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Top 8 Content Writing Courses in Agra With Placements

Are you based in Agra and looking for content writing courses in Agra? Although, there are no institutes offering content writing courses in Agra. Instead, there are institutes in different cities offering online content writing courses. So, you can opt for the online session of content writing courses. But, before jumping to content writing courses; let us understand the meaning of content writing and the scope of content writing.

Top Content Writing Courses in Agra (2)

Content writing is playing with words. It involves the process of drafting reader-friendly and engaging content to communicate the information to the target audience. Let us understand with an example. A company sells footwear and has designed a website to give information about its products and services. Here, the content will be the information shared by a company about its product and services on the website. Content writing includes writing blog posts, articles, press releases, ad copy, brochures, social media posts, scripts for videos, podcasts, etc.

As a content writer, you will be given ideas and topics and expected to create content around the given topic. The content can be both digital and offline. Digital content can be in the form of websites, blogs, ads, and social media platforms. Offline content includes stories, presentations, projects, technical papers, research papers, etc.

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Do You Need an Institute to Teach You Content Writing?

Writing is a hard nut to crack. It requires two things. Firstly, clarity of the thought process. Secondly, the ability to transfer your thoughts on a piece of paper. Generally, people think that if a person has a flair for writing, he or she can become a skilled content writer. But content writing requires a different set of skills. Before stepping into the content writing field, it is vital to get acquainted with the dos and don’ts of content writing.

Various institutes offer content writing courses.  These institutes provide you with a certification recognized globally and offer internship opportunities followed by a placement in leading companies. The certification and internship opportunities add value to your resume. The internship opportunity gives you a chance to apply the learnings at the workplace. It shows the recruiter that you have the required skill set for content writing.

Anyone can carve a sound career in content writing. There is no need for a degree or educational qualification to become a writer. Content writing requires dedication, sincerity, and the habit of writing regularly. You can make an independent career in content writing while working from Agra and earn a decent income irrespective of your educational background.

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You can become a content writer or a translator in any language. For instance, if you are good at Hindi, you can write content in Hindi. You can become a translator if you know more than one language, then you can also become a translator. The demand for writers and translators is continuously growing with advancements in technology.

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Scope of Content Writing Courses

As a content writer, you can work in the following fields:

Web Content Writer:

As a content writer, you must break down the content into short paras with sub-headings, use bullet points and highlight important words or phrases. Web Content writers create content for online mediums. If you are working in a company as a web content writer, you will have to write content surrounding the company. The content could include- information about the company, working structure, product or services offered by the company, information about the team members, customer testimonials, email marketing, etc. Mostly, web content writers are freelancers. Though, a lot of companies offer full-time jobs as well.


As a freelancer, your roles and responsibilities will depend on the organization with which you are working. Your work will range from social media engagement to content development to email marketing and collateral development. In Social Media Engagement, you will create and post informative content on various Social Media platforms and manage them. For Content Development, you will have to research, create engaging blogs, edit and proofread content, and promote and share blogs on platforms like Quora and Medium. 

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Email Marketing would include creating and managing various email campaigns, including template designs, calls-to-action, and content used in an email. Collateral Development includes creating marketing collateral such as Posters, Smart Fliers/Brochures, Videos, White Papers, Customer Case Studies, and Student Testimonials.


An audio/video scriptwriter is responsible for creating shoot-ready video and audio scripts for training modules. The scriptwriter has to connect with the audience using the right tone and should know voice modulation. As a Script Writer, you must be capable of working across multiple platforms. You must pay careful attention to minute details while working. Through your work, you must use new ideas to engage with your target audience.

 E-commerce Company:

There is an increasing demand for content writers in E-commerce companies for writing product descriptions and reviewing the products. The top commercial online shopping websites like Flipkart, Amazon, and Myntra sell their products online. Consumers prefer to buy products based on reviews and product descriptions. Therefore, as a content writer working with an E-commerce website, you will be required to write a crisp and coherent product description.

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IT Industry:

IT companies need a content writer to write technical content based on their requirement. Sectors such as cybersecurity will require content writers to maintain blogs on their websites. Cybersecurity threats are becoming more complex and multifaceted. Cybersecurity will involve protecting technical systems from a widening variety of threats such as Viruses, Malware, Spyware, and Phishing.

