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Top 12 Data Analytics Courses In Guatemala With Placements

Ignite your potential in the data analytics field by harnessing the power of data trends, correlation, and patterns to uncover the hidden risks and opportunities to optimize overall data and boost the efficiency of the performance to effectively tackle increasing competitiveness, and bring better outcomes on the table for businesses across various industries. This article on data analytics courses in Guatemala provides an overview of the demanding field of data analysis and a list of the best institutions where you can take this course.

List of best data analytics courses in Guatemala

The Skills Individuals Develop During Data Analytics Study.

  • Gaining a deep understanding of data structures and data analysis to explore and visualize data.
  • Leveraging skills of an analytical tool like R to manipulate and analyze complex datasets.
  • Attaining meaningful insights and identifying relationships between large datasets.
  • The Fundamentals of nuances and applications of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to improve analytical skills and make real-time data-driven.
  • Understanding the process of building machine learning models using R.
  • Text mining analytics/techniques to understand the impact of social media applications will be indulged in by students.
  • Knowledge to manage analytics teams or projects.Obtaining leadership expertise in tools and techniques used in data analytics as well as machine learning for business applications.

Explore These Data Analytics Courses Near You:

Top 12 Data Analytics Courses in Guatemala With Placements


IIM SKILLS is the leading Data Analytics Institute in Guatemala. IIM SKILLS has designed an innovative curriculum to help learners delve into the field and develop the required industry-relevant skills that will help them gain an edge over other competitors.


During the Data Analytics training program in Guatemala, IIM SKILLS expert faculty members train students to facilitate business analytics tasks such as data extraction, cleaning, processing, and analysis. In addition, they will receive unlimited information on statistical analysis that improves business decision-making processes.

Modules Covered:

Module NameImportant Topic
Module 1: Basic and Advance Excel
Introduction to Data Handling
Data Manipulation Using Functions
Data Analysis and Reporting
Data Visualization in Excel
Overview of Dashboards
Module 2: Visual Basic Application
Introducing VBA
How VBA Works with Excel
Key Components of Programming Language
Programming Constructs in VBA
Functions & Procedures in VBA
Objects & Memory Management in VBA
Error Handling
Controlling Accessibility of Your Code
Communicating with Your Users
Module 3: SQL
Basics RDBMS Concepts
Utilizing the Object Explorer
Data Based Objects Creation (DDL Commands)
Data Manipulation (DML Commands)
Accessing Data from Multiple Tables Using SELECT
Optimizing Your Work
Module 3.1: SQL Server Reporting Services
Basics of SSRS
Creating Parameters
Understanding Visualization
Creating Visualization Using SSRS
Module 3.2: SQL Server Integration Services
Understanding Basics of SSIS
Understanding Packages
Creating Packages to Integrate
Creating Project Using SSIS
Module 4: Power BI
Data Preparation and Modeling
Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
Reports Development (Visuals in Power BI)
Module 5: Data Analytics Using Python
Introduction to Basic Statistics
Introduction to Mathematical Foundations
Introduction to Analytics & Data Science
Python Essentials (Core)
Operations with NumPy (Numerical Python)
Overview of Pandas
Cleansing Data with Python
Data Analysis Using Python
Data Visualization with Python
Statistical Methods & Hypothesis Testing
Module 6: Tableau
Getting Started
Data Handling & Summaries
Reports Development (Visuals in Tableau)
Module 7: R For Data Science
Data Importing/Exporting
Data Manipulation
Data Analysis
Using R with Databases
Data Visualization with R
Introduction to Statistics
Linear Regression: Solving Regression Problems
Module 8: Alteryx
Overview of the Alteryx Course and Fundamental Concepts
Using the Select Tool to Rename Fields, Change the Data Type
Understanding the User Environment and Alteryx Settings
Filtering Data/Data Processing
Blending/Joining Data from Different Sources
Data Cleansing
Impute Values
Random Sample

The required skills learners will develop upon course completion are statistical concepts, concepts like SQL, mastery of Python concepts, mastery of K-tools, DBSCAN, Excel, Tableau model, etc. If you want to get a general understanding of becoming a data analyst and get good training for it, then enroll in IIM SKILLS data analytics courses in Guatemala.


