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How To Do Digital Marketing For Real Estate

Do you know that a digital marketing strategy for real estate agents can increase lead generation by up to 5 times? Learn how to do that here. Digital marketing is one of the hottest fields right now. Digital marketing can be done by anyone from students, marketers, business leaders, industry experts, and even housewives looking to restart their careers. All they need is a skill in producing promotional content and understanding the needs of the market. But if you work in the real estate industry, you can also do digital marketing for real estate to draw more potential buyers for your properties. But that’s not all. Digital marketing for real estate has many other advantages. Let us learn about them.

How To Do Digital Marketing For Real Estate

Builds trust

When you as a real estate professional will put informative and quality content online to help potential buyers, they perceive you as skillful and trust your abilities.

When you provide answers to common questions regarding problems that buyers face while looking for new properties, they will get their answers.

But in that process, they may have more questions and may want to contact you. They might also be interested in what you have to sell. This way just putting content can help you make a sale.

Shows credibility

Putting up detailed and in-depth knowledge of various topics related to your industry helps you establish yourself as a knowledgeable and skilled professional.

Buyers, as well as other real estate agents or firms, will trust your skills. You may also land a job with one of those firms.

Social media following

Everybody is on social media these days. You can share your informative content on your social media page and if it is good, it might get shared. This way you can get more followers and known as a local industry leader.

You can try to connect with people in your community, your neighborhood, your friends, and their friends. Writing helpful content that is useful for others, will definitely get shared. This will help you land more clients and more business.

Drive organic traffic to your website

Good quality content that users like, will also be preferred by Google. There are good chances that your blog posts can get ranked high on search engines which will bring you organic traffic to your website, that too for free. More traffic to your website means more business.

Buying ads in search engine

Another way to get potential clients to your website is by putting out paid ads. These ads are only shown to users that make a search that is relevant to your business or content.

This way your ad spend is more efficient since it is only shown to people who are interested in your business.

In contrast to conventional advertising where a lot of marketing budget was wasted on people who were not even interested in your product in the first place, digital marketing targets only potential customers that can convert to clients for you.

There was a time when finding a real estate agent was simple. People asked a friend or someone from the neighborhood to find the one. If they knew you, they referred you to them.

But in this way, finding new clients was mostly word-of-mouth and referral-based. It was limited to your network and it was sometimes impractical to spend thousands in advertising when you could not handle that many clients at once.

They could also find many realtors in yellow pages and directories but there were so many that it was practically impossible to choose one. on the basis of a phone number and name. So people were satisfied with whatever kind of real estate agent they happened to meet, good o bad.

However, since the widespread availability of the internet, how people received information completely changed. For the first time, content users also became content producers. With this change, how people looked for businesses also changed.

Today, many people prefer to do a simple google search ‘find a realtor near me’. This gives them plenty of results in just a few seconds. There is no need to call people and depend on your luck to find a good real estate agent.

With the internet, users can search for feedback and reviews of the real estate agents and choose one that suits them best. ‘Google Local’ also helps users find their closest businesses, in this case, a real estate agent.

This is why it is important for any real estate agent to have an online presence. Violating this rule will cause them heavy losses in business.

But having an online presence that helps you get more clients is possible. There are specific ways in which you, a real estate agent, can find clients online. One of those ways is writing content that potential customers can find helpful.

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Why content writing for real estate agents?

Good content helps real estate agents in many ways. An online presence can help customers find important information regarding your practice. Information like how long have been working as a realtor, your listings, your customer testimonials, and so on that instantly help them identify what kind of a realtor you are. If you do not have these details, someone else who has will probably take the client.

Although your reviews and testimonials are something your clients provide, the content on your website is totally under your control.

This ‘content’ can mean anything from blog articles, videos, infographics and so on that you can use to provide useful content for the users. this content will help your prospective clients make a firm decision about whether to hire you as their real estate agent.

But just creating any content is not going to work. You need good content. You need compelling content that instantly convinces the potential client that you are the best real estate agent for them.

Since there is already so much content out on the internet in every domain and niche, you need to produce content that stands out from others. A content that is engaging and informative and shows your knowledge.

