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18 Best Diploma Computer Courses In Ahmedabad

To improve our Knowledge in Computers, to learn the basics of computer language, to furnish the basic understanding of basic science entry-level positions a computer course is a wise decision.


The image displays best diploma computer courses in Ahmedabad


Taking up computer courses offers many benefits. Improved employment, pay increases are few benefits of taking up a Computer course.


Why a Diploma computer course?


There are many reasons to go for a Diploma Computer course one being the eligibility is just candidates must have passed tenth studies, unlike any bachelors degree. It also helps to be better at a job by learning latest computer course and also modernize your skills.


Eligibility of taking Diploma computer course in Ahmedabad


The eligibility in almost all the diploma computer courses in Ahmedabad is that candidates are qualified to pursue who have passed the 10th studies. Diploma Computer courses take around three years for an individual to complete. The individual should get at least get 45% from a recognized board. It can help to strengthen the skills in Computer Languages like Java, C- Programming, and many more.


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Types Of Diploma Computer Courses In Ahmedabad


There are many diploma computer courses in Ahmedabad. Here is a list one can choose from


1) Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering


For students who wish to opt Diploma computer science course after the tenth, this diploma course is for them. Basic understanding of computer science, engineering concepts, and mathematical techniques are some of the things it provides


The course also teaches networking, operation system, database, mobile computing, which are the core concepts of Computer Science. It is an important course among the diploma computer courses in Ahmedabad, various colleges offer this course. The course deals with various features of computers, designing personal computers, designing and writing programming languages and software are included in this course.


The minimum eligibility is a candidate must complete 10th from any recognized education board. The duration of the Diploma course is of 3 years offered in various institutes in India. This diploma course aims to strengthen their fundamentals in Computer languages such as C programming, Java, Python, etc.


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Colleges that offer this diploma computer course in Ahmedabad are :


  1. Government Polytechnic
  2. Ranchhodlal Chhotalal Technical Institute.
  3. Swarrnim Startup and Innovation University
  4. Brilliant Education
  5. Rai University
  6. L. J. Polytechnic
  7. Government Polytechnic for Girls
  8. Silver Oak University
  9. Swastika Computer Education


Job opportunity


The graduates apply to other higher degree programs. There are many colleges offering Diplomas in computer engineering in Ahmedabad. Job opportunities are available for candidates in public and private sectors like computer sales, installation, and support for other businesses, or set up their own business and work with clients.


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2) Advanced Diploma in Programming Computer Languages.


A computer program is a list of instructions a computer to follow mechanically. For students with rather considerable knowledge and experience in computer programming, this course is for them. Different programming languages such as Object-Oriented programming, procedural programming will be introduced in the course also The differences between them will be clarified through the use of C and C++.


Computational rationale, computational unpredictability cryptology, and disseminated calculation are the four territories. Under these territories, the course furnishes the understudies with essential calculated instruments for displaying, structure, and examining with further specialization.


To produce technical and management professionals of global standards is the main aim of the course.


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Colleges offering this Diploma computer course in Ahmedabad are


  1. Airson Institute of Technologies (AIIT)
  2. Swastika Computer Education Dudheshwar
  3. NIIT
  4. Calorx Teachers’ University.


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Job opportunity:


There are many job opportunity for the candidates after completing this diploma computer course in Ahmedabad

  • Applications developer.
  • Cybersecurity analyst.
  • Data analyst.
  • Database administrator.
  • Forensic computer analyst.
  • Game designer.
  • Games developer.
  • Application analyst.


3) Computer-Aided Design and Drawing (CADD)


This diploma course is a subfield of computer engineering. This course visualizes design as a modular 3D model by dealing with the design and drafting of objects and materials through specialized software.


The course helps create the 3D models complete with detailed documentation such as dimensions, materials used, and even details of the design process.


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Colleges offering this Diploma computer course in Ahmedabad are:


  1. R Cad Designing & Engineering Pvt Ltd.
  2. Cube CAD Center Satellite.
  4. Engineering Cadcam Solution.
  5. CADD Centre.
  6. Power Tech Computer Classes.


