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Top 9 Data Science Courses In Karkardooma With Placements

We all know that the digital world we live in is almost transparent with information exchange. It is possible because data sources help companies understand what step they should take next or improve their daily lives by providing us with accurate measures of something. This hugely impacting data science industry is expanding and in a few years might have a CAGR of 27.7%. Thus, there is no doubt why this field will prove beneficial to you, but before diving into it you must be aware of the right sources. Our comprehensive list of data science courses in Karkardooma will have you covered.

List of Top 9 Data Science Courses in Karkardooma

Let Us Understand the Data Science Domain Better:

Data can be easily understood by numerical or raw pieces of information which do not fall under any category. However, with data science, you can collect raw data, and analyze and interpret it with ease so that you can obtain insightful results.

The field can also be described as a study that extracts meaningful insights for businesses and organizations.

The multidisciplinary aspect of the domain allows it to utilize several concepts such as machine learning algorithms, statistics calculus, scientific computing, methods, processes, visualizations, and systems which enable working data scientists to uncover hidden patterns in data and direct their decisions accordingly.

As an example of the uses of data science, we can observe how information about customers collected through various online surveys or online activities can enable companies to make decisions.

On the other hand, raw data is transformed into understandable which saves us time and helps our lives progress. It could be something as simple as checking the weather report for a live update on the weather.

During your time in the data science courses in Karkardoma, you’ll get several opportunities to explore these areas.

Top Industries for Data Science Professionals:

If you’ve been planning for the future, you might have thought about this already. Through this list, we are going to explore some of the potential career paths you could secure after graduating from the data science courses in Karkardooma.

Entertainment and Media – The rise is several OTT platforms like Netflix. Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and digital media have given rise to the demand for data scientists.

With relevant data, these companies can understand what the customer prefers and what is trending with their target audience, so that they can introduce it on their platform. Similarly, entertainment companies have set target demographics by analyzing their customer data and further tailoring it to advertisement campaigns.

Retail – Digitalization of the market has resulted in the growth of online stores which require trained professionals like data scientists to work in the background.

Many digital stores prioritize customer experience and for that, it needs to be updated on relevant information which improves the quality of such a decision. Proper training programs like these data science courses in Karkardooma can enable boost your existing skill sets to be on par with the industry standards.

Automobile – This industry also depends greatly on data science to thrive in this intense competition. The data it accumulates enables smooth research for better design manufacturing and marketing processes.

On the other hand, the inclusion of advanced analytics within the data science domain has helped the development of autonomous automotive systems. The data scientists can benefit this industry by enhancing vehicle safety, decreasing repair costs, improving production line performance, and creating effective schedules.

Digital Marketing – It is a separate domain but certain parts of it depend on the data science processes. In short, data scientists have a role to play in enhancing search pages, social networks, web traffic displays, videos, web pages, and databases.

Participating in the data science courses in Karkardooma might provide you with some insight into data-driven information which helps marketing managers obtain important information.

Telecommunication – Nowadays, telecommunication networks such as text messages, voice messages, and social media require a vast amount of information and no one else is better suited to the job, than data scientists.

The telecommunication industry benefits through personalized offers made to customers, allocating network resources, ensuring a smarter network deployment, and detecting fraudulent activities so that they can be eradicated.

Top 9 Online or Offline Data Science Institutes in Karkardooma:


As one of the top data science institutes in Karkardooma, IIM SKILLS sets aims to achieve elaborate and well-structured curricula that can be accessed by everyone at affordable prices.

The institute was formed in the year 2015 by Mr Vaibhav Kakkar, after the success of an educational blog post. It started with a comprehensive Content Writing Master Course and later grew to introduce other topics that are in demand.

It has proven itself to be one of the fastest-growing Ed-tech companies in Asia and is trusted by big brands like Google, Samsung, Unitech, and HT Media Group.

Data Science Course at IIM SKILLS:

Among other newly introduced professional courses, you have the Data Science Master Course which promises to make you an empowered next-generation data scientist. The program has been recognized as the best by the Statesman and Times Now.

