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Top 7 GST Certification Course In Thane With Placements

What is tax? What is GST? A GST Certification enables an individual to grow faster in the BFIS (Banking, Financial, Insurance Sector). Read on to know more about who can pursue the course, what are the benefits of the same. Let us see GST Certification Course in Thane, which will help you in career growth.

Certification Course In Thane With Placements


What is Tax? 

Tax is a charge which is levied by a government on an individual or an organization. The purpose of a tax is to collect revenue for the benefit of the citizens. These include public works such as providing water, electricity, subsidized food, education, medical, housing facilities, and infrastructures like bridges, parks, museums, highways, airports, railways. The tax amount collected from the people is then used for the various programs mentioned above. If one does not pay the taxes or refuses to pay the same, it is an offense and punishable by law.  


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Types of Taxes


In India, there are two types of Taxes, 

  • Direct Taxes
  • Indirect Taxes


Direct Taxes


When an individual pays the tax directly to the government, it is called a direct tax. Some of the direct taxes in India are income tax, land tax, poll tax, corporate tax, wealth tax, gift tax, expenditure tax, capital gains tax. Direct taxes are calculated based on the ability of the taxpayer to pay, which means that the higher their income is, the higher their taxes are.


Indirect Taxes


Indirect taxes are taxes that are passed to another entity or individual. Indirect Taxes are generally imposed on a manufacturer or supplier who then passes on the tax to the consumer. One common example of an indirect tax is the sales tax on jewelry and consumer goods. Some examples of indirect taxes are sales tax, excise duty, VAT, service tax, GST.


What is GST?


GST is Goods and Services Tax. GST came into effect on 1st July 2017, after the Goods and Service Tax Act was passed in Parliament. GST is an indirect tax that has replaced many indirect taxes in India such as central sales tax, purchase tax, surcharge and CESS, excise and customs duty, VAT, services tax, etc. 


Simply put, Goods and Service Tax (GST) is levied on goods and services. The GST is standard across India. In other words, GST is the single domestic indirect tax law for the entire country. All the states have to follow the same GST. 


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Types of GST


SGST – Tax collected by the State Government on the Intra State Sale of Goods. 

IGST – Tax collected by the Central Government of India on interstate transactions. 

CGST – Tax collected by the Central Government of India. It is levied on Intra State Sale of Goods. This is in addition to SGST charges. 

UGST – Tax collected by the Union Territories of India. Andaman Nicobar Islands, Daman and Diu, New Delhi, Chandigarh, Lakshadweep, Ladak, Jammu and Kashmir, Puducherry, Dadar and Nagar Haveli collect UGST.

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Advantages of GST


Previously in several situations, a tax was levied on tax. The introduction of one common tax for Goods and Services Tax (GST) has removed the cascading effect on the sale of goods and services. GST has reduced the cost of goods overall. Removal of the tax on tax has impacted the cost of goods. 


Also, GST is a streamlined process. All the activities like registration, return filing, application for a refund, and response to notice needs to be done online on the GST portal, which hastens the processes.


· GST removed the cascading effect of tax

· Higher threshold for Registration

· Streamlined Process

· Reduction in Compliance issues

· Benefit for small businesses

· E-commerce operators

· Better Logistics 

· Regulation of the unorganized sector


Disadvantages of GST

· Software cost

· Non- compliance will have penalities

· Increase in Operational Cost

· Online Taxation System


What is a GST Certification course?


To improve the capability as well as to provide updated knowledge in the field of GST. In the course, a detailed approach towards Goods and Service Tax is provided. Most of the courses provide hands-on training including registration, returns, in-depth accounting, and recording of GST transactions. 


Who can do it?


Any individual holding a graduate or postgraduate in Commerce, Law, Banking including Higher Auditing, Business Administration or Business Management can opt for the course. Degree holders in the above subjects from any recognized university can apply for the course.


Also, advocates, company secretaries, chartered accountants, a sales tax practitioner can pursue this course. The GST Practitioner is authorized and makes and furnishes the statement, which further has to be approved by the taxable individual. 


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Benefits of GST Courses


The following are the benefits of the GST Courses in Thane

· Potential increase in an individual’s salary by 15% to 25% on average.

· A higher number of job opportunities for individuals.

· Entrepreneurism. Individuals can provide independent consultancy.

· Enhances knowledge of different types of taxation, finance, and accounting systems.

Online GST Courses


GST Courses are also available online, which can be learned from anywhere in the world. Some of the popular choices for online GST course is IIM SKILLS, CAclubIndia, Udemy, ISEL GLOBAL. 




