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Top 11 Data Science Courses In Indore With Placements

In this data surplus era where tonnes of large data are being generated in digital and technological platforms unlocking the requirement of big data technologies to manage such structures with proper practices and learning. Data science is a boon incorporating all such data management and high-end practices and methodologies under one umbrella term to emerge as a separate discipline. Hence, with data structures staggering growth at the forefront of new and innovative technology, it becomes necessary for data experts to continuously monitor and nurture data and useful analytics. Let’s delve into the following data science courses in Indore and learn about their learning structure.

List of top 11 data science courses in Indore

Such a craze for data science has led professionals to embark on this domain with the expectation of greater job satisfaction as well as potential career growth. Focusing on such need, the data science institutes in Indore are offering some of the best and placement-aligned data science courses having enriching curricula and knowledge structures.

In this article, we will look at some of the best data science institutes in Indore and what are the procedures for enrolling in those courses while simultaneously exploring their job prospects as well.

Highlighting the Meaning of Data Science and Its Prospects

Data Science is known to be an interdisciplinary field of research analytics and academic learning incorporating advanced application concepts and practices of computer science, computational mathematics, algorithms, software engineering methods, and informational technology learning.

Thus, it is a vast domain subjecting retrieved data models through evaluation, cleansing, deep learning applications, and data analytical tools for data designing and interpreting data findings and outcomes for businesses and companies.

Hence, data scientific processes and domain knowledge are aiding revolutionizing technology by upgrading digital products and services to cater to better customer service.

Data science involves complex data gathering procedures, data wrangling, deploying machine learning and neural networking through deep learning techniques, and visualization through computer vision aids.

Considering data omnipresence and its massive craze and job prospects, it is rapidly becoming one of the interesting and powerful professional domains that are also approved by international surveys.

According to reliable sources and surveys, the domain has shown around a 40% annual growth rate in the job sector with technical background candidates opting for jobs like data scientist, database administrator, data engineer, big data architect, machine learning expert, and many other professional job profile in this sector.

Learning How Data Processes Work in Real-life

Although data science is a research and learning domain incorporating critical and complex practices of data research and analytical procedures conducted by qualified data experts and data scientists, however, data science is beyond such a professional domain.

The role of data science and analytics is indispensable in our daily lifestyle and unconsciously has become a part of our day–to–day interaction, especially in the digital domain.

We cannot ignore the dominance of social media in the current scenario which operates through digital data nurturing and practices of data science monitoring its analytics and its insights deploying its core practices to structure data into an audience-friendly realm.

In fact, in internet searching and browsing, the major search engine operates on data science algorithms, and AI-enabled programming is the latest technology to decipher an altogether different domain beyond human intelligence automating digital space.

Ever wondered how online shopping is flourishing so well with easy accessibility and delivery service, well it is the efficacy of data science working in the backend operations process to provide seamless customer service and aiding businesses’ remarkable profits.

Even in medical fields, EMRs or ECGs and other technological tests are powered by data science technology to elicit patient health data and monitor it on a real-time basis for further supervision by medical experts.

Health applications are working on data science algorithms and machine learning automating patient’s service over the clock and offering hassle-free medical treatment. Even in domains of gaming technology, detecting weather forecasting, speech, and facial recognition depend on the methodologies of data science.

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Here’s the List of Top 11 Data Science Institutes in Indore


IIM Skills is a skill-based and educational learning platform with a top-class class study and certification curriculum offering diverse specialization with an exhaustive course module curated for both beginners and working professionals.

Established in 2015, IIM Skills has been training more than 15500 candidates from India having a faculty team with high experience and qualifications in their respective domains and expertise.

It offers a data science course known to be a master certification with an extensive curriculum for around 11 months of learning duration and is ranked top by renowned and prestigious platforms.

It is an MBA program approved and recognized by MSME and aligned with Microsoft and Google with job and interview guidance. The course includes 160+ hours of seminars or lecture sessions for imparting data science lessons, 100+ hours of practical and work-based assignments, 10 and more case studies assignments and project work, wide range of data analytical tool sets like Flask, spark, python, SQL learning methods and much more.