IIM SKILLS provides valuable guidance to students to use data in the best way to make a real difference in the field of business. They teach you how to extract, refine, and transform information into useful learning. The best part is that anyone can practice it even without an IT background. UG degree is enough to enroll in this Data Analytics course in Guatemala.

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

Fees: 4659.99 Guatemalan Quetzal + Taxes

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

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What Else Can You Expect From the IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Course?

  • A master’s certification in Data Analysis after completion of the course
  • Lifetime access to the material through the learning management system
  • Understanding of statistical concepts like dispersion and regression
  • Guaranteed internship
  • Job Placement Assistance

Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]

A Few More Top Recommendations For Data Analytics Courses:

2. Great Learning

Great Learning is a leading technology company and premier data analytics institute in Guatemala that offers programs in several fields such as management, analytics, data science, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc.

Their Data analytics courses in Guatemala are used by thousands of students and professionals around the world who want to establish themselves in these emerging fields to secure their careers.

This data analytics training program in Guatemala requires no programming experience and has a well-structured curriculum that provides participants with an in-depth knowledge of the latest tools and technology needed to succeed in a data-driven world created by Great Learning Career Academy, available both in the classroom (offline) and online.

The Curriculum of this Course

  • Data Wrangling
  • Basic Visualisations using Excel
  • Data problem-solving using Excel
  • Introduction to relatable database
  • SQL commands
  • Clauses, Operators, Keywords, and functions, including date, and window functions
  • SQL subqueries, and temp tables
  • Integrity Constraints and Normalisation
  • Foundations
  • Pandas-building blocks
  • Visualization building blocks
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Dashboard & Storytelling
  • Blends & Actions


Also, Check These Very Popular Data Analytics Courses:

3. IMS Pro School

IMS Pro School is one of the best online platforms offering the best Data Analytics courses in Guatemala, a well-designed curriculum to deliver innovative and creative thinking professionals to the industry.

At the IMS Pro School Data Analytics training program in Guatemala, the Placement team schedules recruitment drives where the tech companies choose the students according to their skill demands. The key feature of this Institute is its dedicated placement assistance.

The classes of the program are conducted by faculty experts and delivered online to fast-track & one-to-one classrooms, during weekdays and weekends to the participants.

The Two Certificates Provided by IMS Pro School Data Analytics Institute in Guatemala

  • AICTE Approved PG Certificate in Management after passing all AIMA subject exams.
  • An additional certification from NSDC.

The Content of This Data Analytics Training Program in Guatemala

  • Basics of Excel
  • SQL Programming
  • Python Programming
  • Tableau
  • Integration of SQL, Python & Tableau

4. IIM Kozhikode

IIM Kozhikode’s Executive Advanced Data Analytics degree program is a comprehensive and industry-relevant program that equips managers with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the new business era.

This program is best suited for any educational level students or working professionals who want to acquire cutting-edge analytical skills to build a career in business data analysis and data science. Professionals who want to develop data-driven decision-making and the ability to use analytics for business growth and scale will also benefit from the program.

The above program highlights are approximate and subject to change based on the availability and expertise of faculty and the desired program outcomes. The primary mode of learning for this program is through live online sessions with faculty. Post-session video recordings are available at the discretion of the faculty.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility: Graduate or Diploma holders from a recognized University.