It is quite a booming field. There is a need for consumers and businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity measures.

A content writer working in cybersecurity will write blogs and articles for audiences on strategies to protect technical systems from data breaches and security threats. The content writer will also write articles about recent developments in cybersecurity.

PR Industry:

Public relations industry requires a content writer for writing press releases, newsletters, and bulletins. A content writer working in a PR Industry gets exposure to corporate events and learns about the importance of maintaining Public Relations.  

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Top 8 Online Content Writing Courses  


IIM SKILLS is a top destination for people looking forward to learning content writing courses in Agra. The institute offers a Content writing course titled ‘Content Writing Master Course’ for students, working professionals, and entrepreneurs. The duration of the course is 80 Hours. The classroom sessions are recorded and uploaded on the Learning management system (LMS) portal.


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

Course Fee:

INR 14900 + GST

Participants can access the portal at their convenience. Every student who joins IIM SKILLS gets tools worth INR 35000 for free, along with a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course. As a student, you will learn skill sets related to content development. IIM SKILLS course is a good choice for those who want to enter the field of content writing.

If you have queries you can always reach out and connect with our counselors to understand whether this course is the right fit for you.

Other Courses:




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2. Thoughtful Minds

Thoughtful Minds offers a course in content writing. The company assures 100% work-from-home jobs to its students who complete the course. With a cent percent assurance of work-from-home job opportunities, the institute is preferred by people who want to learn content writing courses in Agra. The content writing sessions at the institute held for training for content writing are organized online via Skype or Google Hangout. The duration of the class is 45 minutes, beginning from Monday till Saturday.

The course duration is for 45 days, i.e., one and a half months. The timings are flexible, and candidates can opt for morning, afternoon, or evening class sessions. The fee of course fee is very nominal at INR 5000. After completing the course, candidates get a certificate and job opportunities.



Contact Details:

0141 229 7882

3. ECT 

Education and Career Times or ECT is recognized by the Government of India as a startup. ECT provides training to students in digital marketing, content writing, communication skills, and personality development. They have centers at Noida and Delhi but provide online classes too. The course fee is INR 15,000. The course is for three -months. The course consists of Thirty-two hours of classroom/live training and 50 hours of e-learning and videos, including eight assignments and four live projects.

It is also inclusive of tests and quizzes conducted frequently. Upon completion of the course, the students will get two certifications. They provide 100% placement assistance. The institute guarantees work-from-home job opportunities with lifetime support. Courseware modules consist of the topics- basics of content writing, boosting vocabulary, common grammar errors, writing tools, tips, and techniques, creative writing or copywriting, business writing, technical writing, academic writing, and fiction writing.

The course provides insights to earn money as a writer, build a career in content marketing, and the basics of content and digital marketing. They also give tips to publish your book.

Contact Details:



The Indian Institute of E-commerce & Digital Marketing, or IIEDM has a center in Mumbai only. The institute is renowned for digital marketing but has certification courses in SEO, Google Analytics, Social Media, Content Writing, and PPC-Adwords-SEM. There is a great demand for SEO content writers. So, IIEDM is in great demand among people looking to learn content writing courses in Agra.

For Content writing, the certification course covers the art of storytelling, its importance, tone of voice, and basic grammar rules, understanding the reader, writing for the digital medium, writing for websites, blogs, social media, banners/ads, and proofreading, editing, re-writing.



Contact Details:

022-24102331, 7738244304    

5. Digital Academy 360

The Digital Academy 360 offers many courses, including content writing. The Content Writing Certification Program includes 16 + modules with 54 hours of classroom training, two certifications, 10+ tools, and two live writing assignments, 5+ case studies with revision and backup classes and internship opportunities, certifications from Digital Academy 360, and the course walks you through all forms of content writing and WordPress website designing, along with soft skills. The industry experts impart training to the students. With an option of flexible timing, Digital academy 360 is an apt choice for people wanting to study content writing courses in Agra. The institute provides placements for freshers and working professionals. It has 15+ centers in India. The fee is affordable.