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Job opportunity


The CADD diploma is one of the courses in diploma computer courses in Ahmedabad, which has an artistic side to it. After completion, there are many job opportunity like


4) Diploma Course in Computer Maintenance


The course is a technical diploma course. The diploma course duration is three years, should have completed the tenth studies. Computer application, computer hardware, assembling parts of a computer, repairing are some of the areas the course aims to train the student.


The course trains students in administrating, installing, and configuring computers. Installing, implement, and utilizing software, and upgrade and troubleshoot personal computer hardware


Colleges offering this Diploma computer course in Ahmedabad are:


  1. Ranchhodlal Chhotalal Technical Institute
  2. Computer Engineering Department
  3. Mother Institute Of Electronic Technology
  4. Department Of Computer Engineering
  5. Computer Training Institute Ahmedabad
  6. I Login Computer Training Institute
  7. M M K Computers
  8. Akshar Compusoft Education, Gujarat Computer Training Institute(Govt. Of India)
  9. Institute of Computer Technology
  10. School of Computer Studies
  11. Gt Computer Hardware Engineering College
  12. Department Of Computer Science
  13. Nirma University Sarkhej
  14. Ahmedabad University


Job opportunity


Network and Computer System Administrators. Network administrators design, install and manage networked computer systems, Computer Network Architect, Computer Hardware Engineer. These are some of the jobs Candidates can apply for after the course.


5) Diploma in Advanced Computing


The diploma course is the flagship program of ACTS(Advanced Communications Technologies And Services.) It enables students to work on current technology scenarios prepares them to keep pace with the changing face of technology. The aim of the course is the requirements of the growing Information Technology industry.


Emerging trends in advanced computers, Contemporary, futuristic human resources requirements of the Information and Communication Technology industry are kept in mind while designing the curriculum.


Colleges offering this Diploma computer course in Ahmedabad are


  1. Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
  2. CDac Computer Institute
  3. C-DAC Training Centre
  4. C-DAC Computer (Govt. of India)
  5. CDAC Computer Center (Govt. of INDIA) Narol
  6. C-DAC Computer (Govt. of India)
  7. CDAC 43
  8. CDAC Computer Education (Govt. of India)


Job opportunity


Jobs in the sectors such as Information technology, R&D, E-Commerce, Software Development & Testing, App Development & Testing Network are available for students after the course. Firms such as Technology firms, Telecommunication firms, and Wireless communication firms also recruit advanced computing professionals.


6) Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking


The course is a Diploma level Networking course. The course teaches technical skills such as the ability to construct a computer. It also teaches the implementation, management, and maintenance of computers and network configurations to optimize performance.


The Diploma course is one of the most technical among the diploma computer courses in Ahmedabad. To install, diagnose, repair, and upgrade all hardware and equipment is also taught. The optimal work performance is maintained by teaching to support computer systems, desktops, and peripherals.


College offering this computer course in Ahmedabad are:


  1. Siddhi Vinayak Computer Education


Job opportunity


After completion of the diploma course, candidates have many job roles such as System Engineer, Technical Engineer, System Administrator, Network Administrator, Computer Hardware Engineer, Network Engineer, Technical support, Help desk technician/Network support technician, Field service technician, Security Database development and administration and Intranet Specialist.


7) Diploma in Computer in Office Management


This course refers to manipulate documents and data in files on a computer. Edit a file or create a new file and save it, open or load a pre-existing file into the memory, close a file without saving it.


In addition, one may group related files in directories. All these tasks are accomplished in different ways in different operating systems and depend on the user interface design and, to some extent, the storage medium used.


College offering this Diploma computer course in Ahmedabad is:


  1. Asia Pacific Institute of Management


Job opportunity


After pursuing a diploma in office management, candidates can get into many job roles. Office Executive, Office Administrator, in Banks, Hotels, Travel Agents, Data Entry firms are some of the job roles aspirants can get in.


8) Diploma in Computer Application and Programming


The course is one of the well-known diploma computer courses in Ahmedabad. Duration is 1-2 years full-time regular diploma course. It targets to produce practical and supervision professionals of global standards.