There is a master certification on successfully finishing the entire course module as part of the post-graduate degree program.


  • Statistics – Probability distribution, sampling funnel, central limit theorem, time series, etc.
  • AL and ML – RFE, Model validation, parameter tuning, deep learning, etc.
  • SQL – SQL Server for Windows commands and services.
  • Power BI – DAX models, Functions, Modeling, etc.
  • Python – Variable labels, Functions, lambda, debugging, etc.
  • Tableau – cross tab, aggregations, bar charts etc.
  • R – Sorting, appending, variable creation, etc.
  • Alteryx – Field type, String data structures, etc.

Course Detail:

Course Name – Data Science Course

Fee – Rs 99,900 +18% GST

Duration – 11 months

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9580740740

Email: [email protected]

Website: iimskills.com


IOTA Academy is a top institute in data science learning and analytical certification committed to offering high-tech course modules in the data science domain along with data engineering, business intelligence with Power BI, machine learning methods, big data analytics, and more.

The courses are curated to bridge the gap between learning and its real-life application making it one of the best training platforms for data science courses in Indore with guidance by top and qualified trainers imparting interaction and live sessions along with placement guidance and opportunity.

The institute is offering a detailed and top-rated data science module and learning course suitable for candidates who do not have prior knowledge of programming incorporating mathematical and statistical concepts to solve data science problems and complex structures.

Course Features:

  • 8 months of duration
  • Live projects for each topic in the syllabus
  • Personality development module
  • Improved presentation skills
  • Placement with 24 LPA package
  • Technical training
  • Free classes on communication

Course Syllabus:

  • Mathematics and statistics – conditional probability, sampling of data, optimization methods.
  • Advanced Excel – Pivot, formatting, advanced functions, and more.
  • Python – OOP, libraries module, operators, syntaxes, and more.
  • R language – Grouping, plotting techniques, R studio, etc.
  • ML – classification module, ensemble learning, data clustering, etc.
  • Looker Studio – data blending, big query, data parameters, and more.

For Course Inquiry Call: +91-7869664602

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Bignalytics is a certified and accreditated educational institute known to be the fastest evolving technological learning institute in India having courses ranging from ethical hacking, machine learning, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to data science making it one of the top data science institutes in Indore.

It offers courses based on industry requirements and practical sessions to apply the theoretical understanding of data science practices and methods. It is offering a master’s program module in data science and machine learning curriculum with 4 months of duration covering highly efficient and demanded data science tools like Docker, Tensor Flow, sales force, pandas, Python, Microsoft Azure, and more.

The course also offers 100% internship opportunities for candidates making it one of the best data science institutes in Indore. It also commits to course progress tracking for candidates, extensive doubt-clearing sessions, career mentorship, and real-world project assignments for a wholesome learning experience.

 Course Syllabus:

  • Python – data types, objects, loops, etc.
  • Business statistics – Binomial, random variables, normal distribution, etc.
  • ML algorithms – linear and logistic regression techniques, KNN, boosting, K-fold, Naïve Bayes, etc.
  • MySQL and MongoDB – workbench, cap theorem, and more.
  • Data Visualization – Plotly, Python library, etc.

Call Inquiry Details -+91- 9399200960


In the domain of consulting and online training in technical courses, Staragile has become a well-known platform since its establishment in 2016 offering best-in-class infrastructure and online study courses training lakhs of students and professionals globally.

It has high quality classroom learning experience having around 130+ trained and qualified instructors. It is one of the top-rated online data science institutes in Indore offering relevant skills and data management expertise.

It is offering a certificate program in data science training with placement guidance and imparting foundational knowledge of data processes. The course is ranked as one of the top data science courses.

Course Features:

  • 6 months online duration of learning
  • Certification led by IBM
  • 300+ hours of assignments
  • 6 months of internship opportunity
  • Taught by experts and a qualified faculty team

Course Content:

  • Python with SQL
  • Statistics and its types along with web scraping
  • ML with K neighbors, regression techniques, classification, etc.
  • AI and deep learning with neural networking, pooling, strides, etc.
  • R language – layers, functions, GRU, etc and more.

