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Best Architecture Courses in India in 2024 (Updated)

Since time immemorial architecture has played an important role in creating foundations of a prosperous and affluent society. From the ruins of Mohenjodaro to Tajmahal to the Eiffel tower, we have all marveled at this great and ancient art. Such has been its impact that it has led to the formation of different levels of systematic architecture courses, especially in India. the article aims to provide you with knowledge of architecture courses and shed light on the great upsurge of demand in Architecture Courses In India.


The image is about the best architecture courses in India


What Does This Word Architecture Mean?


Architecture in simple terms can mean a term to describe buildings and other physical structures. But in broader concept it means the art of planning, constructing, and designing physical structures ranging from houses to buildings to roads. It is an art that requires a great deal of precision in measurement and a vivid sense of imagination. To put it more robustly it is the art of creation of physical forms by using raw materials that are at the disposal.


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Architecture: Importance


Architecture plays a vital role when it comes to providing comfort and shelter to human civilization and also acts as a barrier against natural forces such as heat and cold. On a mental level, it can impact the mood of occupants and residents who reside in it.


When it comes to the cultural level it is a mirror that reflects how we are as a society and how do we want others to see us. One can also state that on a financial level it helps in attracting foreign tourism for a particular nation.


Now coming to the most important aspect of this article is its educational and career aspect of the architecture courses in India and the process involved in it. Let us look at them step by step if we can.


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Top Architecture courses in India:


Diploma in Architecture


Most underrated course in architecture in India but of great importance to those who want to start earning early.



A diploma in architecture is a 3-year duration course that can be enrolled after completing matriculation (10th standard) or in some cases, you can enroll in it even after completing 10+2 but then the duration lies between 1 to 2years.



Age– 16 Yrs to 18 Years

Qualification: 50 To 55 % in 10th Or 12th

Subjects Required: Maths and Science


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What Subjects Are There In Diploma In Architecture Engineering?


1st Year

1. Mathematics

2 Strength of Material

3 Civil Draftsmen and Architecture

4 Business Communications

5 Information Technologies


2nd Year

1 Interior And Exterior Designs

2 Building Constructions

3 Structural Engineering

4 Architectural Designs

5. Construction Project Management


Final Year

1 Estimation, Costing, and Specifications

2 Foundation Design

3 Concrete Technologies2

4 Elective Subjects

5 Projects


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A career in Diploma in Architecture: Why Choose It of All Architecture Course In India.


So what are the employment areas in diploma in architecture- As it is a field that is ever-evolving, therefore, the area of employment it covers is ever-increasing some of them are:


– Indian Railways

– Airports

– Housing departments

– Construction companies

– Civil engineering departments

– Educational institutes


Some of the specific roles and jobs that you will be provided with after the completion of this course are:


-Junior architect

-Assistant general manager



As per salary goes initially you will receive around 2to 3 lakhs per annum but as you gain more experience in this field or add more certificates and higher degrees the salary can start very high ranging around 15 lakhs per annum. And this is just the first of Architecture Courses in India.


Popular Colleges and Institutes For Diploma In Architecture Courses In India:


– Academy of Architecture

– CAN College of Polytechnic

– AMIE Institute

– Aryabhatt Polytechnic

– BPS Institute of Technology


The average fee for the course varies from 10000 to 1 Lakh from college to college. The variation in fee is due to certain factors such as the reputation of colleges, facilities provide, location of the college, and whether it is privately deemed or government deemed.


It can be said that a diploma in architecture is the base or stepping stone when it comes to Architecture courses in India.


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Bachelor Of Architecture Engineering-(B.Arch)


This is an undergraduate program and the most enrolled one when it comes to Architecture courses in India that are most famous among students. It aims to equip students with knowledge and tools to aid them in finding jobs in private and government construction companies.


This course includes activities such as laying footprint designs of construction, preparing blueprints of construction, etc.



The course is for 5 years that includes 10 semesters each in every six months.



Anybody who has scored decent marks in 10+2 (from 50%to 75%. Marks change according to eligibility criterion of different colleges and institutes) and has PCM(physics, chemistry. maths) as his subject is eligible to opt for this course.


Admission Process For B.Arch:

You can take admission into these colleges either directly (depends on the marks you get in 10+2) or there are some entrance exams that you will have to crack to get into reputed colleges and institutes.


Top Entrance Exams for B.Arch

Well, there are many entrance exams that you can appear in to get your dream college for architecture engineering and the Most famous among them is NATA. This is a national-level exam conducted by the Council of Architecture.


Other important entrance exams are as follows:

  • Jee Mains
  • Amueee
  • Ts B.Arch
  • Tnea B.Arch


The exam comprises five main subjects:

  • -physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • General aptitude
  • Logical reasoning


Most exams contain questions from PCM but some of them might contain General knowledge as well. The PCM questions are mainly at the 12th level but they do check your basic knowledge. These exams for architecture courses are conducted all across the country.