Contact Details:

9590919919, 7353515515

6. Online Idea Lab

Online Idea Lab is a leading organization having centers in India, the USA, and Canada. The institute provides an opportunity to interact with students from all over the world and is favored by students for they have a wide variety of courses that includes digital marketing, content creation, Amazon web services, and some other short courses. The Foundation Content Writing Course consists of three main modules: Content research, Content writing, and Content promotion.

Under content creation, they have online and classroom courses and boot camps under content creations. The students can opt for weekend batches or weekday batches. The course fee varies for online and offline courses. Classroom courses are a feasible option for those residing in cities where the institute has its centers for the remaining students. The active alumni network provides lifetime professional support for its students with its alumni network.

You will get a chance to learn how to use several free and paid tools such as Canva, Grammarly, Hemingway, Feedly, Google trends, etc. Online Idea Lab has a placement team providing that provides placement assistance to their students.

They provide various assignments and activities during the course to bring out the creativity of the students. They have a low student-to-teacher- ratio for interactive sessions. The course modules are updated regularly. The institute has a good infrastructure to create the best learning experience for the students.



Contact Details:


7. Udemy

Udemy is gaining popularity among students due to its multi-subject courses available on a single platform. Udemy has a wide range of courses and industry experts from around the globe teach the students.

The engaging classes include video lectures, tasks, and downloadable resources. The students get a certificate on completion of the course and lifetime access to the course modules. Some of the courses offered by Udemy are-

  • Ultimate Web Content Writing Master class- The module consists of Power words eBook priced at just INR 426/-. In it, you will learn about copy/content writing and editing, blogging, marketing and strategy, SEO keyword research, etc.
  • Quickly and Easily Create Content for the Web- The course is the highest rated with a fee of INR 420/-. The course teaches you how to write quality and persuasive content to get you more traffic. More traffic will increase followers and convert them into subscribers leading to sales.
  • How to Write Great Web Content- Better Search Rankings- The course fee is INR 420/-. This course teaches you to write content that drives business growth and helps you to shape your presence in the increasingly digital world and the semantic web.
  • Start a Successful Part-Time Content Writing Home Business- The course fee is INR 420/-. This course will guide you towards setting up and running a comprehensive online content writing business and outsourcing it as a business model.



8. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Education is an institute catering to skill development across various platforms. The content writing course is for one month. The Course module curriculum includes language skills, internet, and research skills, types of content, academic and research writing, communication, and content strategy.

They have classroom and online courses. They have classes for analytics, content writing, finance, law, management, and marketing. The diverse course topics become a preferred learning destination for people looking to learn content writing courses in Agra. The lectures are of Thirty-two hours and followed by 50 hours of e-learning access. The students will get a one-year membership in the Henry Harvin Content Academy and a chance to work on live projects.

The course fee is INR 9500. It is a one-month course. The course content covers language skills, internet and research skills, types of content, academic and research writing, communication, and content strategy.



Contact Details:


Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

1. Are Online Content Writing Courses Beneficial in Agra?

Online Content writing courses help to upskill and learn content writing sitting anywhere you want. There are no limitations to learning an online content writing course.

2. What is the fee for content writing courses in Agra?

A high-grade content writing course fee can be anywhere between 10k-20k. Once you make a name for yourself as a content writer you can charge any fee you want.

3. Will a career in content writing be advantageous 5 years from now in Agra?

Every industry requires different forms of content to appeal to its consumers. It is one of the most important means of communication today between businesses and consumers. Hence content writing and content creation will always remain relevant.

  • Hi, I am Honey. I am a Web Developer in a company. I want to learn content writing for business purposes. Learning it will help to create content that will boost SEO, which is regarded as a critical component of digital marketing. Knowing the skill will enable to create content that is engaging, informative, boosts the sale, and represents the brand effectively. So,wanting to get enrolled into content writing training in Agra, I wish to first receive the free demo invite offered to gain more insight.

