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Top 7 GST Certification Course by MSME in 2024

GST certification will provide an ultimate guide to goods and services tax regulation. It will enhance your career opportunities and the certification provide validation. Many government and private institutions are providing GST Practitioner courses. In this blog, we will look at the best GST certification course by MSME.

Top 7 GST Certification Course by MSME


Before coming to your exact question of the GST certification course by MSME, I would like to throw some light on what GST is, its type, how you can learn., and all. At the end of this blog, you will get a clear picture of your questions. Before that, let me ask you a question that what is a tax?


What is a tax?


We all know what is tax, and most of us are paying it also, but what exactly does taxation mean? Tax is the method by which government finances its expenditure by implementing a certain amount to pay for the government from citizens and corporates. Tax is the most crucial part of our economy. Now let us discuss the two types of Taxes:


  1. Direct Tax :


Direct tax is the tax that the taxpayer is paying to the respected authority directly. For instance, the government is imposing income tax for some citizens, or to some entity, they are paying the tax directly to the government fund. There are some types of direct tax, like:


  •   Income Tax :


Income tax is the tax that the government levies on the citizen according to their income. From 2020-21 tax percentage rates are below:

Up to 2.5 lakhs is tax-free.

Above 2.5 lakhs – 5 lakhs have 5%

Above 5 lakhs – 7.5 lakhs 10%

Above 7.5lakhs – 10 lakhs 15%

Above 10 lakhs -12.5 lakhs 20%

Above 12.5%-15lakhs 25%

Above 15 lakhs 30%


  • Securities Transaction Tax


The securities transaction tax or STT is a type of financial tax which are recovered from every purchase and sale of securities between two entities.STT is governed by the Securities Transaction Tax act and the rate is decided by the government and it changes according to the types of security that you have purchased or sold


  •   Capital Gain Tax


The profit received by selling capital assets above a certain amount is taxable, and this is known as Capital Gain Tax. Two types of capital gain tax are:

Long Term Capital Gain

Gain Short Term Capital

The rate for LTCG(long term capital gain ) above 1 lakh is 10% and for STCG(short term capital gain it is 15%


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  1. Indirect Tax:


Indirect tax is the tax that can be passed to another individual or a group. Unlike a direct tax, indirect tax is paid immediately i.e., when a buyer buys a product he/she has to pay the product amount plus the tax amount. Some types of tax are


  •   Sales tax:


Tax implied when purchasing and selling of goods within India Anti-dumping duty. Government levies tax on imports when it is believed that the goods are dumped in the market by low prices


  GST merging various indirect taxes:


As there are many indirect taxes, the government introduced GST to merge all these indirect taxes into one form. Some of the taxes that merged with GST are service tax, VAT, excise duty…The goods and services tax (GST) is a value-added tax levied on most goods and services sold for domestic consumption. The GST is paid by consumers and remitted to the government by the businesses selling the products and services.

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Types of GST


SGST(State Goods and Service Tax ):


SGST is the tax component under GST. It works to the taxation for goods and services. It is the tax levied on interstate supplies for both goods and services by the state government under the taxation Act.


CGST (Central Goods and Services Tax)


Central goods and services tax (CGST) is another taxation policy under GST that involves the intrastate transfer of goods and services under the Central government.


IGST (Integrated Goods and Services Tax)


IGST is the integrated form of state goods and service tax and central goods and service tax, in numerically IGST =SGST + CGST. IGST is the central government tax plus the state government tax. If a person is ordering or supplying a product from his state to another state, he will have to pay IGST.


UGST (Union Territory Goods and Services Tax)


It is the tax that is levied while transferring goods and services to or from union territory that takes place in any of the five territories of India including Lakshadweep, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Daman and Diu, Dadra, Chandigarh, and Nagar Haveli.