B.Arch Subjects

The whole curriculum is designed in such a way that students acquire experience in both theoretical as well as practical knowledge. This is the most comprehensive and lengthy course among Architecture Courses in India.


Semester 1 and Semester 2


Architectural Design I Architectural Design II

Visual Arts and Basic Design I Visual Arts and Basic Design II

Computer Applications I Computer Applications II

Building Construction I Building Construction II

Environmental Studies Climate-responsive Design

Model making and Workshop Surveying and Leveling

Human Settl. & Vernacular Arch. History of Architecture I

Professional Communications I Sociology and Culture

– Professional Communications II


Semester 3 and Semester 4


Architectural Design III Architectural Design IV

Visual Arts and Basic Design III Visual Arts and Basic Design IV

Computer Applications III Computer Applications IV

Site Planning and visual Landscape Studies Solar Active and Passive Systems

Research Elective I Research Elective II


Semester 5 and Semester 6


Architectural Design V Architectural Design VI

Building Construction V Building Construction VI

Theory of Structures V Theory of Structure & Design II

Energy System & Renewables Sustainable Urban Habitats

History of Architecture IV Specifications & Contracts

Design Methodology II Contemporary Architecture

Art and Architectural Appreciation III Architectural Theories

Arch. Research- Elective III Art & Architectural Appreciation IV

Arch. Research- Elective IV


Semester 7 and Semester 8


Architectural Design VII Practical Training

Working Drawings

Project Management

Architectural Appreciation IV

Arch. Research Seminar

Arch. Research- Elective V

Arch. Research- Elective VI


Semester 9 and Semester 10

Architectural Design IX Architectural Design Thesis

Professional Practice Thesis Design Research

Urban Design Studies Professional Practice

Arch. Research Dissertation/ Art Thesis

Arch. Research- Elective VII

Arch. Research- Elective VIII


There are mainly two types of subjects in the whole duration of the course:


  • -elective subjects such as humanities, technology, environment, etc.
  • core subjects- Architecture design, building construction, etc.


Career In B.Arch


B.arch offers a lot of prosperous opportunities for desired candidates. As the construction industry is a market that is mostly in the boom, therefore, the opportunities in this field are highly rewarding and lucrative. Some of the coveted job opportunities that come your way after completing the course are:


-Design architect-work consists of designing blueprints of buildings and other physical structures, configuring these structures, etc.


-Urban planner- Urban planner generally develops strategies and procedures for the use of land. They use proper plans to accommodate physical facilities, create growth, etc. This job is very high in demand nowadays.

-Interior designer- here you get opportunities to design domestic homes and domestic structures such as frames, lights. interior hall, etc.

Apart from private organizations an architecture engineer also gets great opportunities to work in government organizations such as the Archaeological Department, National Building Organization, Ministry of Defense, Departments of Railways, Housing, and concrete Development Corporation, structure Department, etc.


Architects have many job opportunities in architect firms, universities, consultancy companies, etc. The icing on the cake is that you will have the ability to work independently through consultancy charges and opening up your own firm but that would depend entirely upon your profile, skill, and experience.


Who Are the Top Recruiters


  • Jones Lang LaSalle Meghraj
  • L&T
  • DLF
  • Jindal
  • Manchanda Associates
  • Architect Consultants
  • Edifice Architects Pvt. Ltd.
  • Chitra Vishwanath Architects
  • Sahara Group
  • Vasthu architects
  • Malwadkar and Malwadkar


Top Colleges for B.Arch- Architecture Course in India-


  • SRM Institute Of Science And Technology, Chennai
  • Dayanand College Of Engineering, Bangalore
  • Vellore Institute Of Technology, Vellore
  • IIT Roorkee, Roorkee
  • School Of Planning And Architecture, Delhi
  • Birla Institute Of Technology, Ranchi
  • Manipal University, Manipal
  • University Of Mysore, Mysore
  • Bms College Of Architecture, Bangalore


Fee Structure-

Well, there is no fixed structure for the amount that you need to pay to do this course. The amount generally ranges from 1lakh to 10 lakhs INR in some cases it might go up to 20lakhs INR and depends entirely upon factors such as college reputation, location. facilities provided etc.


Now, for enthusiasts and students who want to earn even a higher package in this reputed and creative architecture industry, there are two post-graduation courses that they can pursue.


The top 2 post-graduation courses for architecture are:


-Master Of Architecture(M.Arch)

– MBA in Architecture




Master of architecture is a post-graduation course that involves deep and profound research into the subject. It is the icing on the cake when it comes to architecture courses in India.