  • Hi, I am Kaalindi. I am a High School English teacher. i am also responsible for writing content for the school functions, events, ceremonies, speeches, etc. Earlier, all these written contents were for offline use at school premises. Now with social media inclusion, promotion of school through contents on digital platforms has to be persuasive, informative, engaging and audience pooler. I need to join a content writing program tolearn to write for social media platforms, know and understand its aspects & elements. can I expect weekend batch for the course?

  • Hi, I am a computer operator. I am interested in taking up this skill development course. It being a short time course , with live online classes, certification awarded and placements plus job assitance after the completion of course and other more features makes conducive for me to pursue. On Registering for the course can I expect a call from the mentor or counsellor?

  • Hello, this is Nithya, I am a Dietician by profession. I want to create my website with good engaging content and generate leads. Will the content writing master course prove useful to me?

  • My name is divya, and I’d want to introduce myself with content writing. Only this year I have completed my graduation. I was looking for information on content writing Courses in Agra. I’m getting a lot of possibilities that fit me and my time constraints, but will I be able to do internships and everything at the same time?

  • I’d like to attend a content writing demonstration class. I’m also wondering whether I should concentrate on the content or technical writing, or if I can do both. Is it even possible to compare them? If so, what role did you play? Your post on the content writing course in Agra highlights the benefits these classes will bring for me, but I still have questions; I hope you will react as soon as possible.

  • Hi. I am a travel blogger and I want to set up my own blog, I don’t know how to start writing so that it can reach max. no. of people and also I have faced some difficulties in setting up my WordPress account, does your course provide training in that field?

  • Hi. I am hoping to be a technical writer. I have some experience in writing and hoping to take up this course asap. Does technical writing come in content writing? what exactly are the job opportunities?

  • Is script writing a part of content writing? I am thinking to get into scriptwriting, purely for movies and TV series. Can you suggest which of the following courses will help that? There are some institutes that teach such writing, but for now, a course would be very helpful.

  • Hi, my friend recommended the IIM Skills content writing course, but I wasn’t sure whether I should take it or not. There are hardly any courses available. I took it. And I have learned so much from the course, and I highly recommend this course. At least, I suggest readers take their demo class. Thanks

  • I am currently pursuing MBA with DU SOL, simultaneously I am interested in pursuing content writing from IIM Skills as their course methodology suits for people like me and working professionals too

  • I work as a beauty consultant with VLCC and these days people are looking at internet for every kind of information, I want to learn content writing from IIM Skills

  • Hi I am working currently with ferns and petals as their logistics executive having been around for 7 years i feel enroling in content writing course with IIM Skills will help me in developing a new skill.

  • Hi I work as a auto engineer with Nexa showroom in Agra, I am a graduate who has always been passionate about automobiles and the new tech that is being introduced every now and then, being part of the industry for more than 10 years now i want to learn how to write creatively. I want to know how this can be done from IIM Skills

  • I work in Big Bazar as the cash counter executive, all thanks to the pandemic current job market is volatile, hence I am planning to switch virtually after some time. I think content writing is a viable option, IIM Skills is a reputed name that has been in the market for some time now, would definitely want to know more

  • I am a hotelier by profession and want to work with IT industry. I understand content writing is currently in demand due to sudden requirement of material that is required to be available on virtual platform. I would look forward to receive information from IIM Skills

  • Hi I am Arnika I work for a literary agent and I am looking to learn content writing to mark our agency’s launch virtually. I think IIM Skills will be perfect for me as i have seen they have lot of experience

  • After studying from Govt school doing a graduation from Venky’s DU was a big step which helped me gain confidence in speaking english. Now I am looking to gain literary skills as I want to work with publishing houses. I am interested in doing content writing course with IIM Skills

  • I am a nutritionist by profession and want to teach people about healthy lifestyle and good food choices. I am interested in writing blog and books about it. IIM Skills is a good platform specially they have got good reviews and industry experience,

  • Hi. I am a Chef. I have been working as a professional Chef in a corporate office. Despite being busy all day, I always find time to write after the day ends. I want to take my love for writing and cooking together and bring it offline. I was looking for some good marketing and content courses. The detailed description of the courses has been very helpful. I have a positive feeling of starting with content writing soon. Thank you 🙂

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