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List of Top 3 Investment Banking Training Institutes In Hyderabad

Do you reside in Telangana state and want to know the list of Investment Banking Training Institutes In Hyderabad? One of the reasons for students to look for educational entities in Hyderabad is the ease of access to the top colleges and their effective learning technologies. A cosmopolitan city has the best infrastructure and all facilities to help its civilians live a peaceful life. A Hyderabadi learner can utilize this article to know about the ideal colleges in their city and fulfill their dream career goals. 

Investment Banking Training Institutes In Hyderabad

Investment Banks in Hyderabad

Before we share the list of the best Investment Banking Training Institutes In Hyderabad, let us look at the investment banks in the cosmopolitan city. Researching investment banks in the city allows you to choose one and serve it based on your preferences and the company’s history. Some of the famous investment banks in Hyderabad are

  • Goldman Sachs
  • Broadridge
  • BNP Paribas
  • Wells Fargo
  • Bank of America

Goldman Sachs:

Goldman Sachs is a well-reputed investment bank in the world. It serves a range of clients who can be financial institutions, individuals, governments, and corporations. It was founded in the year 1869. The headquarters are in New York. It has many branches in major parts of the world including India. The main goal of Goldman Sachs is to help its communities and clients by bringing ideas, capital, and people together. 

“#2 Financing Deal of the Year: Southern Europe (2023), #3 Investment Financing Deal of the Year (2023), Roads Deal of the Year(2023), Goldman Sachs Asset Management named Private Debt Manager of the Year(2023), Orla Dunne, global head of Foundational Infrastructure and head of EMEA Core Engineering (2023)” and many more awards have been given to Goldman Sachs for its service to the industry. 

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One of the main reasons for many candidates to find Investment Banking Training Institutes In Hyderabad and enter Goldman Sachs is its culture that treats human resources as its crucial assets. It ensures to meet the needs of its communities and clients by maintaining a diverse workforce and work environment. 

  • Asset & Wealth Management
  • Global Markets & Banking
  • Platform Solutions
  • Research
  • Tax
  • Risk
  • Legal 
  • Operations
  • Internal Audit
  • Human Capital Management
  • Global Compliance
  • Firmwide Strategy
  • Finance
  • FICC & Equities
  • Engineering
  • Executive office
  • Corporate Treasury
  • Workplace and Corporate Solutions
  • Controllers
  • Conflicts Resolution Group

Goldman Sachs. Has a diverse workforce that includes professionals mentioned in the above list dedicated to providing relevant services.  The best part about the firm is that it offers programs and internships for aspiring investment bankers. The website of the investment bank has a section where freshers and experienced investment bankers can apply for positions and serve their clients. 

It is considered a king in maintaining investor relations; it provides investors access to its proxy materials, annual report, integrity hotline, financials, presentations, creditor information, and useful contacts on its online platform. Not to forget the way it handles relationships with the media and public in general; press releases. 


Broadridge is a company that is dedicated to empowering capital markets, wealth & investment management, and corporate governance through its critical infrastructure. The specially tailored solutions, latest technology, and intelligence power of the firm help its clients in facing today’s challenges with ease. 

It was first an ADP Brokerage Service Group that dealt with a single client. It began trading services in the year 1962. Later, it became a global and independent Fintech leader. The mission of Broadridge is to encourage clients to make decisions on their own and prepare them for the future. 

A variety of career roles are available for people interested in serving the firm; technical member, technology specialist, client services associate, developer, implementation consultant, marketing specialist for regulatory & governance communications, and process analyst for investment operations. It has collected a range of awards for its services; “best overall US wealth tech provider, 2022 leader in wealth management products, 2022 candidate experience winner in APAC, EMEA, and North America” and many more.

Broadridge covers almost all kinds of financial services and products including collateral management, cash management, billing & expense management, beneficial proxy services, bank debt & loan trading, data management, data analytics, data reporting, derivatives trade processing, equity trade processing, ESG advisory services, financial reporting, fixed income trade processing, foreign exchange trade processing, and global securities class action services. 

The firm provides industry-specific solutions which make it stand out among others and make students from the Telangana region find the best Investment Banking Training Institutes In Hyderabad and join as investment bankers. 

