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Top 10 Data Science Courses In Malad With Placements

Imagine a retail company struggling with low sales of a particular product category. This is why they are offering discounts that might boost their sales, but they are unsure. This is where data science comes in. Data science collects relevant data and defines the problem clearly. In this case, the problem is to boost sales and to offer discounts. With the help of data, businesses can predict which customers are more likely to respond to discounts. They can even find out what factors influence sales overall. Data Science is a growing field as new ventures are using large amounts of data so they need professionals to deal with this data. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 data science courses in Malad. After taking this course, you can be the next Data Scientist.

List of best data science courses in Malad

What Is Data Science?

 You can consider data science as detective work where data scientists collect data, analyze it, and use it to find answers to important questions.  

It involves a number of different activities including defining the problem, Collecting data from various sources & preparing it for analysis by removing errors & inconsistencies, using data visualization tools to understand patterns, trends, and relationships in the data, and using statistical or machine learning techniques to build models & understand outcome based on data.

After that, presenting findings to stakeholders using data visualization tools and then implementing recommended solutions & evaluating their effectiveness.

What Are Popular Tools Used In Data Science?

There are many tools used in data science including Python, R, SQL, Tableau, Excel, Jupyter Notebook, Apache Spark, and Hadoop.

1. Python:

Python is a famous programming language. It is used to build websites and apps you use every day. It helps analyze massive amounts of information like weather data or stock prices. Scientists use it for research and businesses use it to automate tasks. With Python, you can tell the computer exactly what you want.

Python is like a powerful toolbox for computer tasks. Imagine you can give clear instructions to a computer to solve problems or create things. That’s what Python does. Unlike some tools with complicated buttons, Python uses easy-to-understand instructions making it beginner-friendly.

2. R:

R is a statistical programming language that is used for data analysis and visualization. With R, you can find trends in sales data, predict weather patterns, or even analyze medical research. Because it’s open-source, there’s a large community that is developing new packages constantly which is making R incredibly versatile.

Imagine R as a powerful toolbox for data. It’s an open-source programming language that is specifically designed to uncover hidden patterns. By making sense of data, R helps us solve problems, make informed decisions, and find new possibilities.

3. SQL:

SQL stands for Structured Query Language, and it is the standard language that allows you to manage massive amounts of information from customer details in an online store to scientific data from experiments. By using SQL, we can analyze trends, answer questions, and gain valuable insights from all this data.

Imagine a giant filing cabinet for information but instead of folders, it has tables with rows and columns. This is how a relational database works and SQL is the language you use to talk to it. It lets you store, organize data from these databases.

3. Tableau:

Tableau is like a translator for your data. It is like a powerful data visualization tool that allows users to create interactive dashboards and reports. A company might use Tableau to see if their sales are higher in certain areas or during specific times of the year. This information can help them make better decisions about where to advertise or what products to create. Tableau helps you understand your data so you can make informed choices.

Imagine having a bunch of numbers and text that’s hard to understand. Tableau takes that information and turns it into charts, graphs, and maps that are easy to read. This lets you see patterns and trends you might have missed before.

4. Excel:

Excel is a popular spreadsheet software that allows users to organize, analyze, and visualize data with the use of charts, tables, and pivot tables. Excel helps you organize, analyze, and visualize it. It’s like a super-powered calculator that can crunch numbers, sort things efficiently, and even create clear pictures to help you make better decisions.

Imagine a giant digital notebook filled with rows and columns. It’s a computer program from Microsoft that lets you organize information like numbers, text, and even pictures in a grid. Each little box is called a cell, and you can type anything you want into it. Excel can perform calculations on those numbers. This makes it fantastic for things like budgets, shopping lists, or grades.

5. Jupyter Notebook:

Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web-based tool that allows data scientists to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations, and narrative text. With the help of Jupyter Notebook, you can try things out, visualize data, and share your findings easily even if you’re new to coding. Jupyter Notebook is a friendly way to start because you can learn and experiment at your own pace.

Imagine a notebook where you can write code, and explanations and see the results all together. You can write explanations in between, add charts, and see how the code changes the data right there. This makes it great for learning to code, testing ideas quickly, and even sharing your work with others.

Explore some other best data science courses:

List Of Data Science Institutes In Malad:

  • Atharva Data Science
  • Skillslash
  • Quickxpert
  • Raj Computers Academy
  • DataMites
  • ExcelR
  • Itvedant Education
  • DataSpace Academy
  • Livetech India

Top 10 Data Science Institutes in Malad

Below is a list of the top-recommended data science courses in Malad.

#1 Data Science Courses in Malad


IIM SKILLS is a well-known online platform in India and worldwide. They provide numerous courses for writers, marketers, financers, and analysts. This institution has been in operation since 2015 and seeks to give as many courses as possible at reasonable prices.

Data science courses in Malad are one of the courses they offer. You will learn about data science in-depth. In this program, you will learn about Statistics in Data Science, Data Science (AL & ML), Data Science using SQL, Data Science using Python, Data Science using Tableau, R for Data Science, and Data Science using Alteryx.