The Program Highlights

  • 10-month interactive programme
  • Learn through Lectures, Assignments, and Case Studies
  • Peer-to-peer Networking
  • Taught by excellent IIM Kozhikode faculty
  • Extensive Capstone Project
  • Lifelong Executive Alumni Status


Program Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to Data Analytics & R
  • Module 2: Understanding Data Structure
  • Module 3: Data Visualisation
  • Module 4: Pre-process the Data
  • Module 5: Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Module 6: Statistical Inferences
  • Module 7: Basics of Modelling
  • Module 8: Classification
  • Module 9: Clustering
  • Module 10: Social Media Analysis

Have A Look At These Prominent Data Analytics Courses In Your Location

5. Greens Technology

Greens Technology is a premier training company offering Data Analytics courses in Guatemala, known for its integrated approach with hands-on exercises that allow students to have real-time exposure to the tools and technologies. It is known in the IT industry for training, consulting, and development of technologies such as Big Data DevOps, AWS, and Python.

The Major Highlights of Green Technology are Automation Classroom training, business practice, and video-based training provided by employees of MNCs so that students will get Real-business exposure. Each participant will have a separate doubt session where they can clear their questions during and after the exercises.

In Addition, a practical approach and theoretical knowledge enable the student to master the technical depth of the technology besides well-structured laboratory material for practical case studies and projects in all courses.

The Core Syllabus of the Course

  • Base Software
  • Understanding CRAN
  • RStudio The IDE
  • Blocks in R
  • Sequence of Numbers in R
  • Basic Operations Operators and Types
  • Handling Missing Values in R
  • Subsetting Vectors in R
  • Matrices and Data
  • Writing to Multiple Datasets
  • Data Transformations
  • Introduction to Macro Variables
  • Automatic Macro Variables
  • User Defined Macro Variables
  • Global and Local Symbol Table
  • RDBMS Work SQL Procedures
  • Linear Regression
  • Theory – R
  • Credit Risk
  • Covariance and Correlation
  • Multivariate Analysis Business Case
  • Managing Credit Risk
  • Sources of Data for Managing Risk
  • Tableau
  • Heteroscedasticity
  • Understanding ROC Curve
  • Advanced Visualise
  • Default Modelling using SVM in R
  • Concept of Bootstrap Aggregation
  • Random Forest

The Main Highlights of the Programme

  • 240 hours of instructor-led sessions
  • Hands-on case studies and projects
  • A job guarantee
  • Lifetime Career support
  • Unique 1-on-1 methodology
  • Self-paced and flexible

Course Fee

1,216 GTQ

You can also check these advanced:


6. Softlogic

Softlogic is India’s leading software development and IT training data analytics institute in Guatemala offering data analysis courses to bring the benefit of software solutions to the corporate industry and training modules for students and professionals.

The softlogic team is experienced in web development and ERP and CRM development. Additionally, they provide an intensive data analytics training program in Guatemala where they cover topics like Excel, Python, Data Warehousing, RPA, Cloud Computing, DBA, Data Science, Micro Strategy, and Machine Learning, etc.

Softlogic data analytics courses in Guatemala provide quality training in business problem-solving skills to its clients. They are experts in training, improving, and sharpening the tools and techniques data analysts manage and use.

The curriculum is designed and delivered by globally certified trainers. They are known for their free internship training in Guatemala which focuses on internship support, interview preparation, and assisting participants to grab a job in international companies.

The Key Features of this Programme

  • 100% Placement Support
  • More than 1000+ IT MNC hiring partners
  • Free Placement Training
  • Interview Skills, Aptitude, and Basic Coding Skills are given free of cost
  • Best online and offline Training covering 30+ countries
  • Offering 70+ technologies.

7. Snowflake Education

Snowflake offers a variety of training for data analysis courses in Guatemala including expert-led courses, and hands-on workshops to improve their skills through virtual Hands-on lab work of data from Zero to Snowflake in 90 Minutes.

This hands-on workshop will showcase to learners how to dramatically reduce time to insights immediately as needed and analyze all your data from all different sources. Students will get to learn how to build a database and other workloads to get the information needed for the business.

Data Cloud Academy’s expert-led data analytics program in Guatemala shows you how to get the most out of your data with Data Cloud. In their weekly 30-minute demos, and data analytics training program in Guatemala, experts will introduce Snowflake’s most important features, and unique architecture, and answer questions in real time.