What Are The Advantages Of GST:


  • GST consolidates most of the indirect tax to one that will help to simplify the taxation process
  • Avoids double taxation
  • Will take off corruptions and sales without receipts
  • Reduces tax for certain goods
  • Provide accountability for unauthorized sectors
  • GST is the destination-based tax
  • Boost GDP
  • Provide smooth interstate and intrastate flow of goods with the lower transit time
  • It would alter the taxation burden to be split equitably between manufacture and service
  • GST is integrated with GSTN, which integrates all tax platforms and deal with all aspects of GST.


Now we can discuss how GST certification will help your career


Scope for GST Certification


GST is a vast subject which deals with the various concept of goods and services regulation. If you are a GST-certified person, you will get a salary hike of 15% -20%. The job opportunity is also high if you acquire certification in GST. After completing your certification, you can start your consultancy also.


As GST is the concern of the people living in the country, there is no doubt for how the job vacancies are, according to the recent survey there very about 1 lakh job openings in the industry.


You can glance through the Top 12 GST Certification Courses in Delhi NCR


Who is Eligible:


  • The aspirant ought to be an Indian citizen
  • Not be convicted by the court
  • Mostly for CA,accountants,tax consultant ,finance students


Some institutes are providing certification for:


  • Candidates currently undergoing B.A., B.COM, B.SC., BBA, MBA, M.A, M.COM, M.SC. B.E./B.TECH.MBE, LLB, LLM, CA, CS, ICWAI, OR Ph.D. Programs in any university or college / Institution are eligible for joining this training program. Colleges, Universities, Institutions, Coaching Centres can nominate their students as well as Degree Pass-outs to get trained on Certified GST Training programs.


Top 7 GST Certification Course By MSME

  1. IIM SKILLS GST Course

IIM skills is one of the best online training institutes offering various training programs for students and professionals. The IIM Skill’s GST certification course by MSME has gained tremendous popularity across students and professionally let us glance at their program details




    • Duration:4 weeks (16 Hours Lecture)
    • Fees:11900+gst
    • Main Curriculum includes :
    • Practical Assignments
    • Free E-Books, Invoicing Tools & Softwares
    • Concept of GST and its impact on business
    • The framework and structure of GST
    • Registration under GST
    • Invoicing in GST
    • GST return filling
    • Composition scheme under GST
    • Reverse charge mechanism
    • E-way bill under GST
    • Input tax credits and payment in GST


MSME GST Courses


2. NI-MSME GST Certification Course By MSME


Now let’s, look deep at the GST certification course by NI-MSME.


GST certification course by MSME is one of the top valued certifications, which will add good value to your profile. Before let us examine what MSME is. The certification is provided by NI MSME


What is NI MSME :


NI-MSME originally started as a Central Industrial Extension Training Institute (CIETI ), then it’s renamed as Small Industry Extension Training Institute(SIET)


National Institute of micro small and medium enterprises is under the ministry of small-medium enterprise and is managed and controlled by the governing council constituted by the Indian government as per section 22(A and B )


Service provided :


  • Capacity building services
  • Skills up-gradation services
  • Provide Job enrichment by facilitating training programs
  • Provide training programs in the field of entrepreneurship


Target Audience


  • Entrepreneurs, managerial personnel, working Professionals, Tax Consultants, educators, and Students.




  • Understand the transitional issues concerning migration from the present tax structure to the GST regime.
  • Gain knowledge about the impact on Industry, Trade, and Services
  • Gain practical knowledge about GSTN framework
  • Get acquainted with a Tax compliance mechanism




  • 3 Days
  • Fee
  • Rs. 7500/- (Residential)
  • Rs. 6000/- per 3 days (18% GST as applicable).
  • The fee covers the value of tuition, study material, boarding, and lodging. It does not cover the travel expenses. The fee will not be refunded once paid. However, a substitute may be permitted. It is one of the GST certification course by MSME that you can opt for.



