
  • Myths of SEO ranking factors 
  • Client recommendation algorithm
  • Working up to get positive reviews and engagement 
  • Market place SEO
  • Advanced non-google SEO
  • Local SEO for inbound marketing 
  • Getting on Google map SEO search results
  • Ranking for local SEO
  • SEO penalty(Panda and Penguin)
  • Different forms of penalties
  • Google penalty
  • Voice SEO
  • Types of searches for Voice SEO 
  • Google voice SEO
  • Speeding up the site with JavaScript
  • Finding unused CSS using Jit Bit Tools
  • JavaScript defer and async tags
  • Lighthouse Documentation
  •  Image SEO strategy 
  • Google Webmaster
  • Rich snippets for SEO
  • Featured snippets for SEO
  • Intent-match strategy for SEO ranking 
  • SEO audit 
  • Getting a freelance SEO job on Fiverr
  • Becoming a seller on Fiverr
  • Writing a gig description
  • Fiverr vs. Upwork
  • Basic agency keywords
  • D7 lead finder(lead generation tool)
  • Overview of marketing strategy for setting up an agency


Indeed this is a thorough course on SEO. And you are surely going to transform into a specialist after taking this course. 


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3. Udemy


What is Search Engine Optimisation?

One way to look at SEO is improving content used for the business by employing profitable and relatable keywords to rank on the search engine page. However, SEO is way more than that. 

It also teaches the web vitals or how to get indexed by search engines faster—knowing how to create white hat backlinks or burst the SEO myths. SEO is also immuning your website because that means you are immuning your identity. 

SEO is again decreasing the bounce rate and increasing the engagement rate. SEO is, therefore, a holistic study where optimizing the business for search engines is easier said than done. 


Course Name: SEO 2022: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites

Course Duration: 10 hours on-demand

Course Fees: Rs.3,499


With this perspective, the course creator Arun Nagarathanam has devised a syllabus that includes topics such as –

  • What you do in SEO
  • An insider view to google search 
  • Why is keyword research important in SEO?
  • How to find profitable keywords?
  • Free SEO tools from Google
  • Premium SEO tools
  • Analysis SERP
  • The present big thing in SEO
  • Improve easy readability 
  • On-page optimization
  • Core web vitals
  • Improving page speed score
  • Optimizing JavaScript and CSS for page speed
  •  Impact of third-party scripts. And how to reduce it?
  • Factors affecting technical SEO
  • Domain authority and visibility
  • Meta description
  • URL length 
  • Reducing page load time
  • Increasing page speed score
  • Creating a sitemap for the website
  • Terminologies for backlink SEO
  • Does the number of Backlinks matter
  • Backlink age
  • Importance of User experience 
  • The ideal number of images to be added to any post 
  • Video integration 
  • Responsive design 
  • Click through Rate(CTR)
  • Time on site
  • Negative SEO
  • Negative SEO attack
  • Best and worst SEO backlinks
  • The canonical tag 
  • 404 not found pages


This course can be a decent search result for SEO training in Agra.


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Which is the best course for learning SEO?

The course that helps you rank #1 on Google is considered the best right? With this aim, IIDE offers a master SEO online course that covers both technical and non-technical SEO aspects. 


Course Name: Online SEO course with certifications

Course Duration: 7 hours

Course Fees: Rs. 6355+taxes


The syllabus of the course is as follows-

  • Learning the SEO concepts 
  • Analyzing SERP
  • Knowing how Google SEO works
  • How to find the right keywords?
  • Optimizing on-page components
  • Structuring the web-page
  • SEO tips for website traffic 
  • Technical SEO concepts 
  • Importance of error pages 
  • Using blogs and PR to improve the ranking 
  • Off-page tricks
  • Site search performance 
  • Google analytics 
  • Google search console
  • Black hat techniques


Tools covered in the course-

  • Google search console
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • UberSuggest
  • RankMath
  • Yoast 
  • Google Page Speed
  • Google Mobile-Friendly Test
  • Moz


Considering accessing this course? Pause your search for SEO training in Agra and visit their site for more details.



