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Top 10 Data Science Courses In New Ashok Nagar With Placements

As an aspiring data scientist, seeking the right guidance will lead you to the correct path. These professional courses are on par with industry trends and usually require no professional background for students to join. Thus, pursuing higher studies in this industry is much easier than before. The data science career path has picked up popularity among modern students who are much more advanced when it comes to working with technology and tech-based innovations. If you fit the criteria for this and think this is for you then check out our list of data science courses in New Ashok Nagar.

List of 10 data science courses in New Ashok Nagar

What Are the Usual Benefits of Pursuing Data Science?

So, what can you possibly gain from pursuing this industry in particular? This is one question that often comes to mind because as a student you want to make sure your hard work will off. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the rise, it’s leading to the fear of losing several jobs in the market.

Data science remains unaffected because of its ability to quickly adapt and innovate the industry as per the rising demands. Below, are a few reasons why you would benefit from taking up data science courses in New Ashok Nagar in the future.

  • Career Opportunities – Yes, data science is one such industry that has plenty of jobs in the market. Even if you are a working professional looking for more expertise and networking opportunities, these data science courses in New Ashok Nagar are going to help you out in some way. Earning a data science professional certificate is a great way to jump-start your career and a crucial step towards building a bright future. The industry is a fast-growing one with more innovations to come. Thus, opting for this industry could lead to a lucrative career path.
  • Improved and Informed Decision-Making – There is data everywhere, from the customer surveys conducted by businesses to the weather reports that benefit us. But a data scientist cannot simply make their judgments based on the raw data they collect nor can they communicate the results to people with non-technical backgrounds. This is where the data science courses play a major role in shaping your mind to help you make informed decisions. Through the data science courses, you will come across several tools that will help you.
  • Well-Structured and Organized – A proper certificate training program is more structured than what you might find on the internet. So, if you have been struggling to find the right resources for updating your knowledge, it might be a sign for you to join a professional course. With our list of data science courses in New Ashok Nagar, you can get comprehensive modules, each uniquely different from the rest and offering the best quality at affordable prices.
  • Hand-held Guidance – All of these courses have something in common and it is the guidance provided by industry experts or highly experienced faculty members. Students have to get essential guidance in the formative years of their career growth. With structured programs like these, it is exactly what you will get for your money’s worth.

Explore some best data science courses,

Top 10 Data Science Courses in New Ashok Nagar for the Year


It is an Ed-tech company that established itself in the year 2015, presenting to the students a wide variety of structured courses. Throughout the years the company has emerged as a leading provider of online education in not just India, but several other parts of Asia.

The company operates from its offline office in Delhi with an increasing online global presence. Its unique approach to online education which aims to deliver affordable courses, makes it stand among other data science institutes in New Ashok Nagar.

Data Science Course at IIM Skills:

The Data Science Master Course is a newly introduced training program that has been researched by experts and introduced as per the current needs of the career path.

So far, IIM Skills has helped more than 45,000 aspiring professionals turn their lives around and through these sessions, they have benefitted from the immersive knowledge and supportive faculty.

This particular course structure introduces more than 160 hours of online lectures and more than 100 hours of practical assignments.

Additionally, you can access more than 7 industry tools and work on 16+ projects and more than 10 case studies. These held it stand out as one of the best data science courses in New Ashok Nagar.

Course Detail:

Course Name – Data Science Course

Fee – Rs 99,900 +18% GST

Duration – 11 months

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9580740740

Email: [email protected]

Website: iimskills.com

 Have a look at,

2. Techstack Academy

Techstack Academy based in Delhi, is a center that provides students with numerous training programs for professional development. Ever since it opened its doors to learners in 2012, it has introduced excellence in the educational field.

It lays special emphasis on teaching inexperienced students with the theories that will help open their doors to new opportunities that makes it stand among other data science institutes in New Ashok Nagar.

Moreover, you can experience the essence of different learning modes and gain internships on live projects.

Data Science Course at Techstack Academy:

Among all other data science courses in New Ashok Nagar that can be found on Techstack Academy’s platform, we have selected the Big Data Hadoop Course. As to why the course is important, can be found in the growing demand for the term itself.

This course helps you master the concept of big data and Hadoop frameworks by weighing the functionality with practical methodologies offered by the academy. Other benefits that you get are the capstone projects which are mentioned in detail, on the company website.

You will also be rewarded with certifications from Orangus India as well as Techstack Academy.

The Curriculum in Brief:

  • Big data fundamentals and distributed computing
  • Operational databases and visualization of how they support distributed computing
  • Exploring the world of Hadoop
  • Introducing the Hadoop cluster
  • Introducing Sqoop flume and Oozi
  • Introduction to BIG R and Cloudera

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9319844494

Email: [email protected]

Website: techstack.in

3. Coding Bytes

Coding Bytes was formed with the mission to help each student take a step closer to achieving their dreams.

It prioritizes emerging technologies in the IT services industry and training while understanding the fact that many years of research have to be put in, to fulfill the requirements.

As one of the best data science institutes in New Ashok Nagar, the platform leads professionals and students by offering them varied solutions.

