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10 Best WordPress Hacks in 2024 (Updated)

WordPress hacks help in creating a better blog. WordPress has upgraded several hacks in 2024 which are described in this article.

10 Best WordPress Hacks


WordPress is an online blogging tool used for creating blogs, articles. WordPress is a free and ASCII text file content management system (CMS) written in PHP and paired with MySQL or MariaDB information. WordPress was created as a blog publishing system, however, has evolved to support different web page varieties as well as additional ancient mailing lists and forums, media galleries.


WordPress is employed by quite sixty million websites, as well as thirty-ninth of the highest ten million websites as of January 2021. It is one of the foremost well-liked content management system solutions in use. Moreover, it has conjointly been used for different application domains, like pervasive show systems (PDS).


To operate, WordPress must be put in on an online server, either as a part of an online hosting service like WordPress.com or a pc running the package WordPress.org to function as a network host in its title. A neighborhood pc is also used for single-user testing and learning functions. It stores content and allows a user to make and publish webpages, requiring nothing on the far side a website and a hosting service.


WordPress features a net guide system employing a guide processor. Its design could be a front controller, routing all requests for non-static URIs to one PHP file that parses the URI and identifies the target page. This enables support for a lot of human-readable permalinks.


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WordPress users might install and switch among completely different themes. Themes enable users to alter the design and practicality of a WordPress website. Each WordPress website needs a minimum of one theme to be a gift and each theme ought to be designed.


Themes could also be directly put in with the WordPress “Appearance” administration tool within the dashboard, or theme folders could also be derived directly into the themes directory, for instance, via FT. WordPress themes are typically classified into 2 categories: free and premium. WordPress users may produce and develop their own custom themes.


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WordPress plugin design permits users to increase the options and practicality of a website or journal. As of January 2023, WordPress.org has 58,164 plugins available, each of that provides custom functions and choices sanctioning users to tailor their sites to their specific needs.


However, this doesn’t embrace the obtainable premium plugins, which cannot be listed within the WordPress.org repository. These customizations vary from computer program improvement (SEO) to consumer portals wont to show non-public data to logged-in users, to content management systems, to content displaying options, like the addition of widgets and navigation bars.


Not all obtainable plugins are continuously abreast with the upgrades, and as a result, they will not operate properly or might not operate the least bit. Most plugins are obtainable through WordPress themselves, either via downloading them and putting in the files manually via FTP or through the WordPress dashboard. However, several third parties supply plugins through their own websites, several of that are paid packages.


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Mobile Applications


Phone apps for WordPress exist for WebOS, mechanical man, iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. These applications, designed by Automattic, have choices like adding new journal posts and pages, commenting, palliative comments, replying to comments additionally to the power to look at the stats.


Other Options


WordPress in addition choices integrated link management; a hunt engine–friendly, clean permalink structure; the facility to assign multiple categories to posts; and support for tagging of posts. Automatic filters also are enclosed, providing standardized data formatting and styling of text in posts (for example, changing regular quotes to good quotes).


WordPress additionally supports the Trackback and Pingback standards for displaying links to alternative sites that have themselves joined to a post or a piece of writing. WordPress posts are emended in a hypertext mark-up language, exploitation the visual editor, or exploitation one among a variety of plugins that provide a spread of customized writing options.


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Multi-User and Multi-blogging


Before version three, WordPress supported one journal per installation, though multiple coincidental copies could also be run from completely different directories if organized to use separate information tables.


WordPress Multisites (previously remarked as WordPress Multi-User, WordPress letter, or WPMU) was a fork of WordPress created to permit multiple blogs to exist inside one installation however is ready to be administered by a centralized sustainer.


WordPress letter makes it attainable for those with websites to host their own blogging communities. Moreover as management and moderate all the blogs from one dashboard. WordPress MS adds eight new information tables for every journal.


Features of WordPress-


WordPress is that the world’s most well-liked content management system, and even with its minimalist out-of-the-box practicality, it’s way more powerful than you would possibly suppose. We are not simply talking concerning the notion of victimization plugins like Jetpack to increase the platform’s core practicality either – there are most likely integral core WordPress options you’re unaware of.


It’s attainable that you simply have functionality-boosting plugins put in on your WordPress website right away that, in reality, don’t get to be there. as luck would have it, all core WordPress options are simple to search out and can be used on your website right away.