WHAT IS M.ARCH ALL ABOUT- Master of architecture involves designing parks, roads, theme parks, etc. It involves both elements of rural and urban construction. Some of the subjects and specializations involved in this course are


  • Landscape Architecture
  • Naval Architecture
  • Green Architecture
  • Architectural Conservation
  • Urban Design
  • Housing


M.Arch Eligibility:


-Any student who has completed his b.arch can apply

– Final year b.arch students can also apply

-The candidate should obtain at least 50% in the entrance examination

– Some reputed institutes carry out aptitude tests and interviews for selection.


Top 3 Entrance Exams For M.Arch


  • GATE- This highly competitive exam is conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology(IIT). Candidates who have completed their b.arch and those who are in their final year are eligible to apply. Candidates are required to clear the GATE cut-off for selection.
  • KARNATAKA PGCET- This exam is conducted by the Karnataka exam authority and students are selected based on GATE score or a minimum of 50% marks in their Bachelor’s degree.
  • CEED- The exam is conducted by IIT and the Indian Institute of SCIENCE. Candidates must have completed their bachelor’s in design, fine arts, or engineering from a recognized university.


These are highly competitive exams for the top Architecture course in India and require a thorough understanding of your subject.


M.Arch Syllabus And Duration:


M.arch is a fully specialized and job-oriented course comprising 4 semesters which are carried out for 2 years. Candidates here get the opportunity not just to design buildings but also structures such as parks, lawns, and gardens. This is course ranks top among professional courses when it comes to Architecture Courses in India.


Semester 1 and Semester 2


Contemporary Processes in Architecture Design I Contemporary Processes in Architecture Design part II

Urban Conservation and Practice Performance Evaluation of Buildings

Traditional and Contemporary Landscapes Services in High Rise Buildings

Sustainable and Green Building Design Urban Landscape Design

Urban Design Studio Web Design and Portfolio Production

Landscape Ecology and Planning Advanced Architectural Design Studio I


Semester 3 and Semester 4


Emerging Practices in Housing Building Information Modelling

Research Methodologies in Architecture Thesis

Architecture and Critical Theory Building Management and Control Systems

Dissertation Appropriate Technologies and Sustainable Construction

Advanced Architectural Design Studio II GIS Modelling in Urban Planning

Sustainability and Energy Conservation in Landscape Architecture Material Conservation


Top 5 Colleges For M.Arch Architecture Courses In India


  • IIT Roorkee-Uttarakhand
  • School Of Planning And Architecture-Bhopal And New Delhi
  • Anna University- Tamil Nadu
  • Bms College Of Architecture- Karnataka
  • Jamia Millia Islamia- New Delhi


The Annual FEE of these reputed colleges ranges from 30000 to 150000.


Career In M.Arch

Among Top architecture courses in India, the career prospects in this field are the most prestigious ones. Some of the highly coveted jobs and roles that candidates can get after the completion of m.arch are:


-Project Architect– A project architect deals with the development of designs and production of documents and their specifications.

– Landscape Architect– Landscape architects are experts in creating and building both natural and man-made environments which are attractive and practically feasible both in rural and urban areas.

Building Inspectors -Building inspectors are responsible for quality inspections of buildings and other construction projects.

Design Architects- Design architects are responsible for fabricating and planning new designs for structures and construction projects.


Also, M.arch students find other career opportunities in departments and fields such as:

  • -Central and State Public Work Departments
  • Urban Development Corporations
  • National Building Organization
  • City Development Authorities


Top private companies that hire m.arch postgraduates are:


  • -Dlf
  • -Sahara
  • -L&T


How Much Does A Postgraduate M.Arch Earn:


While the average salary is around 5-6 lakhs per annum, there is no fixed barrier. Top companies can provide a sound initial package of around 8-10 lakhs P.A… And as you gain experience and switch to other companies in your carrier the package just gets better and better. This course is among the top-paying architecture courses in India.


Advanced Higher Studies After M.Arch-


For students who have the gist to pursue the subject even further, they can opt for Ph.D. level courses such as M.phil and Ph.D. in architecture. The duration of the course is 4years and candidates who have completed M.arch in their respective fields are eligible to opt for these courses. These courses are the least pursued among architecture courses in India.


MBA in Architecture:-


-MBA in architecture allows candidates to relate and learn the management side spectrum of the architectural field. Specialized subjects are allotted in this field and it is totally up to the candidate to choose his or her specialization.

– The duration of all the specialization courses is 2 years and consists of 4 semesters each after 6 months.


Admission Process and Eligibility for MBA in Architecture:


-Graduation in b.arch.

– Clearing respective entranced exams with a minimum passing percentage. (percentage changes for different entrance exams).


Top Courses in MBA In Architecture:


-MBA in Design Management


MBA in design management is a two-year course aimed at acquainting students with various concepts of design and their applications in relevant industries such as architecture, advertisement, etc.

