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Top 9 Data Science Courses In Shahdara With Placements

Data science is a prevalent technology-driven industry that has gained its momentum in today’s society. Compared to what it was five years ago, the data science industry of today introduces several advancements in terms of software and tools, which facilitate the work process. Artificial Intelligence or AI is a relevant aspect of this industry and most daily tasks performed by the data scientist can be automated to address current demands. As an aspiring student, you can have several chances to better yourself through experiences before you step into the challenging industry. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of top data science courses in Shahdara, Delhi.

List of top 9 data science courses in Shahdara

Explain Data Science Briefly

In general terms, data refers to the raw information that you collect from various sources. It is usually numeric and has to be converted into more understandable forms before data scientists can present it or proceed toward some form of result.

In the transformation process of data science, several scientific methods, systems, and machine learning algorithms are used. This helps the data scientist to extract valuable insights from the raw data.

If you had to explain the data science industry, you could take a look at the data science lifecycle. Students pursuing data science courses in Shahdara are familiar with this aspect because it provides better insight into the industry.

It involves five stages – data gathering, data maintenance, data processing, data analysis, and communicating results. Other steps are also included for more accurate insights and data scientists are expected to take a multidisciplinary approach with mathematics, computer science, and statistics.

How Much Will the Data Science Industry Expand in the Near Future?

As the data science industry grows, there will be a rising demand for skilled data science professionals. This article tries to address the issue by guiding aspiring students towards the best quality data science courses in Shahdara.

Data science is essential for modern businesses and companies because its success depends on the raw data itself. But beyond that, this field is valuable to the common people. So, how does it work?

Let us take the Google Maps feature for example. It shows us the real-time location of several landmarks, organizations, and restaurants providing us with the shortest route to our destination. All of this is based on raw data which is later transformed into valuable results which aid daily life.

The data science industry and its gradual growth have given rise to several potential job opportunities. In today’s society, one no longer needs to pursue only the IT industry because there are lucrative jobs in sectors like healthcare, retail, aviation, cyber security, automotive, food, management, and e-commerce.

However, this is just the beginning and the data science industry will continue to rise due to technological advancements and a rise in data.

According to several reports, the market size for this industry is expected to increase and the projected increase can be estimated to be over 378 billion USD by the year 2030. Along with it, modern industry trends will be introduced.

Explore some best data science courses,

Is Delhi a Great Place for Data Science Students?

Yes, big cities like Delhi come with unlimited opportunities for aspiring students in tech-based industries. Data science among them has immense potential with its top-quality data science courses in Shahdara.

The place offers reputable universities and an overall supportive environment for pursuing further education. Not only do these data science institutes in Shahdara come equipped with updated tested curricula, but also internship opportunities and the ability to learn from industry experts.

Delhi features fabulous accommodation facilities for students who are living on a budget. There are options ranging from pocket-friendly to moderately luxury apartments, some of which are quite close to universities.

Moreover, several universities based in Delhi have hostels or dorm facilities for students who are new to the city or are seeking budget-friendly accommodations. The cost of living in Delhi, for aspiring data scientists is also quite reasonable.

Students living in hostels have the benefit of having fully furnished accommodations, leaving room for personal expenses. Delhi also features good recreational spots for students, including cafes, gyms, and yoga services. So, data science students can have something to look forward to, aside from a challenging curriculum.

Top 9 Online or Offline Data Science Courses in Shahdara District

Below is a list of the best data science institutes in Shahdara.


As a Delhi-based institute, IIM Skills has gained its reputation from excellent online services. It is an Ed-tech company that started operating online in the year 2015 and excelled in bringing quality and well-researched curricula to students around the world.

To date, not only has it become one of the data science institutes in Shahdara, Delhi, but also in more than 23 cities across Asia including Dubai and Singapore. You can get access to exclusive study materials and tutorials for several subjects like business accounting and taxation, finance, GST practitioner, investment banking, and digital marketing, aside from the data science course.