In this post, we tend to reveal 5 core WordPress options that you simply most likely don’t realize, however ought to undoubtedly create higher use of. Let’s get started:


Core WordPress options to use a lot often:


1. Distraction-free writing mode


Using WordPress Distraction-free mode 


Resisting distractions and battling procrastination are half and parcel of a blogger’s daily routine. To assist you to specialize in your writing, WordPress contains a handy distraction-free writing mode engineered right into its native editor.


Where to search out it


The distraction-free writing mode button is often found among the Tiny MCE editor on any edit page. Merely click the icon set within the top-right hand corner of the editor, and WordPress tucks away each of the Meta boxes on the correct, and also the dashboard menu on the left. It even dims the bar at the highest of the page to make sure your eyes don’t wander.


2. The Theme Customizer


Using the WordPress Customizer


Customizing your WordPress theme – particularly within the context of an entire design – will quickly bathroom you down. Many theme developers have noticed this and created custom dashboard editors to alleviate users of the strain.


However, the customarily unnoticed WordPress Theme Customizer still has its place and could be a good way to create fast theme modifications while not trawling through the choices in an exceedingly custom resolution. Over that, it’s truly the suggested manner of customizing a subject matter.


Where to search out it


The WordPress Theme customizer is often found below look / Customize among the WordPress sidebar. From here you have got access to a variety of customizations, betting on the theme you’re victimization. At the terribly least, you’ll be able to amend your website’s title and tagline, logo, menu structure, and color scheme.


3. The class and tags convertor


Using the WordPress class convertor


The structure of your WordPress website could amend over time. As you learn a lot concerning a way to organize your website, you’ll discover new ways in which to utilize classes and tags to assist users to search out connected content.


As such, you’ll eventually end up desperate to convert your website’s classes into tags (or vice versa). This method will facilitate to structure of the manner your weblog posts and pages are served up to your readers – significantly if you’re puzzling over swapping your WordPress theme for one thing a bit of a lot of stylish.


Where to search out it


The classes and Tags convertor are often found by heading to the Tools menu, then Import. You’ll be able to opt for convert classes to Tags or Tags to classes before creating your individual picks. When clicking the Convert button, WordPress can then handle the technical stuff.


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4. CSS categories for menus


Adding CSS categories to WordPress menus


Have you ever needed to customize the design and feel of individual menus, submenus, and menu buttons? WordPress already has you covered!


By activating custom CSS categories for your WordPress menus, you’ll be able to simply add CSS code while not having to exit the Menus edit page. It’s a fast and simple thanks to extending on customizing the planning of your menus, all from a well-recognized interface.


Where to search out it


Before you’ll be able to use the CSS categories possibility, you’ll get to activate it from the Screen choices tab at the highest of the Menus screen. Click the tab, and it’ll open dead set show many checkboxes. Click the CSS categories box below the Show advanced menu properties section, and you’ll see the sphere seem among any menu item’s choices.


5. The Press This tool


Looking at WordPress/ Press This Feature


Press this can be a “bookmarklet” that may be dragged and born into your browser’s bookmarker bar. By clicking the button whenever you’re browsing remarkable web content, you’ll be able to quickly post a link and a brief statement to your WordPress website. It’s then straight off printed within the variety of a weblog post.


It’s fabulously fast, easy, and good thanks to alerting your readers to exciting content as and after you realize it round the net.


Where to search out it


You can access the Press This button by navigating to the Tools menu, then the on the market Tools tab. merely drag it to your browser’s bookmarks bar, and it’s able to go. you’ll be able to additionally access Press This for mobiles victimization the Open Press This button, adding it as you’d the other bookmarker on your device.


Best WordPress Hacks


10 best WordPress hacks to make you a super-blogger


1. Duplicating posts


Let’s say you have got an exact format or structure that you just prefer to persist with once crafting journal articles. These WordPress hacks help in creating such posts.


Instead of making a replacement draft, gap your existing articles, and repeating and pasting the content into your new draft, you’ll merely use a plugin referred to as Duplicate Post to “clone” posts with one click and so edit them consequently.


The plugin can provide you with a replacement “clone” possibility underneath every one of your existing posts:


2. Switch heading designs


This is one of the best WordPress hacks. All that lightness and mousing over to the drop-down list of headings is mindless – with this hack, you will be ready to switch heading designs with the faucet of a key.