You will also get 160+ hours of lectures, 100+ hours of practical assignments, 16+ live projects, 10+ case studies, and 7+ tools that cover Python, SQL, Jupyter, CHAT GPT, and Flask.

Name: Data Science Courses

Duration: 11 Months

Fee: INR 99,900 + 18% GST

Certification: Yes

Mode of Learning: Online

Easy EMI: Interest-free EMI for INR 9,823 per Month

Group Discount: 100% Group Discount on 3 or more Registrations

Contact Information:

Website: www.iimskills.com

Phone number: +91- 9580740740

Email Id: [email protected]

Key Highlights:

  • You will get hands-on training in cutting-edge tools & technologies
  • You will develop your expertise in utilizing the data to solve complex business problems
  • You will get comprehensive training to make sure you become well-rounded
  • You will get guaranteed placement support to help you get started with your data science career in the real world
  • You can pick & choose the batch that best aligns with your work schedule
  • You will earn a Master’s Certification in PG in Data Science

#2 Data Science Courses in Malad

2. Atharva Data Science

Atharva Data Science is an educational training provider located in Mumbai. They offer a 3-year undergraduate B.Sc. degree in Data Science. This program is specially designed for those students who are interested in using scientific methods & programming to find the potential of data & pursue a career in data science.

In this program, you will learn practical skills. They have covered topics like data analysis, data visualization, programming languages like R & Python, Statistics, Databases, Machine Learning & big data technologies.

Name: B.Sc. in Data Science

Duration: 3 years

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#3 Data Science Courses in Malad

3. Skillslash

Skillslash is an online training company based in India that offers courses to help improve their careers. They focus on helping both aspiring professionals and those already working in the field develop new skills. They offer a varied range of courses including Software development, data science, analytics, and digital marketing.

They have covered a wide range of topics including Python programming, applied statistics, machine learning, deep learning, and data visualization tools like Tableau & Power BI.

You will start with fundamentals like programming basics, statistics, and probability. You will also learn core data science techniques like data cleaning, analysis, and machine learning.

This is a boot camp which means you can gain a lot of knowledge on data science in a short time. You will get lessons that are a mix of recorded lectures & live, interactive sessions. After completing this course, you will receive two certifications which are a Microsoft course certificate and a project experience certificate.

Name: Data Science & AI Boot Camp

Duration: 228+ hours

Fee: INR 80,000 – INR 5,00,000

#4 Data Science Courses in Malad

4. Quickxpert

Quickxpert is a popular training provider in Mumbai. It was founded in 2014. They offer both classroom & online training. They provide various courses in IT & software domains, including Java, C++, Python, web design, data science, and software testing. 

In this program, you will learn the basics of Python like variables, data types, operators, control flow statements, and functions. You will also learn NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib for data manipulation, analysis, and Visualization.

It also includes a range of algorithms like linear regression, decision trees, random forests, support vector machines, and K-nearest neighbors. 

Moreover, you will learn Deep learning, foundational statistical concepts, and an introduction to querying relational databases using SQL, Big Data, and data visualization with Microsoft’s Power BI tool.

Name: Data Science Course

Duration: 125+ hours

Fee: 35,000

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#5 Data Science Courses in Malad

5. Raj Computers Academy

Raj Computers Academy is a training institute with a presence in multiple locations across India. They have been running this academy since 1996. They offer a wide range of IT courses including software programming, hardware and networking, graphics and animation, accounting, and even IT syllabus. They are a leading IT training institute in Mumbai.

If you want to learn the basics, this is the best institute for your data science institutes in Malad. They are providing a Certificate in Hadoop Big Data & Analytics which could be foundational for data science. 

#6 Data Science Courses in Malad

6. DataMites

Datamites is an educational training institute. They offer courses related to Data Science & Artificial Intelligence. They are providing data science courses in various domains like Machine learning, Python programming, Tableau, Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence.

They have trained over 50,000 professionals so far. This institute is a certified partner with the International Association of Business Analytics Certification (IABAC). They also have a YouTube channel with tutorials related to data science topics.

In this program, you will learn data science essentials, analytics classification, data science roles & workflow, Machine learning introduction, data science industry application, Python basics, Python data structures, Python functions, Python NumPy package, Python pandas package, Statistics essentials like harnessing data, Exploratory Data Analysis, Hypothesis Testing, Correlation & Regression.

You will also learn Machine learning associates like Python Numpy & Pandas package, visualization with Python, ML Algo: linear regression, ML Algo: KNN, logistics regression, principle component analysis, K means clustering, Machine learning expert, advanced data science like Time series forecasting, Feature engineering, sentiment analysis, regular expressions with Python, ML model deployment with flask, advanced data analysis with Excel, AWS Cloud and Azure for Data Science.

Moreover, this program also covers databases, SQL basics, data types and constraints, databases & tables, SQL Joins, SQL Commands & Clauses, Document DB/No-SQL DB, Version control with GIT, and Big Data Foundation in detail.