8. QUT institute

QUT is Australia’s leading data mining and data analytics institute in Guatemala, providing students with valuable insights to solve domain-specific problems by synthesizing knowledge from mathematics, statistics, information systems, and business process management.

The data analytics courses of QUT in Guatemala allow students to learn from experts, and leading researchers provide students with new insights that can be applied across industries to transform data into statistics and intelligence to drive change and make critical decisions.

This course is specifically designed to meet the needs of industry, where they have combined expertise in statistics, data processing, and business process management to provide real-world learning opportunities to provide students with meaningful project-based experiences that enable students to build constructively so that students would be able to apply analytical skills to complex problem areas.

9. IVY Pro School

IVY Pro School is a top-value institute offering Data Analytics courses in Guatemala for the last five years. IVY Pro schools are training partners with companies like Honeywell and Cognizant etc and constantly help students get hired by more than 100 Analytics companies. IVY’s faculties are from renowned organizations like ISI, IIMs IIT, and prestigious American universities.

IVY presents an effective pedagogy from world-class experts to help students adapt to the evolving world of data science. They combined learning tools with a hands-on approach to make students industry-ready. The data analytics courses in Guatemala help impart knowledge from basics to advanced techniques.

Under the guidance of the experts, students will learn the fundamental skills that will help them to establish themselves in the field of data analysis. Enrol in this data science certificate course to develop in-depth skills in data visualization, descriptive analysis, and predictive modeling for machine learning business decision-making.

Industry Projects of IVY

  • Analyse Customer attrition
  • Effectiveness of Drug Efficacy for a Pharmaceutical Company
  • Prediction Customer Total Claim Amount
  • Prediction of Product Affinities for 100+ Products

Course Duration

  • 184 hrs + 100 hrs
  • Assignments, Case Study, and Project

Eligibility Criteria

  • Graduate or Postgraduate in any stream
  • Having a maths or computer programming background is not mandatory

The Core Syllabus of the Course

  • Introduction to MS Excel
  • Sorting, Filtering, Advance Filtering, Subtotal
  • Pivot Tables and Slicers
  • Goal Seek and Solver
  • Vlookup, Hlookup, Match, Index
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Worksheet & Workbook Reference, Error Handling
  • Logical Operators & Functions
  • Data Validation
  • Text Functions
  • 6 Case Studies from different Analytics Industries
  • SQL Statements – DDL, DML, DCL, DQL

Course Fees

4,773 GTQ


10. SevenMentor

SevenMentor Data Analytics Institute in Guatemala offers the best guidance to students through Big Data and Data Science training. A data analytics degree is affordable for students as it helps them take advantage of current job needs and quickly find a job in an international company.

SevenMentor helps students gain in-depth knowledge, understanding, and practical experience of the subject. The best part about SevenMentor is that it creates an industry-standard lab with the latest applications, technologies, tools, and software. SevenMentor has Wi-Fi and modern classrooms with updated training materials and flexible schedules for weekday mornings, weekday evenings, and weekends.

Combining theoretical and practical training, SevenMentor data analytics courses in Guatemala provide learners worldwide with a certificate accredited by all major global companies for freshers and corporate interns, which further adds value to your resume and empowers learners themselves.

The Core Module of the Programme

  • Installation Of Vmware
  • MYSQL Database
  • Core Java
  • Types of Variable
  • Types of Data Type
  • Types of Modifiers
  • Types of constructors
  • Introduction to the OOPS concept
  • Types of OOPS concept
  • Advance Java
  • Introduction to Java Server Pages
  • Introduction to Servlet
  • Introduction to Java Database Connectivity
  • How to Create a Login Page
  • How to create a Register Page
  • Characteristics of Big Data
  • Big data examples

11. 360DigiTMG

360DigiTMG offers the best certificate program in data analytics courses in Guatemala. The goal of 360DigiTMG in partnership with SUNY is to provide students with integrated blended learning experiences with a globally recognized curriculum. The training phase gives you valuable insight into tools such as Excel, and SQL and data visualization tools such as Tableau and Power BI.