The comprehensive understanding of data structures and prediction along with mastering advanced industry tools make it stand as one of the best data science courses in Karkardooma.

It brings you all the relevant information within the domain through more than 160 hours of interactive lectures, over 100 hours of practical assignments, and 16+ live projects that provide real-life insights.

Besides that, the faculty is supportive and will help you at every step of your learning journey. At the end of the sessions, you get a certificate that validates your alumni status and relevant industry experience.

Course Details:

Course Name – Data Science Course

Fee – 99,900 INR (+18% GST)

Duration – 11 months

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9580740740

Email: [email protected]

Website: iimskills.com

2. DataMites

DataMites has been at the top of the game for quite some time and has made a name for itself with the help of its varied student base. The institute has a wide range of professional courses and among these, you get data science, machine learning, Python programming, Tableau, and deep learning.

Datamites believes in aims to bring forth well-structured curricula and present beginners with the ideal industrial backdrop to get them started.

Moreover, the company does not have any limitations to the enrollment of learners, which enables freshers, analytics candidates, and software professionals to get an equal scope.

Data Science Course at DataMites:

At DataMites the course structure covers the essential portions of the data science industry such as Python programming, statistics, mathematics, etc. These are important aspects without which your success can’t be guaranteed.

Unlike other data science courses in Karkardooma, this course spans 3 months and is held either on weekdays or weekends. After the video lessons are over, the next 4 months are for the live projects that are loaded with practical exposure.

At a reasonable price, this training program must not be missed.

The Curriculum in Short:

  • The foundation of the Python program
  • Essentials of statistics
  • Foundations of Big Data
  • The module on machine learning associate and expert
  • Database for SQL

Contact Information:

Phone: 1800 3133434

Website: datamites.com

Check Out Some More Advanced Courses on Data Science,

3. ExcelR

The institute is originally based in the US and works as the top consulting and training firm focusing mainly on the student needs and the urge to help professionals with their skill development.

ExcelR Institute has certain services and approaches to education that facilitate a seamless learning experience.

Moreover, the institute has outlets in countries like Canada, the UK, Romania, and Australia which helps it reach a wider audience and it has been awarded to more than 30 franchises across the world.

The institute aims to provide aspiring students like you, access to the best learning methods and eradicate all barriers that hinder the growth of learning.

Data Science Course at ExcelR:

At ExcelR Institute, the data science training program includes several assignments that cover more than 100 hours of practice and theoretical development. It enables you to work on live projects as part of the program and also brings you the opportunity to choose your projects.

Thus, it stands among the list of top data science courses in Karkardooma. The curriculum for this training program is curated to be on par with advanced as well as basic-level industry standards, which is what makes it a professional course.

ExcelR takes great pride in the professional conduct of its faculty who help the program achieve its desired goals. There will also be provisions for e-learning materials and recorded sessions for people who missed the live lectures.

The Curriculum in Brief:

  • Hypothesis testing and statistical analysis
  • Modules on text ming and forecasting
  • Understanding functions of core Python
  • Understanding exception handling of core Python

Contact Information:

Phone: 1800 2122121

Website: excelr.com

 Explore Some More Data Science Courses

4. Careerera

Established in the year 2009, Careerera has seen several changes in the online education industry and experienced significant growth throughout the years.

The institute has strived to uphold tradition, honor, and discipline with its education services for the longest time possible.

Thus, it stands among the top data science institutes in Karkardooma which has shaped many professional lives with its e-learning materials.

Data Science Course at Careerera:

Careerera lists several data science courses comprising specialized modules for skill growth. But in general, you can take away valuable information from any course that delivers an in-depth curriculum.

The PG program in data science takes the place among the top data science courses in Karkardooma because not only does it bring you an exceptional curriculum but also adds additional benefits.

You can acquire career assistance, capstone project experience, guidance from renowned trainers around the world, and the ability to work on multiple live projects and more than 25 industry-graded projects.