Name: Certified Data Science Course

Duration: 8 Months

Fee: INR 72,345

Key Highlights:

  • You will get IABAC Global Certifications
  • You will get 700+ hours of learning
  • You will get guaranteed internship opportunities
  • You will get 5 practical decision-making case studies
  • You will learn from P.HDs & industry experts
  • You will get career guidance from expert counselors
  • You will get 25 capstones & 1 Client project

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#7 Data Science Courses in Malad

7. ExcelR

ExcelR is a well-known institute across the globe. They offer both online and onsite training. It’s been running in Bangalore since 2014. They are a global leader with a presence in over 40 countries. They have trained over 1,50,000 professionals.

They are also a trusted partner for universities & corporations. They also deliver excellent seminars. You will learn from exceptional teachers who are industry professionals. You can check their YouTube channel with training content.

You will work with a variety of technologies, including Excel, My SQL, Tableau, and Power BI. You will study other topics such as Business Statistics, Fundamentals of R, Fundamentals of Python, SAS, and ChatGPT, which will set you apart in the market.

In this program, you will learn many programming languages like Python, deep learning, Machine learning, and much more, Statistics & Machine learning fundamentals, data wrangling & analysis techniques, Data Visualization tools like Tableau & Big data tools like AWS.

Name: Data Science Course

Duration: 4 Month

Fee: INR 86,000

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#8 Data Science Courses in Malad

8. Itvedant Education

Itvedant Education is India’s fastest-growing information technology training institute. This is a wonderful institute to start your career in the IT industry. They provide a variety of courses.

They specialize in certification courses for IT skills like Data Science, Data Analytics, Python, Machine Learning, Web development, and much more. They offer both offline & online courses through their e-learning platform. They also have a strong network of over 2000 companies & offer placement assistance to students.

In this program, you will learn the fundamentals of Data Science & Analytics, Python Programming, SQL, Big Data Engineering, Machine learning, Deep learning, Power BI, and much more in detail.

You will also receive 30+ Case Studies and Projects, 10+ Languages and Tools, and 280+ hours of live training. This course comes with a 100 percent job guarantee. You will also receive career assistance from specialists.

Name: Data Science and Analytics with AI.

Duration: 6 months.

Key Highlights:

  • You will gain the skills that employers are looking for
  • You will earn globally recognized certifications
  • You will get a dedicated study app that provides & an accessible way to learn at your own pace
  • You will assigned a dedicated career coach who can provide personalized advice on career paths, resume building & interview preparation
  • You will get the opportunities to connect with professionals in your field through mentorship programs

#9 Data Science Courses in Malad

9. DataSpace Academy

DataSpace Academy is an institution that is offering online & offline courses. They provide many courses related to cybersecurity, data science, data analytics, digital marketing, and business communication.

They provide a blend of online and offline classes with video tutorials offered after each session. They also have a YouTube channel where they might post course content or information videos.

In this program, you will learn data analysis with Excel, Python programming for data science, SQL for data manipulation, Statistics for data analysis, machine learning algorithms, and much more in detail.

Duration: 1 year

#10 Data Science Courses in Malad

10. Livetech India

Livetech India is a learning platform. It was founded in 2009. They offer IT training courses in Mumbai. They specialize in a variety of in-demand tech skills, including Python programming, data science, web development, and software development. They offer classroom-based training & have trained over 2000 students so far.

In this program, you will learn about introduction to data science, Python Programming for data science including libraries like NumPy, Pandas, etc, data wrangling & cleaning, Exploratory Data Analysis, and Machine learning fundamentals like linear regression, decision trees, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Will a data science course guarantee me a job?

While a course provides valuable skills and knowledge, it doesn’t guarantee a job. However many data science institutes in Malad are providing internship opportunities & job opportunities after completing data science courses in Malad. You can even add relevant projects and build your portfolio. This way you can increase your chances of getting a job. 

Q.2 What are the skills required for data science?

There are a total of 7 essential skills for a data scientist. You should learn programming, Statistics & probability, Data wrangling & database management, Machine Learning & deep learning, Data Visualization, Cloud computing & Interpersonal skills. These are the skills that you should have. It will set you apart from the crowd. You can learn all these skills from data science institutes in Malad.

Q.3 How are data science and AI related?

Data Science is a comprehensive process that involves pre-processing, analysis, visualization, and prediction. On the other hand, AI is the implementation of a predictive model to forecast future events. Data Science comprises various statistical techniques whereas AI makes use of computer algorithms.

Q.4 What are the benefits of enrolling in data science institutes in Malad?

Data Science institutes in Malad can teach you the skills you need to get a job in data science or to advance your career in a data-related field. They can also help you develop critical thinking & problem-solving skills. And, you can take all these benefits from data science institutes in Malad.


The field of data science is constantly evolving. Data science is a blend of various disciplines. In data science institutes in Malad, you will hone your skills in programming languages like Python, Statistics, Data Visualization, Machine learning algorithms, and much more. After learning, data science courses in Malad, you can create a portfolio that will highlight your projects, key skills, and accomplishments. Some of the institutes are providing boot camps and some are specially made for beginners. You can choose what you want to do in your job as a data scientist.

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