  1. GST Certification Course by Taxguru


Taxguru is another top website that provides online and offline learning facilities. Taxguru provides income tax, accounting auditing training also. Taxguru’s GST certification course by MSME:




  • Online Course involves 2 classes every week for 3 hrs on weekends for one and half months (30 hrs detailed course).
  • Fees :10,000+gst
  • Curriculum includes:
  • Major compliances
  • Filing of GST Return forms
  • E-Invoicing
  • New GST Returns
  • Minimizing disputes with the GST department
  • Handling assessments
  • GST Health Check-up and case studies


  1. Caclubindia GST Certification By MSME


Caclubindia is a very popular website, it is one of the oldest institutes providing various resources. The institute is giving a good set of information about financial aspects across the world. It is giving coaching for CA, CS, and CMA It also provides a huge number of certification programs like GST certification by MSME, accounting, tally…


Let us look at some highlight of the Caclubindia GST certification course by MSME


Course includes:


  • Certification: it is a popular and advanced course that gives certification from the ministry of micro small and medium enterprises government of India
  • Certification procedure
  • After attending the live class, it is mandatory to attend the exam to get the certificate.
  • Exam Date: Last Day of the class
  • Exam Mode- Online Exam, MCQ Based,50 Multiple Choice Questions, deadline – 1 Hour
  • Minimum 50% Percentage score required for Certificate
  • Result – Immediately after submission.
  • When the certificate will be issued: A certificate from the Ministry of MSME PPDC will be couriered after 15 days of the Online Examination.
  • Duration :40 hr: 13 sessions 
  • Course fees: RS 8850+gst
  • It is another good GST certification course by MSME


Also, check out the free GST certification course online 


MSME GST Courses


  1. GST certification course by ICA -Chennai


Institute of company accountants is situated in Chennai and they are approved by the government of India. ICA GST certification by MSME is an immense training program which consists of industry expert from Chennai. They are offering training for the student who is planning for a career in accounting and taxation.


Eligibility :


  • Anyone responsible for maintaining a company’s GST records.
  • Account managers and staff.
  • People working in a finance department.
  • Accountants and Accounting Personnel.
  • People who wish to enhance their knowledge of the GST System


Courses consist of:


  • Concept of GST-Overview
  • Concept of Supply
  • Time and Value of supply
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Registration
  • Accounts and Records, Audit and Assessments
  • Payment and Refund of Tax
  • Filing of returns
  • Miscellaneous Provisions
  • Place of Supply-IGST
  • Transitional Provisions
  • Impact on industries


Check out these courses from IIM SKILLS

Technical Writing Course

CAT Coaching

Content Writing Course

Digital Marketing Course


  1. GST Practitioner Certification Course by ISEL


Another option you can check for GST certification courses by MSME is ISEL’s course. ISEL government of India courses and certification from international certifying bodied with high-quality training and offers proven educational support and training on-demand courses. ISEL gained huge popularity across the world.

Let us take a glance at ISEL GST certification by MSME




  • Duration: 3 months
  • Fess:7600+gst
  • Curriculum includes
  • high-quality material and E-learning materials of 35+ hrs
  • Live online interactive sessions Q&A & Lectures 
  • Training modules designed by an industry expert with 25 years of experience
  • Offline Tools: study material Notes, Microsoft Excel Offline Tool, User Guides
  • Email updates: With GST updates (if any) weekly
  • Online Trainer and Technical Support via email
  • Facility to teach Online Examination for GST Practitioner Certification Course
  • Official GST Certification by MSME offered to candidates passing the examination


  1. GST certification by Shine-learning


Shine is India’s leading platform for e-learning with a vision to upgrade the Indian talent pool. It has courses from skills, ERB, ISEL. Shine learning GST certification course by MSME provide certification covering various aspects including registration, return and in-depth accounting and recording of GST transactions


Detail of course


  • Fess : 5700 + tax
  • Duration:1000 days


 Main Modules included:


  • Taxation and GST Basics
  • GST Concepts and Basics
  • GST Registration
  • GST Invoicing
  • GST Returns
  • Input tax reduction
  • GST Valuation
  • GST Legal Provisions
  • Miscellaneous
  • GST Practitioner Certification Examination




Above are some of the GST certification courses by MSME. GST practitioner is the booming career path, larger corporates are trying to find a GST practitioner, and certification is extremely important to showcase your skills. You’ll get a GST certificate by MSME from any of those reputed institutes to complement your career.


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