BNP Paribas:

BNP Paribas is a bank of European origin that is established to create and provide solutions and products to meet the needs of its clients. Some of the leading businesses and platforms in Europe belong to BNP Paribas. It has the largest international banking networks to understand the needs of the clients in the Asia Pacific region and maintain long-term relationships with the clients. It was recognized as the second oldest global bank in India in the year 1860. 

This bank is dedicated to serving large institutions and corporations. It is considered one of the largest dealers in India. Wealth management, corporate & institutional banking, insurance, consumer financing, retail banking, and asset management are offered by the bank to its clients. 

It has won several awards in many segments of the financial sector; “Best House, Hong Kong SAR (2023). Green Loan of The Year, India(2023), ESG House of the Year (2022), Best Sustainable Finance Adviser(2021), Best Social Impact Adviser(2021), Gold Award for Excellence in Learning & Development (2021), RMB House of the Year(2017)” and many more. 

It operates in capital markets and provides strategic advisory services to clients. One of the less-discussed facts about the bank is that it supports art, imagination, and innovation through partnering with the film industry. Its main goal is to let the public access fresh and fruitful concepts through the movie industry. 

Its clients and investors can visit the bank’s website to have a glance at the information provided for them; deposit rates, currency rates, MCLR, FX-Retail, merchant banking, custody business, client complaints, account opening form, and other crucial communication. 

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Wells Fargo:

Wells Fargo is a financial services company that is determined to serve the needs of different kinds of clients. Investing & wealth management, financial support for small businesses & individuals, commercial banking, and corporate & investment banking are commonly offered by Wells Fargo. It entered the financial sector in the year 1852 to satisfy the requirements of its clients. 

One of the reasons to become a leader in banking is its ability and proactiveness to tackle societal challenges through promoting diversity & inclusion, economic empowerment, environmental sustainability, community giving, environmental & social impact management, and Environmental, social, & governance (ESG) reporting programs. 

“Handshake award (2023), Best Global Private Bank for Philanthropy Services (2021),  Sustained Excellence (2020), and HYSEA CSR award(2017)” are some of the awards given to Wells Fargo for its excellence in the field. 

The company also offers an opportunity for people with disabilities to serve its clients. All they have to do is dial 1-877-255-1606. The concerned employees will respond to the verbal application within a day. 

The services offered by the financial services company in the Asia Pacific region are 

  • Capital advisory and raising 
  • Commercial payments
  • Financing
  • Trading and Fixed Income Sales and 
  • Foreign exchange
  • Trade finance

Businesses get to avail of the below services from the entity

  • Financing
  • Foreign Exchange
  • International Treasury Management
  • Trade Services

No wonder, candidates who are interested in working for Wells Fargo are keen on finding the best Investment Banking Training Institutes In Hyderabad

Bank of America:

Bank of America is a bank that is found to serve middle-market businesses, small-market businesses, individuals, governments, and large corporations. It has a full range of risk- & financial management services and products along with investment and banking facilities. 

Working capital & term loans, export finance, structured finance, trade products, foreign exchange services, currency solutions, and global cash management are provided by the bank in India. It has been operating in Bharat since 1964. 

The Bank of America products available for Indian financial institutions, foreign government entities, multinationals, and financial institutions are many including foreign exchange & interest rates, treasury &  trade services, lending, and working capital.

The financial entity has won several awards for its service to the industry; Best Investment Bank in Brazil (2023), Best Investment Bank in Colombia (2023), Best Investment Bank in Mexico (2023), Best, Investment Bank in Peru (2023), Latin America’s Best Bank for Advisory (2023), Latin America’s Best Investment Bank (2023), World’s Best Digital Bank (2023), World’s Best Bank for Diversity and Inclusion (2023), World’s Best Bank for Financing (2023), and World’s Best Bank for Markets (2023). 

The most attractive quality of the bank is that it provides a range of programs for employees with the potential to become C-level executives. “Women’s Next Level Leadership Program, Women’s Executive Development Program, Diverse Leader Sponsorship Program, Accelerated Development Program, Manager Excellence Program, New Manager Program”, and many more programs are in place for the career upliftment of the employees.