The purpose of this course is to impart knowledge to students in terms of design management and its promotion that can increase the productivity of the business

The minimum qualification required is a bachelor’s in any relevant field and 50 to 60% that can vary from institute to institute.


MBA Design Management Admission:-National level entrance exams.


-Through government and state college exams

– Direct admission into some institutes based upon your marks.


Top Exams for MBA Design Management

  • CAT
  • MAT
  • GMAT


These 3 exams are top-rated for architecture courses in India due to their high level of question paper and the chance that they offer in top colleges of India.


MBA Design Management Subjects and Syllabus-


First Year

Management & Organizational Behavior Communication Skills Computer Applications in Management

Managerial Economics CAD Foundation to design basic drawing

Report Writing Building Materials & Elements 1 Customer Relationship Management

Accounting for Managers Entrepreneurship Development Building Materials & Elements 2


Second Year:

HRM Tenders & Contracts Professional Practice

International Business Interior Space Planning Services Project Management

Estimation Costing Business Laws Project Work


Career after MBA In Design Management


It is a rapidly growing field and in the past few years, its demand has grown exponentially. But the most sought after job profiles for fresh graduates in this field are:


  • Advertising
  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Product Design


MBA in Industrial Management


This is the most sought after and the most high-profile specialization in the MBA Architecture field.

– The course on a whole covers areas such as project planning, cost estimation, and safety of industries that are related to manufacturing.


Eligibility for MBA Industrial Management


-Bachelor’s degree in relevant field

-Minimum 50% marks in bachelor’s

– Attractive personality and good communication skills.


Admission Process: Admission to this course will be done based on the candidate’s performance in entrance exams like CAT/ MAT/ XAT etc.


Top Colleges for MBA Industrial Management:


– NITIE, Mumbai

– NICMAR, Pune



Syllabus and Subject For MBA Industrial Management:


  • Principles of Management and Organizational Behaviour Business Analysis Tools
  • Quantitative Techniques for Management Total Quality Management
  • Industrial Project Management Purchasing and Procurement Management
  • Management Information Systems Business Environment and Ethics
  • Managerial Economics Supply Chain Management
  • Information Technology Project Management & Documentation
  • Corporate Communication Strategic Management
  • Human Resources Management Enterprise Resource and Planning


Job And Career Scope After MBA Industrial Management:


Best job profiles that are most sought after MBA INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT are:

-Construction manager

-Project manager

-Quality assurance manager

-purchase manager

-Industrial production manager


Some of the sectors that an MBA Industrial Management candidate can work on are:


– Automobile




MBA Urban Management


MBA Urban Management is a 2-year course that aims at providing professional expertise in areas related to Real estate, etc.

  • MBA Urban Management Eligibility-he candidates must possess a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline the same degree from a recognized university.
  • They must have a minimum aggregate of 60% at their graduation level.
  • Candidates studying Architecture, Planning, and relevant disciplines.


MBA Urban Management Admission Procedure:- Candidates are selected supported entrance examination percentile followed by a private round l interview conducted by the authorities.


Top Entrance Exams For Mba Urban Management:







Top 5 Urban Management Colleges And Universities-


  • -Xavier Institute Of Management-Bhubaneshwar
  • -Attitude Business School- Bhubaneshwar
  • -St. Joseph College Of Business Administration- Bangalore
  • -Aisect University- Bhojpur
  • -CEPT University- Ahmedabad


These colleges are best not only for Urban Management but also for most architecture courses in India.


MBA Urban Management Subjects and Syllabus


Semester I and Semester II


  • Business Management Financial Management
  • Managerial Economics Research Methodology
  • Financial Accounting Business Law
  • Computer Applications Business Development of Real Estate
  • Urban Infrastructure and Real Estate Real Estate Economics
  • Urban Planning and Urbanization Process Real Estate Marketing and Research
  • – Project Management


Semester III and Semester IV

Core Subjects Management in Action, Social, Economic, and Ethical Issues

  • Strategic Management
  • Quantitative Techniques


Career after MBA Urban Planning-

Some of the most high profile positions and jobs that candidates can aspire after following their course completion are:

  • Urban Designer
  • Associate community organizer
  • State program manager
  • Urban project planner


They can also get employment in much-coveted public sectors like central government departments and local authority departments such as municipal corporations. They are also in great demand in private agencies such as private consultancies, transport agencies, housing associations, etc. Job profiles mainly include surveying, design, and development.


Other Famous Streams of MBA Architecture:


  • MBA In Environmental Management
  • MBA Infrastructure Management
  • MBA Sustainable Development Management
  • MBA Real Estate


Explore this world of Architecture courses in India and you will be surprised what doors of opportunities it can open for you.

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