These are available to you when you purchase this training program and it all seems worth it. Careerera Institute has collaborated with several eminent universities and organizations to bring you a top-notch curriculum, making sure your quality of learning isn’t compromised.

The Curriculum in Brief:

  • Foundations of SQL, Python, and R programming
  • Statistics and exploration of data analysis
  • Machine learning techniques like ensemble, regression, and classification
  • Data visualization with prominent tools

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

Website: careerera.com

5. SkillSlash

SkillSlash Institute holds on to its reputation along with its values which are closely knitted together to help students progress. As part of this institute, you’ll be able to learn from industry experts who have relevant experience and put your connections to good use.

The policy revolving around the teaching-learning method allows all students to build their abilities from scratch and get placed with brand names within the industry.

SkillSlash is also committed to turning the education industry more approachable and accessible for students and keeping everything transparent. There are provisions for demo courses that allow a slight preview before you commit to the actual program.

Data Science Course at SkillSlash:

The comprehensive training program that leads to programming foundations, Python basics, and data types covers all the aspects that can guarantee your success.

The general mode of learning is provided in blended modules which also feature regular doubt-clearing sessions to ensure proper intake of information.

With your enrollment in this course, you’re not simply accessing a carefully curated lesson plan but also the benefit of triple certifications. Thus, it easily stands on our list of top data science courses in Karkardooma.

The comprehensive lesson plan is accompanied by live-interactive sessions, unlimited doubt resolution from your teachers, and weekly classes, all within an online learning experience.

The Curriculum in Brief:

  • Essentials of Programming module
  • Applications of statistics
  • Use of machine learning in data science
  • Use of deep learning and natural language processing

Contact Information:

Phone: 8392911911

Email: [email protected]

Website: skillslash.com

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6. Digiperform

Digiperform is recognized as the largest and exclusive digital domain which was established in the year 2014. Throughout the years it has undergone a series of changes before reaching wide success across several states in India. It offers one of the best data science courses in Karkardooma.

All of this institute’s curriculum is curated and kept up-to-date by more than 50 experts across different industries. The curriculum that you get in the training program is the result of an elaborate survey of what data science positions require in today’s period.

Thus, it takes a place among other top data science institutes in Karkardooma.

Data Science Course at Digiperform:

The Master Certification Program includes portions of analytics, machine learning, and AI along with various other components that put it together into a comprehensive course structure.

As one of the top data science courses in Karkardooma, it brings you a 16-module training program along with live projects, assignments, and case studies.

The platform introduces its program as India’s only training program that can help you build a successful data science career with no prior experience and is one of the well-known data science institutes in Karkardooma.

All of that is within 11 months of training through the live online medium. The program also helps you master different data science tools and its subsidiary software such as Python, Data Visualization tools, Database Management tools, Version Control tools, and Text editing tools.

The top students have previously landed jobs at reputed companies like Wipro, Infosys, Capgemini, Cognizant, HCL, Razorpay, Zoho, helpshift and Trifacta.

The Curriculum in Brief:

  • Essentials of Data Science module
  • Business analytics and data visualization module
  • Python programming and data visualization module
  • Exploratory data analysis module

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

Website: digiperform.com

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7. 360DigiTMG

The institute which was established in the year 2013 has seen itself become the most trusted organization among aspiring data scientists. It is considered to be one of the best data science institutes in Karkardooma.

The goal it tries to achieve through its continued efforts is to transform careers by providing exceptional means for knowledge accumulation and optimizing different ways to improve your skills.

360DigiTMG operates as a means that bridges the gap between data science aspirants and industry needs.

Data Science Course at 360DigiTMG:

At this data science institute in Karkardooma, there are several options to level up your data science qualities, so that you can master advanced techniques.

It stands among other data science courses in Karkardooma because, under the guidance of trained professionals, you will be able to launch a career with ease.

The program has previously helped 96% of graduates get placed with renowned brands across India. Moreover, the training program enables you to apply data-driven approaches for proper business dealings and you will be taught to perform text mining which generates customer sentiment.