Course Fees: Rs 49999/-

Call Inquiry Details: +91- 9513393880

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IIM Skills is one of the prestigious and acclaimed academic institutions in India offering various certificate courses meant for working professionals for career enhancement and better knowledge and insights into each specialization.

It offers an executive data science program with live sessions conducted by a team of experts with 3 hours per 3-hour-per-week learning module eligible for professionals having work experience of around 5 to 20 years, making it one of the sought-after data science courses in Indore.

Course Features:

  • 9 months of extensive learning
  • Campus learning experience
  • Exposure to business decision models
  • Case studies, and project work using R and Excel
  • Valuable insights from IIM faculty

Tools Included in the Course:

  • Hive
  • Hadoop
  • Apache spark
  • Generative AI
  • Tableau
  • Apache Pig
  • Advanced Excel
  • NumPy

Course Content:

  • Data collection and preparation
  • Monitoring business data analytics
  • Inferential conclusion in data statistics
  • Python Foundation
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Cloud computing
  • Deep learning for decision-making
  • Cognitive Analysis and AI modules

Course Fees: Rs 2, 35,000/-


Jigsaw Academy which is now UNext is a world-class learning and certification platform aiding beginners and professionals to get certified in preferred specialization modules with a flexible curriculum and practical learning experience.

It is offering a post-graduate certificate program in data science and machine learning specialization to aid in mastering data science conceptual and practical learning domains like EDA, Business Intelligence, neural networking, recommendation systems, cloud and DevOps, big data tools, and more.

 It enables one to embark on a career in data science specialization with an extensive curriculum in data analytical tools along with capstone projects, micro-projects, and business exposure.

Course Features:

  • 9 months duration program
  • 2 capstone projects and 7 micro projects
  • Certificate on completion of the module
  • Placement with a good package
  • Skill-oriented learning


  • Data Analytics and Statistics Learning
  • AI in Neural networking
  • ML operations
  • Time series analysis
  • Computer Vision in data visualization
  • Big data

Course Fees: Rs 1,50,000/-

Call Inquiry: 901 9217000

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Ivy Professional School is an authorized and reputed learning and training institute offering curriculum and best-in-class training in domains of data analytics, banking, information technology, and consulting with high-end study infrastructure. It has qualified corporate trainers conducting each course.

Accreditated by platforms like NASSCOM, it is offering a data science and AI learning course having top-tier tie-ups and coaching by IIT faculty members. The course covers learning curriculum in visualization, Generative AI, cloud computing in data science, and more making it one of the best data science courses in Indore.

Course Highlights:

  • 12 months learning module and certificate curriculum
  • 50+ real-world projects
  • Job guidance and all-time placement support by faculty
  • Certificate obtained from IIT Guwahati which has tied up with the platform.
  • Online learning and flexible schedule
  • Advanced data wrangling and evaluation modules in data science
  • Portfolio building and aligned for job placement

Course Syllabus:

  • VBA methods, SQL query Excel techniques, etc.
  • Visualization with tableau and Business Intelligence skills
  • Python and ML for data processing and advanced methodologies
  • Machine Learning Ops in Cloud Computing Methods
  • Generative AI learning specialization module

Course Fees: Rs 6350 (For 12 months of duration)

Call Inquiry: +91- 7676882222


Seven Mentor is a leading professional learning and educational organization imparting quality curriculum in the online mode of learning with certification in each specialization having updated learning technology and operating environment of study.

It offers a high-end data science course covering data science theoretical and in-depth learning of analytical models, Machine learning, data wrangling, visualization, and more making it one of the best data science courses in Indore.

The course covers all three levels of learning from beginner to intermediate to advanced modules in its curriculum with around 90 hours of teaching and an interactive assignment curriculum. It has 24*7 support and assistance with placement training and job guidance through techniques of resume building and interview preparation in top companies.