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In this course, you will learn

  • How to develop a website for real estate business
  • How to produce effective content including the blog, videos, and infomercial, that will help clients and draw business for you
  • How to do compelling content writing for a real estate agent
  • How to use the power of social media for your business growth
  • How to make use of digital marketing tools to produce relevant content that is in demand
  • How to create copy for your videos and infomercials
  • How to do e-mail marketing for the real estate business
  • How to use analytics to track user behavior and improve your digital marketing campaign

The only purpose of digital marketing for real estate agents is to bring more clients that convert. But for that to happen, a Digital marketing strategy must be effective. What is a content strategy?

  • A digital marketing strategy includes goals that are achievable, well-defined and time-bound
  • It includes how to design and develop your real estate website and blog
  • What  to do and what not to do while creating content
  • The tone and voice of writing that reflects your own communication style
  • Producing content on topics that are more searched
  • Turning website visitors into clients
  • Ranking high on search engine results page
  • Create a google local directory
  • How to bid for search engine ads
  • Gain followers on social media and engage with your audience
  • Gain lead over your competitors
  • Generate a satisfied customer base for good reviews that brings more clients


Now let us talk in detail about how and why digital marketing for real estate agents is the best form of marketing in today’s world.

As a real estate agent, you must have noticed that the way people search for new businesses and products has been changing rapidly in the last few years. In the real estate industry, clients are using new ways to look for houses to buy or rent.

With the popularity of websites like No broker and Quikr Homes, which want to eliminate the need for real estate agents completely, agents are dealing with the possibility of losing their livelihood.

In these times, instead of resisting change, you should be focusing your efforts on digital marketing for real estate agents. This will help you generate more leads and as a result more conversions.

Social media, especially Facebook was one of the first ways that businesses saw as an opportunity to connect with their customers and generate a favorable consumer perception. The use of social media ads was adopted early by many businesses including realtors. This helped bring lots of leads as well as good reviews.

But to develop your digital marketing for realtor’s campaign, you need more than social media. You need a complete digital marketing strategy for realtors. The different elements of this digital marketing strategy would be:

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E-mail marketing

Any industry or business will find e-mail marketing one of the cheapest and highest returns giving marketing strategies. E-mail is an incredible tool to personally target past customers as well as potential customers. A great e-mail campaign will help generate more leads than any other technique.

E-mail marketing targets people based on their buyer profile that is formed by their behavior on the internet. Another way is to target people who have shown interest in your product or service in the past.

Asking people to sign up for newsletters is one such way. This will get you their e-mail IDs where you can send them helpful content regularly and also promotional offers for your service. Writing a good e-mail campaign needs knowledge of the marketing and skills of persuasive writing.

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Creating a professional website

You must have seen so many websites that you feel like closing right after it is opened. There are many problems with websites of many businesses that make them lose clients:

  • Slow loading
  • No clear description of the business
  • Bad design
  • Hard to find useful content
  • Irrelevant content
  • Broken links
  • The website not optimized for mobile

and many more. Having issues like these make clients run away from a website. This is 2020. A business that doesn’t have a professional website is considered incompetent. With the help of so many web design tools and resources available, it is a crime to have a bad website.

Learning web development will help you learn the fundamentals of web design and what a user expects from a website. A user expects a smooth experience, relevant information, and fast resolution of their problems.

In the case of a real estate website, a user expects these things from the website:

  • All latest and updated listings
  • Detailed information about the listings
  • Guide on house buying
  • Contact information
  • Live chat feature

Paid ads

PPC also is known as pay-per-click is a form of advertising where the advertiser pays only when the ad is clicked. This is of great benefit because your money is spent only on potential clients, unlike conventional advertising where a lot of money is wasted on showing the ad to customers who are not interested in the product.

This is great for generating leads and increasing conversion rates. Digital marketing for real estate agents makes ample use of PPC advertising. This is what makes digital marketing one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing.

The ads are targeted at people who search for related terms. IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Master Course teaches how to look for these search terms that bring the maximum conversion rate and minimizing waste of money.

The digital marketing course for real estate agents helps you learn how to use various digital marketing tools both free and paid, that improve the efficiency of your campaign.

Create a blog

You can increase the ranking of your website many times and have many more pages listed as top results on search engines if you write helpful and informative content that deals with many problems of your customers. This way your website can rank higher than your competitors and you can generate more leads than others.

But creating posts that rank high is not easy. in addition to following the technical optimization techniques of SEO, you also need to write in a way that is convincing, informative, and converts your users to leads.