The Curriculum in Brief:

  • Modules on Python and SQL
  • Modules for understanding data processing
  • Modules on mathematical foundations
  • Modules of supervised and unsupervised learning

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9289675992

Email: [email protected]

Website: 360digitmg.com

8. Intellipaat

Intellipaat is another Ed-tech institute that brings students exactly what the current industry demands. Since modern education requires online institutes to aim towards new ideologies Intellipaat takes a step towards introducing unique approaches to ideas and content creation.

The institute allows all students whether beginner or professional access life-long support as well as other valuable e-resources.

Thus, Intellipaat takes a remarkable spot among other data science courses at Karkardooma.

Data Science Course at Intellipaat:

Among the best data science courses at Karkardooma, this institute’s training program lets you master the essential skills of Python, SQL, mathematical modeling, data science, and descriptive statistics.

Graduating with the obvious benefits makes your certification all the more valuable to the company which will utilize your skills for the better. The course lays down more than 200 hours of self-paced lessons that span 7 months.

There will also be provisions for guided projects, personalized mentorships with experts, reports and guidance on resumes as well as a preview of your LinkedIn profile, making sure everything is set to make your professional journey as smooth as possible.

The Curriculum in Brief:

  • The module on Python and data science
  • The module on linear algebra and statistics
  • The module on business case studies

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 7022374614

Website: intellipaat.com

9. HenryHarvin

Among other reputed online education institutes on this list, Henry Harvin does not stray too far. It is because this institute has proved to be on par with what the students need.

Henry Harvin offers each student, whether fresher or professional, an opportunity to pursue their desired courses from renowned universities and attain full benefits entitled to the university’s alumni.

This means you could get access to plenty of course structures across in-demand industry topics such as digital marketing, data science, sales, finance, computer science, and cybersecurity.

It stands as one of the top online data science institutes in Karkardooma because its mission to innovate products, processes, people, and markets for higher operational efficiency remains unchanged even after years.

Data Science Course at Henry Harvin:

For a higher education experience, the MBA-level in Data Science by College De Paris might be the best fit for you.

The key highlights of this program are 192 hours worth of instructor-led sessions, 32 hours of live classes guided by experts, 64 hours dedicated to doubt-solving and questions, 53 auto-graded assignments, and 288 hands-on exercises conducted under guidance.

Along with these, you get 2 mock interviews and hackathons, a guaranteed internship opportunity with top MNCs, and placement support with premium access to the job portal.

Thus, there is no doubt that its elaborate lesson plan and curriculum make it stand among the top data science courses in Karkardooma.

The Curriculum in Brief:

  • Modules on SQL
  • Module on Power BI
  • Modules on Python programming
  • Modules on R programming
  • Statistics and mathematical foundations
  • Data types and data processes
  • Clustering and dimension reduction
  • Modules of ensemble techniques

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9899577620

Email: [email protected]

Website: henryharvin.com


Q) What Can I Earn as a Data Scientist Based in Karkardooma?

If you are someone with minimal skills, you can secure yourself a position that pays 12 Lakhs per year. The data science industry is quite lucrative and provides room for promotions.

Q) How Rewarding is the Data Science Industry?

If you consider modern economic standards in India, data science is a lucrative career path for interested individuals. All the valuable skills and techniques can be learned through professional online courses or internships.

Q) What Main Skills Are Required for the Data Science Field?

Data scientists are required to master skills like critical thinking, Python programming, Tableau, detail orientation, machine learning, and more. These skills combined with knowledge of computer science are crucial for the field.


The digital age has brought along several technological advancements in modern industries and data science is no exception. It has existed in the past through traces in different subjects which in modern times can be combined and called data science.

The popularity of this field has also given rise to the demand for professional courses like this list of data science institutes in Karkardooma. Thus, these professional courses can be found in abundance. However, selecting the right one for you can be something based on your judgment and preferences.


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