Moreover, the company continues to research new disciplines and introduce them as to the benefits they provide.

Data science course at IIM SKILLS:

In the Data Science Master Course, you get access to industry-relevant tools like Python, MySQL, ChatGPT, and Jupyter. The entire list of tools is provided to you on the IIM Skills website so you can understand what to expect.

As one of the top-rated data science courses in Shahdara, Delhi it has a stable timetable. There are more than 160 hours spent on live-interactive lectures, over 100 hours spent on classroom assignments, and 16 projects to participate in.

You also have the provision to learn from experts and participate in case studies. IIM Skills offers you an internship opportunity at the end of the course, greatly adding to your skills as well as providing you the ability to earn.

Name: Data Science Courses

Course Duration: 11 Months

Course Fee: INR 99,900 + 18% GST

Certification: Yes

Mode of Learning: Online

Easy EMI: Interest-free EMI for INR 9,823 per Month

Group Discount: 100% Group Discount on 3 or more Registrations

Contact information:

Phone: +91 9580740740

Email: [email protected]

Website: iimskills.com

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2. Coursera

Coursera is the largest platform that caters to a wide international student base while satisfying all their online education needs. Not only does it have a fair reputation for its services but also brings together other reputable universities or institutes under one platform, making quality education possible for all.

Other than that, there are provisions for finding your best course sorted through filters. You can choose a course based on the topics, level of mastery, time taken, and language to make it as customizable as possible.

Moreover, what makes it stand as one of the top online data science institutes in Shahdara is the multiple language selection for each course, so that language does not pose a barrier to your learning.

Data Science course at Coursera:

Coursera stands out from several other similar platforms for its ease of use and affordability. Thus, its data science course in collaboration with IBM is considered one of the best data science courses in Shahdara.

This professional certificate course breaks down the complex aspects of the data science industry and makes it compatible for beginners to understand. It also dives through industry-relevant tools and libraries, for more practical experience.

With Coursera’s guidance, students can participate in interactive learning programs, get their resumes reviewed, build networks and gain a deep understanding of the role. As a student, you will get to work towards building a perfect portfolio that leaves a strong impression.

Contact information:

Website: coursera.org

3. Simplilearn

Another massive one of the best data science institutes in Shahdata that offers thousands of online course modules is Simplilearn, which is one of the most popular Ed-tech platforms. The online platform makes it possible for students around the world to take up professional or certificate courses offered by their desired universities, without having to think about travel expenses.

All courses offered here are online and provide excellent quality in terms of your educational growth. Ever since its inception in 2010, Simplilearn has continued to grow and has introduced more than 2,500 sessions. It has also expanded its collaboration with different universities, offering skill development opportunities.

Data science course at Simplilearn:

As much as the courses are praised for their affordability, they also take a comprehensive approach to learning. Thus, it stands as one of the best online data science courses in Shahdara.

The modules dive deep into essential aspects of the data science industry like inferential stats, descriptive stats, natural language processing, model building, machine learning, and AI.

All of these are complex concepts involving multiple disciplines and it has to be broken down in understandable terms by an expert. The better part is that Simplilearn’s data science courses are also beginner-friendly.

The training program spans several hours and is flexible, so you could take as much time as you need to ingrain the major concepts. The modules also go over Python libraries, confusion matrix dimensionality reduction, and machine learning decision trees.

Contact information:

Website: simplilearn.com

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4. Careerera

Careerera is an online education institute which was established in the year 2009 and has been actively operating ever since. The online institute desires to uphold its tradition, honor, and discipline through the strategies implemented with learning modules.

Throughout the years, it has seen a favorable increase in its numbers, reaching students in 60+ countries around the world. It has helped shape the careers of many industry professionals with elaborate training programs and e-learning resources.

Careerera offers several data science training programs that have the power to evolve data into knowledge and bring students closer to the industry’s foundational concepts.