Fundamentals of data science disciplines such as data preparation, data cleaning, and exploratory data analysis are explored in detail. Influential concepts such as structured (RDBMS) and unstructured (big data) data mining will be taught along with real-life examples. Advanced Excel facilitates the learner’s concept of knowledge and helps minimize working hours.

The course aims to provide students with an overview of the various techniques used in processing huge data sets through training in data analysis. Their modules are well thought out, teaching learners to use a variety of structured and unstructured data analysis techniques, and creating visual stories using Tableau and/or Power BI capabilities.

Three Month Data Analytics Courses in Guatemala cover key tools such as learning to store, retrieve, manipulate, and analyze large data sets stored in database management systems such as relational database management systems or document-based database systems.

Students will be introduced to various concepts to gain insight into how data is represented at the service layer to make results easier to display and in easy-to-consume visual formats. The main highlight of the course is its multiple applied case studies, which ensure that participants can solve complex business problems that improve their company’s profitability.

Course Duration

3 Months


The Core Modules of the Course

  • ChatGPT for Excel
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Formatting Data in an Excel Worksheet
  • Excel Function
  • Data Validation
  • Pivot Table
  • VBA Variable and Operators
  • Automate Excel Formulas
  • Dimension and Metrics
  • Styling Report Components
  • Blending Data
  • Business and Marketing Application

The Key Features of 360DigiTMG Data Analytics Courses in Guatemala

  • Assignments of over 80+ hours
  • Placements training
  • Live Free Webinars

Resume and LinkedIn Review Sessions

  • Certification after Course Completion
  • Lifetime LMS Access
  • Mock Interview and Quiz Session
  • Gain hands-on experience in a live project of the course

12. Ced Learn

Ced Learn is the most trusted institute offering the best Data Analytics Courses in Guatemala where they work strictly with current industry standards to help participants improve their skills and land their dream jobs at top companies, conducted by experts with more than 10 years of experience in data analytics projects.

Ced Learn provides hands-on training for students to become professionals, which is very useful for learners recruited in the industry. This comprehensive course focuses on statistical modeling, various applications or tools, visualization, dashboarding, and more. Candidates with any level of education can take this course and be ready for work.

They equip learners with business problem-solving skills using data analysis techniques to enable regular business decision-making processes.

The Core Module of the Course

  • Data Importation
  • Functions & Formulas to Organize Data
  • Macros, Power Map & Power Pivot
  • Numerical Analysis – Statistical Functions
  • Data Analysis Toolpak, Pivot Tables
  • Data Profiling & Management
  • Univariate, Bivariate, & Multivariate
  • Covariance & Correlation Matrices
  • Feature Engineering & Extraction
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Chi-Square
  • Data Visualisation & Concepts
  • Visualizing Data Using Infographics
  • Evaluating an Analytics Report


What Else Can You Expect From This Program?

  • Easy-to-learn and Job-ready program
  • No coding involved
  • Hybrid Learning Model
  • Minimum Batch Size
  • Job Preparation with Profile building
  • Internships and projects
  • Scholarship Assessments


 1. What are the eligibility criteria to study Data Analytics courses?

The way to apply depends on the institute you are looking for. Some institutes prefer an advanced or specialized IT background, while others do not require any prerequisites.

2. What are the job opportunities after the end of the data analytics course?

There are numerous opportunities after completing the data analysis course. You will be employed as an analytics manager, business analyst, business intelligence expert, information science consultant, and machine learning engineer.

3. What is the Use of Data Analytics?

Data analytics has enormous usage as it helps a company optimize its performance and operate more effectively which further maximizes the profits and comes Out with more data-driven decisions.


To achieve the best result in the workplace, there is a great need to develop personal skills and abilities. Data analytics is one such in-demand field that has immense potential in this data era. Studying at the best institutions allows you to build an exciting resume and profile while sharpening your personality.

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