Good content must be helpful above all. There are many ways in which google checks if the content was found useful by the visitor.

Even if you do a good SEO, if your content is not relevant or written in a way that cannot hold the attention of the visitor till the end of the article, Google will assume your content is bad and must not rank.

You also need to learn about good SEO and bad SEO. Good SEO practices help bring genuine traffic while bad SEO brings traffic by tricking the search engine. Bad SEO may work for the short term but eventually, the website will be penalized by the search engine.

If that happens, your website is as good as dead, because it will not be indexed on the search engine.

It is important to learn the difference between good SEO and bad SEO, which only the best digital marketing course can teach. Include as much helpful content that answers common questions and do’s and don’ts of buying real estate.

Virtual tours

Many real estate websites are adopting new technology to please more customers. one such technology you can use is providing a virtual tour of homes on your listing. This helps clients know more about the possible purchase and in the absence of more details, one that has more favorable features is chosen over one that has no features at all.

Purchasing a new home is a big decision for any normal family. If this home buying process can be made smoother and easier in any way possible, it should be done. Providing virtual tours is a great way to gain an edge over competitors.

By seeing a virtual tour the client can imagine themselves inside the home and what they might do when they buy it. This helps them develop a connection with the house already without even visiting in person.

Creating content like this is crucial to stand out in the industry. The service sector has become very competitive in recent years and you need to always be ahead in the race.

Social Media Strategy

Social media strategy involves more than just posting content regularly. A social media strategy includes many points like:

  • full bio
  • link to website
  • sharing blog posts
  • engaging with past customers
  • helping people who are looking to buy homes
  • timely posting
  • posting content that is worthy of sharing

And many more. Social media is all about sharing. If you are not making content that can go viral, you are doing it wrong. Learn the principles of an effective social media strategy at the Digital Marketing Master Course by IIM SKILLS.

Here you can learn to use different social media marketing tools like Buffer and learn how to put ads through Facebook ads and TweetDeck on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Webinars are just seminars hosted on the web. Through a webinar, you can share all the tips and guide to people on subjects like

  • How to buy a new home
  • How to look for a real estate agent
  • What to check when buying a new home
  • Do’s and Dont’s of buying a new home

and much more content that may be helpful for potential home buyers. You can use webinar tools like GoToWebinar and easily host a webinar. You can notify people via various channels including social media and your blog.

You can also put the recording of the video on your website for access to people who missed your webinar. It is important to get your name around as much as you can. The more people who know you, the more leads you are going to get.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

SEO is more than just putting keywords into blog posts. SEO has advanced to a much more complex technique. With the rise in the ability of the Google search engine to detect content that is spamming with keywords, it is more important than ever to create content that is natural and helps the user.

But what does Google consider natural content?

This can be answered by only experts in digital marketing who have experience in the industry. Google repeatedly improves and optimizes its indexing algorithm to provide more and more relevant and natural content to users that provide value to the user.

Google only exists to provide a user with valuable content. It keeps on trying to rank those content higher that show signs of user satisfaction.

Another thing is choosing the right keywords is a skill in itself. You need to focus on many parameters like competition, relevance, and whether it will generate leads for your business. In addition to keywords, there are also other elements in SEO:

  • Title
  • Meta description
  • Inbound and outbound links
  • Linking pages
  • Landing page SEO

It must always be remembered though that content is king. Good content is not an extra value but a part of your digital marketing for real estate strategy. The content must be detailed and answer common questions of the user that they expect from an article.

Summary of Digital Marketing for Real Estate agents

We discussed the essentials of a good digital marketing strategy for real estate agents in this article. There is a need for blogs on every website. Blogs bring more viewers and generate more leads.

It is also important to post relevant and helpful content. It is also crucial to leverage the power of social media to build a positive perception in the market.

There is an urgent need for professionals in various fields to learn the skills of digital marketing because digital marketing is the future of marketing. If you are a real estate agent, it is advised to invest in a digital marketing course for real estate agents.

This way you can learn to be ahead of the competition and be ready for the digital age of marketing.

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Gaurav is a Content Writer at IIM Skills. He has a B.Tech. degree but then he switched to the creative side by doing his master's in advertising and public relations. Gaurav is also a part-time blogger and graphic designer currently living in Mumbai

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