Data Science Course at Coding Bytes:

This training program paired with machine learning delves deeper into the concepts than you would find in other resources.

Unlike other online data science courses in New Ashok Nagar, you might prefer this one for its small batch sizes, expert mentoring sessions, flexible schedules, and goal-oriented curriculum.

Additionally, it also comes with affordable fees which makes it a catch for students who seek affordable quality resources. There are provisions for live project participation for each student.

The Curriculum in Brief:

  • Data science and Python modules
  • Introduction to Scipy and Scikit
  • Exploring machine learning
  • Introduction to Theano and Trensorflow
  • Growing importance of data science
  • Exploring Artificial Intelligence

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9899355335, 1800 8913982

Email: [email protected]

Website: codingbytes.com

Also, read some of the advanced courses in data science,

4. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is a global education platform where thousands of universities and learners can connect. This website is renowned for being among the biggest education platforms in the 21st century and what makes it unique among other data science institutes in New Ashok Nagar and its selection of subjects that train you on professional skills.

Simplilearn collaborates with numerous universities and institutes across the globe to make these assorted courses available to students who truly need them. The platform is completely online, granting you all the benefits that come with such a form of education.

It also lays down certain learning objectives with each course so that you can understand what you can achieve with the money you spend.

Data Science Course at Simplilearn:

Simplilearn offers you subject categories like generative AI, data science and business analytics, machine learning and AI, cloud computing, DevOps, software development, cyber security, and more, so that you can look for the specific skill you wish to master rather than taking up a data science course.

The Applied AI and Data Science course is one of the many data science courses in New Ashok Nagar offered by this platform and it showcases a comprehensive curriculum to go with all the features.

It is offered in collaboration with Brown University School of Professional Studies in a blended learning format. Aside from these, you can avail of the university’s advantages, get an immersive learning experience, and learn from the best.

The Curriculum in Brief:

  • Introduction to the program
  • Foundations of the industry and understanding of data
  • Training on deep learning and generative AI
  • Understanding applied AI and data science capstone
  • Academic masterclass electives from Brown University

Contact Information:

Phone: 1800 2127688

Website: simplilearn.com

5. Udemy

Udemy’s contribution to the education of learners around the world can be represented by a dedicated team of more than 75,000 learners spanning over 220,000 courses of different varieties.

The company has also helped organizations of all types and sizes prepare for the future they have seen for themselves. It believes that accumulating skills is the absolute key to unlocking one’s potential.

Udemy’s unique platform helps you realize your dream and take a step forward into the professional world.

Thus, it is with reason that Udemy stands on our list of top data science institutes in New Ashok Nagar.

Data Science Course at Udemy:

Data science is a multidisciplinary field where understanding of statistics, computer science, and mathematics is very essential. That is why the Statistics for Data Science and Business Analytics training program should not be missed out.

The course details concepts of descriptive stats and Inferential stats along with Hypothesis testing and Regression analysis.

It includes almost 5 hours of on-demand videos which will guide you on the necessary details, along with it you get 28 articles to study from and 98 downloadable resources.

You can access the course videos on your mobile device as well as smart TV and not only does it make a fun way to learn but also adds the element of flexibility. After providing you with all the top-notch features, it proves itself worthy of its place among the top data science courses in New Ashok Nagar.

The Curriculum in Brief:

  • Sample or population data
  • Descriptive stats fundamentals
  • Understanding Measures of Central tendency, variability, and asymmetry
  • Descriptive stats with a practical example
  • Advanced topics with confidence intervals
  • Inferential stats with a practical example
  • Introduction to Hypothesis testing

Contact Information:

Website: udemy.com

Please read,

6. Coursera

Coursera opened its online platform to the public in the year 2012, to eradicate most of the prevalent educational barriers existing at the time. Not only does it offer free or relatively cheap course options, but gives you flexibility to take up the courses alongside jobs.

Coursera may have started small but today it is one of the leading names among other data science institutes in New Ashok Nagar. Its industry connections reach far and wide and so does its ever-increasing student base.

The company makes sure that every student who has faced challenges in pursuing further studies can feel comfortable with its course selection, which is why more than 40 different languages are available across various disciplines.

Data Science Course at Coursera:

Among other data science courses in New Ashok Nagar, Coursera brings you quality with the cheapest price ranges you will ever come across. The Data Science Specialization course provided by Johns Hopkins University is proof of that.

The course structured with ten modules offers you an in-depth understanding of a subject, being beginner-friendly and flexible to help students learn at their own pace. Within this curriculum, you are introduced to R programming and its functions used to clean, analyze or visualize.

You are made familiar with GitHub and made to manage several data science projects and an understanding of the data science pipeline from acquisition to publication is taught to you.

At the end of the course, you are guaranteed to receive a shareable certificate and valuable skills that transform your profile into a worthy candidate.

The Curriculum in Brief:

  • Understanding acquiring and cleaning data
  • Understand reproducible research
  • Understand regression models
  • Understand practical machine learning
  • Data science capstones

Contact Information:

Website: coursera.org

 Please read,

7. Datatrained

The institute established in the year 2012 focused on providing learners with online tech courses in emerging fields like data science and other career enhancement courses. Similar to other platforms, it aimed to make learning easily accessible for anyone with a stable internet connection.