IIM SKILLS is one of India’s best online education providers. IIM SKILLS, located in New Delhi is a trusted brand offering several courses. They provide certification courses for several upcoming skill sets, which are highly in demand. Students, working professionals, homemakers, business people, entrepreneurs can take up these courses to upscale their skills for getting a higher paying job, better career prospects, or for improving business. 


IIM SKILLS GST Certification Course consists of 4 weeks of live online GST training with 16 hours of lectures, practical assignments, and hands-on learning. The course also provides free E-Books, Invoicing Tools & Softwares to get a better knowledge of the subject. IIM SKILLS gives you lifetime access to their recorded lectures at no extra cost.  


The GST course comprises of industry-standard curriculum, well-researched teaching methodology, training by industry experts. The classes have practical training and on-the-spot doubt clarification. The cost of the course is Rs. 2900. You have the option to take a free demo before enrollment. You can find more details on their website.


Download IIM SKILLS GST Course Brochure


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Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite 

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Institutes offering GST Certification course in Thane


Excel Computer Institute


Excel Computer Institute is one of the best computer institutes in Thane. Since the last 20 years in the training industry, more than 30,000 students have undergone training here. Highly skilled experts teach the students and offer constant support. Excel Computer Institute offers a GST certification course in Thane, in the name of GST Practitioner. 


The certified GST Practitioner course covers fundamentals of accounting, bookkeeping concepts, practical accounting using Tally, MS-Office with Advanced Excel for Accounts and Audit, Direct & Indirect Tax, Online banking, Financial Management understanding of these subjects. 

 GST Practitioner Syllabus:

• GST Briefing.

• SGST Acts & Rules.

• UGST Acts & Rules.

• CGST Acts & Rules.

• IGST Acts & Rules.

• Compensation to States GST Act.

• All States GST Acts & Rules.

• Practical with Real / Simulated Data.


The course is of 6 months duration, with both theory and practical sessions. This institute not only provides training programs but also provides 100% Job assistance. It is one of the best GST courses in Thane.


The institute also offers training in Certified Business Accountant (CBA), Certified Finance TaXpert (CFT),  and also crash courses like ITC Certificate in MS Office, ITC Certificate in Advance Excel, Smart Tally Accountant with GST.


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IBA Training


This institute offers a GST certification course in Thane. Both online and offline courses are available at affordable fees for individuals who wish to do the training. 


GST Course covers all Acts, Rules, Sections as per the latest Finance Act 2021. IBA provides practical training to include all the necessary aspects. They also provide support after completion of the course by providing the latest updates. This will ensure that their students are aware of all the latest changes.


They offer various courses in Accounts & Finance, Taxation. They also have advanced courses and office productivity courses. You can download their brochure for free on their website. 


ICA Edu Skills


ICA Edu Skills Thane is part of the ICA Kolkata, West Bengal. They have franchises all over India, and the institute in Thane is one of the many. ICA Edu Skills offers the best GST certification course in Thane. The duration of the course is about 30 hrs and covered in 8 lectures. 


The course covers the following

· Important definitions under the GST act

· GST Payment to the government

· Pass entries relating to Goods and Services Tax

· Computation of taxable value of services

· Calculation of Goods and Services Tax payable

The training is industry-based and with practical training. With a professional certificate, one can get better job opportunities. 100% job assistance is provided. 


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Lakshya is a government-recognized and ISO-certified institute that offers a GST certification course in Thane. They are in the industry since 2009. The training programs are designed practically for students as well as working individuals. Intensive courses in the field of Accounts, Taxation, Tally, Goods & Services Tax (GST) are provided by skilled trainers.


These programs help individuals to enhance their skills and knowledge for better job opportunities and prospects. Lakshya also offers online courses. They provide exclusive printed study materials, an online student portal, batch size of 8 students for better attention. It also has a dedicated placement team in place for company tie-ups and job placements. 


Raj Computers Academy


They offer classes for Ms-office, Tally, GST, Digital Marketing among others. They are in the industry since 1996 and have consistently provided good training. They offer two levels of GST certification courses in Thane. They have basic and advanced Tally with GST. A course in GST practice and Procedure with GST in Tally. Individuals can practically learn how to file GST returns and Invoices in Tally. 




The institute is managed by professionals having more than 15 years of experience in Accounting and Retirement Solutions. It was started in 2016 in a small space. Over the next few years, they have successfully opened franchises in other places. At present, there are 7 training centers in Maharastra and two in Gujarat. The courses offered were Taxation and Accounting, in addition to courses on SAP Fico and Digital Marketing. All the courses are offered at affordable prices.  