Includes study of various computer applications such as Internet Applications, Database Management System, MS Office, Operating System, HTML. The eligibility for this course is passing class 10 with a minimum of 45% and above from a recognized board. Admission is given based on merit. Interested applicants can also apply for the course part-time and distant.


Colleges offering this Diploma computer course in Ahmedabad are:


  1. Creative Information Technology Engineering and Multimedia Academy
  2. Brilliant Education
  3. Siddhi Vinayak Computer Education


Job opportunity


Some of the fields candidates can work in are database management, embedded systems, Information Technology, telecommunication, multimedia, computer hardware & software implementation, computer hardware & software maintenance, gaming, web designing.


9) Advanced Diploma in Computer Application


This course is for the one who is good at mathematics and thinking about computer technology. It offers an advanced understanding of computer applications. Students who have picked computers as the main or optional subject after tenth have an additional advantage over others. There are no other eligibility criteria set for candidates. Any candidate who has completed high school can register for this course. This computer course in Ahmedabad requires no minimum cutoff.


College offering this Diploma computer course in Ahmedabad is:


  1. Siddhi Vinayak Computer Education


Job opportunity


Information Technology security, ERP Basics, computer Assembly, e-business are some of the job roles. Jobs that also attract candidates are e-commerce, database development, programming.


10) Advanced Diploma in Office Automation and Web Designing


This Diploma Course instructs Web Designing. Web Designing is a particular field of IT course length changes from the establishment to found. Students who wish to become an expert in performing routine office procedures are well suited to this program.


Providing basic training of computer and its most common software to use in Office work is the main focus of the course. With the help of this program, students can become an expert in Office Automation.


College offering this diploma computer course in Ahmedabad:


  1. Siddhi Vinayak Computer Education


Job opportunity


After completion of the course, students can take up jobs as:

  • Website Programmer
  • Freelance Designer
  • Design Consultant
  • Web Design Instructor
  • Web Media Designer
  • Webmaster
  • Content Writer
  • e-commerce Site Developer
  • Web Promotion Executive


11) Diploma in Web Designing


Diploma in Web Designing Course provides education about Web Designing. It enables candidates to provide optimal information and skills to work on different software to design a website.


The desire for Web sites to serve as large, dynamic, interactive, and customizable sources of information of a user, is constantly kept up to date, resulting in server-side technologies for advanced Web design. People who know about handling Computer Applications have huge demand.


The course seeks to offer an advanced understanding of computer applications. Students who aspire to make a career in web designing must have a creative sight and vision for developing new websites and digital data ideas. This diploma computer course in Ahmedabad provides students with in-depth knowledge about creating and designing websites and internet pages.


College offering this diploma computer course in Ahmedabad is :


  1. Siddhi Vinayak Computer Education


Job opportunity


A web designer can have Jobs such as Advertising Sales Rep. Graphic Designer. Marketing Manager. Writer or Editor. The demand for web designing has become high around the world. As a result, a Web designer’s salary in India has increased significantly.


12) Diploma in Computer Teacher Training


The course is an Information Technology computer science course. It mainly focuses on the fundamental aspects of the computer both for teaching and training. For a specialized career in teaching and training, candidates are well trained.


The course provides basic knowledge of computer such as

  • Computer Fundamentals,
  • basics computer concepts,
  • MS Word,
  • Excel,
  • PowerPoint,
  • Access,
  • Documents Drafting,
  • Data Entry,
  • File Uploading-Downloading,
  • Digital Financial Services,
  • Emails,
  • Websites,
  • HTML,
  • CSS, Language C are some of the concepts it teaches. Candidates will also be able to do work on MS-office Package.
  • One can easily handle data and do internet browsing, mails.
  • Net banking, cyber awareness, will be provided
  • Advance excel with functions and formulas
  • Accounts
  • Computer Languages
  • Graphic Designing Tool


College offering this diploma computer course in Ahmedabad is :


  1. Vikram A. Sarabhai Community Science Centre (VASC)
  2. Softcom Computer Education/Aptech Computer Education
  3. Drishty Computer Institution


Job opportunity


After completion, candidates can apply for a Computer teacher in the private sector or go for further studies.