Tel: https:+919619958615

Email: [email protected]



5. Coursera:(UC Davis University of California)


What are the learnings required for SEO? 

You must have asked this question to Google even before searching for SEO training in Agra. Right? To become an SEO specialist, you need to be well-versed with the following –

  • The changing landscape of SEO
  • How Google SEO works
  • Key elements of building an SEO strategy 
  • Know-how of optimizing a website
  • Understanding the link between social media ecosystems and content marketing


These are a few things from the never-ending checklist of SEO that you need to polish to become an expert.


Whether you want to uncover all the sub-courses or just one sub-course as a learner, the decision is yours. But condensing the extensive SEO details into 5 sub-courses is what Coursera has done to make you an SEO specialist. 


Course Name: Introduction to Google SEO

Course Duration: 4-weeks

Course Fees: Rs.3,999 (if completed in one month)


The course syllabus includes topics such as-

  • SEO as a career
  • How SEO has evolved 
  • Insight to Google SEO
  • Best SEO practices (current trends)
  • Important algorithms
  • Ranking factors 
  • Cleaning uplinks
  • The game-changer for content 
  • SEO for today, tomorrow, and beyond 
  • Core Web vitals
  • Evolution of keyword optimization 
  • Strengthening keyword strategy 
  • Does branding influence website rank?
  • Audience Analysis
  • Ideal buyers persona


This course will render you an idea of Google SEO and share practices with the help of which you will be visible on search engines. 


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6. Coursera


Course Name: Google SEO fundamentals 

Course Duration: 4-weeks

Course Fees: Rs. 3,999


The course covers topics that are relevant to your search for SEO training in Agra such as-

  • On-page SEO
  • Metadata and tags 
  • Key areas of SEO
  • URL optimization 
  • Curating and optimizing content 
  • Analyzing a website with a web crawler
  • Basics of search engine 
  • Off-page SEO
  • How social media helps?
  • Technical SEO
  • HTML sitemap vs. XML sitemap 
  • Overcoming Error codes
  • Best practices for 404 pages 
  • Art of SEO
  • Keyword theory 
  • Keyword research 
  • Stages of Search
  • Science of conducting research 


To improve website search optimization, learning about the above topics is imperative. 


7. Coursera


Course Name: Optimising a website for Google Search

Course Duration: 4-weeks

Course Fees: Rs. 3,999


The study plan is as follows- 

  • Application of keyword 
  • Competitive Analysis 
  • Analyzing competition 
  • Dealing with larger sites
  • Mapping keywords
  • Advanced On-page SEO
  • Content that resonates with customers
  • Strategy to optimize content 
  • Local SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • External app optimisation 
  • Optimizing screenshots 
  • Return on investment
  • KPI’s 
  • Forecasting SEO
  • Creating an SEO campaign 
  • Scoping an SEO project 
  • Proving the value to clients 
  • Asking right questions 
  • Tracking metrics 


Suppose you are looking for SEO training in Agra to manage your own business. In that case, this course on SEO specialization can prove to be a panacea. 


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8. Coursera


Course Name: Advanced content and social tactics to organize SEO

Course Duration: 4-weeks 

Course Fees: Rs.3,999


The course syllabus is as follows-

  • Content marketing ecosystem 
  • Value links 
  • How to obtain links 
  • Guest posting 
  • SEO is a social media marketing 
  • Platform demographics 
  • Influence marketing 
  • How influencers can contribute to marketing 
  • Advanced targeted advertising 
  • Creating quality content 
  • Marketing data
  • Enhanced Content (types)
  • Anchoring data
  • Case studies 
  • A clear path for marketers 


9. Coursera


Course Name: Google SEO capstone project 

Course Duration: 4-weeks

Course Fees: Rs.3,999


The building blocks of the capstone research is as follows –

  • Measuring a website’s opportunity 
  • Identifying potential client 
  • Creating an SEO pitch
  • Question template 
  • Competitive analysis 
  • Template for an internal content audit 
  • Mapping keywords
  • Technical SEO 
  • Template for error tracking 
  • Template for technical audit 
  • Template for SEO audit 
  • Presenting your findings


It will be evident for you to enjoy every bit of this specialization course. This course is highly recommended but if you want to be double sure with your search on SEO training courses in Agra, then visit their website. 