The bank has many branches in India including the Telangana region. This is one reason why students and experienced investment bankers are in search of the best Investment Banking Training Institutes In Hyderabad

Top Investment Banking Training Institutes In Hyderabad

  • Imarticus
  • Intellipaat

Hyderabad is a city of dreams and life. Many individuals residing in the city are seeking out courses and opportunities that bring their dreams to life. Students and professionals who aspire to enter the investment banking stream and blossom are in high numbers. In fact, the number is increasing every day, and needs reliable entities to provide effective investment banking courses. No wonder, hundreds of colleges have come into existence for the same. However, finding the perfect institute to pursue a career in investment banking can be a challenge for a few individuals. This is why the above list of educational institutes and related details are provided here. 


IIM SKILLS is a famous and leading ed-tech company in the current world. Marketing programs, finance programs, and writing programs are popular courses on its platform. Some of the common reasons for people to join IIM SKILLS are lifetime access to LMS, 100% placement assistance, a money-back guarantee, guaranteed paid internship, direct mentorship, portfolio building, interactive training, and practical assignments. 

It has a rating of 4.9 on Google, and 5.0 on course report. 35000+ students have been trained by IIM SKILLS to date. Over 9500 trainings have been conducted so far. International certification, hands-on experience, global placement assistance, and lectures by highly experienced faculties are the reasons behind its success in the industry. 

“Digital Marketing Master Course, Financial Modeling Master Course, Content Writing Master Course, Artificial Intelligence Marketing Professional (AIMP), Advanced Search Engine Optimization Course, Business Accounting & Taxation Course, and GST Practitioner Certification Course” are the commonly availed programs. If you are still not convinced of their capabilities and effective pedagogies, you can check out student testimonials. Having an online presence has not limited its success rate and this is why Hyderabadis consider it one of the ideal Investment Banking Training Institutes In Hyderabad. 

Its “Certified Investment Banking Course” is the right choice for aspiring investment bankers. 

Course Curriculum

  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Excel
  • Basics of Financial Market and System
  • Derivatives Market
  • Investment banking technicals
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Financial modeling technicals
  • Business valuation

Course Highlights

  • Master certification
  • Instructor-led online training
  • 24×7 training
  • Lifetime support
  • Capstone projects
  • Interview & resume preparation

Course Details

Fees: Rs. 39,900 + 18% GST

Duration: 2 months + Internship

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details

Phone: +91 9580 740 740 

Email: [email protected]

IIM SKILLS Media Coverage And partners 

2. Imarticus:

Imarticus is an ed-tech company that is known for offering courses for the benefit of students. Marketing, technology, analytics, and finance courses are popular on the website. The digital institute has a range of certification, university-assured, executive, and job-assured programs for learners. It has branches in many cities of India; Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, Delhi, Patna, Noida, Dehradun, Lucknow, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Chennai, Kolkata, and Cochin. 

It has around 500 Multinational hiring partners. It has brightened the lives of 10,00,000 students so far. “Certified Management Accountant USA, IIM Lucknow Executive Programme in Sales & Marketing Leadership, IIM Ahmedabad General Management Programme, Certification in Data Science & Machine Learning, Postgraduate Financial Analysis Program, Postgraduate Program in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, and Full Stack Developer Pro” are the most availed courses by the students. 

Imarticus is one of the top Investment Banking Training Institutes In Hyderabad. Its “Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional Hyderabad” is the perfect program for aspiring investment bankers. Learners who completed this course got placed in a relevant entity with an average salary of 5lacs. Experienced investment bankers have received a minimum of 67% hike in their salaries post completion of the program. 

Course curriculum

  • Financial markets introduction
    • Investment banking introduction
    • Fixed income and cash equities
    • Money Markets and Foreign Exchange
    • Derivatives Markets
    • Job readiness
  • Trade life cycle
    • Reference data management
    • Corporate actions
    • Asset management
    • Reconciliation
    • ISDA introduction
    • Stock, borrow, & lending
    • Collateral management
    • Trade life cycle
  • Risk Management
    • Regulator environment & risk management
    • KYC & Anti-money laundering
    • Job readiness

Course Highlights

  • Job guarantee
  • Career support
  • Certification
  • Job-specific skills
  • Live training modules
  • Experiential learning

Course Details

Fees: Rs. 1,40,000

Duration: 2 months )full-time), 3 months (part-time)

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

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Intellipaat is a training institute that strives to improve the lives of learners. The vision of the entity is to offer courses for all learning minds at an affordable price. It is one of the best Investment Banking Training Institutes In Hyderabad that aims to promote high-quality content, effective training pedagogy, support, and job assistance for its students. 