Data science course at Careerera:

The data science course goes in-depth into the professional basics and leverages your decision-making skills. But that’s not all, the curriculum offers a careful approach to comprehensive aspects including projects and key technologies.

You have a chance to learn from industry experts, grow into your formidable self, and also inspire others through your work or contributions. Its unique qualities make it stand out as one of the top data science courses in Shahdara, Delhi.

It brings you other benefits like valuable partnerships with leading IT companies for insights on futuristic approaches, resume guidance, interview preparation that builds confidence, and personalized mentorship from your teachers. It is a fair deal for anybody looking to develop their skills as it comes with an elaborate curriculum.

Contact information:

Email: [email protected]

Website: careerera.com

5. ExcelR

ExcelR has risen in popularity with its excellent training and consultancy services. The institute has its headquarters in Texas, USA but offers a seamless online experience to every student.

ExcelR is also well-reputed among its student base for the service it provides and the partnerships it fosters with companies like HCL, BP, Ford, Bank of America, and Tech Mahindra to maintain quality service.

Other than that, you can access over 50 assignments to build your skills, because practice makes perfect. The more you indulge yourself in the practical aspects, the better your proficiency will increase.

Data science course at ExcelR:

The data science courses in Shahdara focus on helping you achieve your ultimate goal with proper guidance or methods. The course includes a certificate at the end of your official lessons and there are provisions for more than 15 hours of interactive live-virtual classes held by professors, optional campus immersion, and so on.

It is one of the best data science courses in Shahdara that features a seamless online experience for anybody serious about their future.

ExcelR provides a dedicated placement cell with more than 150 partnerships, so students are interviewed and placed. The curriculum features comprehensive projects on product data analysis, natural language processing, predicting loan defaulters, warranty cost prediction, and predicting flight delays.

Contact information:

Phone: 096321 56744

Website: excelr.com

 Please read,

6. Coding Bytes

Coding Bytes is focused on the emerging technologies that shape today’s IT services industry and with years of experience it formulates the lessons. It has a deep understanding of the present market requirements, so there is no chance for an out-of-date curriculum.

Moreover, Coding Bytes is one of those online platforms that cater to the needs of working professionals as well as students by offering them varied solutions.

This platform stands out because of its 10+ years of experience and the teachers are very passionate about teaching it. The method for teaching results in high engagement among students and the learning process is outcome-centric. Aside from that, there is job assistance and lifetime support for everyone.

Data science course at Coding Bytes:

This 4-month training program specializes in Python certification. The data science industry is huge and knowledge of various tools is important, so having a specialization instead of a generalized course is quite beneficial.

The course highlights important aspects of the Python program but what makes it stand as one of the best data science courses in Shahdara is the additional UKIQ certification and USA internship.

Like any other professional course, Coding Bytes curates the program to have 42 hours of online instructor-led training, where the classes are held on weekends and weekdays.

Real-life case studies make it possible for you to understand the industry and implement our knowledge of Python in practical scenarios. Some assignments aggregate to a minimum of 60 hours and after successful completion of the course, you are rewarded with a certificate from the institute.

Contact information:

Phone: +91 9899355335, 1800 8913982

Email: [email protected]

Website: codingbytes.com

7. DataMites

When cost-effectiveness and quality are taken into account, DataMites stands high on our list of data science institutes in Shahdara. It offers specializations in the fields of machine learning, data science, data mining, Python programming, deep learning, and Tableau associate.

The main motivation that drives the institute forward is to create industry professionals who valiantly withstand the complexities of competitive analytics.

The courses are framed to address the basics of the subject and are updated frequently by experts to provide a well-built experience. There are provisions for customized solutions according to the needs of the trainee, comprising various career levels like a freshman, software professional, or analytics candidate.

Data science course at DataMites:

The online website features comprehensive data science courses as well as specialized modules focused on individual aspects. The comprehensive courses focus on all the industry tools and cover them in brief so that the time spent on each is divided.