  • Python, First program, identifiers, etc.
  • Control-Flow in statements and data types
  • Functions – in-built and user-defined
  • GUI and exception-handling techniques
  • NumPy library
  • Decorators and Generators
  • SQL server, keywords, etc
  • Algorithms

Call Inquiry Details: + 020-71173143


Analytix Lab is a top-ranked educational and course provider and trusted institute offering data specialization courses including business analytics and data modeling, R programming essentials, deep learning methodologies with Python, data visualization, full-stack AI courses, and many more.

 It is offering a data science course module with R programming specialization incorporating industry and job-oriented advanced data analytical techniques with tableau and machine learning curriculum.

The course is a learning program with a short-term span including 124 hours of interactive sessions including essential and significant data science tools like R studio, R programming, and statistical and predictive modeling techniques with regression analysis along with real-world projects.

The course is one of the best data science courses in Indore with relevant data skills structure.

 Syllabus Curriculum:

  • R language basics of programming
  • R language usage for data importing/ exporting
  • R with database management
  • Data visualization methods involving R language
  • Introduction to e-learning and statistical models
  • Machine learning domain knowledge.

Course Fees: Rs 20000/- + taxes.

Call Inquiry: +919555219007


Tops Technologies is an educational excellence and trusted learning platform offering diverse course modules like software development, digital marketing, data analytical methods, and data science artificial intelligence programming with algorithmic structures, machine learning processes, etc.

 It offers a data science course approved by national platforms like National Skills Development Corporation and Skills India with job-oriented sessions of learning modules, interactive and live projects with expert-led mentorship and guidance structures.

It has top and reliable agencies serving courses for beginners as well as for mid-career professionals having customized training and online interaction and webinars with workshops curriculum. It also imparts practical understanding and extensive knowledge and experience of data tools and techniques thereby making it one of the best data science courses in Indore.

 Detailed Syllabus:

  • Application and programming knowledge of data science
  • Data algorithms and structural analysis
  • Statistical methods of curriculum
  • Data wrangling processes and introduction
  • Visualization with tools
  • Machine learning or AI
  • Big data technologies, Spark framework structures in data science.


Recognized as a leading and high-tech digital learning platform with domain-specific courses, Learnbay is a top-rated institute with high-quality course modules and a learning curriculum for technical and non-technical candidates.

It is offering a data science certification course sponsored by IBM with training in tools like Python, tableau, Gen AI, and many more.

It is a 6-month duration program of around 300+ hours of training and learning sessions with top-tier guidance and session conduction by expert mentors and assistance along with capstone projects and real-world assignments to get real exposure to data science applications. Therefore, it is one of the best data science courses in Indore

Curriculum Modules:

  • Special programming along with Cohort orientation learning
  • Python programming including Anaconda, Pandas, and Github with other tools.
  • Statistical programming
  • ML programming
  • Data science and analytical tools like Python, tableau, Power BI, and more.
  • Deep learning with Generative AI tools.


1. Do Data Science Courses in Indore Include Real-world Projects?

Ans: Yes, data science courses in Indore include real-world projects and practical sessions to help gain important insights and knowledge of data science modules.

2. What Are the Career Opportunities After Pursuing Data Science Courses From the Top Data Science Institutes in Indore?

 Ans: The career opportunities after pursuing data science courses from the leading data science institutes in Indore include that of AI specialist, data consultant, big data architect, Data engineer, data analyst, and more.

3. Is Prior Mathematical Knowledge Required in Data Science?

Ans: Yes, it is preferable that one must know about mathematical operations and concepts as data science deals with computational methodologies and concepts of applied mathematics.

4. Are Online Data Science Certificate Courses Valid?

Ans: Yes online data science certificate courses are valid and are being enrolled by many professionals for career growth.


Therefore, the data science institutes in Indore offer course modules covering all the prospective curricula of data management and effective evaluation is a great learning and upskilling opportunity for freshers and technical professionals who want to explore this domain. The above-mentioned courses offer great opportunities to learn and even obtain relevant jobs in top companies showcasing skills in data research and analysis. Hence, you can enroll in these courses and check the features in this article.

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