You will learn about 

· Individual Tax

· Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)

· Goods and Service Tax (GST)

· Finalization of Accounts

· MIS report Preparation

· Statutory Laws


The institute is grounded with bright engaging classrooms and skilled faculty working in the industry. There are practical classes to gain hands-on experience. Students from ITAA have been placed in companies like CITI, Bosch, Frist Cry, Accenture, HITACHI, Godrej, Genpact, Flipkart, Deloitte, Bata, BookmyShow, Bloomberg, BSE. Contact them for the GST certification course in Thane. 


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NIFM (National Institute of Financial Markets)


National Institute of Financial Markets (NIFM) is one of the top 5 institutes in the banking, insurance, financial, and stock market sector. They offer specialized courses in Accounts, Banking, and Financial Market segments.


They have several branches across India. The GST certification course deals with the complete GST cycle from registration to claim and explains in detail the concept of reverse charge. This course will not only enhance knowledge about GST law but in fact, it enables one on how to read and refer to the law for future use. NIFM GST training course provided hands-on experience on Tally ERP 9. 


Boost your career with a complete understanding of the GST Law covering its implementation, compliance, and enforcement. GST Certification course from NIFM is a bonus to your resume. The course is for 2 months. The fee is Rs.25000 plus GST. Check their website for more details on the GST certification course in Thane.


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


Career opportunities after GST Certification Course.


GST Practitioner: A person must be an employee at the Commerce tax department, central product tax, and customs board and designated at the group B post for a minimum of two years. Any individual working in the above-mentioned departments can become a GST practitioner after undertaking the GST certification course in Thane. The average annual salary is about Rs.5- Rs. 6.5 Lakhs per annum.


GST Assistant: A GST Assistant of any private company is responsible for maintaining records of accounts. This is to make periodic reports around GST regularly. The person is authorized to perform functions relating to filing returns by the applicable due dates. In the government sector, the average salary is between Rs.3 Lakhs – Rs.6 Lakhs per annum.


GST Executive: The GST Executive’s primary responsibility is to provide advice, support and review of statutory matters related to GST including preparation and filing of the returns. The individual has to file GST Returns GSTR-1, GSTR-3B, GSTR-6, and annual returns.


TDS Practitioner: A TDS Practitioner has to file statements of tax deduction in the given time. Ensuring that TDS return is filed with the same TAN against which TDS payment has been made & TDS certificate is issued is one of the key responsibilities. Also, one must verify whether the correct challan particulars including CIN and amount are mentioned. The correct PAN of the deductee must be mentioned. All these should be validated for each individual/customer in the organization.


Accountant: The main responsibilities of an Accountant are preparing accounts and tax returns, monitoring expenditure and budgets, analysis of financial performance, auditing the accounts statements, financial forecasting, and preparing risk analysis. The Accountant also has to advise on how to reduce costs and increase profits. They have to periodically compile and present financial and budget reports. 


Assistant Accountant: Their major role is to support the finance team or the management team through clerical jobs and day-to-day accounting tasks. A junior member usually reports to the Accountant. They assist the Accountant in preparing financial documents, managing payrolls, helping with budgets, and assisting in bank reconciliations. They compile financial reports and share them with the Accountant. 


Junior Accountant: The primary responsibilities include posting daily journal entries, updating financial statements, maintaining accounts receivable and accounts payable, paying monthly payroll, and preparing financial reports. 


Tax Professional: This individual is a professional who is qualified to calculate, file, and sign income tax returns on behalf of individuals and businesses. Moreover, they can act as representatives of the taxpayer during IRS examinations of tax returns. Many individuals and businesses hire a professional tax preparer when it is time to file a tax return. The individual is also consulted for tax-saving options and other financial benefits. 



Q. How do I choose an online GST course?

Go through the course curriculum of the institutes and check for additional features. You should have access to learning materials online, there should be apt mentor support. Also, check whether they provide information on tools and software used for GST.

Q. Do we get recorded/live sessions for online GST courses
Different institutes formulate the courseware in different ways. Some have live sessions, some have recorded sessions. Some provide mentor assistance while giving you a self=paced course to the students. Choose a GST course that is most suited to you.
Q. What is the scope of GST practitioners in India?
There is ample scope for excellence for GST practitioners. Lawyers, finance professionals, can start their own consultancy or start jobs in different industries and sectors.



Whatever you choose to pursue, the GST certification course in Thane will help you enhance your knowledge, understand all the aspects of the course in a detailed manner. Better job prospects, improved career opportunities are the benefits of a certified course. All the Best.

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  • Hi, I am a freelancer. I have zero tax knowledge. And through a Linkedin post, I came to know that is mandatory for freelancers who earn more than 10Lakh/annum to pay taxes. I hope these courses help me and clarify my GST knowledge and other tax info I require.

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