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


10. Digital Vidya


What is an SEO job profile?

It is simply exhausting your mind and fingers to research and type assignments for SEO-based projects. SEO profile is the list of responsibilities that you take to 

  • Optimize copy or landing pages for search engines
  • Do SEO content writing 
  • Do SEO site audit and many more


Digital Vidya assists in polishing your SEO skills and creating a unique SEO profile. If that is why you are searching for SEO training in Agra. Then Digital Vidya’s SEO course is a perfect fit. Because it is a blend of self-study and instructor-led courses. Also, it offers a research-based internship that is highly beneficial for learning the SEO trends and SEO writing. 


Course Name: SEO certification course training online

Course Duration: 4-weeks

Course Fees: Rs.11,900+ST


The course structure is as follow-

  • Evolution of search engines
  • Basics of Google SEO
  • A table of SEO success factors 
  • Basics of HTML
  • URL length 
  • Meta titles and tag 
  • Anchor text internal linking 
  • Keyword planner tool
  • Mapping keywords 
  • Competitive analysis 
  • Designing an SEO-friendly website 
  • Importance of HTTPS 
  • Site Schema
  • Technical web optimization 
  • Page Speed analysis 
  • Broken links 
  • Canonicalization
  • 301 redirects 
  • Handling 404 error pages 
  • Basics of content marketing 
  • Local listings
  • Niche backlinking 
  • Influencer marketing 
  • Social bookmarking 
  • Press release optimization 
  • Strategies for on-page and off-page audits 
  • Overview of search algorithms
  • Panda
  • Penguin
  • Hummingbird
  • Tracking algorithm updates 
  • Tracking ranks
  • Google analytics
  • Creating a custom dashboard
  • Future of SEO
  • Augmented and virtual reality 
  • Semantic Web 
  • SEO career options 
  • Backlink builder 


Tools covered :

  • Google Search Console
  • Bing Webmaster
  • Google Analytics setup


Digital Vidya is your destination if you want to get your hands dirty in molding the SEO sand. 


Or, contact –

Tel: +91-80100-33033

Email: [email protected]


11. LinkedIn


How is SEO different from SEM?

You will understand what is not SEO when the differentiation between SEO and SEM is clear. The commonality between SEO and SEM is finding traffic and gaining visibility on search engines. However, the dissimilarity is in the way they do so. SEO is getting leads, potential subscribers, or buyers from organic search results. SEO is the natural way of building the audience and visibility. In contrast, SEM(search engine marketing) uses both organic and paid services for getting leads and visibility. 


SEO is the natural way to build the right audience and visibility online. Therefore, working on content, web pages, backlinks becomes inescapable. The question is not to find an audience but the right audience to convert into subscribers and buyers. To deepen this knowledge, LinkedIn has designed a course to optimize your proficiency in SEO and business.


Course Name: SEO foundations


The course structure is as follows-

  • SEO expectations
  • How SEO affects business
  • Ongoing keyword evaluation 
  • Content optimization
  • Optimizing site structure
  • Enhancing non-text components of a web page 
  • How search engines index content 
  • Working with canonical URL’s
  • Server-side factors
  • Building internal and external links
  • Analyzing links and keywords
  • Evaluating SEO performance 
  • Local SEO
  • SEO and E-commerce


Frequently asked Questions (FAQ’s)


1. Is SEO a promising career?

SEO is an ideal career choice in today’s time and age. Suppose you are interested in digital marketing. Then start your journey of being an SEO expert because there will be no looking back after that.


2. Do SEO jobs pay sufficiently?

SEO is a need for all niches. Therefore, if you work as an SEO specialist, the average salary starts from Rs. 2, 65,051 per annum.