You can learn about concepts of statistics, machine learning algorithms, and business aspects. The classes for this intensive session will be held for 3 months during weekdays and weekends and an additional Live Project mentoring is also provided.

As a student, you get unlimited access to the data science cloud lab which makes this one of the top data science courses in Shahdara district. For extra benefits, it is accredited by IABAC, Nasscom, and Futureskills Prime.

The course procedure involves periods of self-study with videos or books, intensive online training, certification exams for IABAC, internship project mentoring, live client project delivery, job alerts, and resume preparation.

Contact information:

Phone: 1800 3133434

Website: datamites.com

8. Attitude Academy

With more than 15 years of experience, Attitude Academy facilitates smooth self-study for students to bring up the education quality. The placement facility offers a 100% guarantee after course completion and you also get trained by professionals who are well-versed in CA, CS, and MBA.

Other facilities that are offered by them are affordable course options, support for weak students, air-conditioned rooms and hostel facilities for students outside of Delhi. Thus, it easily makes our list of top data science institutes in Shahdara.

Data science course at Attitude Academy:

This one of the best data science institutes in Shahdata offers specializations based on industry tools, one of which is the MS SQL server course. It is designed to address both beginners and professionals, making its approach job-oriented.

Moreover, the eligibility of the course states that you must have basic knowledge of database concepts such as SQL and MySQL. The course details out the topic and makes it comprehensive, which is why it stands as one of the best data science courses in Shahdara.

Contact information:

Phone: 011 43522158

Email: [email protected]

Website: attitudetallyacademy.com

9. Henry Harvin

Another one of the well-reputed data science institutes Shahdara is Henry Harvin, which stands among the top Ed-tech companies of the new generation. Its courses span various subject areas and some popular ones are cyber security, management, sales or marketing, finance, digital marketing, etc.

Henry Harvin’s curriculum is well laid out which means it’s also one of the top providers of data science courses in Shahdara. The company was established in the year 2013 and has grown to become known for its quality degrees, doctorate programs, diplomas, and certifications.

Data science course at Henry Harvin:

Henry Harvin’s student base is quite large but the faculty is dedicated to the development of each. Moreover, as one of the top data science courses in Shahdara, you have a selection of several top universities in partnership with this institute.

The course lays out more than 190 hours of instructor-led sessions for every student, 64 hours of live-interactive sessions and doubt-clearing classes, 32 hours of master classes guided by experts, and 288 hours on average for self-learning.

There are options for you to take up over 100 auto-graded assessments, get guidance on mock interviews or hackathons, and work on different industry-relevant projects or case studies.

This learning approach helps you shape your skills and the ability to work in a competitive environment. Some of the topics covered are data science tools, dimension reduction, data ensemble techniques, and a focus on soft skill development.

Contact information:

Phone: +91 9899577620

Email: [email protected]

Website: henryharvin.com


Q 1.) What are the preferred skill sets for a data scientist based in Delhi?

Some of the preferred skill sets for data science are programming, machine learning, big data, cloud computing, deep learning, and data collecting.

Q 2.) How do I use R programming in data science?

R programming is a data science tool that has varying uses like analyzing data, visualizing data, or manipulating the data for research purposes. The skill for utilizing this tool can be learned through professional courses.

Q 3.) How can machine learning be used in data science?

Machine learning is quite an essential aspect of today’s data science industry and it automates several tasks. You can use machine learning to identify patterns in data efficiently, perform complex analyses, and make accurate predictions.


Data science is a big industry and covers several aspects which is why it is important to understand the basics. The courses that cover this topic cover the multidisciplinary aspects as well so that aspiring students can gain comprehensive abilities. The proper amount of training can help you become capable of fitting into any role, not only in the data science domain but also in other spheres.

Our list of top data science institutes in Shahdara lists the ideal places where you could pursue your dream certificate course. There is often a dilemma centered around the right place to get your higher education or professional courses to get done. With this article, we hope to ease your worries to some extent and provide you with solutions.

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