13) Diploma in Programming in Advanced Computer Languages


Diploma Computer Programming is also known as DCP, the degree and programs are Computer and Information Technology. The ambiance provided by the Institute for Computer Programming facilitates quality learning. The diploma computer course aims to produce technical and management professionals of global standards.


College offering this Diploma computer course in Ahmedabad is:


  1. Digital media groups


Job opportunity


  • Software Developer
  • Web Developer.
  • Systems Analyst.
  • Database Developer.
  • Computer Programmer.


14) Diploma in Programming Languages


Students opting for this diploma computer course can choose to focus on specific computer languages that will allow them to create computer databases or websites. Some of these languages are PHP, C, and C or Java. Students learn the theory behind computer programming languages.


They also get the opportunity to employ their knowledge through hands-on programming. It trains students to become analytical and detail-oriented, which may help them rise quickly in any career. Mastering in various coding languages can lead to increased income, career advancement.


Colleges offering this Diploma computer course in Ahmedabad are:


  1. TCCI-Tririd computer coaching institute Coaching center
  2. Aptech Learning & Aptech Aviation Academy Office
  3. Joy Consultant Python Training
  4. Bascom Bridge Education Pvt Ltd-Certified Ethical Hacking Institute
  5. NIIT Ahmedabad
  7. Dhvani Computer Classes
  8. TOPS Technologies
  9. Mother Institute Of Electronic Technology
  10. LogicRays Academy
  11. Ratan WebTech


Job opportunity


  • Computer Programmer jobs
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • .Net Programmer
  • Java Programmer
  • SQL Developer
  • PHP Programmer
  • C++ Programmer
  • Diagnostic Software Development-Linux
  • Maintenance Engineer


15) Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application


One of the Postgraduate level Diploma computer courses in Ahmedabad is PGDCA. A course designed for students who are interested in computer applications. This diploma course provides specialization in computer science with technical, professional, also communications skills.


For candidates who want to learn computer applications in different fields like banking, insurance, and accounting, the course is for them. This program allows seeking professional knowledge in computer applications. It provides specialization in computer science with technical, professional, and communications skills. It trains students to become future IT professionals.


Colleges offering this Diploma computer course in Ahmedabad are:


  1. Brilliant Education
  2. Gujarat University.
  3. CIE-Calorx Institute Of Education AT
  4. FCAIT-Faculty Of Computer Applications And Information Technology


Job opportunity


There are many job opportunity after Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application


  1. Networking & Internetworking field.
  2. Software design & engineering
  3. Technical writing.
  4. Graphic design and animation.
  5. Web/ e-commerce development.
  6. Database Development & Administration field.
  7. Programming – Development tools, languages.


17) Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science


The Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science is a one-year diploma computer course in Ahmedabad. The Diploma is suitable for those candidates who want to establish their career in Banking, Insurance, Accounting, Stock Market, E-Commerce, and Marketing.


To produce technical and management professionals of global standards is the main aim of the course. The course is for those who want to upgrade their knowledge and computer application skills and accelerate their profession with higher studies.


Colleges offering this Diploma computer course in Ahmedabad are:


  1. GLS University
  2. Brilliant Education


Job opportunity


  • embedded systems,
  • Information technology,
  • database management,
  • telecommunication,
  • computer hardware & software implementation,
  • multimedia,
  • gaming,
  • computer hardware & software maintenance,
  • web designing

These are some of the job fields candidates can work in


18) Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Hardware


Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Hardware (PGDCH). Computer hardware is an intrigued field of computer science. Candidates will have to pursue hardware and networking courses to seek application careers in this field.


Hardware professionals deal with components such as computer chips, computer systems, motherboards, processors, RAM, circuit boards, modems, external hard disks, printers, and keyboards. To be successful in this field, candidates must know all these components.


College offering this Diploma computer course in Ahmedabad:


  1. Gujarat Vidyapith


Job opportunity


Candidates can work in jobs like

  • Design Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Field Service Engineer
  • Systems Integration Engineer
  • Project Engineer


Career scope


Employment in various Academic Institutions, Manufacturing Companies, Telecom Companies, Healthcare Companies, Defence Sector, Retail Companies, and the Agricultural Sector- these are some of the career possibilities under the various computer courses offered in Ahmedabad.

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