Simply place the indicator on the road you would like to vary, and press either of them:


  • SHIFT + angular position + heading range (for Windows users)
  • OPT + management + heading range (for mackintosh users)


If you would like to vary a paragraph to H3, as an example, simply hit prefer + management + three (on Mac). This works all the approaches till H6!


3. Vogue your text quickly with Markdown


The Markdown helps you vogue your text simply and quickly. Also, the better part is that it’s enabled within the current versions of WordPress by default.


You can do these things:


Create new heading designs by golf shot ## (mind the area when the 2 “#” signs) at the start of your heading then write your heading text ordinarily, and eventually approve it by pressing the Enter key. The text is reborn into a heading mechanically.


4. Add live links with a road


If you’re linking out loads to alternative content once writing your posts, you’ll enjoy this one a lot! Being one of the most useful WordPress hacks, it solves this problem immediately.


Basically, rather than having to pick out the text you would like to feature a link to and so clicking the “Insert link” button from the toolbar, you’ll have it away during an easier way:


First, confirm that the address that you just wish to use for the link is in your writing board, and then simply highlight the text you would like to link, and press Ctrl+V. The link is enclosed mechanically.


Pro Tip: With WordPress’s new link boundaries feature you’ll additionally edit your link anchor texts a lot of showing neatness.


5. Moderate comments via keyboard shortcuts


There are unit lot of keyboard shortcuts that you just will utilize along with your editor; however, did you recognize that there are specific keyboard shortcuts that you will use to moderate your comments section?


Moderate comments via keyboard shortcuts


Activation is simple – simply navigate to the WP Admin → Users → Your Profile, and check the Keyboard Shortcuts checkbox. You’re done! Choose your comment, and so use the subsequent keyboard shortcuts to moderate it.


6. Alter your default editor toolbar


One of the best WordPress hacks, it provides you a couple of choices within the default editor toolbar by default. This one:

Editor default

But with an easy plugin, you’ll expand it to this:

New editor

With this factor, you’ll simply add quotes, code blocks, and even tables. This can be all done by a handy plugin referred to as TinyMCE Advanced.


7. Transfer and edit multiple pictures right away


A picture is worth 1000 words, however, all the uploading, written material, and optimizing work that goes on behind the scenes could be a pain.


To alter your icon uploading and written material method, you’ll use the NextGEN Gallery plugin.


With this plugin, you’ll batch transfer photos, import meta information, add/delete/rearrange/sort photos, edit thumbnails, produce tags, modification angular position and title texts, and more. You’ll even add text or image watermarks to your photos with this tool!


8. Organize your editorial progress


If you’re employed with freelance writers or guest contributors and find them to draft their articles directly on your WordPress website, the “Pending Review” is one of the best WordPress hacks. Its performance can assist you to prepare your editorial progress and stop needless back and forth.


Organize your editorial progress


Get your writers to line their posts to “Pending Review” whenever they’re able to submit their articles. With this cracking track, you won’t get to sift through all the draft posts on your WordPress, and you’ll be ready to tell – at a glance! – that articles area unit prepared for you to vet.


If you’re thinking that you wish over that, you’ll install the Edit Flow plugin. It’ll provide you with the power to form custom post statuses, such as: emended, Archived, Written, or no matter what else you see work.


9. Seek stock photos among the WordPress editor


Why open up a separate tab or window to look for stock photos, once you will do therefore while not going to your WordPress editor? These WordPress hacks help with the case.


With Image Inject, it solely takes 3 clicks to insert a picture into your journal post. The plugin searches free inventive commons pictures for the keywords of your alternative and mechanically adds the desired attribution links. You’ll additionally insert multiple pictures right away, and populate the angular position and title tags of every image mechanically.


10. Close your WordPress dashboard


If you’ve put in lots of plugins, your WordPress dashboard will get pretty untidy. Therefore one of the WordPress hacks tackles the problem.


Want to wash it up so it isn’t such AN eyesore?


Simple. Click on “Screen choices” at the highest right corner of your dashboard, and an inventory of all the widgets/blocks that you’ve got on your dashboard can seem. Hide those that you don’t wish to check. Simple. Also, you’ll drag and drop your remaining widgets to rearrange them within the order that you like.


Some final words


In this way, these WordPress hacks help in creating a more efficient blog. With these best WordPress hacks at your fingertips, you’re geared up to extend your WordPress productivity exponentially, and create the foremost out of some time spent blogging. These best WordPress hacks can help in creating a better blog.


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