3. Is SEO a long-term career?

We are living in a digital space. Even marketers who don’t know digital marketing are not considered marketers today. The rate at which online marketing is increasing SEO is not going anywhere. Therefore, SEO is a long-term career. 




You can be a content writer, entrepreneur, technical writer, or social media influencer. You can be from any profession, but finding a space (ranking) on search engines will give you credibility, which you, I, and the world are working to gain.


You searched for SEO training in Agra because even know that-The recognition is SEO! The proof of existence is SEO! Beating the online competition is SEO! SEO ranking is becoming competitive with time because Google’s algorithm is also improving in identifying content. Therefore, if you pursue any SEO course, it will never be a waste of time or energy because the whole world is optimizing!

  • I’ve spent the last years working in the field of online marketing. Since SEO is a skill that interests me a lot, I’ve been wanting to study it for a while. Along with other abilities required in the digital marketing sector, this one is in high demand. Writing blogs is another one of my passions, and I’ve considered creating my own. When I came across your essay, I thought it was rather fascinating to read. I’m interested in taking this course after reading your article regarding SEO training in Agra . Also, I’m interested in the pricing scheme.

  • Is the course sufficient enough to provide me with some practical exposure in the digital world? I want to learn how this online marketing is done as I have seen many people gain much from the knowledge of digital marketing techniques. I want to learn this course from the best training institute in agra as I am not much knowledgeable on the topic of seo. Is seo training in agra worth the time and money? Who can learn seo to enhance upon their services? I am a businessman and wondering if I should start with this course or not?
    Thank You

  • I recently decided to learn about seo training in agra. I’ve read a lot of your articles. All of the courses are well-presented and give students and professionals with clear explanations. Because of the high competition I want to upgrade my digital skills. I’d like to learn more about SEO. I want a course that can help me study the financial structure well. I’m curious about the educational requirements for an SEO course. I will definitely enrol in one of the listed academies. I’m confused about my responsibilities as a fresher in this domain as I also have my degree to look after as well.

  • I was seeking for a SEO training in Agra to assist me in getting ready for the digital market. This is a crucial skill that I wish to master . Could you please provide me the information I need to enrol, including batch information and the start date for the class? I have a few inquiries. Do you assist in job placement? What abilities must I possess before to enrolling in this course? What employment options are available to you when you complete this course? Aside from that, this essay was quite useful. As soon as my doubts are removed, I will enrol in this course.

  • Being from the marketing industry I am very much interested in digital marketing and what it brings to the marketing domain. I was always interested in how the digital marketers were performing in my previous job but I didn’t have the time to ask them or learn from them about it. Now I have the time and I want to start with seo training. I have searched all institutes listed in this article and want to join your institute. What is the starting date for the next batch? Are there any weekend batches that I can join ?
    Thank You.

  • Hey I am a housewife from Agra and I just started blogging recently. I had quit my job 2 years ago to focus on my family life and now that I am well settled I want to start earning a good income again. A friend of mine told me that blogging fetches good money and so I started doing it. I am still to learn how to make money from my blogs and I even saw a few courses on you tube but it was not so benefitting as I expected . So I thought about signing up for a SEO training in Agra as knowing the technicalities of writing is important too . I wanted to know how can I practically use the matter taught in the course . So can you direct me to a academy that will clear my doubt before I join the SEO course ?

  • Does your course help someone with no practical knowledge of marketing like myself. I am a computer science graduate and currently helping with my family business. I was thinking of taking the business online as i read that its beneficial for its growth. Can seo help me in my business to grow online? This article helped me. Though I am curious about the faculty. Do you provide demo class? I would love to join. Do you also teach online marketing cause if so i might join that class also. I hope seo training in agra will help me.
    thank you

  • I am a student currently pursuing mechanical engineering. However, I am not that much interested in that. I like writing and have an active interest in content writing like blogs, articles, etc. I started learning about content writing on my own and came to learn about SEO. So I was searching for the best seo trainig in agra and found your article. It really helped me and I’ll make sure to look into the options you have listed. You have presented the various institutes nicely and made it easy for me to search the best one for me.

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