The company believes in several principles like affordable quality education, flexible study plans, experienced guidance, coherent education, and an updated curriculum of all things that make it stand among other data science institutes in New Ashok Nagar.

Data Science Course at Datatrained:

The website has a selection of Postgraduate and Advanced certificate programs in the data science category.

Just as mentioned, its PG program in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) has transformed more than 10,000 careers.

It highlights one-on-one sessions with industry mentors, 360-degree career support, instant doubt resolution, interactive learning modules, and an ideal environment for professionals and students making it one of the best data science courses in New Ashok Nagar.

The Curriculum in Brief:

  • Machine learning and Advanced techniques
  • Time series analysis and Recommendation engine
  • Introduction to natural language processing

Contact Information:

Phones: +91 9560084091

Website: datatrained.com

8. Datamites Global Training Institute

Datamites leads a cost-effective and quality-driven platform for students around the world. It offers specializations in several fields related to the IT sector or data science. It brings forward the creative ideologies of industry professionals so that students can receive the best.

Moreover, all its modules are framed to address the basics of each subject and are frequently updated.

Data Science Course at Datamites:

If you’re seeking a vast amount of comprehensive course structures and specialized modules that are easily accessed, Datamites is the solution. As one of the top data science courses in New Ashok Nagar, it maintains flexibility in its study plan.

Students cannot only access the data science cloud lab but also reap future benefits associated with Nasscom accreditation. With that being said, there is no doubt being sought after.

The course structure and syllabus are listed on the company website.

Contact Information:

Phone: 1800 3133434

Website: datamites.com

9. Intellipaat

The online education market aims to bring new ideologies for students whenever possible. In the case of the Intellipaat Institute, which combines unique approaches to ideation and creation of content, such is true.

Here you will get the benefits of life-long support and lifetime access to the course materials you purchase. Professional help will be provided as usual, so you can build a strong base on interviews and resumes.

Data Science Course at Intellipaat:

Out of all the data science courses in New Ashok Nagar offered by this institute, the one offered by IIT Roorkee tops the charts. You get dedicated training programs on industry tools like Python, SQL, and Power BI.

The IIT faculty take it upon themselves to make time for live interactive sessions, all-around support for doubt clearing and technical queries, and guaranteed placement support is also provided.

Aside from that you can gain an advanced certificate from IIT Roorkee after course completion.

The Curriculum in Brief:

  • Machine learning and prediction algorithms
  • Supervised and Unsupervised learning
  • Data analysis with MS Excel

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 7022374614

Website: intellipaat.com

10. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is another Ed-tech company that has been in the competitive online education sector for a while. This institute offers you the chance to pursue courses from your dream universities without worrying about the barriers to such education.

The website lists and offers several courses on industry-relevant subjects such as marketing, digital marketing, sales, finance, cybersecurity, data analytics, and data science.

The unique features of this institute help it stand out among other data science institutes in New Ashok Nagar.

Data Science Course at Henry Harvin:

In the Python Data Science Course, you are presented with opportunities to upskill your technical or soft skills. So, this course aims to bridge the gap between such talents and the demand for them in workplaces through the right quality of guidance.

As one of the best data science courses in New Ashok Nagar, the course features several accreditations and affiliations such as College De Paris, Nasscom, UKAF, ISO, Ukcert, Jain X, MSME, and AAEFL.

The course features key highlights such as – 11 hours of live interactive sessions and doubt-clearing classes, self-paced study sessions, and industry case studies for more expertise. At the end of the training program, you’ll be rewarded with certifications to showcase your abilities.

The Curriculum in Brief:

  • Overview of data science
  • Business application and data analytics
  • Python environment: setup and essentials
  • Mathematical computing with Python
  • Data manipulation and Pandas
  • Complimentary modules focusing on soft skills and resume writing

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9899577620

Email: [email protected]

Website: henryharvin.com


Q.1) What Does the Term Data Science Refer to?

It is an interdisciplinary field of specialization, which comprises statistics, scientific computing, visualization, structured or unstructured data, and the use of algorithms. This term data science, uses science to interpret sets of data and bring out its true meaning.

Q.2) How Much Can I Earn as a Data Scientist in Delhi?

Data scientists earn fairly well compared to the economic standards in India. On average, you have a fixed salary of 3.9 lakhs with relevant skills and knowledge of tools. From then onwards, you can opt for promotions and achieve the highest level in the field.

Q.3) What Skills Do I Have to Learn for the Data Scientist Position?

An average data science professional can display a range of soft and technical skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, attention to detail, logic, machine learning, big data, and cloud computing.


Aspiring data scientists are bound to prosper under the specialized guidance of these training programs, often led by industry experts themselves. Students who are fresh into the data science industry or working individuals who are somewhat knowledgeable in this discipline, can both benefit from it and adapt to the dynamic aspects of the field. In this big industry, advancement and improvement are assigned to how well you can fit the current trends, which is why staying updated is essential. Most of the data science institutes in New Ashok Nagar mentioned in the article update their curricula to increase learner satisfaction.



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