It has partnered with 400+ companies to help learners get placed in the industry. World-class mentors interact with the students and clear all their queries. One-on-one sessions with industry experts are provided to help the students gain clarity about their next career move. Experienced professionals who availed of courses from Intellipaat witnessed a hike of 55% in their salaries on average.

“Advanced Certification in Data Science & AI, PGP in Data Science & Machine Learning, Advanced Certification in Investment Banking Operations, Advanced Certification in Cyber Security, Salesforce Certification Course(Administrator and App builder), Advanced Certification Program in Test Architect, and Software Engineering & Application Development” are the trending courses on the website of Intellipaat. 

Its “Investment Banking Course in Hyderabad” is a program specially designed for residents of Hyderabad. This program is offered in collaboration with IIT Guwahati along with  E&ICT Academy, If you are an individual with a bachelor’s degree, you are free to apply for this course. Also, students who are yet to graduate with a BA in economics and finance can join the program. Finance BA graduates and chartered financial analysts can also acquire knowledge and skills from this course. 

Course Curriculum

Module 1; Data transformation with the help of MS Excel

Module 2: Investment banking fundamentals

Module 3: Fixed income and cash equities

Module 4: Basics of money markets and foreign exchange

Module 5: Derivatives market

Module 6: Basics of reference data management

Module 7: Corporate actions

Module 8: Concepts in Asset management

Module 9: Basics of reconciliation and ISDA introduction

Module 10: Stock lending, borrowing, and connected concepts

Module 11: Collateral management

Module 12: Mergers and acquisitions

Module 13: Trade life cycle

Module 14: Risk management and regulatory environment

Module 15: Anti-money laundering and customers

Job readiness

Course Highlights

  • Industry Capstone Project
  • 24*7 Support
  • Certification from IIT Guwahati and E&ICT
  • Career Services
  • Personal feedback from mentors

Course Details

Fees: Rs. 98,040

Duration: 5 months

Contact Details

Phone: +91 7022374614

Email: [email protected]

Investment Banking Training Institutes in Hyderabad – Final thoughts

Investment banking is a great career option for curious and hardworking people. The presence of established investment banks like Goldman Sachs, Broadridge. BNP Paribas. Wells Fargo, and Bank of America, in India, indicate the future of entities that enter the financial sector. Not to forget the growing number of educational institutes that are involved in getting the attention of aspiring investment bankers with their courses. In simple words, choosing investment banking as your working stream is a great choice. That being said, if you are a resident of Hyderabad and don’t have the knowledge about the best Investment Banking Training Institutes In Hyderabad, don’t take the risk of joining random colleges. Pick reliable entities like Imarticus, Intellipaat, and IIM SKILLS to safeguard your career. 

FAQs on Investment Banking Training Institutes in Hyderabad

Q. Are there any reliable Investment Banking Training Institutes In Hyderabad?

Yes, there are many educational entities that are devoted to transferring investment banking-related knowledge to students. The most trustworthy institutes that are considered the top Investment Banking Training Institutes In Hyderabad are Imarticus, Intellipaat, and IIM SKILLS. These are well-reputed for offering certification programs with the most effective training pedagogies. 

Q. What is covered in the course curriculum of IIM SKILLS’s investment banking program?
IIM SKILLS has 8 modules as part of its “Certified Investment Banking Master Course”. These modules contain the below content respectively. 

  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Excel
  • Basics of Financial Market and System
  • Derivatives Market
  • Investment banking technicals
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Financial modeling technicals
  • Business valuation

Q. Is the trade life cycle included in an investment banking course?

Yes, many institutes cover the trade life cycle in their investment banking courses. For example, Imarticus’s “Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional Hyderabad” has a separate section for the trade life cycle which includes the below concepts. 

  • Reference data management
  • Corporate actions
  • Asset management
  • Reconciliation
  • ISDA introduction
  • Stock, borrow, & lending
  • Collateral management
  • Trade life cycle



Anuja Maniyala is a intern at IIM SKILLS. She worked as a creative content writer for AADOX and Quoteslyfe in the past. She has identified her passion for writing after working as a banker in some well-known companies like Wipro and HSBC. Her current target is to become an author of a unique and creative self-help book. Her enthusiasm and curiosity to learn about the human mind and behavior makes her different from the rest of the world.

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